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The Kids At Play
Pt. II: Confronting Tommy
by Rebecca

School was closed the following day as well because of the snow. My neighbor had been unable to get my 4x4 out and so Tommy and I went and met a tow truck that was able to get the truck out from the ditch. It was snowing lightly, the weatherman said we may get another inch or two, that on top of the 14" that had fallen Sunday night and Monday. My out of town clients had postponed until Friday morning so I was pleased to have the day off. I wanted to have a talk with Tommy, but I still didn't know how to approach the subject.

I was able to drive the truck home and we made small talk in the car and Tommy said he was leaning toward taking a baseball scholarship to ASU but he hadn't fully committed yet. He said he would really miss Meagen and I if he was so far away but I assured him I would try to arrange to save money for him to fly home on his breaks and that we would be alright. He had been the man around the house since I through his father out, he understood why but I think Meagen harbored some resentment towards me.

When we got home I told him to start a fire in the living room and I would make breakfast for all of us. In the kitchen I found a note from Meagen saying she had walked to Jodi's (4 blocks away) and was going to spend the day there. She left the phone number as she always did. I told Tommy who was already busy at the fireplace and suggested we put some dry clothes on and I would make pancakes.

I changed into a long sleeved t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants. I chose not to wear a bra or panties since the clothes were so loose fitting. I was cooking breakfast when Tommy came down wearing shorts and a t-shirt, his hair was wet from the shower. We had breakfast and continued out casual chatting. We cleared the dishes and I told him I'd bring him coffee and we could sit in front of the fire. I told him I had something I needed to talk to him about. I saw his face turn to concern immediately and I assured him I wasn't mad or anything, just needed to talk.

I sat next to him on the big couch, it was already very warm in the living room from the fire. I asked him how Karen was doing (his steady girl) and he told me they were doing fine. He said they had cooled things off recently because while he was thinking of going to school in Arizona she was planning to go to Maine. I asked him if they used protection and he blushed saying "C'mon mom" I reminded him that I was already pregnant with him when I was 17. He said yes, they used protection. He assured me he was responsible. I asked him if Karen was his first and he wanted to know what was up with all these personal questions. I assured him I was only showing motherly concern. He explained that he had sex with one other girl before Karen but he had fooled a round a lot.

"When did you and Meagen start having sex?" the question nearly knocked him off the couch. He was quiet for a minute, the color gone from his face, then he said he wasn't having sex with Meagen. I guess he wanted to make sure I wasn't bluffing. I told him I had come home and found them in bed. He was quick to tell me they weren't having intercourse, just fooling around. "Just oral sex?" I asked, he nodded. We were both silent for a few minutes. "Why didn't you stop us? Why didn't you freak?" he wanted to know. I stood and grabbed our empty coffee cups "refill" I said and moved quickly to the kitchen. My nipples were sticking out through the t-shirt, a dead give away whenever I was horny. I could also feel the wetness between my legs. I wasn't sure what would happen next, but a part of me wanted something to happen.

I returned and sat on the floor and Tommy sat in front of me. "So why didn't you stop us?" he asked again. I went on to tell him about me and his Uncle Joey (my brother). He was shocked but seemed very interested. I told him how I walked in on him masturbating and one thing led to another. I was 14, very innocent, and very curious. I told him the relationship went on until he left for college but we never had intercourse either. He smiled and said maybe it was in our jeans. I laughed and asked him how it started and when with Meagen. "Actually, it's your fault that anything ever happened". I smirked.

Tommy went on to tell me how while he and Meagen were looking for something in the garage (it was Thanksgiving and I wanted the good serving dishes) and they found a shoebox with some Polaroids in it. I immediately knew what he was talking about. Over ten years ago his father had bought an instant camera and we must've taken nearly 100 pictures if each other naked, some were while we were having sex. I hadn't seen them in years and was sure Tommy's dad had taken them despite him denying that. My goodness, some of those pictures were very pornographic.

He told me that Meagen had commented that "Daddy is so big" and I told her I was bigger. "I did notice that" I added. What I also noticed was Tommy was leaning forward now and I wondered if he was as excited as I was. He told me the pictures were awesome and they "affected" him and one thing led to another. He told me Meagen wasn't so innocent and that she was already intimate with her friend Jodi. He said though that his was the first penis that Meagen had ever touched.

I asked him if he knew where the pictures were since I hadn't seen them in years and that obviously the garage was not a safe place for them. He smiled and said he looked at them all the time and knew just where they were and when I asked him to go get them he got up without thinking and I saw the huge outline of his cock in his shorts. He grabbed his coat and slipped on his sneakers and walked the ten feet to the garage.

My mind was racing and my pussy was so wet. I touched my damp sweat pants and tried to tell myself how wrong the thoughts in my head were. I'd done nothing but masturbate for over a year, I was only 38 and in the prime of my sexual life. I was hungry for cock but didn't want the strings attached that come with men and dating. The kitchen door closed and brought me back to reality.

Tommy stood over me with the box held out. The outline of his erection was at my eye level and it would've been so easy, but I didn't. I patted the rug next to me and he asked if I was sure I wanted him to stay? "You've seen these already, haven't you?" I asked and he smiled and sat down quickly. My hands trembled slightly as I opened the box and started going through the Polaroids. I couldn't believe how different I looked. I think I weighed 85 pounds back then despite being the mother of two and my hair was so long and died brown ( I now had a much shorter, more professional and the natural auburn color is back), I also had a shaved puss, the reason that inspired my ex to take the pictures.

Life was still good when these pictures were taking. Our marriage which took place because I got pregnant had become a real marriage. We were close, we enjoyed a good 4 or 5 years of happiness. I came to a picture of me sucking Tommy's dads cock, it was a real slutty pic. "What you must think of me" I said looking at the pic. "I'm thinking how much I wish it were me" he said matter of factly. "Really?" I smiled at him. He looked me right in the eye and I don't think I'd ever seen him more serious. "You're so much sexier now, mom. I can't tell you how many times I've...." he stopped. "What?" I asked, "How many times I've jerked off thinking of you. And Meagen looks so much like you...not as developed but" that did it for me.

I put my hand on Tommys shoulder and had him lean back all the way until he was lying on his back. I looked down at his crotch. His erection was pointing to the side and reaching towards his hip. I lifted his t-shirt and saw that the head was just under the elastic of his shorts. I'd had a half dozen men (including my brother) and Tommy was by far the biggest. I kissed the outline of his manhood over his shorts, from the head down to his rather large set of balls. Wonderful! I thought to myself. I looked up at him, he was leaning back on his elbows watching me, a far away look on his face, "are you alright with this?" I asked him and he smiled, nodding that this was more than just alright with him.

I grabbed his shorts and underwear by the waist, he raised up and allowed me to pull them off. His cock sprang back against his belly, reaching well past his naval. It was perfection. It had to be over 8" and although it wasn't as thick as his uncles, it was bigger then his dads. The head was swollen, purple with a drop of pre-cum on the slit, it looked like a plum. His shaft had a tiny curve to it that lead down to his sac, covered lightly in brown hair and the two heavy balls within it. I could see it pulsing and as badly as I wanted to suck all of him right away I wanted it to last for a few minutes at least.

I licked the head and tasted his sweet pre-cum. I nibbled on him, not sucking but tiny nips all over the head and down the shaft. I began licking his balls and inhaled the faint, manly smell. I couldn't believe I had denied myself a man for so long. I took his balls into my mouth one at a time and I heard him moan. I couldn't stand it, I was torturing myself.

My tongue made its way up to Plum-sized head and I took him in my mouth for the first time. Slowly, my jaws stretching to accomodate him, I sank my mouth down his shaft. It had been a long time, too long since I had this pleasure. I worked his shaft and made it wet with my saliva. He was feeding me a steady flow of his sweet pre-cum and I was loving that. I eventually got back into the swing of things and was able to demonstrate to my son why his dad and his uncle often called me the "best cock-sucker on the planet". I put just the head in my mouth...and began to sink my lips over it. Down...down... when my lips reached his pubic hairs, my nose touching his belly he bucked his hips up. I squeezed the base of his cock and slid my mouth back off. "Shit mom, no ones ever done that to me before, not all the way like that" he said. I smiled and did it again.

Tommy reached down and put his hand up my shirt and touched my hanging tits as I continued deep throating him slowly until he started to hump my face... quick motions, fucking my mouth. I put my mouth over the head and with my fist I pumped his shaft and within seconds I was tasting my sons cum for the first time. My tonsils have never been blasted with so much man juice but I kept swallowing as fast as I could until finally, after about the twentieth blast, his cock stopped spasming. I licked him clean.

He pulled me up to him and we french kissed deeply. I felt his tongue probing my mouth, tasting his own cum. I remembered how much his uncle loved his own cum and we did this often, or sometimes he would cum all over my tits and then lick them clean, kissing often, sharing his juices. This particular act had always turned me on beyond belief and considering I was already hotter than at any other time in my life, I told my son in plain English "C'mon Tommy...fuck mommys hot pussy" and with that we practically ripped off my t-shirt and my sweat pants. He dove down to lick my dripping honey box but I tols him he could do that later, right now I needed his still hard cock in me.

I lay on my back and lifted my knees to my chest and he entered me easily, I was so wet it made sloshing sounds as he entered me. As soon as I felt all of his beautiful cock buried in me I started to climax. I was clawing his back, then grabbing his ass and urging him to slam my pussy. He kept telling me how nice and tight and hot my pussy was and I kept telling him how amazing his huge cock felt in me. In less then five minutes I was cumming for the second time. Tommy was fucking me eve harder and he said he was ready to cum again. I can't get pregnant anymore, so I grabbed his ass and told him to cum in his mommys pussy. He did, another load that suprised me by its volume.

He lay beside me and we kissed. We were both breathing heavy, panting, and we were covered in sweat. He kept telling me how much he loved me and I told him the same thing. I also reminded him that this had to be our secret, not even Meagen could know. He said he understood and as we lay catching our breath, he lowered his head to one stiff nipple... then the other. I told him maybe we should go upstairs to my room. "In a minute, mom" he said and his tongue licked down my belly to my whisps of reddish hair ( I have very little pubic hair, even after I had shaved it for my ex years before it grew back thin and soft). He seemed to be inhaling the musky odor of our lovemaking.

He smiled up at me and told me how sexy it looked, that his cum and mine were dripping from my swollen pussy lips. Then he started to lick me. His licking soon turned toward him devouring my pussy, drinking our juices from me. It didn't take long for me to cum again... but Tommy still didn't have enough.

My clit needed a rest. I pushed him away and he looked at me like he had done something wrong. I assured him everything was perfect. We cleaned up the livingroom, removing all evidence of our lovemaking and headed up to my room. Tommy's cock was hard as steel the entire time.

Once upstairs we fucked again, this time I rode his cock and when it was time for him to cum I jumped off his cock and took him in my mouth. This time his load was much less then the first time but I was till impressed. Exhausted from coming more than a half dozen times I cuddled up next to my son, my head on his muscular chest and we both fell asleep in total and complete bliss.

To Be Continued...


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