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The Kids At Play
Pt. III: Meagan Joins In
by Rebecca

I guess I was in a deep, blissful sleep. I could still feel Tommy snuggled against me and I had the wonderful, tingly sensation between my legs. My son had turned out to be quite the lover and our morning and afternoon delights had proven to me how badly I missed having a man in my bed.

I was somewhere just beyond consciousness. It was as if I could feel my body awake but the rest of me remained on the edge. The sensation was like having an erotic dream, something not new to me. I felt myself getting wet, felt my pussy beginning to spasm. I was still in that state when I had an orgasm, not an earth shattering one like I had with Tommy earlier (actually several shook the earth earlier). Mmm, I felt warm all over though. I opened my eyes and looked down, half expecting to see a mysterious lover between my open thighs but there was none. I drifted back to sleep for another hour.

When I awoke it was nearly three and Tommy was still asleep beside me. I woke him and told him he should go into his room in case Meagen came home early. He smiled at me and pulled the cover to the side revealing his erection. Wow, the miracle of youth. I caressed it lazily and watched at it grew even more. I leaned down to take him in my mouth when the phone rang. Thinking it may be work I answered. It was Meagen. She said "Oh, you're awake?" and I said of course I was, not putting two nad two together at the time. She said she was coming home.

Quickly I rushed Tommy out of the room and told him we both needed a shower and that he'd better take a quick one before his sister got home. He pointed down at his throbbing hard on and asked what he was suppose to do with that. I was so tempted, but Meagen said she'd be home in a few minutes and I reminded him of his promise to keep our affair a secret. He kissed me and said he remembered and in a minute I heard the shower running. He had finished a couple of minutes before I heard the front door open.

I was in my robe in the kitchen making a cup of tea to bring with me in my bath, which was running. Meagen sat down at the table, drooped her shoulders and said she was tired. I told her she should go upstairs and take a nap and I would wake her for dinner. She looked at me and said I looked different, I got nervous, wondering if somehow I looked like I had just gotten the best fucking in many years, "You're glowing or something" she said and kissed my cheek. Was that the faint smell of pussy on her lips? She was up the stairs in a flash.

I must've been in the tub 30 minutes when Meagen came in. It wasn't uncommon for her to walk in for a chat while I was taking a bubble bath. She said Tommy told her to tell me that he was going to Karen's for a little while. In my mind I knew he was going to cure his blue balls that I was inadvertently responsible for. As I said, Meagen and I often talked while I was taking a bath but she never did what she did right then.

She was sitting on the bowl, the lid was down, and we were chatting about nothing in particular when she said she had to pee. She stood up, lifted the seat and pulled down her jeans and underwear and emptied her bladder right in front of me. I couldn't help stealing a glance at her totally bare young pussy and it sent a tingle to my own. She wiped, stood up and pulled her jeans back on and announced she was going to have a shower. I told her I was going to get out and cook us a nice dinner.

Meagen came down to dinner wearing a long football jersey and a pair of white socks and she looked so cute and yet, so sexy. I was wearing a robe over my own t-shirt and panties. Dinner started out normal but soon took a turn for the worse (or better), depending on your point of view.

"So what did you do at Jodi's today?"

"Not too much, we fooled around, had fun. Her mom was home most of the day," she said and looked at me funny as if she knew what my next question would be.

"So how long have you and Jodi been fooling around together?" Her face turned to a smile, "about a year or so" she stood and put her empty dish in the sink. "Have you ever been with another girl, mom?"

I went on to tell her how I had touched a friend when I was 16 but that nothing else really happened. We wound up masturbating together and nothing else ever happened. I told her I fantasized about it sometimes and told her many women my age fantasized about that but never did anything about it. Then she wanted to know how I had figured it out and she asked me if Tommy had told on her. I told her what I had walked in on Monday and like her brother I explained to her about me and my brother, her Uncle Joe. "I've always wanted to suck Uncle Joe's cock" was her surprising answer.

Then she got me nervous for a second when she said she thought something was wrong with her, I stood and went over to her. We stood facing each other, our petite bodies were identical except for my larger breasts and slightly rounder behind. "Its just that I'm always so horny. No matter how many times Tommy licks me or Jodi, and they are both really good at it, but I'm still horny an hour later." I smiled, relieved. "That happens to mommy too sometimes sweetie, I was just like you when I was younger" I patted her fanny and turned to finish clearing the table. "Are you still horny even after Tommy fucked you today?" I dropped the cup in my hand, shattering it on the floor. "I'm sorry, mommy" she said.

I didn't have to figure out how she knew. The dream I thought I was having while I lay naked in my sons arms was not a dream at all. That's why when she called she said "oh, you're awake now" earlier. She had come home and found us naked in my bed. But at that moment I became incredibly aroused knowing it was she who had licked my pussy. I tried to fight back the feelings I was having as we both cleaned up the glass, careful to get it all so we wouldn't cut our bare feet. When I thought we had it all I jumped, a small piece had cut the bottom of my foot.

It wasn't a bad cut but still Meagen insisted she be the nurse and clean up my cut. She had me sit on the couch in the living room, the same room my son had fucked me in earlier, and she went and got a band-aid and some ointment. It stung a bit but it was nothing major. As she held my foot I saw her gaze up at my opened thighs, I let my legs stay open for her. "I never licked one with hair on it before today. Jodi and me shave off all each others hair, her boyfriend makes her do it... and I like when she does it to me." My daughter was kneeling at my feet, staring at my panty covered crotch and I found it quite arousing. "Did the hair bother you?" I asked her. She had let my foot go and her hand was touching my soft, smooth legs. "I liked it, it tickled a little but I liked it a lot. I knew you and Tommy had did it because you tasted like Jodi does after her boyfriend fucks her, except not rubbery"

She touched my crotch lightly, right over the lips, "Ooh, you're wet mommy" she said. She was right, my 18 year-old daughter was sexually advanced well beyond her years and she was seducing me, seducing her 38 year-old mother who should've known better. I didn't stop her when she opened my thighs and touched her mouth to my crotch. I think I even let out a moan although things suddenly seemed surreal.

Meagen pushed the crotch of my panties aside and revealed my hot, wet pussy. Her tongue knew just what to do from there. Unlike Tommy who was very good at licking my pussy, Meagen actually made love to my pussy with her lips and her tongue. She was so patient which surprised me for someone so young. I nearly screamed when her tongue touched my ass hole, it had been so long since anyone tongued my tight little brown eye. She made me cum hard fairly quickly. We both removed our clothes and I was ready to taste pussy for the first time but Meagen said she wanted more of me. So naked, I lay back and looked down at my sexy daughter, a mirror image of myself when I was 18 as she licked me for what seemed like forever.

I think another 45 minutes went by and I came hard three times. I had Meagen get on her knees on the couch, her firm little bottom high in the air. Somehow in my fantasies this was always the way I ate out another woman. I was an admirer of a nice ass and my beautiful young daughter has one of the tightest and shapeliest. She was ready for some attention to be paid to her now, she had been the sole giver of pleasure for quite some time.

I was behind her, my face only inches from her and I inhaled the most beautiful scent in the world. I had never done this before but somehow instincts just took over. I kissed her soft, tender cheeks and then her thighs before I spread her cheeks and let my tongue slide along the length of her crack. Her soft moan let me know that her ass enjoyed the attention. I did this for several minutes until she was pushing her ass back against my tongue. I wanted to taste her, probably more for myself then for her at that moment. As soon as my tongue touched her wet, pink center I knew that I had waited far to long to know the pleasures of another woman and that I wouldn't deny myself any longer.

I guess I did a good job because Meagen was squirming, moaning and feeding me a steady amount of the most amazing sweetness on earth. I had tasted my own juices plenty of times but this was different. Better. "Oh mommy, eat my pussy...oh g-d that's so good... I'm gonna cum mommy...gonna cum..." and she did, even more intense then my orgasms during that day and she humped her ass back against my face in such a wonderful lustful way I was in sexual heaven. It took her a good minute or two to calm down and when she went to move I held her in that position and told her I wanted to taste her sweet ass again.

"I can't believe it," Tommys' voice made me jump, "that's the hottest thing I've ever seen" he walked into the light of the living room. "I just fucked Karen twice... and after all we did today mom...and my cock is starting to get hard again."

"Well bring it here brother" he stood in front of her, I looked at him over her shoulder. "Its a mess, sis. Karen came all over me and I need a shower" but before he could move away Meagen reached out and grabbed him by his waist, pulling him to her. "I'll clean it" she said and in a second Tommy's pants and underwear were around his thighs and his semi-hard cock was free.

Meagen leaned all the way forward to put it in her mouth. My own mouth moved to keep contact with Meagen and there we were. Mom eating her daughters ass and pussy while her daughter sucked her sons 8 plus inches, cleaning his girlfriends cum from it. What a sight we must've made. If we had an audience I'm sure there wouldn't be a soft cock or dry pussy in the house. There certainly wasn't either of those things in that house.

This went on for a good ten minutes, maybe more before Tommy pulled his cock away from his sisters mouth and headed around behind me. I had Meagen on the verge of another climax and didn't want to stop. She screamed she was cumming just as I felt Tommy's hard cock push past my wet lips. He wasn't slow or gentle and his hard pounding caused me to stop licking Meagen. That was alright with her though, like her mom her clit seemed to get ultra sensitive after a while.

That didn't mean she wanted to rest though. I felt her crawl underneath Tommy and I, looking up her brothers huge cock fucking her mother. She said it looked so awesome and I imagined that it probably did. Then I felt her tongue on my skin, licking near my pussy. I can't describe the feeling, having my clit licked while I was getting fucked but it sent me over into an explosive climax. I felt Tommy pound me with several more strokes before his cock was gone. I looked down between my legs to see him cumming all over his sisters face. It was about a third of what he had fed to me earlier, I guess it was the result of having cum six times in 10 hours.

The three of us just sat there... exhausted and overwhelmed at what we had discovered. I felt a twinge of guilt come over me until Meagen leaned over and kissed me "I love you mom" she said, a moment later I felt Tommy's lips on my other cheek and he echoed what his sister had just said.

To Be Continued...


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