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The Kids At Play
Pt. IV: Joey & Nancy
by Rebecca

A month had gone by since I began having sex with Tommy and Meagen and I felt wonderful. I had a lot of guilt after that first time but I was assured by my kids that what we were doing was consensual and neither of them would dream of stopping. Mind you, it wasn't a nom stop orgy at the house. I preferred letting a few days pass between family sessions to make sure it still felt fresh. Tommy was busy fucking Karen and Meagen and Jodi still saw each other regularly and from what Meagen told me, Jeremy was often home and often the recipient of a blow job from her. So it seems the kids were still getting more then me but I didn't mind.

When I went out of town for a conference, I called my brother to let him know I'd be in his town for a couple of days and wanted to meet him and Nancy for dinner. We hadn't talked since Nancy walked in on him stroking himself while he and I spoke of old times. He wasn't at home but Nancy insisted I had to spend at least a night with them. I had a seminar on Thursday and the company was paying my hotel bill since it was suppose to be a two day affair and was suppose to end Friday at 5 PM. I had booked the hotel for Friday night at my own expense since I didn't want to make the 300 mile drive after a full day. I was happy to change my plans and wanted to see Joey and her and their two daughters.

My seminar ended early on Friday, around 3 pm and I checked out of the hotel and headed for my brothers place. He was about 45 minutes from where I was staying and when I got there Nancy greeted me at the front door with a big smile. I wondered what kind of story my brother had made up that day so as she didn't hate me. I hoped that somehow whatever he told her that day didn't involve me and that he in no way implicated me in his erection. I guess he didn't, either that or Nancy was a hell of an actress. She was nice but my brother complained she could be a real bitch when she wanted to.

Now that I had crossed the line into bisexuality, thanks to Meagen, I found myself checking Nancy out in a different light. She had gained some weight with their second child but it seems she managed to lose it since the last time I saw her. She's about 5'8" with blonde hair and very lovely blue eyes. Her butt was round but looked much firmer then the last time I saw her. Her breasts were bigger then my 34C's although I couldn't give you her bra size. She looked well tanned, they had gone to Mexico for a long weekend a few weeks earlier. She was wearing a simple pair of jeans and a nice, tight sweater.

I asked her where the kids were and she told me they were at her parents house because she and Joe planned on taking me out for dinner and dancing. I said they didn't have to do that but she said they hadn't gone out dancing in ages and they wanted to go just as much as they wanted to take me. She told me Joe would be home in an hour and that reservations were for 6 so if I wanted to shower, now was the time. I told her I didn't really bring any clothes for night life and she told me that jeans were okay and she would let me borrow a nice top. I went to my room and undressed and headed for the shower.

The warm water felt wonderful and I felt myself beginning to get horny. I soaped myself up, paying special attention to all the good parts. I found myself thinking of my brother and his thick cock and I imagined watching him fucking Nancy, her big, lovely tits swaying as he pounded her. I had a quick orgasm and felt much better. I went back to the guest room and found a sheer white blouse on the table. I dressed and looked in the mirror, my lacey white bra showing through the blouse. Nancy must've figured I wasn't easily embarrassed... she was right.

I found Joe and Nancy in the kitchen, my brother was opening a bottle of wine. He came over and gave me a big hug, then looked me over and told me I looked wonderful. He made mention of how good Nancy looked as well and told me she had lost over thirty pounds. I told him I noticed as soon as she opened the door. I couldn't help noticing even more now. She had changed into a black leather skirt, just barely longer then a mini and a black top that showed her black bra through the thin fabric. I guess wherever we were going it was the norm to show some bra.

Joe showered and changed in about ten minutes and we were headed out. He said he was going to be the envy of the town, having two sexy women by his side. I've been told I look much younger then my 38 years, I think part of that is because I'm very petite. Nancy was 37 but she certainly didn't look it, not in that outfit. Joe was always a jock, he still played golf and tennis regularly and except for his hair thinning a bit, he too looked younger then his 40 years.

The restaurant was great and the club we went to was filled with hot looking people out on the town on a Friday night. I enjoyed my new appreciation for women and found myself checking out more than one hot little honey. At one point after a dance Joe hugged me and I felt his cock press against my belly. This caused my pussy to start juicing itself, and I had several visions of my brothers hard cock dance before me. We may have looked young, but by midnight we were all ready to head home. I was grateful because I knew I would give myself a good finger banging before bed. I was hungry for cock... a cock that I had known so well over 20 years ago.

We had more wine when we got home and at 1:30 AM Joe headed off to bed. He kissed me and we both said how great it was to see each other again and that tonight was a lot of fun. I stood, ready for bed myself but Nancy touched my hand and asked me if we could talk for a minute. I said sure and sat back down on the couch. She drank down her glass of wine and poured another and drank that down as well. "I have a problem" she started, "actually Joe and I have a problem." Oh no, I thought, I didn't want to hear her tell me her and my brother were divorcing or separating. That may have been easier to handle then what she asked of me.

"Your brother and I have a problem with sex. He's a master at oral sex, always makes me orgasm" she hesitated and I saw her blushing, I'm sure I was doing the same. My mind flashed back to the hundreds of orgasms I'd experienced from my brother and his tongue. "What's the problem then?" I asked, a part of me wanting this conversation to end, a part of me praying it may go in the direction I wanted it to. "It's me. It's not that I don't give Joe oral, I do... but I guess I've never been very good at it. He says its because I don't relax and enjoy it the way he enjoys eating my pussy." her blunt language surprised me, I think that's the first time I ever heard her use a curse word.

I asked her how she expected me to help and she kind of smirked at me. "I know all about you guys now" she said. She explained to me that when she walked in last month while I was on the phone, Joe was stroking himself and he was as hard as a rock. She said she was furious at him for two weeks and at first she thought he was on the phone with another woman, that I had hung up and Joe's mistress had called. Finally he told her, after 2 weeks of fighting. "He told me you spoiled him... that no one has ever been able to give him a blow job like you" I quickly told her that it was twenty years ago and we were kids and didn't know any better. She shook her head, "Donna, I'm being honest with you... be honest with me too. What about your parents anniversary party? You two weren't still kids six years ago, were you?" Jeez, I thought, when Joe confessed, he really confessed.

"Come inside" she stood up, "I'm going to video tape you sucking Joe, then I'm gonna study it until I can suck him like you do. Will you do that for us?" she asked. I pretended that I was thinking about it and needed more convincing, trurh be told, my pussy was dripping with anticipation of having Joey's cock in my mouth. Having Nancy watching just added to my excitement.

Joe was standing in his bathrobe, nervously I might add as he waited for Nancy to come to bed. He smiled when he saw me. I smiled when I saw the video camera on the tripod. I guess my brother knew me too well, or maybe Nancy knew what a horny bitch her sister-in-law is. I asked Nancy if she wanted me dressed or not, she said whichever way I preferred was okay with her. I opted for a compromise, stripping off my jeans and the blouse she had let me borrow. I stood there in my yellow thong panties and my white lacey bra. "Nice" Nancy said and I smiled at her. Joe sat down on the bed, I told him to get up because this is how we did it more than anyway else, him standing and me on my knees in front of him. He smiled at me knowingly and stood up in the center of the room. I got on my knees in a position I thought the camera would be able to see.

Joey's cock was already semi-hard with anticipation when I opened his robe. I looked at Nancy and the camera and told her she should lick him all over to get him started. I licked from the swollen head to his balls which had gotten bigger I thought to myself. Unlike Tommy who shaved his balls for his sister (and now me) my brothers sac was fur covered. It only took a few minutes to get him rock hard. Joe doesn't have a huge cock, maybe 6 1/2" but it was fairly thick and the head was big. And man, I missed having this cock in my mouth.

Nancy was behind the camera and she had begun to touch herself, rubbing her big tits through her blouse. I would tell her what I was doing before I would do it. I told it was important to relax her throat muscles and then I swallowed all of my brothers cock until my nose touched his belly, Nancy gasped. I did it for her a few times. Then I explained how important it was to bring him close, then know when to back away. The more she did this, I explained, the more intense his cum would be. Joey's knees were getting weak, so I led him to the bed.

I stripped off my bra and touched my nipples, they were hard. I was hoping that she would let Joey eat my pussy because I was in need of a good cum myself. I went back to work, making sure the camera could see my mouth. I pulled my hair to the side and asked Nancy if that was okay and she was breathing heavy, "yes, perfect" she managed. I went back at my brothers balls and soon found myself licking them, then licking the area between his ass hole and his balls. I had done this to him before, but the situation had to be right for me. Its just nature, but a guys ass hole smells and tastes different from a girls. As my tongue inched its way between Joey's butt cheeks I knew tonight he would get his ass hole licked.

I raised Joe's knees to his chest and told Nancy to zoom in. She asked me if I planned on eating his ass hole and she seemed shocked that I did. "Why?" she asked and I asked her if Joe ever ate her ass hole, she said yes. I asked her if she liked it and she said "hell yes". I smiled and told her so does he. I licked out Joe's ass hole and while I stroked his cock. I would move to his cock once in a while and taste his pre cum. "Shit! This is making my pussy drip" Nancy said.

I worked on Joe for a half hour, bringing him close three or four times before I moved in for the final kill. I worked his cock using my fist and my mouth and varied the speed and depth of my sucking until he jerked his hips up and the first blast hit him in his chest and neck. It just kept cumming. I let him blast my face too, and I swallowed some too. Mmm, I'd forgotten how good his cum tasted. When he finished I admired my messy handy work. "That was so hot Donna" she said. I pulled my panties down and told her this was what was hot. I asked her if Joe could lick my pussy and she said it was only fair.

I didn't lay back, instead I crawled over my brother and squatted down on his face. My ass was to the camera now but I no longer cared what she could and couldn't see. My brothers tongue was as wonderful as I remembered and it took less then five minutes for me to have a mind blowing orgasm on his face. I had to move, my clit was too sensitive. I could see he had another erection. "Donna honey, grab the camera... I need to get fucked" I got off the bed and filmed Nancy make quick work of her clothes.

Her pale nipples were oh so hard and I saw that she kept her sandy blonde bush trimmed closely. She sat on Joey's face before he could move but that only lasted a minute or so. She rolled onto her back and told her husband to fuck her. He rolled right over and entered her and she had her first orgasm. I moved in close with the camera, the scene in front of me was so hot I just had to touch myself. Nancy was on fire to, judging by how quick her second orgasm came. "Stop...stop" she finally said and Joe moved away. His cock throbbing and shiny with Nancy's juices. He looked helpless, needing to stick that thing somewhere.

"All those times you guys fooled around and you never fucked?" Nancy was sitting back, breathing heavy. I looked at her open legs and her wet, swollen pussy. I wanted to taste her but I thought that may actually be crossing the line. "Well?" she was waiting for an answer. "No, we never did" Joe answered her. He was idly stroking his slick meat. "But didn't you guys want to fuck?" He looked over at me, then at Nancy..."Of course" he answered his wife. "I think I'd like to watch you fuck her" when she first said it, it didn't register. But then I saw Joey standing and coming over to me. Was my sister-in-law offering her husband, my brother to me?

My brother took the camera from me and placed it on the dresser. He lifted me up, rather easily, and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He lowered me onto his cock and we just started fucking, right there, standing up in front of his wife. I'd like to tell you that we fucked for hours but it lasted only a few minutes. I came, a moment later I felt my brothers warm cum shooting inside me. It was almost surreal. He carried me to the bed and lay me next to his wife. I closed my eyes, I had just fucked my brother and it was amazing. I drifted off to sleep, satisfied and happy.

To Be Continued...


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