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The KISS Concert
by Kip Carson

Shelly couldn't believe it. She was caller 10 at KROK 104.3. She almost fainted when the disc jockey told her that her and 3 or her friends would be riding in a limo. Then they would have front row seats to the KISS concert, and all access backstage passes. Her young body quivered with excitement. This was her favorite band in the world.

Shelly immediately called her 3 best friends. First she called Kelly. Then she called Shannon, and then she called Theresa. All four girls were so excited. They had all graduated from high school, and would be soon going their separate ways to college. What a way to celebrate, they all thought.

The night finally arrived. Shelly slid into her tightest black mini skirt. She made sure that her black fishnet stockings were just perfect as she tugged them into place. For a top, she chose a silky black shirt which showed off her pretty 34Ds. Kelly, had basically the same idea. She put on a red mini skirt, red fishnets, and a tight red sweater. The sweater was a deep v cut, and showed off plenty of her pretty 36D's.

Shannon chose a pair of very short, shorts. Her perfectly round ass cheeks peeked from beneath the tight shorts. She wore a black see thru shirt, with a pretty black bra beneath. Her tits were fairly small, but she made her 32a's look good with her choice of clothing. Theresa wore a pair of tight leather pants. You could see her pretty pussy mound as it pressed against the tight material. She also wore a see thru shirt with a black lace bra beneath.

The 4 girls rode in the limo, excited as hell. They arrived at the stadium, and were ushered to their front row seats. KISS rocked. The concert lasted for almost 3 hrs. After the final encore, they were quickly taken to the backstage area. Gene Simmons was the first to appear. He was so tall. He almost looked like a demon as he hulked above them. He looked at the 4 sexy girls and smiled. He wiggled his 7 inch tongue at them as he walked by.

Paul Stanley came running by next, he told them to wait and KISS would be with them shortly. Next, Ace Frehley, and Peter Criss strolled by. A few moments later, KISS appeared before them. Gene Simmons walked over to the girls and asked which one was Shelly. "I am" Shelly nervously replied. "Well, he said, you won the contest, and are about to be KISSed." Gene then pulled Shelly to him. He held her in his long arms. He was still wearing his full costume.

Shelly almost fainted when Gene Simmons thrust his 7 inch tongue deep inside of her mouth. She hungrily kissed him back. His black leather spiked gloves felt rough as they slid beneath her satin shirt. His large hands cupped her beautiful breasts. Shelly moaned as Gene Simmons began to squeeze her pert nipples. Gene wasted no time, and began unbuttoning her shirt. He quickly had it off of her.

Shelly shook as he began undoing her bra. As he tossed her bra to the floor, her large, white, firm breasts stood proudly. "Look at these, boys" Gene said to the rest of the band. Paul, Peter, and Ace all clapped their hands and whistled. Not to be outdone by Shelly, the other 3 girls removed their tops. All 4 girls now were topless. Gene's tongue quickly found Shelly's pert nipples, and he licked her beautiful breasts. "Mmm, yes" she moaned. Paul Stanley grabbed Theresa, and began to suck her tiny breasts. He nibbled on her tiny erect nipples. Theresa began rubbing his crotch. Paul's large cock became very hard.

Paul wasted no time, and slid out of his KISS costume. He stood before all, buck naked with his very long, thick erect cock bobbing freely. Theresa knelt before him like he was a God. She took his enormous cock between her soft hands and began to stroke him. Paul moaned. Theresa quickly swallowed his cock. Gene was now removing Shelly's mini skirt and her panties. He sat her up on a table, and spread her creamy thighs widely apart. Shelly screamed as he thrust his 7 inch tongue inside of her beautiful, wet, pink pussy. As he deeply probed her with his tongue, she came.

"Oh, my God" she moaned. Gene sucked hungrily on her pretty, wet, swollen clit. She held him by his long black hair. Theresa was now deep throating Paul's large cock. He was holding her by her long hair. Paul was moaning loudly. "Ooh, yeah I'm gonna cum" Theresa moaned as his cum erupted into her hot mouth. She eagerly swallowed his large load as it squirted into her throat.

Gene was now removing his KISS costume. His cock was quite large also, and very hard. He immediately shoved the huge head against Shelly's tight pussy. She thrust forward, accepting him deep inside of her hot pussy. "Mmm, oh, my yes" she grunted as his large cock pounded deeply inside of her. Paul was now undressing Shannon. He slid her short, shorts to the floor. She wasn't wearing any panties. Her pussy hair was a bright red, matching her long red hair on her head. Paul quickly pulled her legs apart and began licking her pretty pussy.

Ace and Peter were both working on Shannon. Her red mini skirt was pushed up around her hips Ace was licking her thru her satin panties. Peter's cock was buried deep inside of her pretty mouth. Paul's large cock was still rock hard, and he quickly mounted Shannon. His large cock pushed into her tight, wet pussy. "oh, yes" she moaned. Paul furiously fucked Shannon's pretty red haired pussy. Kelly had undressed herself now. She stood above Peter and his cat tongue was licking her wet clit.

Gene's cock throbbed wildly as he prepared to cum inside of Theresa. "OH, yes, shoot it deep inside of me" she yelled at her rock idol. Gene moaned and blasted his cum into her hot pussy. She grunted and her cunt tightly squeezed him as she came. Her pussy milked his large cock dry. Ace was now fucking Shannon. Shannon continued sucking Peter's cock as Ace plunged deep inside of her doggy style. She moaned. Peter grunted and she felt the first hot splash of his cum as it splashed against her tongue. She greedily gobbled up evey drop. Ace increased his fuck speed as his cock slammed into her tight pussy. Ace came quickly. She felt his cum erupt against the inner walls of her tight pussy. She grunted, and came. Her pussy gripped his long cock like a vise.

Kelly began sucking Gene's cock now. He grew large and hard for her. She removed her mouth from his cock. "Please fuck me with that monster tongue of yours" she begged him. Gene threw her to the floor. His tongue entered her pussy with tremendous force. She came as she felt it lick her pussy deeply on the inside. Gene sucked her hot pussy juices up, hungrily. He now mounted her and fucked her missionary style. She held the demon as his cock thrust in and out of her wet, pretty pussy. "oh, god" she moaned. She came intensely, as his cock deeply penetrated her.

She felt Gene's cock pulsate, and graciously accepted his hot cum into her moist pussy. "Oh, yes fill me with your jism, baby" she moaned. Gene pumped away, shooting his cum into her wonderful pussy. Paul was still fucking Theresa. He was the longest lasting stud of the band. Ace and Peter were already sacked out on the couch. Gene lay on top of Kelly with his cock still oozing cum into her. Paul's cock pulsated, and throbbed intensely inside of Theresa. She moaned, and her tight pussy squeezed his large cock firmly. "Yes, oh yes:" she yelled loudly as she climaxed. Paul shot his hot cum deep inside of her. She held his firm ass with both hands keeping his hard cock deep inside of her.

Theresa wished she could just have Paul Stanley's cock inside of her forever. Paul removed his cock from her, and kissed her. "Well, thanks alot girls" Gene said. "Yes, it's been a wonderful night" Paul added. "We have to get ready, cause we have a plane to catch" Gene continued. The girls kissed their idols goodbye, and began dressing. "God, no one will ever believe us " Shelly said. "Oh, well, we know it happened" added Kelly. "How fucking incredible" said Theresa. Shannon moaned. The four girls, left the backstage area and got into the limo. As they headed for Shelly's house, all had great big smiles on their faces. Yes, they had been KISSed. What a night...

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