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Time Loop
by Carl East

Jake knew he was about to die, as the lorry in front of him ploughed into the tanker. But he wasn't ready yet; he saw the tanker hit the post and the electric wiring land on top, setting the fire that created the fireball. He was doing eighty-mph when it happened, with no way of avoiding the carnage ahead. Just before the fireball hit he could have sworn he saw his own car up ahead, then blackness. He suddenly found himself back at his desk, looking into the computer screen in front of him.

"What the hell just happened?" He said, getting to his feet.

He spotted a newspaper on his desk; it was the day before the accident, the date clearly printed at the top. He had to double-check this, opening his door he shouted for his secretary to step into his office.

"What's the date today Madeline?" He asked, as she came though the door.

Madeline told him it was the 12/2/2000, confirming that it was indeed the day before. He told her thanks, and she left closing the door behind her. He sat back knowing that there was only one explanation, he had somehow been sent back in time. He was finding this very hard to take in, but it was the only explanation that made any sort of sense. He clearly remembered the fireball heading towards his car, and knew that he couldn't avoid it. Then he decided to act, he would prevent the accident from happening in the first place, there by putting every back as it were. But what kind of action should he take, should he not do anything, allowing the events to unfold as they may. Or should he try to stop the tanker, before the collision, which would certainly prevent the whole nasty affair happening in the first place.

He hadn't made up his mind when his secretary entered the room again; she bent down in front of the filing cabinet to place the latest reports in the bottom draw. This time yesterday he had seen the exact same thing, and although he was turned on by the fact that he caught a glimpse of her panties as she bent over. He hadn't done anything about it, only this time he wondered if it was possible to change the past.

Getting up, he walked over to the door and closed it, then he walked over to Madeline, who was still bending over. He placed a hand on her inner thigh; she shot up taken totally by surprise. Looking at the lust in his eyes she kissed him, he in turn placed his hand over her rounded butt cheeks, pulling her skirt up until his hands were above her panties. Then placing both hands inside the elastic rim of her knickers he pulled them down. She had to stop kissing him at that point, as he lowered himself to the floor lifting one of her feet then the other until her panties were off and discarded.

He stood back up, once more kissing her lips, then started to unbutton her blouse revealing a bra that was struggling to keep her breasts in place. Moving his hands around the back of her unfastened blouse, he unclipped the bra freeing the occupants in front. Her breasts sprang forward jiggling slightly as they came to rest on his chest. He then removed her blouse, admiring her gorgeous figure. Still kissing her passionately, he then unzipped her skirt allowing it to fall to the floor, she was now only wearing a pair of shoes. Taking his jacket off, she started to undo his shirt, while he unzipped his trousers, his free hand cupping a breast making her moan slightly.

Before long he too was naked bar his shoes, she looked down to see his erect cock, almost feeling it was looking back at her. Taking it in her hand she whispered how big he was, his cock throbbed in her hand as they continued the kiss. Then he allowed his free hand to go between her legs, finding that she was very wet and ready for anything. He inserted a finger just past her lips, circling her vulva and making her groan with the pleasure she was feeling by his touch. She then broke the contact by bending down to take his cock into her mouth. He pulled back slightly as she started to gag, but she was fine for she then took control by holding his butt and pulling him closer and deeper.

She then proceeded to give him the best oral sex he had ever experienced, making him feel the back of her throat with the tip of his penis. She clearly had done this before; he started to moan with the pleasures that were coursing through his hardened cock. Looking down and watching his member being engulfed by her mouth, was a memory he would never forget. Her tongue could be seen wrapping itself around his cock when she came backwards, and licking the bell end just before going back in. He wasn't going to last long at this rate, and sure enough his cock started to jerk warning them both of imminent ejaculation.

When he did cum he wasn't expecting the force of his exit; it fairly erupted into her mouth making her gag once more. She soon had it under control, lapping it all up and finishing him off. Once she was sure he would stay hard she stood up again. He then turned her around and gently bent her over his desk, placing his cock at the entrance he pushed.

At first it was awkward, but then it suddenly plunged forward making her grip the table with the surprise. She was very tight as he started the rhythmical insertion of his cock, going back and forth very slowly, and enjoying each movement. She begged him to go faster but he wanted it slow, he could feel every inch of his cock rubbing the side of her vagina as he moved it forward, then after a while he did speed up. He wanted to satisfy her needs as well as his own, she was starting to push back at this point wanting the orgasm, no, needing the orgasm. He could hear her moans, which just served to egg him on further. He really started to go fast now, their bodies making a smacking noise as they hit each other. Her voice getting a bit too loud as she started to cum.

He could feel her juices running down his balls, knowing that she was coming, he tried that little bit harder to give her an orgasm to remember. Her hands were gripping the sides of the desk; a tear streaming down her face at the sheer pleasure that was taking over her entire being. Again she came, his plunging cock not once letting up its relentless onslaught. Biting her lip, her legs started to feel weak, and her hands hurt from gripping the table so hard, but she didn't care she wanted him to take her. She had wanted this for a long time, and now it was happening she didn't want it to stop.

After making her cum one more time he exploded inside her, his sperm streaming out the tip. He then slowed the pace until it stopped as deep as it would go, very slowly he pulled it out making her moan once more as his cock reached the end with a sucking noise that vibrated her clitoris. She could now relax as she sprawled over his desk; he straightened her up kissing her lips tenderly. She whispered thank you, then they got dressed.

As she left the other two girls in the outer office started to applaud, and then she realised that she could hear a rustling of paper work coming from his office, he had left the intercom on. Re-entering the office she pointed to the black box on the table, realising what had happened he turned it off. With a colour of crimson she re-entered the outer office, then decided to go to the bathroom and freshen up. Back in the office he was pleased to have learnt that you could change the past. He sat thinking of the right course of action to take.

The following day he had decided to try and stop the tanker, in the hopes that it would prevent the entire accident. He approached the slip road a full five minutes before he had the day before, so he knew he was ahead of time. Then he spotted the tanker; he allowed it to go by before attempting to catch it up. Which would be easy in his car, for it was a Porsche.

Very soon after letting it go by, he had caught it up and was blasting his horn to attract the drivers attention. But if you have ever been near one of these tankers, you'd know just how loud they could be. The driver of the tanker could not even see his car let alone hear it. He had to think of something else, but what; he didn't have much longer to go.

Then he decided to get in front and apply his brakes, hoping that that would slow him down. He quickly got into position, but instead of slowing down, the tanker driver got angry, and started to pull onto the out-side lane in order to overtake. He hadn't seen the lorry coming up beside him, only then did Jake know that he was the cause of the original accident. Just before the road was completely covered in the explosion that followed, Jake could see himself behind the tanker. Then he found himself behind his desk once more.

To Be Continued...


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