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Tribal Love
by Harry Thakkar

Rahul Sheth -- the sole owner of 'Express' hotels -- was free that day. It was a day off, in fact Rahul had got time for himself after two long years. Out of habit, he jumped out of his bed at six in the morning and was up and kicking by half past six. To absent-minded Rahul, it then occurred that it was a holiday. He turned on the TV to find nothing interesting. He did not remember when, but he turned it off and was in an ocean of memories...

All through his school and college life Rahul had two significant qualities within him. First, that he was immensely intelligent and absorbed everything that was taught. And second that he was a loner. Yes, he was a loner during all of his student years. He loved being one.

Just after he finished his college at the age of 21, he came to know that an uncle of his had died leaving behind a three star hotel 'Express' to him. When Rahul assumed the leadership, he came to know that over the past decade, the hotel was crumbling and its profits were growing thinner and thinner every year.

Rahul had fixed that he would make good this hotel situated in Ooty, a hill station in South India.

He renewed the hotel, consulted experts, managed attractive schemes, and did a umpteen other things. His efforts were not in vain, in seven years the hotel had become one of the best in whole of India. He had now made a chain of hotels in alliance and of his own, the latter outnumbered the former. Though now his hotels were very widely dispersed in India, his favourite and headquarters remained the Ooty one.

In the past seven years Rahul had become a busy man, he had tasted success. He was very happy. However, there was no woman in his life, and at the age of 28, he was still a virgin. Even during his years as a student in Mumbai, he did not have any relationships with any girl. He sometimes missed the presence of female. But due to some reason or another, he never married till 28.

As the thoughts of ladies started coming, Rahul felt depression, and it ordered to avoid it, he tried not to think of that. He instead planned out his lonesome picnic in the woods.

Just where Ooty ended, there started some medially dense woods. He had gone there a few times, but always with some colleague. He had longed to go there alone someday, he just loved those woods. So he made preparations - packed a few sandwiches, got some tea in thermos (he had not started drinking), and got into some sporty clothes.

Taking his things, he drove off the woods. Just where the woods started he got out of his car, and started walking. He loved the quietness of those woods. At 8:30, it was very chilly in Ooty, where average temperature is 5 degrees. Yet he continues walking. After a twenty minutes walk, he was a mile away from his car and in the woods. There, he found himself a perfect place and sat there. Keeping his things aside, he first began to just fool around, like exploring the trees and playing with butterflies. Then he sat down and arranged his food like they served it in a five star hotel.

Just when he was about to start eating, he hear something move. At first he thought it was some animal. But then he succeeded in spotting some thing red. He was well aware that there was no red animal in these woods, so he went in the direction. What he found was a well-rewarding sight - A beautiful tribal girl, in her late teens not more that 21, was directly starring at him. Being tribal, all she wore was a blouse and a chaniya (an Indian dress, like a long skirt). Her complexion was a little darker than Rahul's, but Rahul was one of the fairest men to be found in India.

The girl was from the other side of the woods, which was inaccessible and not fully developed. However, the people there had started speaking the local language - Hindi. So it was no problem for Rahul to communicate with the girl. [Note: All the conversations and dialogues will be directly translated in English in this story]

Rahul asked, "Are you from other side?"


"Would you like to join me for breakfast?" Rahul asked out of courtesy


Rahul was utterly surprised, since these tribals normally tried to remain away from the locals. He thought times were changing. Anyway, he did not mind sharing his food with the beautiful girl.

"SO come on.."

They just had to chomp since Rahul had already arranged the food.

Before they started the tribal girl told "I am sorry if I disturbed you, but you see I have not had proper food from two days."

This shot off a conversation, in which Rahul learnt abough the poor conditions of the tribals. He came to know that the girl's name was Payal, and that she was the most educated in the village. He was surprised to hear that she could talk and understand English. She was a daughter of a farmer in the tribal village, and she had come here after an argument with her father who was about to sell her off for money. Rahul was not surprised, he had heard of such things taking place among the tribals. Rahul asked where would she go now, she replied she wasn't quite sure.

The food finished, but their talk didn't. On being asked by Payal, Rahul told her about himself. Rahul then asked her whether she had been to town before, no came the reply. Rahul explained to her that she was an innocent little girl and that she should be wearing better attire. Payal quickly understood what Rahul was trying to say and told him that she did not have nothing else to wear. Rahul offered to buy her proper dress and give him job in his hotel. Payal was more than just pleased.

After buying her clothing, Rahul took her to his hotel and gave her the job of a waitress.

The next day Rahul was back to his business, but he found that Payal was now always on the background of his mind, he tried to shrug it off, and was partially successful. That day Rahul was in his personal room in his hotel and had ordered for some coffee. Incidentally, Payal was the one who came to serve him. She was now not in the clothes that Raul had brought him, but in the sexy waitress uniform. Just out of habit, she closed the door as she came in. Then, she thanked Rahul for the job. Again both of them talked for few minutes.

Then, when it seemed that the conversation had been finished, Rahul(after gathering lots of guts) told her what effect she had on him. She was stunned for a moment, then she fell into his arms, and they were engazed in deep kiss. He had his hands tightly wrapped around her, as if not to loose her, and was french kissing her. Their tongues met. He explored her tribal mouth, he loved her smell. They kissed for about ten minutes, like two souls searching each other for ages had just met.

Payal, dressed in a short skirt and a blouse, was looking even sexier after the kiss, she seemed to be glowing. Rahul slid his right hand to her shoulder, from there it slowly moved to her neck and downwards. His hand was now between her breasts on the blouse, it moved leftward and was gently squeezing her right breast. "You are my first girl" he whispered, "I am doing for the fisrt time too" came the reply. This now proved her approval, Rahul was encouraged.

He unbuttoned her blouse to reveal her two firm large breasts covered in her white bra. Her nipples were erect and very well visible thorough the bra. He touched her nipples with both his hands. Still playing with her nipples, he planted loving kisses on her neck and lips. Payal then unhooked her bra and revealed him her bare breasts. He kissed her nipples and the area around them. He was doing it not only with lust, but also with intense and deep love for her, which he had developed in just two days.

There was a bed in the room and Rahul made her lie on it. Then, sitting besides, he ran his hand on her thighs, slowly and lovingly going upwards till the skirt came in the way. With every movement of his hands, the skirt was going upwards and upwards, until her white panties were visible.

He rubbed her pussy through her panties and then slowly slid them downwards until they were gone. Payal dropped off the skirt.

Rahul knew what to do next, he was wearing white trousers and was about to remove them when she interrupted, "Allow me" with a smile which indicated deep love for him. She then unbuttoned his shirt. Going downway, she say the bulge in his pant and touched his hard dick through the pant. Unable to control her self, she removed his pant very fast and so she did with his shorts.

She lay there with her legs wide spread inviting him. He inserted his dick in her cunt and the thrusts started. He felt as if he broke her tissue and she moaned in pain, there was a little blood, but the smile followed her face. Both of them had looted each other of their virginity. Soon they were thrusting in rhythm. He was now mounted on her, kissing her deeply.

This being their first time, both of them did not last much long and came together after about five minutes.

They lay there wordless for a few minutes, finally Rahul spoke "I LOVE YOU, I LOVE MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE, I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH" Then he kissed her gently on her lips and her hair. "I LOVE YOU TOO" she replied.

Their secret affair continued for only a few weeks when people started getting suspicious. After lots of thinking, Rahul decided to marry Payal. Of course there was little problem in his social life, people eventually accepted him and Payal...

'This is not the end but the beginning of true love'


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