The Best Erotic Stories.

Time Limit
by anothername_9

Today Lisette felt empty. As she sat at home watching some meaningless television program her thoughts battered her and pressed her into such a malaise that she felt the thing to do was drift into sleep and keep all at bay for a while.

Most of her ill feelings had to do with the absence of sexual fulfillment she had experienced of late. Of course this did not take into account her own self-love sessions which were rich and varied and nearly continuous. But for this depressed creature these solitary rubbings and fingerings and the momentary joys they brought forth could not make up for the absence of erotic encounters between herself and others. All her previous couplings had been interesting to say the least: different locales, deliciously odd obsessions entered into willingly with each unique partner. But today she was alone and dry and bored with the world and with her own capabilities to arouse within herself that flash of lust she longed for.

Deciding against submission to her black mood, Lisette clicked the remote aggressively, rose to throw on a light sweater and headed out to visit with her friend Maddy who was unusually good at pulling her out of her occasional funks with tart witty conversation and bold new ideas. Walking to her apartment Lisette thought about their differences: whereas she was barely out of her teens, tall and full in body with an air of nervous energy, Maddy was in her late 20's, a short lady, seemingly quiet and demure. Her interior life was abundantly nourished by thinking of, talking about and living through intimate relationships to the extent that a conversation which was begun about music or the news invariably would lead to a discussion of fetishes, penis size and other much more exciting matters. Lisette's face began to show signs of life thinking of her friend and the possibilities of the afternoon's visit.

One thing which she was dwelling on, an idea she did not understand the significance of, a concept that came to her from who knows where, was the notion that everything was limited. She had only so much time available, only so many memories, too few possibilities which would eventually flesh themselves out. There seemed always to be a time limit, the passing of which soured even the most exciting liaisons, turned them into cartoonish shadows of what once was.

Her time with Peter, for example -- oh, yes, it was exciting at first. He loved her smell, the clean freshness of her body, upon which she applied no perfumes or oils or other covers. Lisette lived for his reactions when, in the heat of their naked moments her juices would scent her as no other preparation could, and poor Peter was immersed in them, his face glistening between her legs, his tongue prodding, his cock pulsing. This would cause her to gush forth more as she listened to his words of praise for her wetness and her fragrance. She loved being able to do this to him. But the pleasure was not endless. Not long into the relationship their trysts became nearly mechanical, she playing the Goddess and he the enraptured slave. It turned from lust to appreciation; they both knew this silently, and slowly parted ways.

Time limits. Memories. The fleeting newness of future encounters. What to expect, how to behave? How long will it last?

Lisette arrived at Maddy's apartment building and stood outside for a few minutes before going in. Perhaps her friend might have a story to tell of a new lover, or something private, secret and hidden from within her own past. Perhaps Lisette would be animated enough to reveal to Maddy some of her own inclinations and experiences. She sighed deeply, smiled softly to herself and walked through the doors.

Maddy offered her visitor a glass of red wine and poured one for herself. The bottle sat on the coffee table between them. Lisette felt relaxed as they made small talk over their first glass and poured both her host and herself a second. She was told now of a friend Maddy knew, and had, who loved to dribble red wine down Maddy's belly. He watched it spread across her tummy from her bellybutton and flow into her downy vee, wetting her beneath the trimmed yet still curly bush. He told her how thirsty he was and she responded by first trailing her fingers over her skin where the wine had travelled, and then offering them to this man who was very oral and played to Maddy's desires to watch men do extraordinary things in front of her and also to her. He sucked the wine-purpled fingers until the grape was replaced entirely with his own warm saliva. Maddy would then press into her lips through the hair, and part them slightly, slowly, opening them more and more as he watched. She teased him into placing his tongue on her and inside her by telling him he would get what he wanted there, if he was good, and if he knew how to look for it. She had never let him put his cock inside her. It was all the same to him, as he savored first the wine, and then her. Upon her own satisfaction from his tongue, desperately moving to please her, she reciprocated lustily, kneeling before him as he sat back in a comfy chair, and taking him in her mouth.

She sucked him hard and fast, the wetness growing once more within her. His cock was dipped occasionally into a glass of the wine and after she removed it she sucked the harder on it, sucked him, licked at his balls, pulled his pubic hairs into her mouth, between her teeth, and back to the length of him fully engulfed, rolling her tongue, squeezing with her lips and being very clear that she must know when he was about to come. And when that time approached she jacked him off into the wine, rolled the liquid around in the glass, lovingly gazing at the mixture, and drank as she fingered herself to her second orgasm with her friend speaking to her, hot and sweet, and watching her consume the potion.

Maddy was visibly aroused as she told Lisette this story. Her legs could not keep still. Her eyelids lowered and her voice became throaty. Lisette exclaimed at the tale's conclusion and almost gasped involuntarily. This pleased Maddy and she continued by telling of another friend who would fuck her terribly hard, fast, uncaring, using her was really all that he was doing. If she said something alluring or hot to him, he paid it no mind. If her body responded in ways that would weaken other men's knees, he showed no signs of noticing. He kept fucking her, first usually in the so-called missionary position, gradually lifting her legs in the air, higher, higher, and separating them as far as they would go so that he could see her snatch as he pumped it, so that her hole opened wide, and he could twist his dick around in it, besides the rough penetrating and pulling back. After a bit of this he set her on her stomach and bore down into her in the same insane manner, sweating, grunting, but always as if fucking a doll or something inanimate and uncaring. They both came wildly, thundering screams and moans, yelps and hisses of wanton desire fullfilled. Of course, Maddy hastened to explain to Lisette, this was a highly mutually acceptable scenario. She was not slighted that he treated her in such a seemingly coldhearted manner. With him, she sighed, it was hotter than the others, if he was of a mind to put all of his strength into it.

Both ladies were breathing heavily now. A third glass was poured, and tasted. Lisette's legs were now moving in the same sensually hypnotic way as Maddy's. She began to tell another story, of another lover, and then looked deeper into her girlfriend, and noticed a hint of a troubled expression. Her arms encircled her and they cuddled together innocently, save for the wetness in both their sexes, and their wild eyes and taut nipples. Neither knew the extent of the other's arousal but coming so close together with their fair skins rubbing against each other and their soft arms encircling, the secret could not be kept for long. Maddy wished to please her friend, to have disappear the unspoken torment she may have been feeling. She began to relate another escapade....

Michael, she began, was her favorite boy at the moment. 10 years her junior and a few inches shorter than the dark-haired diminutive, he had much to offer her. She relished him. Firstly he was a 'hardbody,' someone with no trace of waste tissue, no softness about him. No softness, that is until his thoughts and feelings were examined. There he quivered, he wished to explore and was timidly doing it. Maddy enjoyed the timidity and the adventurousness it was constantly trying to hold at bay. Michael was certainly torn in two deep within, as regards their sexual progression.

There was one other trait which made time spent with him deliciously wild. Eventually the struggle within him was ended at some 'point of no return.' If Maddy kept teasing, rubbing, sucking -- whatever the couple was involved in at the time -- kept going to hit against that point, then his lust burst through and he was hers. Actually it was more as if he was his own, the depth of the sexual pleasure he opened to was so intense that he became self-absorbed in his own sensations and eventual orgasm. It may seem contradictory but these were also the times when he serviced Maddy the best, as if on autopilot, doing whatever he was told, as long as he could continue to careen towards his own spurting rush of release.

Michael told Maddy that the first time he masturbated himself, as a boy of about 9 years old, it was entirely by accident that the pleasures of self love came to him. Rubbing himself innocently he began to notice a warmth and a shiver engulf his small body, beginning in his loins and radiating to the extremities. He rubbed harder, alone in his little-boy bedroom. He pulled his cock from his pants and rubbed it underneath, and the waves became more pleasurably violent. He had no idea what it was that he was doing, nor for a while did he even connect his new feelings with the motion of his hand. But it was a short while only in which he remained ignorant. A sly gleam must have lit up his eyes as he took himself in the palm of his hand and encircled his shaft and squeezed it. He rubbed it. He pumped it. He was now becoming feverish, lost in the grip of his own hand, in the pulsations rippling through his own cock. And the best was to come for, of course, he had no notion that all of this was leading to something called a 'cum,' an orgasm. Maddy knew this much, but she wistfully mused aloud for her friend what may have been going through his mind as he drew near to his first thick release. She became giddy now for Lisette, due in equal parts from the wine and the telling of the story. She joked about this first orgasm, painting terribly humiliating pictures of Michael for her friend, images of absolute loss of control --he falls over, he rolls on the carpet, he makes unintelligble animal sounds while pumping himself red. Maddy began to laugh, and one would think cruelly. But, she explained, this is what endeared him to her: how utterly without control he could become, and how it offset his usually quiet, reserved way.

He never had a regular orgasm. Either he didn't come at all (for sometimes he was busy pleasuring Maddy, following her instructional commands and beaming at her as she enjoyed his attentions) or -- no matter how they were fucking or attending to each others' wet warm lusts, no matter how close they were, coupled by lips, tongues, or genitalia --he broke free from all else, to still transport into a frenzied state of legs and arms shaking, waving, ass wagging, barking and coming while rolling on the floor or bucking on the bed, as Maddy watched bug-eyed and easily rose to peak once more, doing herself insanely to try to meet him in his intense world of red-faced spunk-shooting body quaking solitary passion. * Perhaps Maddy actually loved Michael, she allowed in passing to her friend as she described the scene. The two spent a great deal of time together. It was as if they spent all of their time together, except when Michael was climaxing. Then, she admitted, it may have been good that he separated from her briefly. The level of his orgasm was alarming. "Was your mouth ever stuffed with cock? I mean, just loaded up, huge dick filling your mouth completely, truely making you gag, and not for a few moments, either. Did you ever have someone pump your mouth so hard, and keep it so full for so long that it seemed as if you became another person -- no, another being maybe -- for that time that it was shoved in and yanked out from between your lips? Michael's cock is large, both long and so, so thick."

Maddy giggled here, and continued. "When I saw it for the first time I went crazy. I wanted it to fill me everywhere, starting with my mouth. I had never seen such a large prick, and I lusted for it immediately. I made him stuff it in. I didn't just take it: I ordered him to cram it into my waiting mouth, and told him to fuck me there, and not to stop no matter what happened, not to stop until he came inside. And I gagged. And gagged. But whenever I felt as if he was getting ready to pull away from me, maybe out of fear that he was causing me discomfort, I grabbed onto his ass and pulled him into my face, even as I gagged. I loved it; nothing has ever given me a fuller feeling. Couldn't breathe, almost passed out. Tears were wetting my face all over, so many there were, and so quickly they rolled down from my eyes. I had both hands inside my cunt, maybe three fingers from each one. I was rough with myself down there also. I went deep. Fuck the clit. This was different, this was about penetration and fullness. Michael was so fucking hard, so utterly helpless inside his own heat that he no longer even cared if he was causing me pain. Or maybe he was just learning to read my signals a little better? Oh, and I would sacrifice one of my cunt hands, and use the soaked fingers on my ass, and I was acrobatic, I gyrated with a mouth full of cock, and fingers loading me up front and back down there, and coming, coming in these shades of orgasm, one lesser, one greater, but over and over as I concentrated on twisting fingers inside my ass or reaching deeper into my pussy or trying to fit more cock in my mouth. Every movement seemed to set off some kind of brief orgasmic shudder and I -- oh, Lisette --and I....

"And when he approached his, he would leave me. He would jerk himself out of my mouth and I went over and fell on the floor, so quickly did he leave. And, goddamnit, he would finish by himself, rolling around, yanking harder and faster than I thought imaginable, even sticking fingers up his own asshole to heighten his sensations. The point of no return had been reached. I could have him up to that moment and no more. I masturbated myself furiously watching him. He covered his own body in cum when he finished; it was wild, it flew everywhere. I too came, fingers inside myself. So good, oh, so hot.

"He always let me lick him clean afterwards. Vicarious thrills? I would have his cum one way or another. He told me how beautiful I looked as I was coming, even though I had no idea he was at all aware of anything except pounding upon his cock. He loved to watch me come, and he moaned and sighed as I pressed my tongue everywhere upon him where it was made sticky."

Maddy drank down the rest of the third glass. Lisette's eyes were closed. She looked to be entranced, and softly spoke the word "Yes" over and over. Maddy pressed herself closer and kissed her on her cheek, demure, innocent, but releasing her tongue from between her lips for just an instant, to contact Lisette's flushed cheek, to brush warmth against warmth. Lisette nuzzled against her, and returned the peck. She felt close, comforted by these almost incredible stories. She asked her friend why it always seemed that her own excitements did not last long, why she could suspend herself in these types of ecstatic amusements only for a limited time.

Situations which could not be repeated, strung together make for an exciting life, she was told. The bull about setting goals helped also. It really did. Maddy told herself that she would get Michael's big cock to fill her mouth that day, and she did, at all costs. Another time she would resolve that she would have some older gentleman licking her boots before he left her and yes, she made him do it. Lisette was told to include a certain desperation in her efforts at continuous sexual pleasure, otherwise the desperation would visit her in the aftermath, when it was quiet and she was bored with her own life. "How would you rather show yourself to the world?" Maddy coyly asked her, "As a woman who desires all, who burns scorchingly bright in her cock-hunger or as a dim light in a dark corner, trying to see the obscure motions of your past?

"Can you make yourself come within 5 minutes?" Lisette was embarrassed by this question. She really didn't think that she could do such a thing, especially on demand. It usually took her much longer and not because she tried to stretch out and enjoy it, but only because of her own hesitations and half-heartedness. "I don't think so," she replied quietly. "Sure you can do it. Honey, let's start right there. Let that be your goal. Would you like to go into my bedroom? Have some privacy? I will time you here. After 5 minutes you come out no matter what, and let's see how serious you are about this, okay? I'll bet that all of my shooting off at the mouth must have had some effect on you. I'm sure it will help, no?"

Was this really happening? She didn't know Maddy all that well and now she was being invited to play with herself for this lady as part of a test of will. Should she agree? Other thoughts were present as well: is this just something for Maddy to get off on? Will it become one of her stories to be told to someone else someday? Other similar thoughts passed also, but gradually all these notions became enticements for Lisette. She would be making her friend cum, she was wet from the thought that someone would hear of her attempt someday. Suddenly the main question became a simple one: could Lisette cause herself to cum within 5 minutes?

"I think I'd like to go into the bedroom now, Maddy."

What little wine was left in the bottle was shared. Maddy gave Lisette an extra minute to disrobe or otherwise prepare herself. Eyes sparkling she offered as much time as Lisette wanted if only Lisette might remove her clothing in front of her. The tall girl felt as if she might blush, and what an odd feeling that was, really. She understood then that it was as if she were being courted, or more so of feeling the familiar pull of true seduction and the weakness it causes within its presence. How should she accept this offer? Should she? Where will it lead? Bad enough that she would be trying to climax behind the bedroom door. Now it will be disrobing in front of Maddy?

And she thought again with her heart and her warm thighs, and with the same mindset which caused the invitation to self love to become so arousing. With her eyes glassy yet fixed upon Maddy seated before her Lisette questioned in a decidedly teasing way. Her anticipation of the situation before them gave her a new strength. Such an odd way the day was going. The surprises awaiting her could never be repeated, but could be thoroughly enjoyed. The opportunity would not pass her by.

"May I undress myself here? In front of you? Would that be alright, I mean you wouldn't mind? You wouldn't even have to look if you didn't wish to. You could turn your head."

"Honey, you will be undressing for me, you know that. How could I turn my head away from you? I've never seen your body bared, and I want to. Let me look at you now. Then you may masturbate in there. Alright?" Lisette was already slowly pulling her black sweater over her head. Underneath it she wore a very sheer pink bra. She was sure to tighten the sweater as it passed over her breasts, for her own stimulation and also to have them bounce a bit for Maddy. After pulling the sweater completely off Lisette focused on her friend and saw that a hand was already playing between her open, relaxed legs, through the softly worn jeans. Lisette caught herself looking extra closely to see if there was any trace of a dark spot there. She smiled to herself at this delicious investigation. She would have felt proud, she imagined, if there had been one there.

Lisette unzipped her own pants and lowered them to her knees. She turned her back to Maddy and offered her the sight of her behind, covered with innocent white cotton. Taking the pants completely off was a labor of clumsiness as she lost her balance a few times and had to hold onto a table or chair to steady herself. Maddy enjoyed this as well: the girl's awkwardness was captivating. All of this would lead to something that she would enjoy. When the time limit was up Maddy would see, as if looking at a snapshot of both frustration and lust embodied together, her friend's interrupted sensuousness. She longed to find a wildness in her eyes; she wished to taste juice from her fingers; she desired her when she might be past that point, Michael's point, where all was silent save the language of the skin speaking the primal urge.

Standing in only bra and panties, Lisette appeared even taller than when fully clothed, for some reason, somewhat lanky and yes, when she turned to face Maddy it was seen that she was somewhat wet already. Turning away again and heading to the bedroom door she swung her hips as she might have done in front of a man. She lifted herself upa bit on her toes as she walked, hoping that this would accentuate further her full round ass. And for whom? For a woman, for someone she didn't know that well except possibly for her sexual proclivities, for a person who invites her to do herself quickly, to test her, to get her drunk on wine, caress her, request a strip show from her before the masturbation, philosophise to her about the sluttish desperation she must charge her sexual encounters with. Her ass thrust out to tease -- for a woman -- she felt luxurious as she walked to the bedroom.

Lisette shut the door. Maddy began to time her.

Both girls took themselves quickly, each in her own room. Maddy checked the time on her watch and rose to begin pressing herself upon the arm of the sofa. One of her feet remained on the floor while she lifted the other up to the couch. This opened her legs wide and allowed her a proper position for what she wished to do. Her pants were never removed as she slid her crotch along the furniture. The tingling turned to warm waves quickly as she imagined what her friend was doing on the other side of the closed door.

Lisette dropped onto the bed and removed her panties. She looked at the wet crotch and began to play with herself. Slowly she raised the fabric to her face and recalled all the words that put the wetness there. Fingers danced within her as she brought her underwear closer and picked up her own private scents. Hands rubbed faster as she became excited and realized that she may really be able to cum within the time her friend suggested. Knees in the air, pussy open wide, back arching she imagined that big fat dick Maddy spoke of, and what she would do with it were Michael here with her in this room. Would he watch her masturbate, losing control eventually? She would like to see that. She would like to force herself upon him during his inaccessible moments of peak passion, have him fuck her cunt wildly with his thick shaft, drilling her as she pressed herself into him.

He would do that, as long as he was able to reach his own private place, no? If not, she imagined, as she massaged her clit and pumped deeply, perhaps she would have to fuck him as if he were an object, as he rolled around in his own heightened state she might jump upon him and rub herself wherever his body was free: humping his knee, or his arm or even his neck. Yes, this might be better than having him just fuck her on the bed. She began to gush and tremble, so vivid were the pictures she created for herself. Soft moans began. Agitation of body streamed from her pussy inwards and outwards until she felt that she was powerless against her quickly arising orgasm. Another minute and she would be there. Perspiration began. She drew her panties to her face once more and dabbed at the moisture, and brushed them against her skin, and finally began to rub them along her lips as she fingered herself unceasingly. Finally the panties were pushed between her lips.

She was savoring herself these different ways when the door opened suddenly. It had not even been two or three minutes. She was ready to cum. Maddy stood in the doorway, observing her almost clinically. Lisette could not summon the desire to stop; rather than embarrassment, she now felt her friend's presence fueling her motions. She had been tricked. Maddy was not to give her even five minutes alone. Catching her at this point was all that she was really interested in, and it was as if Lisette awoke to the realization that this was what she too desired. She looked into Maddy's eyes as she removed lustrous fingers from her cunt to exhibit them, and then stuffed the panties into her own mouth, gagging herself completely, so that her moans turned to straining muffled noises. Her sweat rolled freely as there was nothing now handy to absorb it.

"See, you can do it. You can feel the urgency, the passing of seconds, the overwhelming desire to cum. You will remember this always, and it wont just stop at memory, I assure you. You will want to repeat it, but you have probably now learned that it is not the act repeated which makes one excited. It is the state of mind: the urgency, the adventuring into a new situation, instead of a visit along a road already traveled. You are wild, Lisette, beautiful. Keep humping girl; suck the panties, finger your twat for me. You really have undergone a transformation since I saw you last, even comparing what I now see before me to that ass-teasing wench I watched before you closed the door. My goodness, have you lost control?" Maddy waited a beat and added a single word to complete her question: "Yet?"

As she spoke these words she stepped aside. Walking into the room behind her was a short blonde boy. She grabbed his arms, pinning them at his sides and kissed him deeply, violating his mouth with her snakelike tongue. He squirmed so much that it aroused new feelings of lust in Lisette who now had taken the panties out of her mouth and was rubbing their wetness over her breasts, which were still held inside her flimsy bra. As soon as the satiny materials came into contact with each other she gasped, and her nipples became erect, forming little mounds in the center of the cups. Maddy separated from the boy and put him on display for the girl on the bed. She cupped his crotch which bulged obscenely already through his jeans.

"This is my friend Michael. Michael gets very excited and very easily, don't you Michael?" He seemed very excited already and could hardly stammer out an assent. Maddy unzipped him. "Take it out now Michael. Let it hang. Balls and all. You will make Lisette very happy, I am sure." Nervously Michael released his member from his clothing. It was, as Maddy had described in her account, long and thick. Very thick. Again Lisette emitted an involuntary gasp when she saw it. It should have seemed comical, she tried to reason to herself, but it was not. She was now gasping with lust from what her fingers accomplished and what her eyes revealed.

"Fuck her Michael. Go on, I'd like to watch." He now moved quickly, tossing off his pants and briefs, his shirt and tee. He was completely bared to the two ladies now. His cock grew the whole while he undressed. Lisette knew this because she could not take her eyes off of it. It angled up towards his bellybutton; it was wider than his hand. The almost inhuman size and girth, now fully revealed, caused Lisette to doubt the reality around her. Perhaps it was all just an erotic dream, or some trick of the eyes, causing visual distortions? No, it was not for when Maddy led him to Lisette by his cock, the still-masturbating girl felt it brush against her face, covering most of a cheek, before she willingly let him enter her mouth with it. Her face stretched, and her eyes remained opened wide upon it. Maddy, behind him now, pushed into him as he held the back of Lisette's head, grabbing at her damp hair. His cock was pounded thusly into her mouth, and against her throat.

Michael's nervousness seemed different now. He held still inside her. She could still sense a lovely trembling cross his entire body. she strained to accept more of him inside her, but so far was only able to allow entry to less than half of his straining dick. She wondered if there were any way for her to loosen up so that she could be filled deeper by him when he started pumping in and out of her mouth. He began slowly, almost timidly with very short brief insertions, each followed by a complete withdrawal. Lisette began to appreciate this for it seemed that in this way she was receiving an opportunity to become used to his size, little by little. She was able to now open wider, take in deeper. Michael's thrusts began to pick up speed. She realized that he was indeed pressing into her much deeper now -- smart boy! Yes, she liked this, this feeling of being so full of cock that she gagged on it, and huffed and puffed to try to continue breathing.

And where was Maddy now? Was she still bouncing Michael into Lisette's face? Was she frigging herself as Lisette continued to do? For a moment she was able to look around the room, and saw no one else. It was only her and Michael, someone known slightly to her through a story, someone whose cock was stuffed into her hungry mouth, someone she responded to with her tongue and her lips and her eyes. He did not stop now. Deeper he went, a little at a time until he was down her throat, against the sides of her mouth and pulling her lips inwards and outwards with every long hot thrust.

The boy didn't speak, he moaned. He whimpered and shook, transported further towards abandon by each additional fraction of his cock which Lisette was able to take into her mouth. She noticed his scent, the fragrance trapped within his pubic hairs, his lustscent mingled with the sweetest fragrance of sweat she had ever experienced. His outbursts of pleasure were beginning to drive her wild. My pussy, she thought, my pussy must have this beautiful thing inside of it.

Aggressively she pushed him away from her face, doing so with very mixed feelings however. "Put your cock inside me now, Michael." She picked up her moist panties and passed them under his nose, "Put your cock inside me now, Michael." The panties were pressed into his nostrils. He handled himself as if he were a piece of fine china, slowly exploring the textures of his own shaft as he inhaled. Part of the panties were now in his mouth. "Put your cock inside me now, Michael," Lisette repeated, again and again as if a mantra taking her away from the world's distraction and having her focus on the real, on overriding passion and the promise of union with Michael, with her own core, with all. She repeated the phrase again and again, emphasizing the word 'cock' a bit more each time. Michael's hands moved at a quicker tempo now; Lisette's cunt lips opened wide by themselves. Her legs splayed far apart, she looked down at her sex and her desires danced a quicker step. Her hole was gaping, gaping. She said it aloud:"Gaping...oh yes Michael, please put your cock inside my gaping hole, now."

Michael did as he was told. She didn't like having to ask him to do it. For some reason the idea of saying please was uncomfortable to her. She realized then and there that it should have been more of a command, yes, that would have been delicious! She should have grabbed his member roughly and stuck it in herself. she wanted to feel that sort of power all of a sudden. So she reached forwards as he was entering her and grabbed his ass cheeks from behind him and pulled him into her with all of her might. He throbbed inside her, and there was pain from the entry, pain from the filling, even from the throbbing. But this pain meant nothing to her at the moment. It was as if it were one delicate flavor in a gourmet meal, something to become accustomed to, something rare and delicious, and it was hers for the length of this steamy repast, and it moved inside of her like nothing she had ever experienced, and she savored it while matching Michael's grunts and groans with her own indelicate exhalations.

This could not be matched. She had never felt this way before, all full and being pounded so hard that her whole body shifted as Michael rocked and pumped. From left to right as he moved from side to side, upwards when he pulled away, pressed to the bed when he plunged into her. She closed her eyes and let it all happen to her, sounds escaping her lips, noises between her legs, skin tingling. He ran his hands up and down her body as the fucking continued, pressing his fingertips into her yielding flesh, and rubbing a bit before moving on.

When she opened her eyes Maddy was standing at the foot of the bed behind Michael. She signaled with a finger before her lips to ask Lisette not to reveal her. Lisette smiled at her, a smile that mixed 'thank you' with 'you hot sly vixen.' She winked at Maddy; she let her tongue be seen, teasingly.

Michael was not aware of any of this. His eyes were shut and his body was quaking. The girls knew that he was on the edge of his orgasm. Maddy knew additionally that when Michael was that close to his fulfillment he never stayed coupled with her. His state was such that his arousal made him blind to all around him. He seemed to feel an urgency to get himself off, shamelessly, no matter where he was or who was around. And Maddy saw him teetering on that edge now, and wished to playfully (or cruelly, perhaps?) drive him closer to the edge, and over it for Lisette's enjoyment and, of course, her own.

Without warning, Maddy quickly pulled his ass cheeks apart and shoved a saliva-smeared finger deep inside him as he fucked Lisette. The effect was devastating for Michael. His head fell backwards and he yelled, loud and full-voiced and his dick exited Lisette in an instant. Frantic with lust, the poor girl replaced it with a few fingers, but this move meant nothing after what was filling her up had been removed. Michael fell to the floor. Lisette pressed her other hand into service: three fingers from each hand going in and out of her while Maddy watched, fingering her own wet self, naked now and beautifully aroused. Lisette finally let both hands into herself, scooping into her openness, drilling, snaking her fingers where none could see, looking for her peak, wanting it dearly. Michael rolled back and was on the floor, pulling at himself frantically, whimpering constantly like a scared creature. Lisette drooled watching him and Maddy licked it away.

Finally the two girls jumped on top of Michael, rubbing themselves all over his writhing form on the floor, cumming ecstatically, first Maddy, then Lisette (and when she did come, Maddy hoarsely joked to her "You're late young lady."). This completely unhinged Michael and his spunk flew everywhere, hitting them in their faces, dropping on their bellies and their sexes. Lisette manouvered herself close to his shooting cock so that she might be able to taste his fluids and lick his sticky wetness -- she seemed on fire to do so in the throes of her release. Maddy came quickly and, panting to herself, relaxed to watch. Lisette was a mess of cum and saliva and sweat, still shaking as the tide withdrew from her. Michael lay face down with his body slightly moving still, his cock hidden from them. He humped the floor for a minute. Then he too relaxed.

I'd like to say that everyone remained friends after this but jealousies and incompatibilities -- all sorts of human foibles -- did not allow this to be. Lisette did desire to remain close to Maddy, and this was granted. Michael learned a bit of self-control and was no longer as exciting, although his cock remained formidable in its size and effectiveness. Lisette quickly understood the difference between repeating the act and repeating the state of being. She no longer desired long steady relationships, or a fetishistic manipulation repeated until one destroyed its life and eroticism. She only wished to return to that sharp state of sexual awareness she had felt that afternoon with Maddy and Michael, return to it with no regard as to where, when, with whom or how. The desperation to live, to be excited constantly took hold. Her time of complacency and predictability was over.


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