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The Lift
by Carl East

Stan was a security guard, in one of the luxury apartment blocks, that could be found off the busy main road, leading into the city, his nine to five job as predictable as any other. Today, was going to be different, it was his responsibility to keep all the cameras working, on every floor. He had his own little monitor in the reception area, and would change the views from floor to floor, watching for any trouble. As he sat drinking a coffee, his favourite tenant walked in, her name was Carol, she had long blonde hair, deep green eyes, that seemed to sparkle when she smiled, and a body he would die for.

"Hi Stan." She said, as she walked by, followed closely by two gentlemen.

"Hi Carol, how's it going?" He said, for want of something better to say.

"Oh, you know, so so." She said, entering the lift.

That was the extent of the conversations they had, but Stan didn't mind, at least she did talk, most of the other tenants didn't even acknowledge him. He turned his monitor on to watch her in the lift, the camera being at just the right angle to see down her blouse. Her top left nothing to the imagination, her cleavage a pleasure to behold, as her breathing made her breasts move up and down slightly. Then the lights went out, and Stan realised their had been a power failure. He walked over to the front door, looking out into the road, he found the streetlights had gone as well. Knowing that there was nothing he could do until the power came back on, he grabbed his torch and proceeded to do his rounds. He attempted to shout up the lift shaft, so that he could inform them about the situation, but they didn't respond, thinking perhaps they had realised why the lift was stuck he carried on doing his rounds. It was to be another two hours before the power was restored, with Stan attempting to get the monitors going again. He found that the monitor was on the blink, so he retrieved the tape and put it in his jacket pocket, with the intention of viewing the contents at home.

At home he nearly forgot the tape, as he settled in his favourite chair to watch the box, but he did remember once he found there was nothing on. So grabbing his jacket he located the tape and placed it into the video player. He quickly found where Carol had entered the lift, and watched until the power cut came, once it did the lights were replaced by a back up one especially designed for this very purpose. It was not as bright in the lift now, but you could still see comfortably. Stan watched them talking with each other for the first twenty minutes, then something happened that really made his night.

One of the men started to kiss Carol, undressing her in front of the camera, Stan wished at that point he could hear what was going on, as well as view the proceedings, but the camera wasn't equipped with sound recording abilities. Then he saw the man remove her blouse, revealing her white bra. This was also removed freeing her breasts from their restraint, Stan watched in awe as her breasts were handled one by one. Then the man bent down to kiss her nipples, while putting his hands behind her to unzip her skirt, as it dropped to the floor, Stan got nearer to the edge of his seat. Her panties and shoes were the only items of clothing remaining, as Stan unconsciously placed his hand onto his now hardened cock.

Suddenly the other man, who Stan had forgotten, came over to the pair and joined in. He immediately got down to his knees and with both hands removed her panties. She at no time resisted these advances, it fact you could tell that she was enjoying this attention, her nipples were clearly erect, as she pulled the head of this other man into her mound. Then the first guy started to get undress, with Carol helping by undoing his zip; he pulled his trousers down along with his underwear, revealing an eight-inch fully erect cock. She immediately broke off the encounter with the guy licking her pussy, and bent over to take the cock into her mouth.

The other guy now decided to take his clothes off, revealing another large and hard cock, he quickly got behind her, and with one hand guided his cock into her pussy. Stan rubbed his own cock harder; feeling very turned on by the proceedings, and even decided to take his own cock out to do the job probably. He watched as the two men fucked her hard and long, with both of them changing places, on more than one occasion. Then Stan witnessed one of the men coming for the first time, his cock spurting all over her face and neck with some going into her mouth.

This was too much, Stan's own cock started to jerk, his seed blowing with a force that he had never known, arcing in the air and landing on the carpet in front of the TV. He pressed the pause button on the video recorder, and cleaned up the mess he'd made, then settling back in his chair he started the tape off again. The other guy started to cum, pulling his cock from her pussy, and unloading onto her arse. She turned around receiving a blast in the face, then engulfing his member into her mouth she sucked him dry. Stan witnessed the other one lying down on his back, his cock fully erect once more. She suddenly sat astride his cock and rocked back and forth, his partner coming up behind and placing his cock at the back door.

She leaned forward allowing him to push his cock up her anal passage slowly, her mouth opening with an apparent cry, as he started to enter. Then they both fucked her, making Stan get hard once again, his hand frantically jerking his cock as this scene played itself out. Stan started to cum before those on the tape, feeling like he was there with them, his imagination going wild. Then they came, pumping their cream all over her beautiful body once more, she collapsed onto the guys chest, then getting her self together she got up and dressed. They followed suit, making them selves presentable once more, and before long the lift started to move. Stan turned the tape off, then decided to make a copy, which he did, after which he felt tired so decided to go to bed.

The next day he saw Carol coming in the front door, having missed her go out that morning, he stopped her and without saying anything he gave her the tape. A little while later he received a phone call, Carol needed assistance up stairs. Stan got to her apartment as quick as he could, and knocked on her door.

"Come in." He heard her say.

He entered the room, only to hear her voice coming from the bedroom, he opened the door, then a gun was placed at his head.

"What's going on?" He asked, only to be pushed to his knees.

A voice from behind could be heard to say, 'did you make a copy of the tape,' to which he replied no. The bullet left the gun, hitting him squarely in the head, the last thing he heard was.

"The Senator has not been compromised, but search his apartment anyway." Said the voice.

Stan felt the room start to spin then nothing.

The End.


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