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The Lagoon
by R. West

It was a violent storm that caused my family's boat to sink somewhere in the South Pacific. My sister Annie and I were the only survivors and that was only because of dumb luck. We both found ourselves washed up on the white sands of a deserted island. I stood up brushed my self off and looked around for signs of civilization. Under a piece of the boat lay my little sister unconscious. I slid the piece off her and cradled her in my arms while we cried for our parents which we assumed to be dead. With a cough and a sputter of water Annie opened her eyes and saw me crying. She questioned me as to what the problem is and when I told her what happened we lay there and cried for a long time.

When I regained composure I stood and looked around. I had to guess that we were going to be there for a while so I looked for a water source. Annie called out for me and I told her I would be right back with some water for her. She sat and looked out at the water and I turned and headed off the beach to look for a stream. Through some heavy ferns and a boulder I came to a clearing where I saw the second most beautiful thing I had ever seen. A cascading waterfall from a ridge into a pool of crystal water probably ten feet deep. I found a large palm leaf and formed it into a cup shape. Leaning down I scooped into the water collecting some for Annie.

When I got back to the beach she quickly drank down the water and gave me a hug. "How long do you think we will be here?" She said burying her face into my now very filthy shirt. "I don't know sis. It could be a long time before they discover us... Until then we need to do our best to survive." And so the adventure began...

Approximately three months went by and the two of us were getting on just fine. It was my 18th birthday and Annie showed up at our improvised hut and gave me my gift. We had grown close over the three months and several times when we were sleeping next to each other I accidentally got erections when she brushed against me. Perhaps she knew my hormones were raging having never been with a woman. I was working on my fishing spear when she entered pushing the spear out of the way and sitting on my lap. With her legs dangling behind me.

She looked deeply into my eyes and then whispered into my ear, "Do you want you birthday present?" I could do nothing but nod as the sensation on my lap caused my dick to strain against my shorts. Her lips pressed against mine and I pulled her body close to me. I didn't care that I was making out with my sister on an abandoned island. To me she was the most beautiful girl I had ever known and I wanted her more than anything. Her hands roamed across my body and mine hers. I lifted the now worn out shirt from her body and slipped my hands across her now large supple breasts. Her areolas were protruding as I touched them.

We had forgiven the formality of underwear a few weeks ago so all I had to do was pull her shorts to the side for access to her brown haired virgin pussy. Annie reached into my shorts and pulled my now stiff rod out and I began to aim it towards her pussy. She sighed and smiled at me as I began to push the head of my dick past the lips of the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Slowly Annie let gravity take effect and my penis was engulfed within her womanhood.

I broke her hymen and she let out a yelp then cried as I held her in my arms. After a few minutes the movements of her body and mine began to cause both of us to start moving with the pleasure. Two bodies became one as I slammed my dick into her tight teenage vagina. We humped for ten minutes before I lost control and sprayed the inside of my sister with my hot cum. Even after I was done I kept pumping so Annie could get off as well.

Eventually I felt the walls closing down on my partially shrunken prick and she gasped and grasped me tight. We fell asleep in each other's arms. That was our first night...of many.

It was hurricane season and the island was pelted by almost daily rainstorms. Annie and I would go outside and lay on the beach in each other's arms feeling the warm rainfall on our bodies. We had abandoned all clothing except for an improvised halter top Annie wore for support of her rapidly developing breasts. We began having sex almost every chance we got and I felt like I was almost always thinking about it. We fucked when we woke up in the morning, after lunch, and then after dinner before going to bed. When we bathed before lunch a very special thing would happen. We would wash each other's bodies underneath the waterfall and I loved exploring her most private of parts. I would play with her clit as she massaged my penis in a mutual masturbation session. We would do this along with the regular routine until the ship came. It was a 15 foot sailboat that appeared on the horizon that day.

I remember running down the beach waving my arms in anticipation of outside human contact. I think back and wish I had hidden in the bushes. The ship saw me and promptly turned and sailed to the island. The crew of the boat was two men who looked like they belonged in a boardroom somewhere in New York. Their chunky bodies in Hawaiian shirts and pasty skin made me feel pride in my toned and tanned body. I hadn't even realized that I wasn't wearing clothes. The shocked look on their faces helped me to feel very uncomfortable.

When I explained how I had been stranded they seemed sympathetic and offered to take me back. When I mentioned I was on the island with my sister both men were obviously curious to meet her hoping to see her in similar lack of attire. I called for Annie who was watching from the bushes and she slowly moved from behind them and headed towards us. I saw the looks of desire in the faces of the men and was instantly angered. Annie did her best to cover her vagina with her hands but their eyes seemed to tear her apart. The biggest man said while rubbing his beard, "We may need some compensation for the ride back to civilization..."

I asked what they wanted and offered anything that they would want. The men whispered to each other for a minute then turned to me. The ugly one said, "We want to spend some 'quality' time with this pretty young thang." He reached out and cupped Annie's right breast. She shoved him away and I wrestled with him for a brief moment. The second man ran to the rubber boat and pulled out a Glock 22. I knew we were probably going to die as he leveled it at my face. We are going to do whatever we want or else no one will ever find your bodies. The first man rubbed his chin again then proceeded to beat the crap out of me.

Annie ran towards the jungle but the man with the gun quickly caught up and tackled her. I felt my hands being tied together and then I lost consciousness. When I opened my eyes again we were on the boat. I was tied to the mast at my wrists and my sister was tied by one arm to the aft. I pulled to get free but nothing budged. I saw both men eating pizza and drinking liquor. I closed my eyes and listened to my sister's sobs. The ugly one saw I was awake and stood along with the other man. "We wanted to wait for you to wake up so you could see the payment for your survival." I cringed as I thought of the possibilities. The ugly man got in my face and said, "We gave your sister some drugs in some water a while ago so she won't resist. Have fun watching if you want."

I looked over to see my sister slowly drift away and pass out. Both men removed their clothes and then helped Annie out of her halter top. I wanted to turn away but I felt myself staring at the rape. Their hands caressing my sister's soft tanned flesh. Their dicks were small and thin and I knew Annie could easily take them into her pussy. The first man shoved his rod into her pussy and began to pump rapidly grunting with each push. The second man was busy sucking on Annie's tits while stroking his cock. I struggled to get free as I realized that these men were not going to let us live. Eventually I got my hands free long after each man had spilled their seed into my sister They were spent lazily slumped over her still passed out body. I looked around for the weapon and saw the gun over by the pizza pan.

I was surprised neither man saw me move from the mast to the gun but they wouldn't get a chance to notice anything after I got done with them. I walked up to the mass of flesh and pulled the ugly man off my sister. His limp dick now covered in his now drying cum. I pointed the gun at his crotch and fired twice. He screamed out in pain and slumped into a fetal position. The other man got up to his knees and began begging for his life. I pointed the gun between his eyes I squeezed the trigger and the corpse fell to the deck. I dumped the dead guy off the boat and then picked up the wounded man still holding his mauled manhood. I got into his face and said, "The sharks look hungry." Right before I shoved him overboard.

I sat next to Annie and coddled her in my arms trying to figure out what we were going to do now. An hour passed and the thrashing several yards away signaled the arrival of the sharks. I untied Annie and found a sheet to wrap her in. The boats controls were just like the one I had learned on so we quickly left the screams of the dying man. 100 feet from shore I anchored the boat and brought Annie to shore on the rubber raft. I laid her on the sand and then returned to the boat. I checked the clip of the Glock and saw there was nine shots left. I went below and emptied the clip into the bottom of the boat. I had placed all the useful materials on the raft before and I was determined to sink the ship. The bullet holes began to let the water enter the boat I grabbed a metal pole and began to enlarge the holes. It took a while but the ship sunk beneath the waves leaving the mast barely sticking out of the water. I paddled the raft to shore and looked after my sister until she regained her strength. Whatever the drug was it was long lasting. It was a week before she had the strength to get out of the hut. She spent most of the day looking out at the ocean and crying. I would bring her the usual food of fruits and fresh water and sit with her.

A few days later Annie turned to me and said, "Now that those men had me you don't love me anymore..." I pulled her to me saying that she was wrong and that I loved her even more than ever for her strength. We sat there and I held her in my arms for hours wishing that those men had never come. A few weeks later Annie began to get sick in the mornings and I knew that she was carrying a child. I may or may not have been mine. I decided that I would care for it as if it were mine and we would raise it in this beautiful environment. Nine months went by and with plenty of screaming Annie gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. We decided to name her Mary and we really loved her.


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