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The Letter

Dear Brad,

I miss you so much. I have been so horny for you hard cock I can hardly stand it. My pussy is wet all day long and no matter how many times I finger my self it's not the same as having your big hard prick thrusting in and out of my hot cunt. And you know what I get like when I horny. Even right now I am sitting on our deck writing this letter wearing a short skirt and no panties.

I know the paperboy should be along soon and he should get a nice look at my pussy as he walks up the steps. I'm sitting facing the steps with my legs apart. I'm getting wetter by the minute just thinking of the view he will have. I bet you wish you were here to see the expression on his face. I know how much you like to watch me flash my hot pussy at other men. Is your cock hard yet? I hope so, because I want you as horny as I am. Yesterday I went shopping for shoes in one of my nice short sundresses. The one that buttons up the front. I didn't ware anything under beneath and left the top buttons undone.

The clerks were very help full when they found out that I had no panties on. I even took our camera with me and had a couple of the clerks take pictures of me sitting with my foot on the stool and legs apart. I can hardly wait to see how my hot pussy looked to them. They all had nice bulges in their pants when I left. One young fellow even had a wet spot on his pants. I think he came just from looking at my wet pussy. I was so hot from showing off my cunt that I had to finger my self as soon as I got to the car.

Oh my, I see the paperboy coming up the drive way now. I just looked down and my legs are about 8 inches apart at the knees. He should be able to see up my short skirt just fine. My pussy is quivering just thinking of the view that he will get as he comes up the steps.

I believe that he'll be going right to his room to jerk off as soon as he gets home. I wish I could have gotten that on videotape. It didn't take him long to notice that I wasn't warring any panties that was for sure. He stopped part way up the steps to tie his shoe, but that is not what he was doing. I pretended that I didn't notice him coming and kept writing this letter to you. I shifted in my chair a couple of times, which allowed me to spread my legs even wider for a brief moment. As soon as I began to lift, my head his went down as if he were looking at the shoes he is tying.

I immediately close my legs acting surprised as I said hello. He looked a little disappointed when he looked up and saw that my wet pussy was no longer visible and asked what I was doing. I informed him that I was writing you a letter because you were away and would not be back for another two weeks. He held the paper in front of his crotch I'm sure so that I would not see the erection he had, as he approached me at the table. It's payday he reminded me and I said just let me finish this sentence and I will get you your money. With that he turned and took a seat on the first step while he waited. I know he sat there because it gave him a perfect view under the table. I didn't want to disappoint him so when I got up to go into the house to get my purse I slowly moved one leg then the other to the side of the chair so that I could stand and get up. That gave him a short but good view of my now dripping cunt. Fuck!!! I thought I was going to cum right then.

I went into the house to get my purse and took my time to give him some time to think about what he had seen. I looked out the window to see if maybe he was rubbing his cock while he was waiting. To my surprise he had gotten up and was reading what I had already written in this letter. I watched and fingered my pussy until he was done. I started to cum as soon as soon as I saw him reading my letter. Knowing that he now knew that I wanted him to see my naked pussy pushed me over the edge.

I was not sure whether I should let him know I saw him reading the letter or just go on with teasing him, pretending the flashing of my swollen pussy was all accidental.

I decided not to say any thing so that I would not embarrass him and also thought that tomorrow I could do something else when he delivered the paper. Maybe he'll tell a friend! Wouldn't that be hot if he brought a friend to watch my next show?

Once I decided that, I made sure that i got some of my hot pussy juice on the bills I gave him. I also made sure my fingers were still wet from my quivering quiff. When I came out I found him sitting on the same top step. I walked over to him and passed the money to him, making sure my hand touched his so that he would feel the dampness on my fingers. When I looked down I could see his hard cock making a tent in his sweat pants. He didn't try to hide it this time. He looked up and said thank you. I'm sure he could smell my hot pussy as well as see it. Sitting on the step, he was much lower than the hem of my skirt. I stood there with my legs apart as I made small talk with him. He was getting an up close view of how swollen and moist my pussy lips were. I almost asked him if he would like a taste. My pussy sure could use a good licking just the way you do it.

During our small talk I found out that he had just turned 18 a week ago. Doesn't that open some possibilities!! He also asked what I write in letters because he always had trouble knowing what to put in a letter, say to a girl friend. Knowing that he had read part of this letter, I just told him that I just write about the things I have done or what I plan to do, and hope that they are interesting to you. I then said that lots of things go on, and happen every day that you don't expect. Life is full of surprises. "You never know what you will see tomorrow," I said with a wink. Then I walked back to the table and said I must finish this letter to you. As he left he looked back one more time and I spread my legs wide to give him one last look at my bare pussy.

Tomorrow I think I will lie on the couch with my vibrator, fucking my hot cunt. I will leave the door open so that when he drops the paper of he will see what I am doing. He will also get to see my tits as well. I will pretend I don't hear or see him. I wonder how long he will watch.

Any way dear I must go now. Wish you were here to see this. When you get home I will do any thing you want. Write and let me know so I can dress properly. Hot for your cock as always.

Love, Sue

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