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Tennis Lust
by NRX

After filling our first fantasy, Ann and I were eager to go on to the next one. Sex in a public place. We knew we had to be very careful with this one, since we were risking jail time if we were caught. There were tennis courts at the park in town, and at night there were very few people playing, if at all. We picked a weekday night for our adventure. It was early September, and all the kids were in school, and were doing homework (hopefully). We dressed for the occasion, Ann in a very tight tennis outfit that left very little to the imagination. The only things she left out were the spandex shorts; she went without any underwear at all.

I was in the usually T-shirt and shorts, but I wore boxers instead of the usual bikini briefs, just in case we really did play tennis. We arrived at the park a little before dark, and there were still a few people on the courts, finishing up. We put our rackets and balls down on the furthest court. Every chance she got, she flashed her wonderful pussy to me. She would drop a ball on purpose just so she could give me a great view. I couldn't believe how nasty she was getting, but I loved every minute of it. After 15 minutes I was walking around the tennis court with a raging erection, for all to see. We started hitting a little bit, just so we could blend in, but we were getting really anxious. The last few players finally left, and we were all alone. Ann dropped her racket and sauntered toward me, slowly lifting her skirt above her hips.

When she reached me ripped down my shorts and boxers, letting my hard cock spring out. She took it in her mouth like she needed it to live. She took my entire length into her mouth and sucked until I was on the brink of orgasm. She knew me well enough to stop there, and begged me to fuck her. I needed no other encouragement. I made her lean toward the fence, facing it, and plunged into her from the backside. I pumped her hard and fast thinking some local kids would soon spot us. Ann was shaking the fence and trying to suppress the scream that wanted to leave her lungs. The sounds instead were more like grunting. After several moments of incredible fucking, I felt my balls twitch and I knew I couldn't hold out anymore.

I announced the impending flood of cum, and she told me to just to let go. We came almost at the same time, and I filled her with several loads of my best stuff. We were panting heavily from our activities, but I still wasn't satisfied. I could feel my cock rising after a few moments, and while Ann was catching her breath, I stuck two fingers in her pussy. She yelped at this sudden intrusion, but was soon moaning in rhythm with my fingers. However, I had ulterior motives. I took out my fingers, which were dripping with her juices, and told her to get on all four. She saw that I meant business, and immediately dropped to the ground. I used my wet fingers to probe her anus. I got it nice and wet before I put one of my fingers in. She wasn't prepared and howled in pain, but I kept working my finger slowly, in and out. After several minutes, she calmed down, and started to enjoy the attention. I had never fucked her ass before; I had always thought it a little disgusting, but I was so caught up in the moment, that I just had to have that ass. I then inserted a second finger, and a third, and she was pushing her ass against my hand, wanting more. I took out my fingers, and put the head of my cock right up against her pucker. She pushed against me, and I started to enter her. It was slow at first, but I was soon in up to my balls. I reached below and stuff two fingers in her pussy and started to alternate thrusts, first in her ass, and then her pussy.

I couldn't count how many orgasms she had from that stimulation, but I kept on going. The feeling of my cock in her ass, was the most incredible I had ever felt. It was so tight, it was almost like a stranglehold. I'm sure that someone could hear the noises we were making. I didn't care. I could feel the cum building, and I started to moan. She heard he, and she came again until I couldn't hold on, I grabbed her hips and thrust into her as hard as I could, driving my cum as far up into her as possible. After I was finished, I collapsed on top of her. We were both utterly exhausted. I rolled onto the ground next to her, and she leaned over and kissed me, thanking me for such a wonderful evening. We slowly got up, our legs still a little rubbery, gathered our stuff, and went to the car. As she walked I could see my cum running down her leg. I was a sight to behold. We went home, and continued our love-making until early morning. This was by far the most fun we had.

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