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The Life of an Erotic Writer Part One
by Life101

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

"'Thank god' I thought as the car pulled out of the driveway, finally, my parents trust me enough. Perhaps I should explain myself, I am Matt, a teen and going to High School, and for the first time ever, my parents have decided that I am old enough to take care of the house and my younger sister, Elizabeth. They aren't just going out for dinner, they are gone for the entire week. I have so many plans for just this occasion. First thing... I will be searching through the house for my dad's porno, I know he has some, I have on more then one occasion got up to get a snack and found him on the couch watching some big stud giving it to some chick. Then, I will be having parties, lots of them, co-ed. Well, it'll be me and a bunch of girls that I invite, we will be playing spin the bottle. And I think I can convince some to play doctor, I might get to touch my first ever naked girl, just the thought of it gives me a raging erection. Yeah, I know, I should have at least done it once, definitely should have touched one, and it's not that I am ugly or anything. I'm 5'12, with blond hair, and great (I'm told) brown eyes. It's just that my parents have been over protective, and I haven't even had the chance. When I was about to kiss my first girlfriend as I dropped her off at her house, my mom drove by and dragged me away, ever since that it has been next to impossible for me to get a girlfriend. After this weekend though...

The only thing that can ruin my plans, at least as far as I can see, is my sister. We have had one of those sibling rivalry things going on from the very first day she could speak. She was the one who blabbed to my parents that I had started smoking, I was grounded for a month. The most annoying thing about her though, is that my parents let her do whatever she wants, I remember looking out the window as her boyfriend dropped her off, and started kissing her, tongue and everything... When he started to feel her up I got so upset I walked out to the porch to 'get some air.' You should have seen the look on their faces. I don't even understand why that guy would have wanted to feel her... I mean, she isn't that bad looking, but her body is basically nothing, her boobs are only just starting to develop which I know not from seeing them, like most brothers, but by seeing her bra size.

I felt a slap on the back of my head,

'When am I going to get some lunch around her?'

'Speak of the Devil' I muttered to myself, and marched back into the house. She, of course, heard me.

'You're right, I am, and you best not forget it.' She seemed to stop and think for a second, then she looked me straight in the eyes and said

'And stop thinking of looking for dad's porn.'

'What?' I exclaimed, wondering how she knew, she pointed down and smirked

'It's fairly obvious.' I figured I would have to get her out of the house somehow this weekend, she's even worse now that mom and dad are gone.

'Go watch TV or something, I'll make Krap Dinner for lunch.' She skipped up the stairs to her room as I walked into the kitchen... 'Damn her' I thought to myself as I looked down to see if it was really that obvious... it was. I figured I would find some way to get her back, but later. I put the water on for the mac & cheese, and went turned on the TV.

'He's such an obvious fool... this is going to be a fun weekend,' I thought to myself as I ran up the stairs, 'I wonder if he has any idea what I plan to do.' I got to my room and got out the magazine with that dumb article about the 'day in the life of a pair of boy's boxers.' I lied down, and started reading, wondering if they really did pop boners so often through the day, I know that my boyfriend does, I could feel it with every hug... Surprisingly we have hardly done a thing, he hasn't even seen me naked, he always acts so big and macho, and feels me up constantly, but whenever I make a move to take of my shirt, or take off his, he backs off, frightened. What a wimp, but at least he kisses good. At the thought of his kisses I start to get wet... well, if he won't, then I will... I start to undress, but then I get a shot of inspiration, shower! I call out to my bro, 'Hey, don't use the water, I'm taking a shower.' I get out of bed and rush to the bathroom next door, I almost jump out of my clothes, and pop in the shower... I immediately start to play with my boobs, circling my nipples playfully, after I short time I get the shower handle, and get it in position. I moan quietly as the water hits me and I start tweaking my nipples, I start to think of Matt downstairs, and I pull out my secret weapon... Mother's dildo, and start to push it in. Not that much longer I was done and cleaned up, happy with my little bit of fun, and not wanting to get tired out for tonight... tonight was when I was going to put my plan into effect.

I have had this plan for a while now, 3 months to be exact, after peaking into the creak of my brothers room and seeing him playing with himself... he was BIG, bigger even that dad, who I saw stepping out of the shower. Those were the two nights I had the biggest orgasms of my life... a shout interrupted my flashback-sequence..

'Hey, it's time for lunch.' Well, time to start buttering up. Halfway through the bowl of Krap Dinner I looked at my brother and said 'I'm sorry.' I figured confusing him is a good way to start, and it worked. He looked at me oddly and asked

'For what?'

'For everything... I mean, mom and dad are going to be gone for the week, I think it's a good time for me to get on your good side, I mean, I really do love you. You're my brother, what else can I say' This really caught him off guard, I could see him fumbling for a response.

'Yeah... yeah sis, I understand, it's ok really.' He took the bait...

I prepared him as much as I could till, and through dinner, leaning over just right. Showing just a little bit, but I don't think he even bothered looking, hadn't thought of me in that way before. A few glances wasn't going to change all that, but just wait till tonight.

Holy shit, again... and this time I can almost see to her nipples, oh my god... No, I stopped myself just in time, getting a hard-on from my sister, that would just be insane, no... That would be incest, I'm almost getting to think that she is doing it on purpose, but that is just impossible, well, it's time to stop it anyway it's her bed time. 'Liz, get on off to bed, it's time to sleep.'

'Ok' she said, and sounded chipper has she hopped of to her room, maybe she was serious when she said she was sorry. Well, best not to dwell on that now, I got searching to do. I went off to the attic thinking that is where dad would probably keep the stuff. I was right too, a box full of them, not cardboard like you would have expected, but wooden, I put aside the magazine's for now, hoping to get at the video's first. I was disappointed as I got to the bottom and found only three, 'Assaconda,' 'Romancing the Bone,' and 'Fuck-Fest 99.' As I was picking up the last of them, I dropped it, and it hit the bottom... with a hollow sound. This got my attention, there must be a secret compartment!

I searched around for 15 minutes, looking for some way to get into it, and finally I found a way, and jackpot, 5 more video's, all unmarked, I picked the first of them and ran down to push it into the machine. I rewind it to the beginning, so as to add to the suspense, and to give me more to watch. I hold my breath, and press play... I see this hot chick... She seems to be going to this house... She knocks on the door, and this friendly looking couple opens.

'Hi, I'm Sandy, the babysitter.' Oh, I think to myself, she's going to have her boyfriend over, I know this story line. I felt proud when the first thing she did in the house was to call her boyfriend and tell him to come over. She then went to see the kids... Twins, one male, one female, both young. The boy has an obvious hard-on looking at the babysitter's boobs.

'Boy are you two ever cute.' The scene fades to when her boyfriend is there, it is night, and they are on the couch going at it like mad. This is what I like, I think to myself... fuck her good. Then a sound comes to disturb them, the little girl has come downstairs for a drink... I was getting confused... what is she doing there? 'Come here the babysitters boyfriend calls out, while the babysitter sucked on his cock, gently, so as not to make him cum at once.

'Have you ever seen a cock little girl?' he asks politely, she shakes her head,

'Do you like it?' She nods her head.

'Now that you've seen me, can I see you?' he doesn't wait for an answer, and pushes down the girls pj's. Holy shit I think to myself, and stop the tape. What was that? I quickly put the tape away and went to bed, leaving his hard-on unfulfilled and wanting some attention.

I am kissing her, on the lips, full tongue action. I don't remember getting here, or who this is, but I am going along with it... I feel for breasts through a shirt, and I realize that there is no shirt, we are naked. I can feel the breasts, they are fairly small, but I don't care, I start playing with the harden nipples, pinching, pulling, tweaking. The mouth moves away from mine, and works its way down my body, tongue flickering in, and out, and in, and out. Shudders of excitement, of expectation, fill me as she gets closer and closer to her goal. I don't care anymore who it is... or so I think... She licks my cock and I almost burst, but then she looks up... It's my sister, 'Bro?'

'Argh!!!!!!!!' I wake up from the dream it a hot sweat, and see my sister standing over my bed.

'Bro? Is it ok if I sleep with you tonight? I...' she looks nervous, embarrassed almost. 'had a bad dream.' I have to think about it for a while, then I notice what she is wearing... She is just in Bra and Panties, they aren't a fancy lace or anything, but still...

'Sure' I say, hoping that she won't end up noticing my raging hard on. She climbs into bed, and then I notice something, something bad. The dream I had, was a wet dream, and that one lick pushed me over the edge... I had cummed... My sister then rolled against me to cuddle, I guess... she must have forgotten her teddy bear. She quickly rolled back.

'Matt... you're wet!' I try to think of a way to explain it to her.

'You see Liz... sometimes, when males dream... we have wet dreams... and we get excited... and we sorta... leak.' She cuts me off fairly quickly.

'Matt, I know perfectly well what a wet dream is, as well as a cock, and an erection, and cum. Remember, it is you who our parents keep from going out. What I was curious about though, is who you were dreaming about.' I stammered, I knew my sister was more active then me... but I had no idea how much more active.

'Well... umm... errr...'

'Do I know her?'

'Well... umm... errr...'

'Matt! You don't mean to tell me... that it was me do you?'

'Well... umm... errr... yeah...'

'I'm flattered. So, what was I doing to you?' I was completely flabbergasted.

'Well, we were kissing, and you... well... just before you came in, you had licked my cock.'

'Wow, I had no idea you felt like that.' She rolled back next to me. 'That's ok, I don't mind...' and with that she gently placed her hand on my cock. 'I sorta like it.'

I got to touch it! My heart was beating a mile a minute, here I was, rolled up against my brother, almost naked my hand on his dick. No, wait, I thought to myself... it isn't there yet. I moved to unbutton his pajama buttons, and his dick popped out. I quickly moved my head down to give it a lick before going back up to face him again. The cum was amazing, it tasted so good, salty... I still had some in my mouth,

'Want some?' He finally unfroze, and brought my head in for a kiss, his tongue was so powerful, I loved how it just stayed in there, filling my mouth. I gave a small moan of pleasure as he moved his hand up to my breasts. He went to undo the straps and fiddled around for almost five minutes before giving up. I laughed at him and swung a leg over so I could sit, pushing my wet cunt against his hard on. I then moved up slowly, and just before my cunt reached his mouth I told him to work on my panties.


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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