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The Letter Pt. II

Dear Brad,

I know I only wrote yesterday, but I was so excited to tell you what happened today that I could not wait. As I said in my letter that I wanted the paperboy to see me fuck my self with the vibrator. Well, I could not stop thinking about it all night, wondering how I would get him to come to the front door so that he would catch me on the couch masturbating. I was sure he would be willing to watch after yesterday's little show that I put on for him. His cock is most likely still hard as a rock.

When I got up this morning I went out and put a sign up on the steps to the deck saying wet paint please use the front door. As you well know you can see all of the couch from the front door even if it is only slightly open. Also the lilac bush serves as a screen from the street so that he would be able to watch for awhile with out being obvious to people passing by. Next I setup our video camera just behind the door so that I could tape how I looked for you to see when you get home. You would get a view almost the same as he would. I put on a dress that buttons up the front and nothing else. Then I got my vibrator and that big dildo shaped like a huge cock out and had it ready to use on the coffee table. My pussy was just dripping by this time in anticipation of his eyes feasting on me. I tried several positions to see which would be best for him.

Things turned out better that I had imagined! First of all he had brought a friend. Second the video camera picked up their comments as they watched, so when I played it back to see how it turned out I could hear every thing they were saying. Their comments are great. You will love this hot video when you get home.

My pussy was so wet while waiting for him to deliver the paper. I had trouble not making myself cum several times while I waited. I knew his cock would be hard as soon as he saw my swollen pussy lips glistening with my hot juices. My hart skipped a beat when I saw him and his friend coming up the driveway. I hurried to the couch and picked up a book pretending to read. I had unbuttoned the top of my dress so that I could expose my tits and play with my hard nipples. They would not be able to see my hot swollen cunt yet. As soon as I could see the two of them looking through the door, I had left open just enough to give a good view, I wanted to spread my legs wide. I held off though and just played with my tits and nipples for awhile. I then put one leg up on the coffee table letting them get their first view of my wet and swollen pussy. Holding my book in one hand pretending to read, I reached out and picked up the vibrator and started to suck it like a hard cock. I then moved it to my nipples and finally down to my exposed cunt. As I teased my swollen pussy lips I closed my eyes and put the book down. Spreading my legs further I opened my eyes just enough so that they were just slits. I wanted the boys to think I still had my eyes shut while I watched them looking through the door.

I could tell they were getting hornier by the minute. They were rubbing their hard cocks through their pants as they watched me slide the vibrator into my hot pussy. Soon I removed the vibrator and started to lick my own juices off it and suck it like I would your hard cock. While I licked my hot pussy juice off, I grabbed the large cock shaped dildo and started to pump it in and out of my hot exposed cunt. In no time at all I was cumming. Their eyes were glued to my spread legs as they watched the large dildo stretch my pussy lips, allowing the large rubber cock to slip easily into my slick love hole.

My mind was going a million miles a minute as I started to cum. The thought of them watching me, you watching me, you fucking me, one of them fucking me while I sucked the others hard cock, you watching them fucking me, then licking my soaked pussy clean. I can't remember all of the visions I had while Cummins. There were too many.

I have to finish this letter off so I can go masturbate again. I get sooo! horny when I think of much you will enjoy the video when you get home. I need that large hard cock of your in my hot wet pussy. Please write soon.

Love, Sue

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