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Time Loop Pt. III
by Carl East

Jake sat at his desk wondering how he could have made such a stupid mistake. He was in the third day of travelling backwards in time, a day that was full of wonderful things. He had fucked his secretary twice, and an office junior once, and knew that his next day would force him back to this one. It had all started when he witnessed a horrendous accident, with which, he, was an integral part. But how to stop it, which is what he pondered, when his secretary entered the room. He knew the routine; she would bend down and place some files in the bottom draw of his cabinet, he would then get a glimpse of her panties. But he wasn't going to play that game today, he had to think of how to stop this from happening. He'd already tried to stop the tanker driver twice, and failed both times. Then he stood up quickly.

"That's it, I'll stop myself from interfering!" He said.

He sat back down trying to remember the exact time; he'd tried to stop the accident the first time round. If he could stop his alternate self from causing the accident in the first place, then it would surely mean that time would return to normal. Then he remembered that his first realisation of these events was being behind the tanker and seeing a fireball. So, how could he have seen himself up in front, this was surely a paradox, and one he couldn't wrap his head around. It was starting to become all to complicated, so he concentrated on stopping his alternate self, and taking it from there.

His secretary came back into the room at that point, asking if she could go to dinner. Jake said yes, then decided to do some work, in order to pass the time, (no pun intended) he proceeded to go one floor up. The typing pool was as busy as ever, he crossed the room to start copying some letters that needed to be sent out. As he worked the Xerox machine he was approached by two of the typists. They both smelled wonderful, and were both very cute young girls.

"Excuse me sir, but could you help us get the A4 paper down from the storage room, it's too heavy for us?" One of them said, standing closer than she need to.

Jake of course agreed, and left the machine to follow them. Once in the storage room, he saw the problem, the only A4 paper available was on the top shelf, and could cause a serious accident if not taken down with care. The girls got on either side of him to help lower the box, and he couldn't help commenting on their perfume.

"You both smell very nice, what is that?" He said, his nostrils flaring.

"It's something called, demure!" They said together.

They got the box onto the side shelf, but seemed to be very close, closer than was necessary. He started to think he was being played here, and wanted to act, but if he was reading it wrong this could be trouble. Then he noticed a small gold chain around one of the girl's necks, which gave him an opening.

"That's a nice necklace." He said, reaching over and deliberately touching her neck gently as he held it up.

She was very close at this point, and looked into her eyes, suddenly she kissed him. Then the other one joined in, by running her hand over his chest, and down to his crutch. She skillfully unzipped his fly, and then pulling his trousers down she got to her knees and proceeded to suck him off. The other one was still kissing him, but removing her top to reveal a very full and voluptuous bust. Jake put his hands around the back to unclasp the bra, her breasts springing to life once done. He looked down to see his cock being serviced in a very professional way, making him moan with pleasure.

The other young lady was now removing her skirt, and taking his hand, she guided it to her wet pussy. He kissed her hard, inserting a couple of fingers into her womb. His cock was so hard as the mouth around it engulfed it all, he could feel it going partly down her throat. His fingers must have been doing something right, for the other girls groans were becoming very audible. This turned him on, which in turn made it hard not to cum too quickly. His cock started to jerk, and then the first spurt of his seed hit the inside of her mouth. Making her gag for the first time, but she soon got it back under control, lapping up his juices. He stopped kissing the other one as she whispered, 'fuck me,' he had no reason to say no. Pulling her over to the side he bent her over and placed his cock at the entrance, she opened her legs ready to receive it. He pushed feeling it slide past her moist lips, then slowly slid it in until his thigh stopped him from going any further. He turned to see the other one removing all her clothes; she too had a very nice body. She stood next to him placing her hand around his neck to draw him in for a kiss. He probed her cunt, fumbling for her opening. Then his finger was in; he started to work it. But she wanted that pleasure, and proceeded to rock back and forth holding his hand steady has she rode his finger. His cock now going faster, he looked down to watch its disappearance, then started to fuck in earnest moving more rapidly, until she was crying out that she was coming.

"Me next." Whispered the other one.

His cock once again starting to spew forth a deluge of semen, he threw his head back enjoying the moment. He waited until he had stopped coming, then before his cock could rest he pulled it out, and turned around ready for dessert. She stood on a small box that turned out to be just the right height, For he only had to bend his knees slightly then push, and he was in. She did most of the work, as before with his finger, she started to ride his cock, the position being ideal. The other one must have had enough, for she was getting redressed. Jake placed his hands on the little minx in front of him, her nipples fully erect, thinking how well she was performing. He was hardly doing any of the work as she continued to ride his meat; his cock feeling every last inch of her tight little pussy. She started to go faster, making it painfully obvious that she was about to have an orgasm. Her cries of, 'I'm going to cum,' giving it away. Jake beat her to it, his seed hitting her deeply as she worked it in, then she came, flinging her arms around his neck, then slowing down. They got dressed and left, making Jake think how lucky he had been. Then he remembered the events that this would all lead too.

The next day he raced down the road, seeing his other self-trying to catch up with the tanker. He reached for the glove compartment, bringing out his mobile phone, then he dialed his own number, not sure wehther this would work.

"Hello, is this important, I have some serious business to attend to?" Came the answer.

"Jake, it's Jake here your alternate self, break off the pursuit, it's vitally important that you do so." He said, hoping that he would listen.

Looking up he spotted his other self behind the tanker, which meant there were now, three of them all on the same road. Then the one that had received his call slowed down, pulling in behind his other self. The tanker past the explosion point, and carried on down the road. As the first of the three cars approached the point where they had spotted the fireball, all three cars seemed to merge. Alone in a single Porsche, he laughed out loud, feeling great for making everything right with the world.

He had done it, the catastrophe had been averted, and he smiled thinking to himself, how he knew that four certain young women were going to get the fucking of their lives. He left the road at the next exit, and drove home, knowing that he could never tell anybody what had just happened.

The End


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