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The Letter Pt. IV

Dear Brad,

I got your letter yesterday, so you want me to fuck the two of them. That sounds like a lot of fun. I would rather tease them a little bit more before I do. Maybe if I tease enough they will become bolder. They are so shy now. I get so wet when they look at me wearing skimpy clothes. Besides , I love to tease. My pussy gets sooo wet and hot when I do. You know how I love to make other men's cocks hard by letting them get a glimpse of my naked pussy.

Yesterday I decided to wash the car and timed it so that I might be able to get our paperboy John to help me. It didn't take long when he saw what I was wearing. I had on a white cotton top, no bra, that would let him see my tits when bending over. I also wore a pair of white cotton short shorts. No panties. They fit so tight that you could see the outline of my cunt through them. I knew that once my outfit got wet it would become transparent. I already had a wet spot where the material was wedged between my swollen pussy lips when he arrived with the paper. As I saw him coming up the driveway I came out with a bucket and sponge. Care to give me a hand washing the car I asked. Sure he replied as his eyes went straight to my crotch.

"I have to deliver two more papers first though and I be right back".

When he arrived back I already had the car sprayed to wet it down and was washing the back window. I made sure I was leaning against the corner of the trunk pressing my pussy against it. The pressure I was applying to my hot pussy felt good. I also knew that my shorts would be transparent in just the right spot from the water on the trunk. His eyes almost popped out of their sockets when I turned around. I then bent over to get him a sponge, giving him a clear view of my tits. He couldn't take his eyes of me the whole time we were washing the car. Of course my outfit kept getting wetter. From John accidentally spraying the car in my direction. Eventually it was almost like I had nothing on. John had a huge bulge in his pants the whole time. God I wanted to suck his hard cock, right there.

When we were done I made a comment on how see through my clothes were, then invited him in to have a cold drink while I changed into something dryer.

"I bet you would like me to leave this on. Do you like what you see?" I said as I poured John a glass of pop. He just shook his head in response, eyes wide as he took in the view.

I then had him sit in the living room while I went to change. I made sure that he could see our bedroom door from where he was sitting, knowing he would be able to see my reflection in our bedroom mirror if I left the door open a little bit.

My hot pussy was twitching in anticipation of what he was about to see me do while changing.

First I stood in front of the mirror so that I could look at how I looked through his eyes. My nipples were clearly visible and hard, but my pussy was something else. It was so swollen, and with the shorts wedged between my pussy lips you could see every little detail. I then reached down rubbing my cunt and I could feel how slick my hot juices were between my legs compared to the dampness of the water elsewhere.

I was cumming with in seconds realizing how horny he must be from watching me masturbate.

I slowly striped out of my wet clothing letting John get a good look at my now totally naked body. I turned this way and that before I reached for a nice short skirt and a cropped off T-shirt. I could see his reflection in the mirror, so I knew he was watching as I pulled the skirt up over my hips. He knew that I didn't bother with panties.

I was so hot and horny that all I could think about was how I was going to get him to show me his hard cock. I wanted to watch him jerk off. See him cum all over the place as I masturbated in front of him. Finally I decided to be blunt with him.

I came out of the bedroom, looked at him and said " If your as horny as I am after seeing me in those wet clothes your cock must be some hard. Why don't you take it out so I can see it, after all you had a pretty good view of my wet pussy."

I then sat across from him and spread my legs.

"Look how wet my cunt is. Come on jerk that hard cock of your for me."

His mouth dropped open. He was speechless as he stared at the view before him. I began to edge him on some more as I inserted a finger into to my steaming hole.

"You've watched me before haven't you, now it my turn," I said to him. "I bet you have a real nice cock."

"Yes," he stammered.

His hands were shaking as he tried to open his pants. I stood up and walked over to him asking if he needed some help. I then squatted before him and reached for the huge bulge in his pants. As soon as I touched the bulge he stiffened. I then felt a wet spot on his pants. He came as soon as I touched him.

"I gotta go," he said as he rose and exited out the front door.

Poor John was so embarrassed about cumming so quickly. Maybe I can get him to masturbate for me tomorrow. I do want to see his cock all nice and hard. Maybe I'll suck it for him. I'd love to have him cum in my mouth. I will certainly write you and tell you all the hot details.

Love, Sue


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