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The Lady of Dark Desires
by OLord ErosO

All around her people where intertwined in various sexual positions. Men and women, women and women, men and men as well as small and large groups engaged in sexual perversion and lust. All this she watched from her dark throne of blood red silk and black marble skulls. Her bright green eyes sparkled at the masses of flesh before her performing for her every whim. Her long black hair hung down around her slim waist, the tips the color of blood. Skin that looked carved from white marble seemed to glow slightly in the twilight gloom. She was dressed in black and red leather adorned in silver. Her large, hard nipples protruded through the holes cut out of the material and her shaved crotch was clearly visible to all. The outfit showed more of her then it covered. She was the ruler of this domain, she was the Lady of Dark Desires.

In this dark realm her every whim was reality. Men and women worshipped her and fought for her attention. All of them would perform any demeaning act of perversion or pleasure for or to her. Off to her left a woman was being serviced by three men, one had his cock in her mouth, one in her cunt and the third in her ass. All three were watching her to see if she approved of their sexual act. She found the show mildly interesting. She had seen it all before. For longer than she could remember she had brought lust and carnal pleasures to mankind. She received her pleasure from others. She "fed" on the emotions that were released by humanity when they where consumed by raw lust and carnal knowledge. Domination, submission, Sado-Masochism any and all forms of sexual pleasure were hers to control. Yet, she felt unsatisfied of late. Something was missing from her and she grew frustrated at being unable to deduce what it could be.

Feeling the need to cause pain for pleasure she slowly stood up. Her large breasts thrust out before her. All around her the withering mass of bodies stopped and looked longingly at her. Lusting for her touch. Reaching down she picked up her long black whip and walked down to the closet group of bodies. With each step she took she cracked the dark whip sending moans through the crowed. Many offered their bodies to her, to whip them and make them her own. One male threw himself at her falling at her feet begging to be abused by her. She used the tip of her thigh high leather boots and lifted the mans chin looking him in the eye and found him unworthy of her touch. Kicking him to the side she continued farther into the mass of bodies that parted for her.

She stopped in front of a large breasted woman who was rubbing her hands over her pussy as she smiled wantonly at her. Ah, she thought. Might as well start somewhere and with someone. With a flick of her wrist she pulled the whip back and quickly brought it forward. The whip came to a jerking halt before the tip could caress the woman's flesh. Turning she wanted to see what it could have caught on. She was stunned to see that someone had stopped the whip.

Before her stood something from her wildest fantasies. A man or angel perhaps was holding the end of her whip in his hand. He was well over six and a half feet tall. His skin was ashen gray and his hair was long and black as the night. His eyes where glowing blue and a pair of dark gray wings protruded from his shoulders. He was completely nude and his enormous cock hung limp between his thighs.

She felt herself getting aroused and she grew wet as she gazed upon the winged being before her. Never had she seen anything like him before. She could feel his lust emitting from him in waves hitting her body like a hammer. With a quick tug he pulled the whip from her hand and grabbed the handle in his free hand. The Lady watched him as did all around them.

With a flick of his wrist the dark angel caused the whip to wrap around her waist and slowly pull her closer to him. Her hands held on to the whip feeling the tension in it. She was unable to speak or take any action against him. When she was inches from him he released the whip and let it fall to the ground. Never had she felt so humbled by someone, never had she been humbled by anyone. Till now.

He stepped up to her, she could feel the heat from his body. Reaching up he grabbed some of her hair and clutched it tightly causing her to step closer to him. She felt herself cum from his very touch.

As her breasts touched his body they tingled and grew hot. The warmth spread through her body and she felt herself orgasm. At the same time she felt his semi-flaccid cock grow harder and bump against her leg. She had to force herself to look away from his hypnotic eyes and looked down and watched as his cock became engorged and grew stiff and erect. Slowly she reached down and her fingers and slowly stroked it. She let out a gasp as it seemed to rise up to meet her. Moving his hand to the back of her head he pulled her to him and he kissed her hard on her blood red lips. When their lips met every nerve in her body exploded in sexual excitement. She felt his tongue slide into her mouth intertwining with hers. He kept one hand in her hair and felt the other slowly running down her back sending a line of fire in its wake.

Suddenly he released her and stepped away from her. She felt a wave of anger hit her. She did not like to be teased or played with. Before she could respond he slowly opened his arms wide before her and smiled. She stood for a few seconds looking at him, not understanding what it was he meant. Then it dawned on her. Smiling she started to remove her clothing. Slowly, sensually she removed her barley there clothing. She pulled the top down over her large breasts allowing them to bounce freely. Slowly, seductively, she slides the outfit over her hips, her thighs then finally stepped out of the small pile. She stood before him in her pale skin and felt her self grow flush with excitement.

She saw that his cock had grown to its full potential and she was immensely impressed. She wanted to taste it, to worship it, to feel it in every part of her.

The Dark Angel moved towards her and again his lips found hers. He kissed her hard, his tongue probing her mouth. Slowly he kissed down her chin to her neck. He licked and kissed her throat bring goose bumps to her skin. Her hands moved to his hair and she locked her fingers in the thick, dark strands. Slowly he kissed down to her breasts and nipples. As his mouth closed around her large nipple she moaned loudly letting her head drop on top of his. She felt his teeth biting and nipping at them and clutched his hair more tightly. Suddenly she felt a tingle of electricity running up her legs into her pussy. Looking down she saw the tips of his wings caressing her ankles, running up her calves to her thighs. The wings where as another set of hands running a crossed her body.

It took all her strength to pull his mouth from her breasts. He looked at her in confusion. Smiling she kissed him hard on the lips then began to kiss down his body. She kissed along his face and neck. Her hands stroked his hard chest and pulled on his nipples. Slowly she kissed down his chest to his stomach and finally to his erect cock. Looking up she saw him smiling down at her as she wrapped her hand around the swollen shaft. She ran her tongue across her full lips and the tip of her tongue flicked out and touched the tip of his head. She felt him stiffen and a few drops of pre-cum oozed out of its head. She lapped it up and felt her tongue explode in sensation from its taste. She placed the head of his cock to her lips and slowly let it slide into her mouth.

Above her he watched as his cock was disappearing between her lips. Her tongue swirled around it, bathing it. Her mouth had become a seal around him and she was draining him of his soul.

As she sucked his cock her hands stroked his balls gently. She felt them move and respond to her touch. His massive cock filled her mouth wide and full. She licked parts of it as well as his balls. Taking it in her mouth she reached around him and placed her hands on his ass and pulled him close to her, allowing her to swallow more of him. Grabbing the shaft at the base she began to lick and suck like a mad woman. His pre-cum dripped freely into her mouth and she could feel it throbbing with power sliding down her throat.

She felt his fingers clutching her hair as he fucked her mouth. Yes, fucked, not made love to but fucked her mouth. This was pure lust, untainted and unclean.

Keeping his hands on her head the dark angel slowly lowered himself down to the ground. The Lady did not release his cock at any time. When he was flat on his back, lying on top of his feathered wings, he began to pull her naked, shaven crotch to his face. When her hairless cunt was positioned above his face he slowly lowered it down onto his stiff tongue. Her whole body shuddered as his tongue encircled her clit and sucked wildly on it. She shoved her cunt down on to his mouth and tongue letting her cum run from her into his mouth. Slowly his tongue slipped deeper into her. Touching her as nothing had ever none before. Both mouths sucked and licked at each body part like a starving man.

As the The Lady and the angel immersed themselves in oral gratification the crowed around them began to mimic their actions. They began to gather in groups of twos and threes and suck and lick at one another. Soon the air was filled with the moans of pleasure.

Had her mouth had not been filled with his cock she would have been screaming out in unbridled lust. His tongue seemed to go into her deepest parts, drinking deeply of her dark wine. She let his cock slip from her mouth and she began to lick and suck on his swollen balls. She felt his tongue sliding out of her and was mildly distressed. Until she felt it at the entrance of her sacred hole. She let her face drop between his thighs as she felt his tongue work its way into her dark hole.

Her arms wrapped around his thighs as she became entranced with the sensation he was sending through her body. Never had she felt this type of passion. Slowly his tongue worked its way deep into her tight ass. His hands keeping her ass-cheeks apart so he could see his tongue working its magic on her.

She raised her head and let out a gasp as she climaxed and felt hot cum dripping from her and pooling on his chest. She started to lick the full length of his shaft, rubbing it all over her face. Shouts and moans filled the air around them.

Lust, want and need took control of her. She wanted his cock inside her, now. Pulling away from his face she swung around and straddled his waist, his hard cock in her hand she positions the head at the entrance of her swollen cunt. She saw he was watching her and she smiled seductively as she began to impale herself on his cock. He watched as the head was swallowed by her, slowly, inch by inch the shaft followed. She was awash in ecstasy as his cock began to fill her, stretching her as never before. Reaching up her began to pull on her nipples, causing them to grow harder.

She began to rise and fall on his hard shaft feeling it sliding inside of her. She had never imagined feeling so sexually pleasured before. Only in her on dark fantasies had this happened to her. She placed her hands on his chest and began to increase her movements, riding him faster and harder. Impaling herself deeper onto him. She wanted to fuck him till he could not walk. Fuck him until she could not fuck any longer. Wave after wave of erotic pleasure erupted through her body as they began to match movements and thrusts. She felt his cock throbbing and growing hotter with each thrust. She wanted to feel him unload his dark seed into her womb.

Suddenly he sat up and wrapped his arms around her causing his cock to slide deeper into her. It felt as if it was growing bigger inside her. He kissed her hard on the lips, then spun her around and quickly mounted her from behind. She was amazed at his speed and strength. She spread her legs and felt him place his cock-head at the entrance to her cunt. With a quick thrust he sank deep into her causing her to scream out in pleasure and pain. She rewarded him by bathing his cock in her hot cum. Grabbing her hips he began to fuck her, hard, deep and fast.

Closing her eyes she lost herself in the heat and passion. He plunged his cock faster and faster into her bringing her climax after climax. She began to scream out wildly yelling obscenities and goading him onward. Behind her he watched as his cock slide in and out of her, glistening with her cum. Faster and faster he plunged deeper into her fiery cunt. Soon he felt his cock begin to throb and grow hotter. The need to release himself into her was drawing close. Reaching down between her legs he cupped his hand and let it fill with her cum. When his hand was running over from the sweet honey he brought it to his mouth and his tongue darted into it tasting it. Smiling he took the creamy, slick liquid and rubbed it on her thrusting ass.

She let out a moan at the touch of his hand at her ass. She felt his finger inter and felt her cum being rubbed inside. She smiled at the thought of what was to come next.

Removing his cum drenched cock from her, he placed it at her dark entrance and slowly pushed it into her tightness. Her body was on fire at the way he touched not only her body, but her soul. She felt his huge cock slowly slide deep into her ass and let out a loud sigh of content. The tips of his wings began to circle around her harden nipples, caressing them. She felt herself loose control and slip into the emotion of the moment. As he fucked her ass she reached underneath and played with herself. Her hand was covered in her orgasmic flood. Faster, deeper and harder he fucked her. She felt herself building up for a huge orgasm and felt his cock begin to throb wildly and grow hotter with each thrust into her. With one hand he grabbed her hair pulling it back. The pain caused her to cum in another rush. His other hand reached around and pulled her large nipples. Never had she felt so complete.

A low growl grew in her throat as she felt herself begin to climax. In response she felt him plunge deep into her and his cock began to unleash its contents into her. Screaming out she felt herself go limp in his hands as she climaxed sending her cum dripping down his and her thighs. His own cum began to seep out of her ass and mix with hers. Their howls filled the sky as they joined body and soul. She felt hot tears rolling down her face as he fell on top of her. His cock still impaled in her. His body was hot and covered in sweat as was hers. He wrapped his arms around her and continued to fill her with his seed. Time passed and he withdrew his semi-hard cock from her and helped her up. Her knees where weak and her body shivered from the intensity of their lust.

She stood looking at the dark angel before her. Cum running down her legs like a river. He smiled at her and unfurled his large, dark wings and flew into the air above her. She stood in the middle of writhing bodies, still feeling his touch on her body and smiled. A small object came floating down toward her. Reaching up she plucked it from the sky and smiled. In her hand she held a large, gray feather. For the first time in untold centuries The Lady of Dark Desires had found hers.

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