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The Laundry Room Pt. IV
by Bryan D.

"Tami, I just wanted to say I'm...WHAT THE FUCK?!?"

The only thing worse than being caught in the act of bizarre sex is to be caught in the act twice in a night. Interestingly, I was approximately in the same position this time as I had been last time, with Candace, a more-or-less absolute stranger on top of me ... this time only semi-conscious.

What had started out a dull Friday night of my roommate and me washing clothes, had turned into a two- three- and now-four-way sex escapade, with what I thought would be the climax of our landlady riding my roommate's enormous cock to oblivion. Except now...

Mrs. Bellker froze, mid-hump. Poor Todd, who had been interrupted the last time as well, groaned, having been robbed of his second orgasm of the evening.

Kenneth Bellker was several years older than his wife, whom I would gauge at 40-ish, although she had beautiful, luscious, huge knockers. Kenneth looked like an older, more-frail and hunched-over version of Patrick Stewart, "Captain Picard" of Star Trek. He was much less dignified than the television and film hero, however, often dressing in shabby brown pants (although "trowsers" would be a more accurate description) and always seemed to have an unlit cigar clenched between his teeth.

Candace, splayed out across my chest, began to stir. She had been the first sexual conquest of Mrs. Bellker tonight, having sucked a bellyful of breast-milk from the landlady's ample tits. For whatever reason, the warm, sweet concoction, combined with an intense finger-bang orgasm all but knocked her out. I wanted to comfort her, but my hands were cuffed to the floor, as were Todd's, across the room. For the first time, I noticed that Candace's bound wrists were free now.

"Tami, I..." Mr. Bellker stopped, mid-sentence, unsure of what to say. "...I..."

"Oh, Kenneth, what the hell do you want? Can't you see I'm fucking a neighbor?"

If I had been wearing pants, I would have spontaneously crapped in them. Since I wasn't, I figured it would be too messy and didn't want to embarrass myself. Candace glanced at the coupling across the room through half-open eyes.

Mr. Bellker took in the whole scene, and then, without a word, strode over to his wife and lifted her off of Todd's ridiculously large cock. I had been his roommate for two years without any prior knowledge of how well-hung he was. Elephants at the zoo would suffer from "Trunk Envy" if they had seen his dong. Todd, a diminutive movie theatre assistant manager, had a penis that looked more like an under-developed third leg.

I paid rapt attention to the scene as it unfolded. I figured, to my horror, that I might witness a brutal beating of my roommate...or worse. If I somehow survived this encounter, I wanted to be sure I could describe the events accurately.

Silently, I thanked heaven that Mrs. Bellker had forced me to eat my cum out of her pussy, eliminating any "evidence" of our sexual encounter.

Kenneth Bellker stood over Todd, shaking his head.

"Lesson time, loverboy," Kenneth rasped. The landlord reached down and unlocked Todd's left hand, flipping him over to his belly in one sure-handed move. Almost as quickly, Bellker secured Todd's hands to the ground with another in-laid handcuff.

Todd tried to get up, but managed only to struggle enough that his ass was high above him. He tried to kick at Bellker with his free legs.

SNAP! Bellker lashed out with his leather belt on Todd's ass Todd yelped in a combination of Anger, fear and pain. It took me a second to realize Bellker had removed the belt from his dumpy brown trowsers.

"Bastard!" Todd, Mr. and Mrs. Bellker and I all said at the same time, for different reasons.

Mrs. Bellker became a flurry of clawed hands, trying to subdue her husband, but he simply planted the palm of his hand into her xyphoid, tumbling her very ungracefully on her plump ass. She landed hard, with a grunt that was a cross somewhere between anger, pain and pleasure.

Bellker wrapped his leather belt around Todd's flailing legs, and secured both of his feet together, leaving my roommate to look like a hog-tied athlete.

With a cock you wouldn't believe.

In a move that I still try to mentally replay in slow-motion, Bellker pulled down his pants, striped boxer shorts and all, slipped some kind of lubricant onto his long, thin cock...

And slid it into Todd's ass, eliciting a second startled, frightened, pissed and pained yelp from my roommate. Bellker began sliding his cock in and out from Todd's ass, moving faster and faster. At first, Todd tried to wriggle free from the trap, but before long, he started to moan.

Things you don't want to find out in single evening about your roommate of two years: One-he pays attention to the details of your sex life. Two-he has a penis the size of a small fuel tanker. Three-he appears to be bi-sexual, or at least doesn't mind being ass-raped.

Mr. Bellker was whipped into a frenzy by now, bucking wildly as he shuddered, continuing to fuck Todd's ass. Todd, in the most frightening position I had ever seen him in, continued to moan and his dick - if possible - seemed to be getting bigger and harder.

Mrs. Bellker took note of this situation as well, and positioned herself under Todd's wobbling member, and enveloped his tool in her mouth. Todd's moaning was punctuated with a loud "OH!"

Candace, finally conscious, reached down to my suddenly rising for the third time tonight cock, and began to gently stroke it. Feeling her warm hand on my cock was like an electric current, running from the head of my member down through my body. And suddenly it stopped.

Candace was crawling across the room to a set of discarded keys. Within moments, she was back, unlocking my handcuffs. My numb hands finally began to feel like they were attached to me again.

Without a word, Candace crawled to the threesome across the room, and buried her tongue into Mrs. Bellker's inviting pussy. She aggressively began to lick, nibble and slurp Mrs. B's ample juices. I can't say I blame her...there was just something about Mrs. Bellker.

I shambled over to the chorus of moans, groans and grunts and was faced with the first dilemma of the evening: Do I drink the heady, sweet and warm milk from Mrs. Bellker's addictive breasts as I had begged for earlier, or do I slide my cock into Candace's beautiful, hot cunt?

I made my decision within a few seconds, and Candace groaned as I entered her cavern for the second time this evening. I began to pump furiously away at her twat, banging my balls into her clitoris in this dog-style position. In turn, she began to furiously lap away at Mrs. Bellker's sweet, tangy pussy. Mrs. Bellker, in turn, began to suck furiously on Todd's cock, causing Todd to moan in ecstasy and tighten his ass around Mr. Bellker's cock.

I can't say this for certain, but I do know that if we didn't all cum together at the exact same time, then the five of us were less than three seconds apart. I blew semen deep into Candace's pussy as we both cried out in ecstasy. Mrs. Bellker emitted a high-pitched wail, followed immediately by Todd's enormous cock pulling free of her mouth and firing an inordinate amount of jism all over the landlady's porcelain face. Mr. Bellker pulled his cock out of Todd's ass, and fired a trail of cum that ran a straight line up my roommate's spine, and even reached his hair.

And then we all collapsed, a heap of spent, twisted, violated and oversexed humanity.

* * * *

It's been three months since that night. Todd and I are still roommates, but now Candace lives with us too. She shares my bed. It's all part of a little arrangement.

The Bellkers offered us that if Candace moved into our unit, so as a group, we only took up one space, they would let us stay there, rent-free. Our only obligation is to participate at least monthly in a five-way orgy, re-enacting that fateful, fuckful night.

The benefits aren't bad. But sometime, let me tell you about our new RECRUITING plan....

The End ... For Now...

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