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The Long Trip Home
by Dave C.

It all started last year when my teenage daughter Bobby and I were returning from a visit with my X in LA. My name is Cris. I am in my late thirties about five foot one, with small hips, brown hair, cut so that it ends at my shoulders, Brown eyes, good boobs 34D and a nice tight ass. Bobby is the typical teenager just starting to bloom, about four foot five with shoulder length brown hair, and brown eyes. I did get a glimpse of my little girl one night as she stepped from the shower, her breasts were just forming with small pink nipples fully formed, her hips were starting to swell to those of a woman and her little pussy was concealed with a small growth.

Back to our trip. We decided to stop at a motel for the night, I found a small one that looked clean and went to register. At the desk were two men one about six three, well built, muscular and good looking with black hair (Big man) the other about five six, stocky with brown hair (Little man). We exchanged a few words and the men left. My daughter and I went to our room and settled in for the night. After about one hour there was a knock on our door, It was big man, he asked if I had any cigarettes, he was out and the desk did not have any. I opened the door and he and his friend stepped into the room and closed the door. Bobby was on the couch watching TV, wrapped in her favorite blue robe. I went across the room to get the smokes. I bent over searching my suitcase for the cigarettes when all of a sudden I felt a hand on my ass. I jumped up and spun around coming full face with big man. You have a nice ass he said. Here is what you wanted, I replied as I handed him the cigarettes. I noticed that small man had closed the window shades and positioned himself at the end of the couch Bobby was sitting on.

What's going on, what do you want I asked. Large man looked down on me, honey I think you know what we want. Now I had not had a good fuck in several months, but being raped was not my idea of good sex. The room was large so Bobby could not hear what was going on between us, I looked over at her and she was still watching TV. He put his hands on my waste and then started to slide them up to my breasts, he was now softly squeezing my breasts, and his hands were large and covered them completely. Please stop, I whispered. This only increased the motion of his hands. I looked over at Bobby she was now starting to notice what was happening. Will you give us what we want he asked, I decided that I had no choice in the matter, but tried to make the best deal I could. Look I said, let me put Bobby in the bathroom, I don't want her to see this. How old is she he asked, I told him. She stays he said, its time she learn about it. His hands never stopped moving over me.

Bobby was looking at us. I did not know what to say to her, she seemed concerned. Bobby, I said, I asked these men here to fuck me. I had told Bobby about the basic facts of life but I did not go into the graphic details. Bobby looked at me and said, do you want me to go into the other room? No dear, I said, maybe it's time that you saw what men and women really do. Bobby thought for a moment and nodded her shy approval. The large man then slid his hands up under my white T-shirt and removed it over my head, he then reached behind and unhooked my bra, my nice firm tits and their pink nipples were now open to him, and he started to suck and rub my nipples. Large mans back was towards Bobby so the total view of his exploration was blocked from her. I looked over and Bobby was watching intently. I then felt a pair of hands on my hips, I had not noticed the small man was missing from the couch. He was now in back of me, he reached around my front and unsnapped my blue and whit checked shorts, slowly he pulled them down to the floor. Large man was still working on my tits. I was starting to get a little excited but did not want to show it.

Small man then hooked his fingers in the top of my blue panties and slowly pulled them to the floor, he then started to rub my firm ass. I looked over at Bobby she had moved over on the couch to get a better view. Large man turned his head and noted Bobby's interest. Now, mama, let's give your little girl a real show.' He unzipped his pants and pulled out a good six inches, he put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down to his cock, it was rock hard and red with the flow of blood. I cradled it in my hands. He placed his hand on the back of my head and forced my lips against his throbbing member. I opened my mouth and took in the head; he pushed harder on the back of my head until the full length of his member was in.

Suck it baby. I started to suck his swollen cock. Slowly, he thrust his hips back and forth, forcing his cock deeper into my mouth until I could feel his ball brushing my chin. He came with a large load of cum, I swallowed most of it but some ran down my chin. I opened my mouth and his limp member slipped from my lips. I looked over again at Bobby. She was on the edge of the couch, trying to get a better view, her blue robe open and exposing her pink baby dolls. I felt another hand on my head it was small man, he presented me with his rock hard cock, it was larger than the other, it looked huge, it must have been eight or nine inches, and was about three inches thick. He placed the head of his cock against my wet lips, I hesitated to open my mouth, he pushed his large cock against my lips, open up he said, I opened my mouth and the large swollen cock started to slide in. I never had a cock this large before but the sight of it entering excited me.

He slowly pushed into my mouth, I let the shaft go down my throat, he moaned. Now I started to suck this large red shaft. Large man was standing in back of me and reaching around working over my tits, the combination of both actions excited me again. He stroked his cock in and out using his hips, I could feel the pressure building in his cock, finally he came and a great flow of cum rolled down my throat. Slowly he pulled out cum was dripping from his magnificent tool and it ran down my face and chin. Large man stopped working my breasts, I looked up and was shocked to see Bobby had come over from the couch and had watched me service this large cock. Bobby's eyes stared at the cock that had just left my lips. She had taken off her robe and was now standing in her baby dolls next to large man. He seemed to ignore her.

Large man pulled me up to a standing position, while small man started to play with my nipples. Large man placed his hand on my stomach and slowly moved it down to my pussy; he placed his fingers on my lips and slowly spread them open. Now I was getting hot - if this was rape it was of the gentlest kind. I opened my legs and his fingers searched my snatch until he found the small piece of my clit. He gently rubbed me as small man continued to take his pleasure at my breasts. My knees started to get weak - I was having a problem standing. Put me on the bed I said. The large man guided me to the king-size bed. He stripped off his jeans and shirt, exposing a firm tan body. The small man also stripped down, giving me a good view of his stocky muscular frame. Small man resumed his work on my breasts.

I felt my legs being parted. I felt a small hand stroking my forehead - it was Bobby she had come onto the bed and was smiling down at me. She seemed to understand the pleasure state I was in. I looked down and saw the large man between my legs. He spread my lips and licked my little pleasure point until I moaned loudly. I could feel my juices starting to flow. He pushed my legs up to allow a better view of his target. I watched as he stroked his good six inches and pointed it at my love hole. With two good thrusts he was inside of me, he filled me good, I tried to make it tight both for his pleasure and mine, he stroked slowly and deeply. In my haze of pleasure I noticed that Bobby had gone down to the foot of the bed to get a better view. She had her left hand inside her top and was rubbing her small breast.

My little girl was getting a better education than I could ever have given her. He increased his stroking, and came with two final hard strokes that sent ripples of pleasure through my whole body. Small man now took his place at my dripping cunt. He licked my little pleasure spot lightly, then increased the pressure on my love point with his tongue until I though I would explode. Finally he sat up and produced that most magnificent member that I had sucked so well. He stroked his cock bring it to full hardness. I watched as it swelled. I felt the pressure of his large member pushing into my love hole. Bobby was still at the foot of the bed, large man now had his hand inside her top and was rubbing those tiny tits, and her eyes were closed with pleasure. The large cock was slowly pushing into me. I could feel my hole being spread wider and wider, deeper and deeper his cock penetrated me. The feeling was driving me wild. I moved my hips to allow all of this magnificent beast to enter. It seemed to take forever for him to complete his entry. Finally he stopped - all of that huge throbbing pleasure piece was in me.

He started to move the beast in and out in short strokes, each one stretching my love hole totally. I was so hot now that I could hardly think. I pushed back hard to each of his gentle thrusts. Down at the foot of the bed the large man was removing Bobby's top exposing her small mounds, her breasts had not developed into a full breast but were more of a round swelling of her chest topped off with lovely pink nipples. For some reason this increased my pleasure, watching the man fondle and kiss my Bobby's tiny tits was adding to my pleasure. Slowly small man increased his stroke. I looked down again to the foot of the bed and saw large man slowly removing Bobby's panties, now I was really hot, the sight of a man undressing my little girl made me horny as hell. Suddenly I felt something soft and moist brush my forehead, it was Bobby's small pussy, and the large man had told her to straddle my face. I looked up and coming down on me was the nicest little snatch, I shoved my tongue between her little lips and found the tiny clit.

I could see the large man holding Bobby in position over me, he was stroking her small nipples and she was totally out of it. Small man continued to stroke me slowly, and I continued to lick my little Bobby's pussy, suddenly the pace of fucking increased, I guess small man was getting a good look at Bobby and was really turned on. After several moments more of pleasure, and three grate strokes of his huge cock he came with the largest flow of cum I ever felt. I was still licking Bobby, she was making small sounds of pleasure. Small man slowly pulled out of me, my legs went flat on the bed. Bobby was in heaven. Bobby was slowly lifted off of me, now I could see my little girl in all her womanhood. Bobby sat up on her knees facing me, I never knew I could feel that good she said. I know honey. Bobby reached down and placed her small finger on my nipple and gently stroked my large hard point, it was an act more of exploration than sex.

Large man came up behind Bobby and placed his large hands on her small mounds stroking her nipples. Your little girl sure likes it he said. I looked at Bobby her eyes were closed; she was back in the pleasure zone. I don't want you guys fucking my little girl I said. That's not what we had in mind large man said. He laid Bobby down next to me and small man spread her legs. I watched as he spread her little lips and proceeded to lick her small clit, Bobby was withering in pleasure. Small man raised his head; this is the best tasting pussy I ever had. I looked over at her heaving body, and started to lick her small nipples, she moaned. Large man then approached her with his cock in hand. No you don't I said. Relax mom he replied.

Bobby he said, she opened her eyes. Would you like some of this? Bobby would you like to feel this, Bobby nodded yes; he approached her and placed his cock in her little hand. My little girl was sure growing up in a hurry. Small man stopped eating Bobby and placed himself next to me on the bed playing with my nipples. Large man now removed his cock from Bobby's hand and asked if she would suck him off, she looked at me, what ever you want baby, I said. Bobby nodded to large man and he slowly brought his cock up to Bobby's lips, she opened her mouth tentatively at first, then as wide as it would open, he slowly pushed the head of his dick into her small mouth, I was getting really hot again. Bobby began to suck the head of his dick slowly at first but then faster as the man encouraged her on.

I leaned over and whispered in her ear, when he goes off just swallow. The large man was using short thrust in her little mouth, never going deeper than the head. Suddenly he moaned. I could see Bobby's throat move. He had gone off and Bobby had taken his entire load. He pulled out of her little mouth, leaving a small stream of cum running down her chin. That was good he said. Small man now moved over to Bobby's side of the bed. What about me, little girl? Bobby looked at the giant cock that was now starting to swell again. You can't expect her to suck that I said. No but she can lick it. Bobby moaned large man was now between her small legs working over her small love point. Bobby stretched out her small hand toward little man and grabbed his huge member; he moved toward her and placed his cock within licking distance.

Bobby's small tong licked the head of this giant until it exploded in a shower of cum covering her face and hair. I was really horny now watching my little girl perform, but I had not gone off yet. Bobby was in a state of ecstasy, I started to rub her small pink nipples again, and small man was fingering my pussy. Large man looked up from between her legs; this is the nicest cherry pussy I ever ate. Bobby opened her eyes and looked over at me, I want to be fucked, she said. The large man raised his head, well mom now what? I was a shocked, then I thought for a moment, most mothers are never anywhere around when their little girls loose it and these men had been gentle with us. Bobby, if that is what you really want its OK with me, but I will have to help you. Bobby smiled, the large man raised his head, well mom tells us what you want. Small man stopped working on me and sat at the foot of the bed, he was looking at my little girl, stroking his large cock.

Not you I said in the direction of little man, I will take care of you. Well that leaves me said large man. OK I said but please let me control this. OK said large man. We moved Bobby into the center of the bed. Small man moved up and was playing with her small nipples. I went down to the foot of the bed with large man; we opened Bobby's small legs. Now I had a good view of my little girls womanhood, her cunt was tiny, a small amount of hair guarding the lips. The large man placed two of his fingers between her small lips and spread them open, she was wet, her small clit shined. I could see that she was a virgin. Finger her I said, the man pushed one of his large fingers then another against the flesh protecting my little girls love hole, the skin parted slowly, the man could now see his target. I pushed Bobby's legs up so that they were bent at the knees, she moaned at the attention being given to her little love spot.

I sucked the large mans cock to increase the moisture. Slowly and only the head I said to him. He nodded to me and placed his cock against the protected pleasure place. The small man continued to stroke her nipples, Large man slowly put pressure against her, slowly the head of his cock entered my little girl, she moaned deeply, the head of his cock was now inside, he started a slow stroking. I moved up to Bobby's face. Honey he's inside now. All she could do was smile and moan. He continued to slowly stroke her with the head of his dick, more. Bobby cried, I looked down at the large man and nodded, he slowly pushed the next two inches into her. Bobby shuddered, he continued to slowly enter my little girl until all but one of his six inches was inside her small cunt, he then started stroking slowly in and out. God this is tight, he continued to stroke as Bobby withered on the bed, he increased his stroke and Bobby climaxed. The large man stroked her a few more times and came, what a fuck, that was the best.

Bobby looked over at me, now you're a full woman I said. Small man now lifted Bobby and placed her on the couch, covering her with her robe, she nodded off to sleep. Well mom now we need to finish you, said large man. Both of them came up to me and played with my nipples, seeing Bobby have her first really made me hot, I was glad that I let her do it. The large man said now for mom, he placed his cock up to my lips and said wet it. I took it in and really sucked hard. Large man told me to get on my hands and knees, this left my tight ass open to him, we moved down to the middle of the bed, with me on all fours, the large man was behind me now, I could feel his big hands spreading my cheeks. Small man laid on his back and move so that his head was under my pussy.

I was facing down the small mans body with a good view of his large cock. I felt the pressure of the mans cock on my ass, slowly he entered me, it felt grate, small man started to lick my clit, now the pleasure was coming in waves as I was being stroked and licked. I grabbed small mans cock and sucked on the head this just increased the licking of my pussy, I shuddered, then came, the man finished his work at my butt and withdrew. Well mom we have to be going I was lying there in a total state of exhaustion as they dressed and left. The next morning Bobby and I slept late, when we did get up Bobby said, about last night mom, yes, well thanks. This made everything all right.
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