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The Long Trip Home Pt. II
by Dave C.

It had been several weeks since bobby and I returned home from our trip. The first week home bobby seemed to be more grown up, she changed her mode of dress ,no longer were blue jeans and a sweat shirt the staples of her wardrobe but now she wanted short skirts, a new bra and silky blouses. I went along with this as long as she did not look like a common tramp. We had not talked much about our little experience in the motel , but several weeks after being home we were watching TV, late on a friday night, bobby was on the floor stretched out in her white baby dolls. She rolled over on her back facing me .

Mom, can we talk. Sure honey. Well I have been thinking, remember what I did in the motel with you and those men. Yes dear, well I was just thinking. My mind raced, I hoped that she was not going to tell her father, maybe she was getting worried about what she lost in the motel. Well mom, shyly she look away, her brown hair falling down on her tan shoulders. can we ever do it again, I mean, it was so good, every day I cant help thinking about it. I breathed a sigh of relief. Bobby what you have to understand is that sort of thing can't happen every day, it was just our good luck to find two men who were so good.

Bobby looked up at me with her soft brown eyes, I understand, but do you think we can do it again? Honey we need to be careful, we need to find someone who will not make trouble for us, understand? Yea, I guess so, as she rolled over on her stomach, her small breasts pushing slightly against her halter top, her nipples were hard, showing as small dark shadows..

Several weeks passed, bobby was asking every few days about our next encounter. Honey please give me some time to find the right person. Don t worry I will find somebody. Several more days passed then it hit me, the Johnsons, they were a father and son from the neighborhood, Bobby had always had a crush on the kid, and the father was not to bad either. Brad Johnson's wife had left him last year. I had talked to her prior to her leaving, she left she said due to her husband's thorniness, it seems that he wanted sex all the time , so they split. Brad was about six two with black hair and blue eyes, solidly built, with large hands. I started to think the more I thought the better it sounded. The next day I found a reason to go to Brads insurance office, he invited me to lunch..

At lunch we exchanged small talk about the kids, Brad showed me pictures of his son Kevin, a tall well built kid with blond hair and blue eyes, he was about five years older than Bobby, he was cute and big for his age. finally Brad asked if I would like to go to dinner, better yet I suggested that he come over to my place for dinner Wednesday night, he accepted . When I arrived home Bobby was waiting. Bobby remember what we talked about last week, I mean about what happened at the motel? Bobby looked at me with a big smile, did you find someone?

Well I am having Brad Johnson over for dinner tomorrow and if things work out maybe, just maybe we could have Brad and Kevin over for a pool party this weekend. Bobby's smile got bigger, you mean Kevin and I could, you know... yes dear, but you must help me set this up. I explained to Bobby what she needed to do. I had never seen her so happy. Wednesday night arrived quickly. I prepared a nice imitate dinner for Brad and I. We had more small talk about work and the kids, finished up with dinner and moved into my entertainment room on the lower level of the house. I like this room because it has no windows, just a black leather couch, two large chairs and a bar. We sat down and I put on some music and fixed a couple drinks. The small talk finally got around to his wife and her lack of sex drive.

I have never had that problem I exclaimed. Brad was getting closer to me on the couch, finally he put his hand on my knee, I let him move his hand from my leg to my crotch, his arm that was around my shoulders had dropped down so his hand was brushing my tits. Finally he grabbed a hand full of my left tit and squeezed. I was getting excited, I could see the bulge in his pants . We continued with some mild petting and kissing. When I sensed the time was right I pulled away slightly. Brad, I have a proposition for you. Brad looked at me, probably thinking another cold fish. What is it ? Well you must promise me that if you don t want what I have to offer you will not repeat it to a living sole. Brad smiled at me. I moved my hand to his crotch, feeling his hard cock through his pants.

I will put it bluntly so their is no misunderstanding. I want you and Kevin to come over Saturday for a pool party with Bobby and me. Brads smile disappeared, he looked disappointed. Let me explain, I want you over here for the party, then I want you and Kevin to fuck the hell out of Bobby and me. Brad had a shocked look, slowly the look changed to a broad smile. Let me get this straight you want us both to fuck you and your daughter. Yes. He thought for a moment, I guess this is an offer we can t turn down. I felt the weight of the world lifted off my shoulders. I thought I had better ask Brad about Kevin. Brad is Kevin, I mean, has he ever, I stammered and Brad anticipated my question, yes Kevin had done it with several girls, he even talked about it with me and had gotten some tips, Brad did not think he would be a problem, in fact he was hornier than his father. I am glad that's settled.

Did you ever meet Bobby. No I don't think so. Let me get her. I went to the stairs and called for Bobby to come down. This was going to be a little preview for Brad which Bobby and I had planned. Bobby slowly descended he stairs, in her white baby dolls, I had told he not to wear any underwear, her light brown hair fell down just touching her small tan shoulders, her brown eyes sparkled as she entered the room. Bobby this is Mr. Johnson. Brads eyes were fixed on my little girl. Bobby's little outfit hid nothing, the sheerness of the fabric only slightly obstructed the view of her budding breasts, and her small patch of pussy hair could be seen through the small shorts, her firm little ass was squeezed into the shorts showing off her firm cheeks.

It's nice to meet you Bobby, my you are a big girl now. Say goodnight now honey. Bobby said her goodnights and slowly walked up the stairs, Brad never took his eyes off of her. Well what do you think, I asked. I think she is a hot little piece. Do you think Kevin will like her? O yes very much. I started to rub Brad's cock again. Well I guess we are all set then right. Brad hesitated. You said we would fuck both of you, right. Right. Does this mean that I can have a little of that, referring to Bobby. Of course you can, but I expect the both of you be gentle with her. Sure, sure said brad as I increased my action on his cock. Well before Brad left I sucked him off to relieve the pressure building in his cock. He wanted to fuck but seemed satisfied to save it for Saturday. I went to Bobbys room after brad left. Well it's all set for Saturday, bobby exploded. Yes, yes, were her only words.

You understand that it will not just be you and Kevin having a good time, what I mean is if Brad wants you. Bobby interrupted, that's OK I understand. The next morning I took Bobby out and we picked out new swim suits for both of us they were a metallic blue one piece cut low in the back, with a strap going around the back of the neck which held up the top. I removed the padded cups from Bobby's suit so that her small nipples showed through the fabric, the suit really showed off her tight little ass, she was looking good. For the remainder of the week it was all Bobby could talk about. Brad and Kevin arrived on Saturday. they changed into their trunks and met us at the pool. brad introduced Bobby to Kevin, the top of Bobby's head only came up to Kevin s chest. Shyly Bobby made it through the introduction, then they both plunged into the pool. Brad and I sat watching them play.

Did you talk to Kevin about today? Yes I told him to take it slow and be a gentleman. Good. Several minute passed as we watched them play. I noticed that as the play progressed Kevin would cop a feel of Bobby's ass or her small tits, bobby seemed to enjoy the attention, I also noticed the bulge in Kevin and Brads trunks. After about an hour I suggested we get something to eat Kevin helped Bobby out of the pool and walked her into the kitchen his hand rubbing her ass as they walked back to the house. They sat down next to each other across from Brad and I. brad ran his hand up my leg as we ate, rubbing the crotch of my suit. Kevin had his hand on Bobby's thigh.

When we finished eating. Brad and Kevin went back to the pool, Bobby helped me clean up in the kitchen. I said he's neat, Kevin I mean. Yes Bobby he is a nice looking boy. When are we going to do it? lets give them another hour or so. I don t know if I can wait that long. Try dear, just try. I joined Brad at the pool, Bobby jumped in to join Kevin. After about thirty minutes I decided to get thing started. I reached up and unfastened the top of my suit letting it fall . brad reached over and started to explore my firm tits. Nice, very nice, as he leaned over licking my nipples.

Kevin noticed me and swam over to the edge of the pool. Bobby followed. Kevin stared as his father sucked my pink nipples. Bobby tapped Kevin on the shoulder, she reached up and dropped the top of her suit and presented her small mounds to Kevin. Kevin looked at me , go ahead, enjoy. Kevin took Bobby's small nipples in his mouth and sucked them, wildly squeezing Bobby's small mounds . Well I think we had better go inside. Brad stood up and walked to the edge of the pool, he pulled Kevin up then Bobby , as Bobby was standing on the edge of the pool Brad ran his large hands over her small nipples, squeezing her tits, bobby smiled, As we walked to the house Kevin and Brad took turns checking out my tits I led them down to the entertainment room. I suggested we get out of the wet cloths, I reached up and pushed my suit to the floor.

Brad and Kevin stepped out of there shorts .. Brads cock was hard and red with blood, it was not Hugh but a good solid seven inches, Kevin on the other hand was better endowed, his hard young cock stood at attention and looked to be about eight inches. I looked over at Bobby, she was rubbing her nipples. take off your suit, bobby. Slowly she pushed her suit to the floor, revealing her small tan body. I moved between Brad and Kevin taking their cocks in my hands. Kevin started to suck one of my tits as Brad started to work the other. Bobby come over here! Bobby walked over staring at both of the cocks. Bobby why don t you suck these guys. She went to her knees in front of Kevin, I released my grip on his cock. Bobby reached up and cradled Kevin s cock in her small hands. She started to lick the head of it slowly going around the tip.

Kevin Moaned. bobby then opened her small mouth and took Kevin head in. slowly she sucked his thick cock. Some girl you have their Brad commented. She likes it just like her mother. Kevin continued to moan as bobby slowly worked him over. I went to my knees and took Brad into my mouth, I gave him a little more action than bobby was giving. I thrust my head forcing his cock deep into my mouth. I worked him over until he started to moan. Then pulled him out and licked his head. Kevin was in heaven, Bobby was teasing his cock, by licking, then sucking then stroking with her hand. Kevin had one hand on Bobbys head and the other on one on her small tits, working the nipples for all he was worth. Bobby lets switch. she looked at me, come on switch. She slowly released Kevin s cock and moved over to Brad, I moved over to Kevin, taking his firm young cock in I deep throated him, He almost screamed. Brad was holding his cock for Bobby to lick, . he reached down and moved his big hand across Bobbys nipples, stopping to lightly pinch each one. Bobby gasped.

Kevin reached down and started working on my tits and nipples, he seemed fascinated by my large pink nipples. Brad was really enjoying Bobby, O god, O god was all he would say. Finally I decided we had better get to the fucking before these guys came. I pulled off Kevin s cock, taking it in my hand I looked over at Bobby, she was having a good time licking and sucking the head of Brads cock. You can stop now honey. Bobby looked over at me and moved away from Brads cock. Why don t you lay down honey. bobby moved back on the plush blue carpet and stretched out her small tan body.

Brad went down on his knees at Bobbys feet. He reached up and spread her small legs. Moving closer he pushed her legs up to gain access to her pussy, he spread her small lips and started to lick her tiny clit, Bobby moaned as his toung came in contact with her pink flesh. I laid down and motioned for Kevin to come down with me. Kevin was watching his father and Bobby as he slowly moved down to me. He pushed his face into my tits and started sucking my nipples, I reached back and grabbed his cock. He moaned.

Eat me I commanded. Kevin moved down to my shaven pussy, he seemed to hesitate for a moment, being more interested in Bobby than me. Don t worry, Kevin you have first came on her I said. I spread my legs and pushed his head down into my pussy. He started to lick me but every time Bobby moaned he looked up. Kevin do you want her, yes, yes. Brad let your son fuck her. Brad looked up and smiled. God she is good. Come over here Kevin. Kevin stood up and went over to Bobby. Kevin took his fathers place between Bobbys legs, he attacked her pussy licking her hard, his hands moved up to her small nipples, his fingers alternately rubbing and pinching her little points.

Bobby screamed with this new pleasure. Brad came over to me, we both sat their watching his son work on my little girl. Bobby was withering on the floor, moving her hips up to Kevin s mouth, her small stomach contracting with the waves of pleasure she was receiving. Fuck me, fuck me, Bobby yelled. Kevin looked down on her, he lifted her legs up and put them over his shoulders. Moving closer he stroked her slit with his hard cock. Bobby was now begging for it. Finally Kevin pushed his cock against Bobbys small love hole, thrusting with his hips he entered her. Bobby screamed with pleasure.

Kevin slowly forced his full length into her, Bobby quivered at his complete penetration. Brad moved over so that his cock was at Bobbys mouth, he reached down and pinched her small nipples, Bobby squealed. Open your mouth, Bobby opened her mouth and Brad shoved the head of his cock in. Bobby was now making muffled sounds of pleasure as Kevin slowly stroked her pussy. Brad was jerking off his cock as it rested in Bobbys mouth. I moved over behind Kevin and spread his cheeks, I found his ass hole and inserted my tong. He went crazy, his stroking of Bobby increased. I reached up and put my hand on Brads cock, stroking him rapidly. Brad was about to come, the combination of Bobbys soft lips and the action of my hand finally caused him to explode into Bobbys mouth, he pulled out of her as cum dripped down on Bobbys face and hair.

I wet my finger and inserted it into Kevin's ass hole, moving it in sequence with his stroking of Bobby. Finally Kevin came, with one hard thrust he gave a loud guttural sound and fell limp onto Bobby. Bobby was still moaning she had not come. Kevin moved off of her and went to her right side, he spread his fathers cum on Bobbys nipples and sucked them hard pulling away with the nipple in his teeth, stretching her small mounds. I went down to Bobbys pussy, I fingered her clit, she continued to moan.I continued to play with her little pink point until Brad said maybe she needs another fuck, I looked at him he was stroking his cock getting it hard.

Go ahead I said as I moved aside. Brad had wanted this from the first time he saw her. He knelt down and lifted her legs up and bent bobbys small body back so that her small pussy was pointing up at him. He slapped her pussy with his hard cock then slowly drove down into Bobby. bobby screamed with pleasure as Brad forced the full length of his cock into her small opening. Kevin was still working over her tits. Bobbys small pussy was stretched . her tiny clit stood out as the skin of her pussy was pulled tight. Brad wet his finger and touched her clit, Bobby quivered, he used two fingers to hold her clit then rubbed her in a circular motion. Bobby exploded, she thrust up as best she could, Brad increased his action until both he and Bobby came. Brad slowly pulled out of Bobby. God she is good, I never had such a tight pussy. I decided that the men needed a break. Lets take a brake, I think you guys need some time to recharge. Brad put Bobbys small legs down the carpet and move to the couch. Kevin stayed next to bobby, his head on her chest, playing with her small nipples. I got brad and I a drink.

Kevin had not moved, Bobby now had her eyes open and was holding Kevin s cock in her small hand. They both just laid their lost in each others bodes. Bobby why don't you go clean up a little. Bobby looked up half in a fog she sat up, Kevin backed off, but continued to softly rub her nipples. Bobby stood up, cum was mixed with her soft brown hair. Go in the bathroom honey and clean up a little you look like a whore with al that cum on you. Bobby went in to clean up and Kevin followed her, these kid could not get enough of each other. We could hear bobby giggling from the bathroom as her and Kevin cleaned up.

I peaked around the corner and looking down the hall could see bobby at the sink with Kevin behind her, he was fingering her small tight ass. Finally they returned, Bobby was holding Kevin's cock in her small hand, they sat down on the floor and nestled against each other. Brad and I finished our drinks, the kids continued to explore each other. brad and I joined the kids on the floor. Brad started playing with my nipples. Lay down he instructed, I laid down on my back. Brad went between my legs and started to eat me, he was good, his tongue flicked across my clit sending waves of pleasure through me. Brad motioned for Kevin to come over and work on my tits. Kevin hesitated to leave Bobby, but came over and started to suck my nipples. This was more like it I thought, Bobby had been getting all the attention so far, now I was getting hot, real hot.

Brad called bobby over. Lick your mother, Brad moved my legs up, he spread my lips and held my clit between his fingers. Bobby moved her small head down and licked my clit as brad squeezed it between his fingers, this combined with Kevin on my tits was driving my crazy. Brad release my clit, now lets do these bitches doggie style. I rolled over and got on my hands and knees. You to Bobby said Brad. Bobby assumed the position next to me. Now don't look back Brad instructed, I want to see if you can guess who is in you. Bobby looked over at me and smiled. Suddenly the expression on her face changed she threw her head back and gave a little squeal.

As I felt a cock being pushed into my pussy. It was going deep, it filled me completely. Bobby had put her head down on the carpet. She was moving her small body back and fourth in rhythm with the cock in her. I put my head down as the cock in me started to thrust harder into me. Suddenly I could feel the cock being pulled slowly out of me, I looked at Bobby, No, No she was saying, the same thing was happening to her. Then another cock was put in me ,this one felt larger, it entered me quickly, thrusting hard into my pussy. Bobby screams in pleasure, she now had her cock back. This continued for several minutes, cocks being put in for a few strokes then pulled out and another taking its place.. I was getting ready to come.

Bobby was pleading, leave it in , leave it in. finally a cock entered me and stayed. I was being fucked hard, a finger rubbed and squeezed my clit. Bobby was moaning having trouble keeping upright. I reached out and took Bobbies hand we both came at the same time and both went flat to the floor as the cocks came in our pussies. Well that was good brad said as he and Kevin stood in front of us their cocks dripping from their cum and ours. I rolled over on my back, that was good, very good. Bobby finally rolled over and just laid their, her eyes closed. Well I guess we had better call it a day. Bobby slowly rose to her feet. Why don't you cleanup and go lay down I suggested, she slowly moved up the stairs to her bed room. Kevin followed her until the stairs, kissed her and went to the bathroom to cleanup.

I mixed a drink for Brad and I, we sat down on the couch. God that was good, really good. Yes it was. Brad looked thoughtful for a moment, you know you could make some real money with that girl. What, what you want me to put her in the street. No, no, movies, they are always looking for girls like that. I guess I looked interested, he continued. I have some connections, if you want it could I could check into it, it could be worth five grand a picture. I thought for a moment, OK check into it. well that's another story.

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