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True Love: The Tales of K. and G.
by Arial566

My boyfriend and I have been together for a long time now. We have a great sex life which at times can be kinky and extreme, but we love each other very much. My boyfriend is very sexy. He has dirty blonde hair, dark green eyes, and an athletic build. I myself am slender with green eyes and ash blonde hair, with a slender build and nice C tits.

One night while laying in bed I got a little frisky and began kissing his neck, soon reaching his lips. We kissed for a few minutes, exploring each other's mouth's with our tongues. He cupped my breast and pinched the nipples lightly, squeezing and kneading my big tits. His hands felt wonderful as they explored the curves of my body, finding my wet pussy and rubbing my clit, making me moan with pleasure. His finger dipped into my hot pussy hole, fingering me gently, soon slipping another finger in to join it. I moaned loudly as he finger fucked my pussy. I grabbed hold of his cock and rubbed it, sliding my hand back and forth across his large, smooth cock. I bent my head down and began licking the head like a big lollypop. I licked the underside and all around, finally taking the thick rod into my mouth. His breath quickened as I pumped my head faster and faster. He grabbed ahold of my hips and positioned my pussy or his hot mouth. he began licking and sucking my wet slit, burying his tongue into my hole, tongue fucking me. He sucked my hard clit gently as I licked his big cock. He began moaning and squirming as he started coming, blowing his warm load into my mouth. I sucked every drop out and swallowed it all.

He turned me over on my back and laid between my legs, playing with my breasts. He kissed and sucked my hard nipples, making me grind my dripping pussy against his stomach. Soon afterward his cock began to stiffen from all the play that was going on. He positioned the large head above my dripping hole, ramming it in so hard I nearly came. He slowly began pumping his cock in and out, it felt so good! I buried my head into the curve of his neck and lightly bit down on the skin, letting him know what a good job he was doing. His cock began slamming in and out of my wet pussy. I pulled him tighter and dug my nails into his back, only making him fuck harder. I cried out, the pleasure was too much for me. I begged him never too stop, and told him he had such a wonderful cock. I whispered I love you into his ear, and he returned the gesture. He rolled me over so that I was on top. I began grinding my hips against his cock slowly, arching my back so that my pussy teased the special spot on his loving penis. I pumped my pussy harder now, wanting to come. I grinded faster and harder, shaking the bed. Soon a huge orgasm tensed my body. My eyes rolled back into my head as it swept from my toes to the top of my head. He grabbed my hips and rocked me faster, making me scream. Soon after my orgasm had subsided he rolled me over onto my hands and knees and stood behind me.

He pushed his cock into me, slowly running it in and out. He moaned gently as the walls of my pussy tightened on his cock. He began fucking my slit harder, anticipating what was going to happen. He wrapped his arms around my hips and laid upon my back, humping my pussy. He fucked me harder, pulling my hips back against his cock. I knew he was about to come to I pushed back now, slamming my pussy onto his hot penis. He started to moan, gripping my hips as his cock shot it's load deep into my pussy.

Soon afterward I curled up against him, laying facing each other. His hand gently massaged my breast as we held each other. He kissed my eye lids as I began to fall asleep. Just before I did though, I heard him whisper, "I love you".

I whispered back, "I love you too". I know he's my one true love.

If you have any comments or wish for me to write more about the sexual adventures of my boyfriend and I, please feel free to email me your questions.

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