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The Long Wait
by Darkness

For a moment he raised his head and by the dim streetlight he saw her. For years he has seen her walk past the house. For years he wished she would stop, say something, smile at him in a deeper way than between neighbors. Then she was gone. She was not the vision of perfection, not even to him, but she presented all that he ever wanted in a woman. He had known her all his life - as children they played in the same neighborhood, they went to the same schools, so close and never reachable.

Angrily he turned away. Dressed all in black his tall figure seemed to have melted into the shadows of the house. He felt tired. Years of playing the dating games have left him scarred and bereft. The games which he played eagerly al those years seemed to have lost their charm. This feeling would subdue, he knew. He'd had it whenever he saw her walk past, when he felt the urge to whisper to her a few words of truth, when in his mind, she wanted the same thing as he did and would succumb to honesty. In his mind he thought that the bars of society prevent him from telling her his dreams, prevent her from telling him hers. Resting his hand on the doorknob he looked down. "I need exercise," he muttered "and a plastic surgeon". He didn't. He was attractive with piercing green/gray eyes, which were enough to melt most girls. Slightly overweight more with frustration than with food, his posture was impressive. The scars and insecurity left him arrogant and sinister. The eyes that could melt were cold, his looks as if carved of stone served most to drive people away.

The house was an inn. It had large, heavy wooden tables and long benches next to them. in the air hung the constant smell of smoke and beer mixed with a tint of garlic which dominated most of the dishes. Going behind the bar he poured himself the strong house brew and began preparing to close down for the night. It was late, most people at this part of town would be fast asleep. Bitterly he thought that she wouldn't. He knew there would be a lit window in her house where she would be working on her thesis. Maybe if he continued with university rather than opening the inn she would have noticed him.

Pouring another glass of the ice cold house brew he sat down to have some of tonight's pasta. You never get the chance to eat when there are clients and friends around. Just as he was beginning to feel the weight of his day lift the lights turned out. Glancing out he could see that the entire town was pitch black. Cursing he cast a look at the dying flame of the fire place, red amber which gave little light and only cast long shadows. "I knew I should have changed batteries in that torch," he thought to himself as he pulled out of the chair to look for a candle. Wobbling on his feet he knew that he drunk too much that evening.

The soft rapping on the door was barely audible. For a moment he thought that a log cracked at the fireplace. But the rapping repeated, even if hesitating. He walked toward the door. There by the shadows cast from the fireplace he could just barely make out her form. Raising an eyebrow in renewed interest he waited for her to speak. She was obviously nervous and her voice trembled a little. "er... I'm sorry to disturb you, but my lights.. well... everybody's lights blacked out, and I really have to work on my thesis, and was wondering if you have a torch or a candle to spare?"

For a moment he was silent, absorbing her figure as she was standing in the freezing wind. "Sure," he said. "Always happy to help a neighbor. C'mon in. you shouldn't be standing in the freezing wind." She brushed lightly against him as she entered the warm tavern and thankfully headed towards the dying fireplace. He helped her with her coat, his hands brushing her neck as he did. He could feel warmth ignite within him. He opened the candle box on the mantelpiece only to discover that it's empty.

"Sorry," he said. "But I can offer you a glass of wine, that should at least warm you up a bit."

"Thanks" she said.

Walking slowly toward the bar he cursed himself for not having the courage to say more to her. Engulfed in his thoughts he tripped on the old crack in the wooden floor and hit his forehead on the table. He was enraged with himself "I AM SO STUPID! Not only am I too shy to say anything to her, here I make a total fool of myself!" He stumbled to his knees and in an instant she was next to him. She touched the spot where he'd been hit. Her still cold fingers felt like fire to his skin, the combination of pain and alcohol worked its trick on him. He pulled her head towards him his lips meeting hers. Her eyes widen in shock she started pulling back her head. He held her firmly, with his other hand he started running his fingers from her cheek to the base of her neck, his lips parted, his tongue softly caresses her lips.

She stops struggling, her hands move in his hair. He slips one hand and slowly starts massaging her breasts, his tongue now draws lines along her neck, he gently bytes her neck, her fingers dig deep in his back. Her eyes narrow in pleasure as he slowly starts undoing her top while gently biting his way down to her breasts. His hands move down touching, not touching her soft skin. He's running his fingers drawing circles around her nipples, tickling her stomach. Her hands pull his head towards her, she is getting hungry for him, her nails scratching his skin. He then bites one of her nipples, her head jerks back in the sudden pain and pleasure.

He keeps biting the nipple and at the same time his tongue slowly licks it's tip. Her breathing became rapid, the dying flame which earlier was too cold to warm her seemed to burn brighter. She snatched off his shirt and bit him hard in his shoulder. "Ouch," he said with a flicker of a smile. "So we have a vampire on our hands." He grabbed her by her wrists and pushed her to the floor. She struggled to fight as his tongue and teeth worked all the way from her breasts to her neck.

He moved lower and lower and she quivered on the floor her hand now moving towards his black jeans. Massaging him. "Careful now," he said. "This is my fantasy and my job in pleasing you. You don't want to finish me off too early." He smiled as he spread her legs and gently removed her underwear. "Be a good girl now," he whispered. His soft breath felt like flame against her inner thigh. His hands caressing her stomach and thighs, his lips now brushed against her inner thigh, moving upwards and upwards, but not high enough.

Teasingly he let his hand just brush against her clit. A touch of a feather, no more, and then immediately drew it away. His hands were now massaging her inner thigh. Going each time a little higher, just never high enough. Her fingers pushed strong against his head, trying to lead him to the right place, but he is stronger. With a taunting smile he brushed his lips against her fanny and starts blowing air at her clit. Her back arches and she is breathing heavily.

"Do it already!" she moans and says nothing, just moving his head a little so she can feel the stream of air from all directions. He then starts licking, in long excruciating motions, and then he stops.

She is breathing heavily, her body rigid with anticipation, his head is not moving. There is an odd silence in the air, disturbed by hear breathing and the crackle of wood in the fireplace. He then continued with one long lick starting between her thighs and going up all the way to her neck. His hands followed in long motions, touching everything sliding on her legs, her sides her breasts. Her body jumping with little jolts that went through it, her mind, her entire focus was on the one thing that she could think. She wanted him here and now and only he could extinguish the fire that burnt bright within her.

She pushed him off and pinned him to the floor. With a fluid motion she slipped off his jeans. He was rock hard as she knew he would be. It was her turn to tease a little. Her fingers started massaging his balls as she began running the tip of her tongue up and down his dick. Her hands started caressing his body, he jumped with every tickle. First amused he soon started grasping the floorboards in ecstasy as she was biting his stomach and chest while gently, ever so gently, she ran her fingers along his erection.

She got on top, her fingers digging into his chest. With a moan he raised his head. The initiative that he just recently lost was his again. He started biting her nipples again, his hands, massaging her and touching, feeling everything, sliding everywhere. With a moan she held his dick firmly and lowered herself on it. She started moving in long slow motions, letting herself succumb to his hands, his teeth and the sensation in her body. She moved faster and faster, his hands picked up the speed, his biting still so slow sending renewed jolts throughout her body. Her nails drew long scratches on his chest as her speed increased. Then she froze for an instant and collapsed on him. His hand were immediately around her, hugging, holding, he kissed her gently and felt the jolts go through her body as he held her tight. Her breathing relaxed a little, spasms were still going through her.

He looked at her, removing a stray lock of hair from her face. And asked, "Why did you let me wait so long for this?"


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