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The Long Wait
by Stump

It was finally here; this was the night they had waited for many years. She was staring at the snow and the reflection of the fire in the window; a world away thinking of her lover and the nights of pleasure they had shared over the years. Each one just as precious as the next, but those were nothing compared to the desires and pleasures they would share from this night forward. The wait was over, from now on the would be together forever. Never again would they leave from "business trips" on different planes, headed in opposite directions.

John stood there watching her for a few minutes, still memorized by her beauty after so many years. Life had changed her on the outside, but he never saw that. He could only see what was in her heart and soul, feel the love that was there, even across the room. His heart beat faster, just as it did every time her saw her from the moment they met.

Bonnie didn't have to turn around to know he was there. She could feel him, just as she always had. The warmth from his love seemed to fill the air, calling to her heart from the moment he entered a room. She knew he was watching her, he did every time they were to meet, and it was like a ritual now between them.

She turned around just as John came up behind her to welcome him with open arms and a kiss. This time it was more passionate and filled with more desire than they had ever felt. It was as if they were falling in love for the first time. There was no need for words, they looked into each other eyes and into their souls, which spoke all that was needed. Then he kissed her again. It was so much sweeter than either of them remembered.

They left the lobby hand in hand, never noticing once all of the people around them, and started up to the suite that had been booked for a year. It was an anniversary present of sorts, to themselves. For years they had loved each other, spending the occasional weekend together when their schedules permitted, and that love had grown deeper and stronger every day of those years. Their desire and passion for each other had never wavered, only becoming, more intense with each meeting.

But at this moment in this place, a place that had long since become a favorite vacation spot, the only thing that mattered was that they were together. The dinner, wine and roses had been ordered in advance, the bed had been turned down, the fire started and music was playing softly in the background. They went to the table by the window to enjoy the dinner that had been set there. Everything was just right; it was a perfect night for falling in love all over again.

Tonight they didn't have to worry about how much time they had together on this trip; they had all the time in the world. After dinner they danced by the fire, fitting together so perfectly, like they had come from the same mold. They were truly two halves of a whole. Words were not needed tonight; their hearts did all of the talking. Sharing the desire, passion, loving and longing that they both felt.

John and Bonnie danced their way to the bedroom, not wanting to let go of each other, but so ready to make the night complete. They knelt on the bed, slowly undressing each other, taking turns kissing the flesh that was revealed with each piece of clothing removed. There desire and passion was growing more and more intense with each kiss, they wanted to savor every delicious moment. When they were finally undressed, he laid her down gently, kissing her along the way. The kiss was filled with the passion and desire that would no longer be denied.

Slowly and gently he entered her, she was already very wet and ready to receive every inch of him. They started slow wanting to take their time, but their love making soon built to a quick pace. They couldn't get enough of each other; their bodies were starving for the love and passion only they could give each other. Suddenly, John stopped and smiled at her. Bonnie knew that look in his eyes, he didn't want to cum yet, and he wanted to make this last forever, almost.

She turned him over easily, straddling him just below his swollen shaft. She leaned over and began to rub his chest, circling his nipples with her fingernails. Trailing kisses from one nipple to the other, each responding immediately to her kisses. She reached down with one hand to begin stroking him with a feather like touch, knowing that he wouldn't wait too long to satisfy their desires. Shy lay down on top of him, moving her hands to his and holding them above his head. Her tongue traced the outline of his lips, gently opening them to deepen the kiss, knowing that it would drive him crazy.

She didn't have to wait long for his desire for release to over come him. John brought both of there hands down across her back and rolled them over to give them the release they both craved. He entered her again, quickly taking them to the heights of ecstasy only the could reach. Their bodies exploding at the same time, over and over again. They collapsed side by side, the passion having exhausted them for the time being. Only then did they speak the words that were in their hearts.

"Welcome home darling. I've missed you, " she said. "I will never leave you again. I'm home to stay," he answered and kissed her again.

They fell asleep in each other's arms, knowing that this was the first day of the rest of their lives, never again to be parted by miles and other commitments. Together always and forever.


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