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The Magician
by Leslie

More than half of them were concentrating on my off hand, some at the hand with the coins, a few at my cleavage that was showing under the jacket lapels....and one was looking directly into my eyes. I rolled the Susan B. Anthony dollars around my fingers, making them look like a platoon of soldiers marching in single file. They started at my small finger and flipped over and between each finger until they disappeared into my palm. Years of practice made it look so simple. When they all made their way into the dark solitude of my lightly clenched hand...I turned my hand over to show it was empty. Gasps from the close-up crowd. Where did the coins go? Nervous laughter and wide eyes followed by a smattering of applause. My (almost real) smile accepted their adoration.

I scanned the 20 faces that were watching my every move. His eyes were still locked on mine. "Excuse me," I said to the crowd and leaned forward toward the tall, handsome man with the staring eyes. I put my empty hand inside his jacket pocket and extracted the missing coins. Louder applause and a smile from handsome. He clapped in appreciation. People do not want to be the center of attention for the most part, but when you put them there....they love it. I addressed the audience with, "The next show will be in 20 minutes in the main gallery. Thank you for coming."

Then I added..."Sir...yes you! The one that tried to steal my coins. Is this your watch?" I held up an expensive gold watch for all to see.

His deeply masculine voice replied, "Yes it is." Then I pulled some men's bikini underwear, with a heart in the crotch area, out of my sleeve.

"And these?" His reply came quickly, "No, certainly not."

"Well, someone is hanging around without any knickers on. Who is it? Ladies, would you check your husbands and lovers and tell me who it is?" With that I walked off into the area reserved for employees and disappeared through an unmarked door.

Feeling a little warm from the close-up room work, I wandered out onto the private balcony that overlooks Hollywood. I stretched and unstretched my fingers and rolled my shoulders back and forth to loosen them up. There was a cool breeze and it filtered through my hair and felt cool on my neck. I unbuttoned my blazer and let it fall loosely at my sides. The plunging neckline of the silk blouse rippled in the wind. My next show was in an hour. Walking back inside, I took the next 10 minutes to set up the table for the card tricks and coin stacks. I also stuffed a few surprises into my attire.

The bar would be a nice place to sit until my next prestidigitation extravaganza. Sipping on a Margarita sounded like the thing to do. Joe, the bartender smiled and went to work on my drink. I sat on a stool and let my eyes wander over the crowd. Suits and ties for the men and elegant pant suits or dresses for the women were required at the exclusive club. Most of the people were in their 50's or older. Not too many of them were what I would classify as "the beautiful people". Lot's of guts hanging over waistbands and boobs that would bruise a few knees if unleashed. But they were having fun and I was making a living.

The glass felt cool in my hand and I quickly placed it to my lips and took a nice size gulp. Ahhhh...good. The Voice was next to me ordering a Chivas on the rocks. I did not turn. I waited. I closed my eyes to get a mental image of the handsome one. He was in his early 40's. Brown hair with flecks of gray at the temples. Riveting green eyes and bright, straight white teeth. No facial hair. Tan. Trim. 6' 2". Nicely accessorized with the gold watch manicured nails and golden ring. Being a magician helped me take note of things around me. 16 years of mental and physical practice, an unrelenting determination that turned a childhood hobby into a career and business.

I was one of the lucky people who could be introduced to 20 people in 20 seconds and remember all their names. I spoke without turning....."Black sapphire with one diamond set in gold."

He chuckled, "Yes, can I have my ring back now? Did you take the ring when you handed my back my watch?"

I turned and was immediately lost in his eyes. "A magician never tells." I unbuttoned my blazer and looking directly into his smiling face I reached deeply into my cleavage and pulled out the ring. He extended his hand and allowed me to place it on his pinkie. His hands were large, warm and smooth. His fingers were long and strong. Hands most of my male colleagues would die for. I held his hand for a heartbeat longer than necessary. I smiled as demurely as the adrenaline racing through my system would allow.

"Now that the ring is back on my finger, is there anything else I'm missing?"

With a gentle shake of my head. I replied, "Nothing....Not a thing I can see from here." (The double entendre dripping off my tongue.)

I was being more forward than I had been in years. This man had my juices flowing. Why was he having this affect on me? "You don't seem to have anything missing either," he replied. "Wait...What's that?" He reached over and slid his hand between my breasts just above my neckline (his touch was electric) and pulled out a business card.

Smiling, I merely replied, "Touché." With my skin still tingling from his touch, he got up to leave. "I know you have another show tonight. Call me when you finish." I looked at the card as he left the bar area. My first thoughts before reading the card were that I just met him. I didn't know anything about him. How could I just call him? The card simply read...

L. Miner - 800-YES-UCAN

In the ladies room, I dabbed some water on my neck to cool myself down. The flushed cheeks I saw in the mirror were because of Mr. Miner. I didn't even know his first name. I touched up my make up and was about to put a dab of perfume behind each ear when I noticed that my left earring was missing. The safety catch must have opened. Damn. I loved those earrings. I put the remaining one in my change purse and went off to the show room.

The sign on the Close-up room door read:

Merlina, the Queen of Prestidigitation.

My mind drifted during my next show. This can be dangerous for a magician. However, even in the distracted state of mind I was in, all the tricks and clever puns worked well. But I was not sharp. At the end of the close-up show I gave back 2 rings, a watch, a wallet and a belt. Amazing as it seemed to the audience, it was child's play for me. Mr. Miner was going to be my only real challenge tonight.

I picked up my office phone to call him. Even before I started to dial...without pushing any buttons, I heard, "Hello Merlina, come to the back entrance." I swallowed quickly, hung up the phone and walked toward the back. Where were the people? The whole place was quiet and deserted. The sign on the Close-up room read...L. Miner, Seeing is Believing.

I went inside. The man with the handsome face, deep voice and wonderful hands was sitting in my seat. He beckoned me forward with a nod of his head. He was wearing a flowing cape over an exquisite tuxedo. I stopped at the table edge and then sat in the only other seat in the room. I was directly across the small table from him. He took my hands and placed them flat with palms down on the green felt table top, and placed his hands gently on top of mine.

I felt a tingling that started at my wrists and slowly made its way through my entire body. My eyes closed gently so that I could concentrate on the feeling and then it was gone. When I opened my eyes again he was standing behind my chair with his hands on my shoulders. His touch was magical. His hands made their way to the front lower part of my neck and then eased down under my neckline and onto my breasts. I had never felt a connection with anyone like this in my life. Without the slightest bit of effort, without disturbing my blazer or blouse, he lifted my bra up out of the neckline. Then he held something out a few inches from my face.

"Are these yours?" he asked. I focused on the flimsy garment he held and weakly replied in the affirmative. Realizing that I was without my bra and panties increased the powerful sexual feelings that were flooding my brain. I stood as he undressed me. I didn't feel the tug of the buttons as they were released. The zippers made no sounds. I felt like I was floating. I could feel no pressure on my back from the weight of my body, yet I was lying down. His cape glided from his shoulders and the rest of his clothes seemed to melt off his frame.

His body was perfect. His muscles were long and lean. He was perfect. His penis was rigid and to me it looked like a magic wand. His lips brushed my neck and face, leaving a tingling feeling at every point of contact. His tongue burned lines around my nipples and my ear lobes. His wand entered me. It slid inside me like a magicians hand into a black hat. It reached further and further into my body and mind. It filled my entire being with ecstasy. It produced an orgasm that seemed to last forever. My hands roamed his muscled back and buttocks. The were solid but not straining.

Although he was relentlessly pounding me with his wand, he was doing it so effortlessly. Several more moaning orgasms later, and my body bathed in sweat, his body began to tense slightly and he came inside me. As he slowly disengaged from me, I could feel his wand pull back out of me for what seemed like an eternity. I sat up and took him in my mouth. He had a cool hardness that felt strong and sure in my mouth. His taste was unique and impossible to describe. I sucked on him until he came again and filled my mouth with his essence.

I awoke with my head on my desk, fully dressed with the phone in my hand. I placed the phone in the cradle and sat up There on the desk was a business card. Next to the card was my missing earring and the one I thought was still in my change purse, only now they each contained a small sapphire stone and a single diamond. The card read....Merlin - Master Magician. I blinked a few times at the card. Then I pulled out the card the handsome one had given me in the bar. Of course! L. Miner, was an anagram of Merlin. I should have known. Had I experienced true magic for the first time in my life?

Or was it just a dream?


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