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The Moon
by Kaos

She opens the box to find a black thong on top. Under it black silk stockings and a matching garter. Under which she finds a sheer black bra and a gorgeous emerald green evening gown. The gown is very sexy and trimmed with black topaz stones - it must have cost a fortune - and she can hardly wait to slip it on. Under the gown is yet another package. She opens it up and finds a short string of shiny black gems. There are 5 beads in total - about one inch in diameter each, and much too short to go around her neck. Under them is another note, which reads "place these where no on can see them"... And yet another package under that. She opens it to find a black silk necklace with a huge diamond on the front of it and a weird clasp in the back. The final note says: "This will look beautiful on your neck. Meet me at the hotel bar in one hour."

She is totally excited to meet him and quickly gets in the shower to clean up from the long flight. She finds the shower very relaxing and can hardly wait to dress up in the wonderful outfit he has provided for her. She is wild with anticipation as to what he looks like, and what it in store for the evening.

As she is getting out of the shower and putting on her makeup a knock comes on the door.

She answers it to find a servant with a single large glass of champagne. She looks at the clock and notices she spent way too much time in the shower. She must get dressed. She guesses where the beads should go and adorns herself with the rest of the outfit he has provided her. She decides she has no time to mess with her hair - she blow dries it and pins it up. She finishes dressing and looking into the mirror. She thinks how wonderful she looks. She sprays a few spurts of her favorite perfume in just the right spots. She drinks the rest of the champagne, and makes her last minute preparations.

She grabs her purse, looks in the mirror once more. Satisfied that she looks spectacular and heads out the door. She heads to the elevator and through the hotel lobby. As she walks in the bar she notices it is very empty and quiet. Just a few people sitting at the bar. All couples, though. As she scans the rest of the bar she notices one table in the back with a single candle lit. The bartender as well as all the other men notice her walk in. He catches her attention and tells her that her friend had to step out for a minute. She can wait at the table in back with the candle on it. She thanks him and heads back to the table to wait. After what seems forever she notices a man walk in wearing a black tuxedo and carrying a single white rose - much like the ones she noticed on the dresser in her room. He is average height for an American with short reddish blonde hair. Although the tuxedo hides what is under it she can tell he must have a decent build by his broad shoulders and the way he carries himself. He is very clean cut, and she decides at once. Very handsome. As he walks to the table their eyes meet and she is entranced by them. She shyly looks away for a second and then back up, His eyes still very focused on hers.

"I am sorry I am late," he apologizes, "It is not like me at all." Before she can answer he says "We don't have time for a drink - we should get going." She quickly gets up and he extends his arm for her. They make their way out the hotel and into a cab. The mood is a little tense and he senses that - puts his hand on hers and describes with as little detail as possible what he has planned for the evening. They talk about her flight and all the fun of overseas travel. And before she knows it the cab is stopping.

He leads the way out and helps her out, reaching for her hand as she steps on the curb. He pays the cab driver and they walk in to an elegant restaurant. They are quickly seated at a quiet table right next to a cozy little fireplace. For this she is thankful. for such a fine restaurant, it seems a bit chilly. A waiter brings them a bottle of wine and two glasses. Pours them and leaves the bottle. They make a toast "To a wonderful night" and he gracefully grabs her hand and kisses her open palm. Sending shivers of a different type tingling through her. They talk some more and get to know each other. It seems they have endless things to talk about.

He asks her what she is going to have and asks if he may order for her. She is a little amazed at what a gentleman he is. At the same time she notices a casual comfort about him that he makes her feel relaxed. The salad and dinner are wonderful, they both agree. When they are finished they sit and relax a for a few sharing a wonderful dessert. After he pays the bill they head out of restaurant.

They walk along the street finding their way to a small little club they enter through a long hallway into a small room packed with people. The club is very dark and very packed with people. There is a small bar back in the corner more people keep cramming in behind them and he grabs her hand as not to lose each other. She is a bit uncomfortable and can hardly move with all the people around them. That doesn't bother her as much as the darkness of the club and the Pounding music that seems to be coming from all directions. A loud techno beat. It is so loud the floors are thumping to the beat and she can feel it through her feet. She knows even if they yelled, conversation would be impossible.

She starts to notice the rest of the crowd around them. Mostly young punk like kids. But really a surprising variety of people of different ages and races. The people are dressed in all types. lots of freaks and punks. Some dressed up some more casual. Some just outright ridiculous. She wishes they could be alone again in a quieter place. Yet she is somewhat curious about this place. The music grows louder as if that was possible. And then something starts to happen to the wall behind the small bar. Everyone in the place starts yelling and cheering and she is amazed as the wall behind the bar is moving, revealing behind it another, much larger club. As she gets a better look she sees it actually a huge club. As people start to move into the bar she feels relief almost as she can breathe again. She notices that people are also entering in from the opposite side of the larger bar where a tiny room like the one they were in also packed in hundreds of people.

He looks at her to see her reaction, giving her a smirk. He yells to her. "You really didn't think I would take you to a place like that all night did you?" As they enter the larger club she is amazed at how big it is, like one huge dance floor. A long bar is in the back of the large club and with tables and booths all around the edges of it. There is an area with a bunch of couches which she notices have already been occupied by people. More and more people are crowding in. She looks up and notices there is another floor. about half the size of the one they are in . It is still dark and hasn't opened up yet. He grabs both her hands. gazes into her and slowly leads her to the dance floor.

They work their way onto the crowded dance floor, instantly sinking into an ever growing crowd of people dancing. She feels the music louder than ever, pulsing under her feet. They start to dance looking deeply into each other's eyes. There are lights flashing everywhere - lights of all kinds, flashing, blinking, spinning. They dance - continue to dance - as he pulls her closer, still looking into her eyes.

She feels his hand wrap around her lower back and up to her shoulders. as he leans forward into her neck. their bodies bouncing in beat with the pounding of the music. The smell of her sweet perfume is intoxicating. He takes it in as sneaks a quick lick up her neck and to her left ear. A shock instantly surges up and down her body, followed by a quick chilling sensation.

They pull back apart as a new song starts and they dance faster and harder. almost like in a trance. Two girls who have been dancing behind him suddenly pull him between them as they start to move their hands all over his body, obviously turned on by his tuxedo and the way he moves, so great with the music. All this time his eyes never leave hers. He is oblivious to the two little vixens trying desperately to get his attention. He pushes them aside and returns to her. He has worked up a sweat and yells in her ear above the music. "Your turn," as he leaves her and heads for the bar.

She starts to follow him for a second, then decides not to. Something in the back of her head tells her to stay, and she is still in a trance like state she dances more to the rhythmic beat. She never loses sight of him as he heads to the bar.

He heads to the bar knowing she is wanting to follow. He wants her to follow, but is just as excited when she doesn't. He finds an open bar stool where he can see her from afar on the dance floor and notices she is still looking at him. He orders a glass of ice water and drinks it down quickly, so refreshing as it goes down, cooling his throat.

He looks back to the dance floor seeing that one of many eager sharks has closed in on her, dancing his best tribal like dance trying to get her attention. She still stares at him. thinking for a second how good that water would taste right now.

She feels a tall dark guy close in on her as she stares at her prince at the bar. Then it comes to her that he wants her to stare at him by the bar. He is testing her. Realizing this she looks to the tall man in front of her. She turns around and starts to grind her bottom into his thighs. Looking back, she smiles over her shoulder - knowing without a doubt that this tall stranger is more than happy to grind with her.

He looks up from the bar and sees her dancing with the strange tall man. He watches as the man grabs her closer, and moves his way up to her breasts. a twinge of jealousy and mixed emotions surges through him as he watches the man grab lustfully at her tits. He watches as her head rolls back into his shoulders.

She looks back at her man at the bar, certain that she has gotten to him with this latest move. She would never normally do such a thing. She can feel the strange man grinding into her - against her ass through the dress. The warmth of his crotch growing bigger with each stroke, and she suddenly is aware how warm she has grow down there herself. She decides this is quite enough of this game and quickly turns around to the tall man, blowing him a kiss goodbye and winking as if to thank him.

He sits at the bar, watching this latest scenario unfold, and is relieved when it is over. As she starts walking to him, he orders another water and two cocktails.

She smiles a devilish grin as she walks toward him. The warmth between her thighs still lingers, perhaps growing stronger as she gets closer to the bar. She walks confidently up to him. She puts her hand around his neck and without hesitation whatsoever pulls his lips to hers as they kiss for the first time tonight very deeply and passionately. She feels that chill up and down her again, not being able to remember a kiss being as wonderful.

As they part lips he bends forward and kisses her cheek. He lightly turns her head, whispering in her ear as he hands her the glass of water. "I have never NEVER wanted anyone as bad as I want you right now. I can not wait to get you alone," he pauses and pulls her closer. She can feel his hot breath on her ear as he whispers deeply "and did I tell you how absolutely incredible you look and smell tonight".

She shivers at the thought and knows without a doubt he means every word. She looks back at him, and her eyes tell him she was thinking the exact same thing.

They finish their cocktails, and he decides it's time to head to somewhere a little less loud. A little more cozy. He grabs her hand and they head to the exit. He pulls her in front of him. His hands on her hips as she leads the way out toward the exit. She enjoys the feeling of his hands on her hips almost as much as he enjoys being able to feel the straps of her g-string under her dress as they exit into the cool clean, and refreshing air outside.

Once outside they turn to each other and kiss. softly on the lips. It is a bit cooler then when they walked in and he takes off his coat, placing it around her shoulders and pulling her close. She notices even more when he removes the coat the broadness of his shoulders, and looking to his waist... no protruding beer gut. He leads her down the sidewalk. They walk and talk like they have known each other for years.

They walk along the city sidewalks and finally come up to a door with a large black guy on a stool. Her man hands the bouncer a 5 spot and says the words, "Miles Davis rules". The bouncer surprisingly looks at him and opens the door. leading down a stairway, which they follow. mellow sweet blues music growing louder and louder.

At the bottom of the stairs is a very long bar and a 3 foot aisle as long as the bar. The room is maybe 12 feet wide but seems to go on forever. It is also very crowded. He takes her hand and leads her through the narrow aisle, crowded with mostly black men. As they approach the end of the bar the room opens up and she sees a smaller room to the right which he leads her into. This room has a band playing soft jazz, a small dance floor, and several little love seats.

He sees a couple get up from one of the love seats as he quickly pulls her hand tight and they dive in the couch before anyone else can. They sit on the comfy couch. Looking up to the hidden room to see a band on stage playing classic blues and jazz. couples on the very small dance floor. seeming to melt into each other with the rythm of the music. the music is incredible. the couch so comfortable. they look into each others eyes and kiss. long and hard. their tongues. wildly entwined in the most passionate kiss so far tonite.

They kiss for what seems forever. He can not help but move his hands up her sweet thighs, massaging up and down to the top of her stockings under her dress. and back down to the back of her knees.

Feeling herself growing more and more out of control, she reaches down to his stomach, massaging around and around it. He is driving her nuts and she wishes to do the same to him. She slides her hand down between his shirt and pants - just to get a quick feel of what she knows will be all hers soon enough. She feels the soft silk of his underwear and under it his hard throbbing member. She squeezes it for a second, and then pulls her hand back up to his shoulders, looking into his eyes with a teasing smile.

He looks into her eyes and they make out for what seems forever - passionately kissing each other as their tongues battle for position, pushing and rolling all over, around and around. He moves his hands to her shoulders and pulls her close, hugging her as if he would never see her again as they kiss.

She is taken back by his passion. Never has she felt such a real, such a wonderful kiss. Never has her loins ached for someone as much as him - with every touch of his fingers she shivers. Her body takes in all these wonderful sensations that she has not had in so long, if ever.

A waitress comes along to interrupt their passion. They are both quickly brought back to reality. He orders one huge glass of water as they continue to kiss. to the sweet jazz sax now playing a solo. He reaches up to her cheeks, looking into her eyes,kisses her softly. "You are mine now. everything you do and say is in my control. From now on you will address me as KAOS or Master or a combination of the two - nothing else. You will answer my every command. and you will do whatever it takes to please your master. UNDERSTOOD?"

She looks in his eyes and understands completely. Wait. She forgot about all those people. Okay, she wishes to stop there. Maybe if there weren't all these people around. "What about going back to your place?" she pleads.

"No. I want to see your ass right now. Stand up," he commands. She stands before him, looking into his eyes, and he tells her to turn around. "Turn around and face the band at the front of the room."

She stands up to face the band.

She can't believe what he is asking of her and is so afraid what he might tell her to do next.

"Bend over in front of me. and hike up your dress, with all these people watching," he commands. She is not sure she can go through with it - how humiliating... She looks over to him, beckoning him with her eyes. Oh god, this can't be happening, she thinks, but some strange impulse in her decides she better obey.

Yes, this can't be happening. she thinks. you know what?? She doesn't wanna obey. But instead, she decides to leave, hoping he'll follow her behind, wondering how angry this will make him. She is so hot and so wet yet decides to gamble that he will follow her.

He is enraged as he sees her bend over then walk out. She smiles back at him beckoning him to follow. He just sits there. disappointed at his new found one. He feels an ache in his heart and a more intense ache in his loins.

Yes he will follow her and. He will catch her. and her humiliation will be ten fold.

He heads to the entrance of the bar and watches as she half heartily tries to hail a cab, all the while looking back to see if he has followed.

She ponders the thought of going back in and begging him to forgive as she tries to hail a cab. All of them that pass by are occupied - the busy hour for cabbies driving all the rude, miserable and horny drunk people home. She looks back to the bar again, hoping to see him running out after her.

He watches as three drunk horny college guys approach her. "Hey baby. How much for a blow job?" he hears one of them slur as the others laugh and cheer him on. The loud one of the group walks up to her and grabs her tits. He watches as she slaps him on the face. "Oh, you like it rough huh baby," the drunken idiot slurs as his friends close in surrounding her. He sees her desperately look to the door of the bar again.

She is terrified. What can she do? she thinks to herself. She tries to run back to the doorway of the bar and feels two pairs of hands grab her, holding her back. "You're coming home with us baby," she hears the mouth again and feels a hand grope her ass.

He decides she has had enough and grabs the bouncer away from the blonde with fake tits that the big meathead is hitting on, pointing to the door. The bouncer notices the activity outside. following him out.

Kaos walks up and grabs her away from the drunken pervs. He pulls her away and pushes her lightly back toward the bar door. then approaches the loud one in the group. "Didn't your mother teach you any manners," he says.

"She's a slut and was asking for it," the idiot replies.

Kaos reaches down and grabs the guys nuts. "Just like you were asking for this right?" The loudmouth strains up on his tip toes and begins to say something. Kaos puts his free hand to his lips. shhhhh. and whispers into the guys ear, "You have sorely mistaken a very beautiful woman dressed up sexy for her man. I will forgive you. Now go back to your dorm and smoke a bowl or whack off. Don't make me have to call an ambulance for you and your brothers Darrell and Darrell here. Understand?"

"Yes, umm sorry mister," the idiot stammers, relieved of the clenching fist around his balls. They start to scurry off. and Kaos yells to them "WAIT!".

He looks back to her, and she looks forgivingly to him. He motions his finger for her to come to him.

She is grateful for him saving her from these drunken idiots. and swiftly glides over to him. He whispers something in her ear, and she looks into his eyes dreadfully. She feels like she is going to cry.

Kaos smiles a little smirk and watches as she turns her back to the horny pervert college boys and slowly bends over, her eyes fixated on her lovely man. She reaches down to grab her ankles and slowly works her hands up her lower legs, and up her thighs and slowly, teasingly, hiking her skirt, exposing her buttocks and thong to three very eager pairs of eyes. He nods approvingly and she quickly stands back up trying to regain her dignity. She buries her head in his chest and he pulls her close.

"Now get out of here!" He says to the college boys.

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