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The Model
by Leslie

I was working in a restaurant at night while attending art classes during the day. Art was everything to me. I could spend hours sketching still life, landscapes and people. I was in the graduate program at UC Riverside after my graduation from San Francisco State. The program was tough. It challenged everyone to bring out the inner talent they might possess. We were taught to use the left side of our brains for the maximum in artistic flair. Our instructors seemed to think that my work in pencil and charcoal was my best.

The anatomy class was just beginning to fill up that morning. We had only one model for the three-hour class and two short breaks. Today we would be concentrating on the torso, a front view. I had been drawing from models for so many years. I usually saw them just as figures and not so much as people. The professor introduced us to Helen, the model for today, and we gave her a small round of applause. It brought back memories that flooded my mind. Being a model might not seem to be hard work, but it is. Part of my upper division requirement was to sit as a model a few times to see art from another perspective. I was apprehensive at first, but it really turned out great. It is amazing how difficult it is to hold a position for 45 minutes at a time.

The first time I posed was for a sketch class of freshmen. I was dressed in an old west outfit complete with a gun belt and gun. I thought it was pretty cool stuff. The drawings of me for the most part were o.k. Only a few caught anywhere near what I consider my "essence". The second time I posed was for a class of seniors, and this one was a lot tougher. Some of the people in the class knew me quite well and had been in other classes with me. The difficult part was that I was to be in the nude. I was the first selected to pose nude. I knew the others would eventually have to experience it for themselves, but it didn't make it any easier for me.

When the day came, I was apprehensive. I took a long shower. I trimmed my pubic hair, shaved my legs and underarms. I applied my make up more carefully and dried my hair with care. I went to class and spoke to the instructor. He was very matter-of-fact about my assignment for the day and showed me to the dressing room. The instructor came in and told me to just relax. He told me that all artists need a different perspective in the art world from time to time and that this was just another exercise. I thanked him and asked him what I should do. He told me to remove my clothes and put on the robe hanging behind the door and he would wait outside and take me into the class for introductions. As I disrobed, I caught a view of myself in the mirrored wall. I was in good shape. At 5'8" and 126 lbs., I had sleek lines and curves where curves should be.

My breasts were full and firm and moved in a sultry way as I gazed at my reflection. I put on the cotton robe and felt it brushing against my skin making me aware that my nipples were somewhat erect. I was just realizing that this was getting me a little excited. I tried to relax by closing my eyes and breathing slowly. The instructor knocked and said, "All right Leslie, it's show time!"

I got up and went into the classroom. I was introduced to the class (even though half of them knew who I was). I was then explained the pose by the professor and went up onto the short pedestal. I took a deep breath and removed my robe. I posed for all I was worth. I looked at the eyes of the would-be artists. They seemed oblivious to my nudity. I thought that would make it easier for me but it didn't. I felt dampness between my legs and my nipples began to harden. I'm sure it was noticed but if it was, I hope it was appreciated. Then I saw Renee.

She was looking at me without that "detached" look the others had plastered all over their faces. She was looking at me as a person, not an object. It wasn't obvious, but it was evident. I looked at her eyes and she met my glance. She was intent on her work, but she seemed "soft" and very "inward". I was very curious about how others viewed my form and how that would be translated to the canvas. After class, I put on my robe and walked amongst the sketches. Many of them were technically well drawn. Some were not. A few were more sensual in appearance than others and it made me feel good about what I had just done and about my body.

Then I came to Renee's sketch. It was awesome. I felt a little flush go to my cheeks as I stared at the drawing. It was beautiful. It was sensual, with a quality of sexuality that caused me to shiver slightly. "How do you like it?" came a voice from behind me. I

turned to see Renee standing about 4 feet behind me. "I love it. But it makes me feel... a little naked." I explained that, "Yes, I was naked in all the other sketches, but this one seems so real and so sensual. I can't believe that it's me."

"Oh, It's you all right," said Renee. "The reason that it looks so sensual is that is how I saw you. You are sensual. You have beautiful lines, beautiful skin and nice muscle tone."

I was really blushing now, getting a compliment like that from another woman, especially a beautiful one, was an odd feeling. She asked me how many times I had posed in the nude. I told her that this was my first time. She couldn't believe it. She thought I looked so natural up there. Then she added, "except for the 10 minutes or so that your nipples were erect, you looked very comfortable."

I was only slightly shocked by her statement because I knew it was true. She said she had posed many times and each time it was a turn-on for her. But she has seen so many naked bodies and tried to capture their essence each time, that usually it was just another class. "But today was different," she said, "you were strikingly beautiful and I couldn't just look at you as an art object."

She asked me if I would like to grab a cup of coffee and I said "sure". I turned and walked toward the dressing room and I noticed that she was walking with me. I know that she had just seen me in the nude for 45 minutes, but it seemed a little odd. I entered the room and she came along. She sat in the armchair along the sidewall and seemed not to be paying attention to me at all. I slid the robe off my shoulders and started to dress. I caught her reflection in the mirror, gazing at my nakedness and tried to continue as though I didn't notice.

We went to a small coffee shop 2 blocks off campus. We exchanged some small talk about art and the class. It was really pleasant. I noticed how lovely she was. She almost matched me in height. Her figure was thinner than mine. I guess you might say that she was "smaller boned" than me. But she was very feminine and quick to smile. She had a "hippie" quality about her.

I was rubbing my shoulder unconsciously from time to time during our conversation. I certainly didn't notice, but Renee did. She said," Is your shoulder bothering you?"

I said, "I don't know, it just seems a little tight. It must be from the pose with my arm up in the air like that. Isn't that silly?" She stood up and came around to my side of the table and proceeded to stroke the muscles in my upper arm and shoulder with an obviously practiced touch. She knew just where to put pressure and how much. Her hands were strong and sure.

I murmured, "HMM...that feels good."

She said, "Your shoulders are really tight. It's not just this mornings posing. You really need a massage."

"I sure do," I said. "It's been a long time since I could afford one. I was given one as a gift for my 21st birthday and it was wonderful."

Renee looked at me from across the table as she sat down and said, "Well, what time would be convenient?"

I said, "For What?"

She replied, "Your massage, you poor thing." Then she explained that she was a certified massage therapist and had graduated from a Massage School in Santa Monica. She gave massages as often as necessary to help pay her school tuition. "This one will be on the house for you." "If you've got the time, I've got the hands."

I was taken aback at first and tried to decline, saying that she was too busy and I was also. "Nonsense", she replied. "How about right now. Come on over to my place. The table is all set up and I live only 5 minutes from here. And believe me, I'm good and you can use it." I tried again to deflect her offer, but I lost in the end and we headed for her apartment. When we arrived, I noticed that the apartment was light and airy. It had a clean smattering of utilitarian furniture in the living room and a nice kitchen and dining area as well.

She excused herself to go into the bathroom to wash up. When she returned, she had changed into a leotard that was cut high up on the hips and had a somewhat plunging neckline that showed the swelling of her rounded breasts. She looked like she was a dancer that didn't have an ounce of fat on her. I said, "Wow, how do you keep yourself in shape like that? Do you have any body fat at all?" She smiled and said that nature had been good to her, but the 2-hour workouts, 3 days a week plus the 4-5 massages a week she gave kept her figure in check. She told me to come into the other room with her. There were 2 bedrooms, and one of them was set up for massage. It had a massage table in the middle and some end tables with oils and little massage tools on one and a cassette player and some tapes on the other. She said that I could change in the bathroom and put the big towel around me and come out. Rene explained that if I wanted to take a quick shower before the massage that might be a good idea. I went into the bathroom and took off my clothes and folded them and stacked them in the corner. I wrapped the towel around me and was about to go to the other room, when I decided that it would be a good idea to take a quick shower first.

I pulled back the curtains and climbed in. It didn't take long for the water to be just the right temperature. It felt good as the shower water hit off my chest and rolled down my body. I grabbed the soap and applied some to my arms and sides. Then I continued on to my hips, thighs and legs. I was soaping my breasts and feeling the nice light stinging of the water on my nipples when I realized that I might be taking too long in there. I heard Renee say, "Are you all right in there?" and then she was in the bathroom. She said, "Turn around, let me get your back". I turned and she soaped my back and her hand ran down onto my buttocks. She rubbed my lower back and butt smoothly and surely. Then she turned me around so that I could wash the soap off. She shut off the water and backed up so that I could get out.

She handed me a towel. As I was drying my face, I felt another towel drying my back and the back of my legs. Her hand slipped off the towel and came in contact with the back of my thigh and I shuddered a little. "O.K. let's go get rubbed, we've been scrubbed." I followed her into the massage room. She asked me to loosen my towel and climb onto the table face down with my head in the head support that jutted out past one end of the table. While I was doing this, she was putting some soft music that just seemed to have "sounds of nature" on it. There was the soft breaking of waves, some sea gull sounds, and a little breeze through the trees sounds. It was beautiful and peaceful. These were sounds that could help anyone relax.

Renee took the towel that was draped on my back and folded it down my back so that it was just on my rear. Renee stood at the top of the table and squeezed some aromatherapy oils into her hands. She rubbed her hands vigorously to warm them and then started working her magic on my back. Her practiced strokes were sure, warm and professional. She worked every muscle in my back and shoulders for the next 25 minutes and I thought that I had died and gone to heaven. She used her elbows, her forearms, the heels of her hands and her strong fingers to push and mold my muscles. She then moved down to the backs of my legs. She did the same intense muscle work on my legs, taking each leg and each part of each leg in order and with precision. She removed the towel from my buttocks and laid it on the chair in the corner. She then gave me what I can only call, a "butt massage". Her hands and fingers pushed, rubbed and kneaded the large muscles. Her hands were strong and sure. She moved my legs slightly apart so the she could work on the rear inner thigh area. It was so relaxing, yet stimulating. Her hands were so close to my vagina. Was I arching my back? Was I wriggling on the table, hoping that her hand just might slip and touch me between my legs? I tried not to think about it.

Just then she spoke. "Turn over please." I was weary from her strong yet gently sensual touch. I slowly turned over. She removed the headrest from the edge of the table and put more oils into her palms. I suddenly felt naked again. She must have sensed my nervousness and said, "Just relax. Try to keep your breathing as normal as possible. I am going to do you shoulders, chest and stomach now. She began with a strong and sure stroke right down the middle of my body. It started at my neck and went straight down, between my breasts, all the way to my lower stomach area. It was very sensual. Then her hands took an outward move to my sides and started back up toward my shoulders. Her hands moved up and brushed the sides of my breasts and then onto my shoulders. There she made a circular motion and proceeded again down the middle.

"Breathe naturally, please." I did notice that I wasn't breathing in long deep breaths, they had become shorter and not in any particular pattern. I think I only took deep breaths when she was touching me in a way that I felt was sensual. Renee then started to massage my upper chest area just above my breasts. The circular movement of her hands made my breasts move back and forth. That movement made me so aware of my sensuality, that was scary. She spoke to me softly over the beautiful music, but I really didn't hear what she said.

Her hands moved downward a few inches and were starting to massage the tops of my breasts without coming in contact with my already erect nipples. She stroked the sides of them and then in between them. It was heavenly. Her hand just slightly slid across one nipple and I jumped a little. "Relax and enjoy," she said. Then Renee stroked my nipples and pinched them into total erectness. I squirmed and moaned. I kept my eyes closed because I couldn't believe what was happening.

She massaged my breasts for a few minutes and then I felt something different. She had bent over and was licking and sucking, ever so gently, one nipple and then the other. Her hand snaked down my stomach and began to massage it in circles. Her hand went a little lower and came into contact with my mound. Her fingertips played with the top most edge of my pubic hair and played a circular pattern that made me cry out in anticipation. She kept nibbling at my chest as her fingers curled down and clutched my very, very wet vagina. Her fingers toyed with my pussy lips and rubbed my clitoris. She then flicked my clit and then pushed 2 fingers inside me. I came right then. Her pressure was strong but knowing.

She pumped her fingers in and out of my wet pussy until I screamed again with another orgasm. Her thumb put pressure to my clit with each stoke of her fingers. She glided around the table and pushed at my legs until my knees were half flexed and moved her face down to the center of my being. Her tongue was hot, strong and knew what to do. She chewed, nibbled and flicked her tongue inside me until I exploded for a third time. With one hand she reached up and fondled my left breast and with the fingers of the other hand, she started to probe my asshole. Finally she pushed inside my anus as well. I though I was going to faint, but instead I came again and again in waves. She lifted her face as I opened my eyes for the first time in over 1/2 an hour and said...."you are delicious". "So are you, I replied."

She let me lie there for about 5 minutes while she cleaned up and straighten up the room. When I got up, my legs were weak. She came over and kissed me on the mouth and her tongue darted in past my teeth. She was the sexiest person I had ever met. I slumped back into a seated position on the table. I tentatively touched her breast through the leotard. She slid off the shoulder straps and pulled my face to her. I let my tongue circle her nipples and then gently sucked on each one. She was so soft. She was so beautiful. My first taste of another woman's pussy was electric. She smelled of patchouli and sex. I lost myself to lust and sensuality with a beautiful woman.

I'll never forget that first time with Renee. We were lovers for almost 2 years after that day. When she moved away to care for her aging mother, I was heartbroken. But she left me with the memory that every time we made love it was wonderful. She taught me a lot about love and sensuality. For that I will be eternally grateful.


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