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The Movies
by Kre8tor

"God, how I hate going to the movies alone." I thought as I handed the girl behind the window a twenty dollar bill, and took the ticket and change. It had been 3 weeks since Melissa and I had broken up, and I just couldn't make myself feel comfortable with another woman.

I had tried dating the girl from customer service Carla, but she was shallow, and I didn't have much fun, besides all I could think about was Melissa. Then I thought, "it probably wasn't much fun for Carla either."

Anyway, here I was, Friday, alone, going to see Autumn Sonata, at the Athenaeum. I didn't dare be seen at the cineplex, going to a movie alone. The Athenaeum was a safe bet, very few people came here, and those who did weren't treating it as some social function. The odds of running into anyone I knew here were quite low. The other nice thing about the Athenaeum was that they only played art type films, none of the glossy Hollywood stuff that filled the multiplex theaters. Besides there were always plenty of empty seats, and with the lights down, I probably wouldn't be seen by anybody at all.

I stopped at the snack bar, got a Coke and a Snickers candy bar, and headed into the theater to find my seat. The movie would start in about 5 minutes, but the place was almost empty. There were a few people scattered around, but no more than ten or twelve, and as I moved down to about the tenth row center screen I wondered how they can even open the doors with this small of a crowd, and then I remembered that the Athenaeum operated on grants from patrons and from the federal government.

I took a sip of my Coke, and setting it on the floor next to me, I settled back to enjoy the movie that was just starting. The lights went down, and the screen flickered with images of Liv Ulhman in a monologue in Swedish, about her husband, and her Mother. Although in Swedish with subtitles, I quickly found himself so engrossed with the power that Ingmar Bergman and Ingrid Bergman bought to the screen, that I hardly noticed at first the couple that had sat right beside me.

The woman sat next to me, and wore a dark colored skirt with a slit that would show just enough leg to get my attention, and a lighter colored sweater that was open at the neck and unbuttoned down to show just a glimpse of lacy bra. The man with her sat on her other side, and seemed to be a little agitated, unable to sit still, until finally she said under her breath "stop it!" and with that he seemed to settle in a little bit. in his seat, only to start up fidgeting again in about two minutes. I thought for a moment that it was strange that they would sit so close, but I passed it off with "it's a free country," and they are the best seats in the house. Besides she was quite attractive and the perfume she was wearing was Coco, the same that Melissa would wear, and I found himself getting an erection, which I found rather uncomfortable sitting in that confining seat with my jeans on. Finally they both seem to get settled, and the three of us resumed watching the movie.

After a particularly powerful scene between Liv and Ingrid at the piano, I reached down to get my Coke, and I glanced to my right to find the man had his hand up the woman's skirt, and he was stroking her naked pussy slowly and quietly. She had slid forward in her seat allowing her skirt to ride up near her hips, exposing her beautiful bush to me. I looked at her, and she had a glazed look in her eyes, and she was biting her lip and massaging her right breast through her sweater. She turned her head slightly toward me and kind of screwed up her face and making a barely audible grunt like noise I knew that she was having an orgasm, but keeping it as silent as possible. Her legs stiffened and jerked a few times, and she fell back into her seat, and made a half hearted attempt at straightening her skirt. With that she looked over at me with a with a smile that as much said we aren't through yet.

The man had sat back in his seat, and although I couldn't see him I faintly heard the sound of his zipper coming down, and she reached over into his lap to start stroking his cock. I tried to watch the movie, but couldn't keep from glancing over trying to see her stroking his cock. Her skirt was still open, and every now and then she would catch my eye, raise her eyebrows and smile, that wicked smile that someone smiles when they know they are doing something they shouldn't be doing. By this time my own cock was rock hard and straining to break through my blue jeans, and I guess she could tell by the way I was squirming that I was in some sort of distress. Because without any warning she reached over and started rubbing my throbbing bone through the cotton material of my pants.

Without a word I felt her tugging at my zipper until it was all the way down, and she was reaching inside to pull my member out to freedom. I thought how fortunate that I never wear underwear with jeans, but as soon as I had finished the thought she had my cock in her fist and was pumping it with long slow strokes. She leaned back and as I looked over I could see this gorgeous woman with her skirt hiked up around her hips showing her luscious cunt, pumping to hard cocks, one in each hand. I reached over and touched her pussy finding it wet and inviting as I slide one, then two of my fingers in, and pulling them out I would rub them on either side of her swollen clit. Taking them from her pussy, I tasted them, first just a lick, and then sucking both of them into my mouth, between the perfume, the taste of her pussy and the slow pumping of her hand was all I could take, I was going to cum. I started to lean back into my seat, and I think she understood, because she quickly! ! leaned over and took my cock into her mouth, just as I started to erupt. It was all I could do to keep from screaming as my river of hot sticky cum shot down her throat. She kept sucking to get every drop and squeezing my balls until I was dry. She took her mouth away, and quickly turned and did the same thing to her date as he was just about to cum all over himself. she took both loads in matter of seconds, and never spilled a drop.

She sat back, and straightened her skirt, and he put his cock back in his trousers, and I did likewise, and wondered if I should say something. I mustered up the courage to ask them over for drinks, but as I turned to say something, they were getting out of their seats and heading for the exit. I wondered what had just happened for a moment, and then I thought to myself to "stop analyzing it and just be glad it did." I took a sip of my Coke, and returned to the movie, not having any idea what was going on.

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