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The Mind Doctor Pt. I
by Dinghy(Jo)

Disclaimer: This piece contains adult themes, adult situations and adult language. If you are not of legal age to view adult context literature please leave this site now. It contains graphic descriptions of consensual sex between males and females, females and females, males and males and in some cases between more than two people. It is not intended to be pornographic but it could be construed as such.

All of the characters and situations depicted are 100 percent mine and a complete product of my imagination. There is no basis in scientific fact for any of the research or procedures outlined here.

The mind is the most sensual part of the human body.

I should know, I'm a medical doctor, with a degree in psychology. I specialize in hypnotherapy and delve into psychotherapy now and then. Although most of my work is research, I do take private patients, on occasion, if their problem is of a sexual nature. This thesis will document some of my research and describe a few of my patient's problems, the underlying cause, and the ultimate disposition of each case.

I operate under a very generous grant from an unnamed source. My research facilities are adjacent to the university complex and consist of a suite of offices and bedrooms that I like to call laboratories.

My staff consist of five people other than myself. Dr. Jim Woods, my senior assistant, and my three junior assistants Paul, Tom, and Carol. Ann, our receptionist/secretary completes the crew.

For purposes of brevity and for ease of writing, I will occasionally use a slang term rather than the precise medical word for a sexual act, object or part of the human anatomy. The slang terms are usually broader in range, more forgiving, more descriptive and easier to understand.

The Beginning.

Quite by accident, I discovered that through very close [intimate] personal contact I can feel and experience thoughts of a patient under hypnosis. In the same context I can also steer the patients thoughts and cause them to remember or bring to mind areas of concern that they would not tell me about on their own.

I first identified this remarkable discovery after I had hypnotized one of my young male assistants and planted a post hypnotic suggestion in his mind. The suggestion was that during intercourse or oral sex, he would not reach a climax until I touched both of his ears at the same time. I tried it during oral sex, but it didn't work because I couldn't reach his ears with his penis in my mouth. As a lark, I tried it the other way around and caused him to have a climax while he was licking my pussy.

It is important for you to know that this male assistant, Paul, was chosen for both his academic achievements and his physical attributes. At that time he was still doing postgraduate work at the University. He was very tall and handsome but his main attribute was a nine inch penis. This was very handy when dealing with female patients. [I didn't mind it either.]

The big revelation came while we were having sex as part of our research. I was trying to prove that, under the right circumstances and with the proper "handling," a man can have multiple orgasms without any significant recuperative period between episodes.

After his initial orgasm (mentioned above) I started by giving him a most sensual massage. My hands expertly caressed and massaged his body with special attention to his testicles and penis. When he was completely "alert" I took him in my mouth again. There was no response to this beyond a few drops of precum and a lot of moaning on his part. I slid his cock in and out of my mouth, sucked, licked and carassed without avail. I abandoned this after about 10 minutes with no results. Just to be sure that his earlier climax had not been a "fluke" I had him spend 15 more minutes performing cunnilngus on me. (Although this didn't work either I felt that it was definitely time well spent.) When I felt that he was sufficiently prepared, I lay down on the bed and spread my legs to allow him access to my pussy. In trying to please his professor he was slow and careful as he entered me. He needn't have bothered because my vaginal juices were flowing and I was well lubricated. He began to pick up the pace and in just a short time he was deep inside of me, plunging in-and-out, but unable to reach the climax that he so diligently sought. He had been at it for 20 minutes or more. I was enjoying this aspect of the test and had already climaxed several times myself.

I was holding back touching his ears to insure that my post hypnotic suggestion was really working. I began to get an uneasy feeling in my mind that he was becoming frustrated at his inability to successfully concluded this encounter. He was perspiring profusely and was stroking harder and harder with each minute. My hands which had been clasped around his back slowly worked their way up until I touched his ears. His entire body stiffened and I felt a huge gush of semen shoot deep inside of me. At the same time I was overtaken by the most intense orgasm that I had ever experienced in my life.

I suddenly understood that I was experiencing both his orgasm and mine!

His entire body was shuddering and I realized that I still had a death grip on his ears. When I released them he collapsed with his penis still buried deep in me. As he lay there gasping for breath, his thoughts became eminently clear to my mind. He was thinking how much he had enjoyed this session and how he wished that each of his encounters could be as satisfying. He was quite proud of his staying power and would love to be able to carry this ability forward into his personal life.

I noticed that his penis had just begun to wilt, so as part of the experiment, I reached up and touched his ears again. The result was far more than I had expected! His penis began to stiffen, it pulsed, he climaxed, and I again experienced his orgasm. I couldn't help myself, I touched him again and again until I was far beyond the bounds of research, well into the realm of personal gratification and my pussy was overflowing with his semen.

We were both lying there, too spent to move. Even his thoughts were sluggish. I toyed with the idea of touching his ears again but decided against it. Then, I got the definite impression from his thoughts that as enjoyable as it was, he couldn't do it again and that his penis was tender.

He slowly got up and disengaged himself from me. When I offered to orally take care of the cleaning up he backed away from me with his hands covering his privates. After three or four steps backwards he broke and ran for the toilet. He emerged fully dressed after a few minutes and was a little more composed. I released him from his post hypnotic suggestion and although it was only 11 a.m., told him he could have the rest of the day off.

I knew that he had a date that night with one of the local girls that was considered a "hot" fox, so before he left, with his permission, I rehypnotized him and planted the suggestion that, for the next few days, it would take about 20 minutes of intense sexual intercourse for him to reach a climax. I felt that it was the least I could do for both him and his date and besides it would expand our research outside of the laboratory.

I cleaned the cum dripping from my pussy and watched him leave the office from the bathroom window. I noticed, as he walked across the parking lot that his gait was slower, his shoulders were sagging a little and his step was missing the usual spring and bounce.

I thought about what had happened and wondered if I could expand my newfound discovery beyond Paul. I couldn't wait to try it out the next day on one of my other research assistants. I thought of Carol and smiled.

I assume that will be the next entry in this log.

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