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The Mind Doctor Pt. II
by Dinghy(Jo)

Disclaimer: This piece contains adult themes, adult situations and adult language. If you are not of legal age to view adult context literature please leave this site now. It contains graphic descriptions of consensual sex between males and females, females and females, males and males and in some cases between more than two people. It is not intended to be pornographic but it could be construed as such.

All of the characters and situations depicted are 100 percent mine and a complete product of my imagination. There is no basis in scientific fact for any of the research or procedures outlined here.

In order to understand the basic principles of this piece you must first read part 1, "The Beginning."

Paul's Story

I was wrong.

The next entry in the log concerns Paul and his date later, on the same afternoon that I had given him the post hypnotic suggestion that he would only be able to reach a sexual climax after 20 minutes or so of intense intercourse.

When he arrived at work the following day he couldn't wait to relate the following story to me. Most of this is in his own words.

I was so tired when I left here yesterday that I intended to go back to my apartment and have a nap before my date. The apartment pool looked so cool and inviting that I opted for a quick dip before my nap. I lay face down on one of the chaise lounges to catch some rays and was asleep in seconds.

I awoke to find a heavenly pair of hands applying lotion to my back. Then a second pair started doing the same to my legs. It was Bambi, who was to be my date later that evening, and her roommate Buffy. (They live in the same apartment complex as I do.) The hands on my legs went a little higher with every rub until they were touching my balls through my suit at the top of each stroke. I didn't know how aroused I was until Bambi asked me to turn over. I was a little embarrassed to find that my cock was sticking out of the top of my bathing suit. It didn't seem to bother Bambi though, she just kept on rubbing the oil on my chest. Buffy, on the other hand, working on my legs took advantage of her position at my feet to give my balls and my dick a good squeeze through my bathing suit. She readjusted my pecker so that it was hidden by the suit but anyone could see how hard I was just by the bulge.

The way the girls were dressed didn't help either. They both wore identical string bikinis, but in different colors. Bambi, tall and slender, with her natural blond hair cut in a pageboy bob was wearing an orange color that complemented her model-like figure, while Buffy, a little shorter but very voluptuous, with long brown hair, wore a pastel green that brought out the natural highlights in her olive skin. The little triangles of cloth that made up the bra top barely covered her nipples.

I was really enjoying the attention when, without warning, my stomach began to growl.

"Oh, you poor thing, Are you hungry?" It was well after 2 o'clock, so I answered, "Yes, I haven't had any thing since breakfast."

"Come up to our apartment and let's see if we can find something to eat."

Ha! I thought they meant food!

On the way up to their apartment in the elevator, Buffy kept backing into me and rubbing her ass against my erection. The moment we got inside, Bambi went off into another room, I assumed to fix something to eat. Buffy turned around, grabbed the waist band of my bathing suit and pulled it down around my ankles. On her knees in front of me, she gobbled in my dick in like a hungry horse might eat an apple. I had my back against the door while I looked down and watched her mouth slipping back and forth over my cock and her hands playing magic on my balls and ass.

Bambi reappeared at the door to her bedroom, completely nude, and called for us to join her. Buffy got to her feet, and, using my cock as a handle, slowly led me towards the bedroom. On the way I stepped out of my bathing trunks and flip-flops. Bambi was stretched out on her back in the middle of the bed, completely nude, her legs spread wide. One hand was massaging her breasts and the other hand held a vibrator deep in her pussy. Buffy immediately released me and dove into bed on her hands and knees to bury her face in Bambi's crotch. This left her ass sticking up in the air facing me, so I did what came naturally and stuck my cock in her wet pussy. I started slowly but soon was banging away. I don't know how long I pounded at her like that. I know that at one point I took hold of her hips and was sliding her back and forth on my cock while I stood still. I remember that she was moaning a lot. I became aware that Bambi had gotten out of bed and was massaging, caressing and fondling my balls. After Buffy's third or fourth climax she was just lying there moaning continuously. When I finally came, it was with such a rush that I felt weak and I thought I was going to pass out.

The next thing I remember was waking up in Bambi's bed with her nursing on my completely deflated cock. I realized that her hair was wet and that she must have showered. Buffy was nowhere to be seen so I assumed that she was bathing.

"MMMMMM you've been asleep for a long time big boy. After what you did to Buffy she may sleep for days."

"I had better get going if I'm going to clean up and get ready for our date tonight."

"Not on your life! I want some of what you gave Buffy, and I want it now!"

This was not at all objectionable to me, especially since she was still playing with my dick and had managed to nurse it back to its proper working state and size. Without another word, she straddled my legs and slid upward until her pussy was in contact with my cock. It was fully erect and laying against my stomach. Without actually putting it in her she let the lips of her pussy engulf its shaft and was sliding back and forth on it. I was really enjoying this when she stopped, rose up a little, and guiding it with her hand poised it directly below her pussy. She slowly lowered herself onto me until it was completely embedded in her.

Then began the ride. She slid up and down until she came, she slid back and forth until she came, she slid it in and out until she came, she bucked like she was riding a horse until she came and finally collapsed on top of me. I pushed her over on her back and with me between her legs in the missionary position, I fucked her until we both came. When I rolled off of her, she was as limp as a rag doll, her fingers and toes were curled up and her eyes were rolled back into her head. She was moaning and mumbling incoherently and I couldn't get her to make any sense at all.

I went into her bathroom and took a shower. When I returned she was sitting on the edge of the bed, bent over from the waist with her head bowed almost between her legs. "Oh my God, I guess I did ask for it! I've never had it like that before. My pussy is so tender that I couldn't touch it with a powder puff. You go away and let me sleep, PLEASE."

It was only seven o'clock in the evening but for some reason I was dead tired. I went out, grabbed a big Mac and went home to bed. This morning Buffy called and wanted to know if I could drop by this evening after work. She said she had some friends that she wanted me to meet.

"Before I leave tonight, can you re-implant that same post hypnotic suggestion in me?"

I did, but have I created a monster.

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