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The Mind Doctor Pt. III
by Dinghy(Jo)

Disclaimer: This piece contains adult themes, adult situations and adult language. If you are not of legal age to view adult context literature please leave this site now. It contains graphic descriptions of consensual sex between males and females, females and females, males and males and in some cases between more than two people. It is not intended to be pornographic but it could be construed as such.

All of the characters and situations depicted are 100 percent mine and a complete product of my imagination. There is no basis in scientific fact for any of the research or procedures outlined here.

In order to understand the basic principles of this piece you must first read part 1, "The Beginning" and part 2 "Paul's Story."

Dr. Jim Woods

"I want to have sex with you!"

These words came from Dr. Jim Woods, my senior assistant, when I walked into the office this morning. At 48 years of age he was more than 15 years older than me. He had in his hand the lab notes from the last few days including Paul's story. I didn't find having sex with him objectionable and in fact had been looking forward to it, but in my own time and under the right circumstances. I was also somewhat taken aback because I always thought he was gay.

He was a small man, about 5 ft 6 in, perhaps 140 lbs. He was so handsome as to be almost pretty. He kept his little Van Dyke beard trimmed to perfection. I knew that he was fastidious about his personal hygiene and his appearance. He spent a lot of time in the gym and was in perfect shape. Although we had little contact outside of the office I had never known him to associate with any women. He was the only one of my staff that had not been chosen for his sexual attributes or prowess.

"What brought this on?" I asked.

"I've been reading about your experiment with Paul, and what happened to him later on that afternoon. I must say that I envy him and would like to try some of that myself. I also think that it could be a worthwhile chapter in your experiments."

I assured him that we would do this sometime soon, but he appeared a bit disgruntled when he left.

I bumped into him in the coffee room later that morning. He was obviously upset as he washed his cup and prepared to leave the room without speaking to me.

"OKAY Jim, my office, 15 minutes." I was still boss and this was my project.

I met him at the door of my office and ushered him into one of the chairs in front of my desk. "Okay Jim, what's the problem?"

"This is very embarrassing" he began. "All my life I have suffered from extreme early ejaculation. I am erect almost all the time except just for a few minutes after I ejaculate. I can't date women because I cum in my pants if one touches me. I have to jack-off before I come to work just to keep myself from cuming when I get too close to either you or Carol. I often do it again at lunchtime just to keep me through the rest of the day. This morning was the clincher. Even after masturbating before I left home, I came in my pants twice while reading Paul report. The main reason I took this job was to see if I could overcome this problem. Since I've been here it has only gotten worse. I need your help."

He looks so dejected sitting there with his head down and his face in his hands that I went over to him and put my arms around his shoulders.

His head shot up and his entire body stiffened then shuddered. "Oh my God, now see what you've done."

I couldn't help but notice the wet spot that had begun to appear in the crotch of his pants. "Okay Jim, go to the Rose laboratory, take off your clothes, and I'll be there in a few minutes. Do you want me or Carol?"

"I would prefer you, Carol is young enough to be my daughter."

I wondered what difference that made since he obviously got aroused when he was near her, but I let it slide. I let the rest of the staff know that Jim and I would be in "conference" for a while and not to bother us. When I went into the bedroom, Jim was sitting on the bed, nude, but with a towel wrapped around his waist. I could tell that he was still erect.

My first inclination was to ask him some questions about his sexual history, but in his state I was afraid that I would cause him even more discomfort. I decided to hypnotize him first and then delve into his sexual past. Under hypnosis I found that he had never had sex with anything other than his hand. He was not gay and was not attracted to men at all. I left him with the post hypnotic suggestion that he would be able to have sexual intercourse like most normal men and that he usually would not climax until his female partner did.

I brought him out of his hypnotic state, told him what I had implanted in his mind and asked him if he would like to try it. He nodded yes but I could see that he did not believe it. I sat down beside him on the bed and removed the towel. His penis was a good 7 inches and totally erect. When I caressed it with my hand he gasped and his eyes rolled back in his head but he did not reach a climax or ejaculate. I put my mouth around him and couldn't help but think that this was a 48 year old virgin. No other mouth had ever sucked his cock and no pussy had ever felt it plunge deep inside. I gave a little grunt of satisfaction and almost immediately he moaned and squirted his cum into my mouth. There wasn't a lot but considering that he had already climaxed four times that day, (and it wasn't even noon yet) there was a lot more than I had expected.

"I guess my post hypnotic suggestion didn't take" I said.

He was very defensive. "Why not? I heard you cum!"

For a sex researcher he was very naive. "OKAY, lets try it again after lunch, but please don't jack-off in the meantime."

I met him back in the Rose bedroom at 2:00. He was completely clothed and I noticed that he was wearing his customary lab coat. Now I knew why he always wore it, the coat hid his ever present erection. I had had him sit on the bed while I reinforced the hypnotic suggestion with the added proviso that he must be absolutely sure that his partner had reached her climax before he did.

I helped him off with his lab coat and could see the bulge in his trousers. When he completely disrobed his penis stood out, long and straight. He wouldn't look at me as I took my clothes off. He seemed very self-conscious and ill at ease. I had to sympathize with him when I thought that his first time would be a clinical fuck rather than an act of love. I wanted to make it as pleasant as possible for him.

We lay in the bed with a light sheet over us, embracing each other. I kissed him on the lips and let my hand stray to brush against his breast. Slowly, I let my mouth wander down until I was able to take his right nipple in my mouth. My hand continued down until I came in contact with his very hard penis. His eyes were closed and his body went rigid when I began to fondle and caress his cock and testicles. I had to physically take his hand and put it on my breast to make him feel my hard little nipples.

Slowly and carefully I led him through the steps of seduction. Gentle, sensual massaging and kissing soon had me as interested as he was. I mounted him and slowly let my pussy completely engulf his rigid cock. He opened his eyes and looked at me. I smiled and kissed him, not a clinical kiss but rather something that I very much enjoyed. Unusual shutters ran through my body when I stuck my tongue in his mouth and felt his cock deep in my pussy. My up and down motion was very slow and rhythmic and his shaft rubbing against my clitoris was heavenly. I was enjoying this as much, if not more than he was. The feeling of ecstasy began to overtake me and within just three or four minutes I was on the brink of an orgasm.

I kissed him again and that was all that took. The beginning of my climax trigered his and through the melding of our minds I had one of the most intense orgasm I have ever experienced. I lowered my cheek onto his chest as I continued to pump up-and-down very slowly, enjoying every stroke. I could feel my cum running out of my pussy and all over him. Without speaking a word, he knew what happened. I had been rewarded by his own hot love deep inside of me.

I have fucked and been fucked many times, both for enjoyment and as part of my research project, but none had ever left me quite as completely satisfied as this.

I felt his penis wilt inside of me and thought that he was asleep (or had passed out). When I rolled off of him and lay flay on my back, he rolled toward me and kissed me again. Not as a colleague, not as a patient, but as a lover.

He nuzzled close against my ear and whispered "Thank you, I didn't know it could be so good!"

Neither did I.

I could feel his cock growing against my hip so we did it again, and then again. (Three times more in all, in three different positions.) He was remarkable, just a few minutes rest and he was completely recharged. It was one of the most enjoyable afternoons I ever spent.

Now as part of our program Jim and I have private meetings every Tuesday afternoon and he has almost overcome his problem. Best of all his stamina hasn't faltered. My next step is to teach him the joys of cunnilngus and fellatio. It may take a few years to train him completely.

We often do out for dinner on Friday or Saturday night. For dessert we usually go back to either his house or mine.

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