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The Mind Doctor Pt. IV
by Dinghy(Jo)

Disclaimer: This piece contains adult themes, adult situations and adult language. If you are not of legal age to view adult context literature please leave this site now. It contains descriptions of consensual sex between males and females, females and females, males and males and in some cases between more than two people. It is not intended to be pornographic but it could be construed as such.

All of the characters and situations depicted are 100 percent mine and a complete product of my imagination. There is no basis in scientific fact for any of the research Or procedures outlined here.

In order to understand the basic principles of this piece you must first read part 1, "The Beginning."

Raul Martinex

He's getting too much sex!

This was my diagnosis after my first meeting with Raul Martinez. Raul was a 31 year old unemployed tennis pro. (I thought he was a gigolo.) He had been recently married to Alicia Mendoza, heir to the Mendoza real-estate/shopping center fortune. They were both second generation Cuban Americans.

Alicia's father had been a successful doctor in Cuba. In the early 70's he and his new wife escaped the Castro regime and emigrated to Miami where he prospered, multiplied and became very successful in real-estate. The family holdings consisted of a vast array of apartments, four large office buildings and two shopping centers. Alicia was the only member of the family active in the day-to-day operation of this empire. She had taken over the reigns of the business last year after her father suffered a fatal heart attack.

Alicia and Raul lived in the Mendoza estate with her 41 year old invalid mother, Maria, her mother's 35 year old maiden sister, Victoria Lopez, and Alicia's 18 year old sister, Lidia.

Alica and Raul had only been married a few months when she brought him to me because he was listless and often unable to perform sexually.

Under hypnosis, Raul wouldn't tell me anything but I got the underlying feeling that, whatever his problem was, he was ashamed of it. I decided that the only way that I could find out what was wrong was to get into his mind through the process I called "internal joining." The first step was to implant the post hypnotic suggestion that he wanted to have sex with me.

[Clinical note; a person will not do anything under hypnosis that they wouldn't do when completely awake. Under hypnosis you can remove some of the inhibitions that would normally bar a person from doing a particular activity.]

The moment I brought Raul out of his hypnotic state he began his subconsious "courtship" of me. He puffed out his chest, preened, strutted and ran his hands through his long, black, wavy hair. He was a handsome devil and he knew it. On a pretext of examining a tattoo on his arm I ran my hands over his shoulders. He immediately stripped off his shirt to show me another on his back. I could tell he was very proud of these "works of art" so I made the proper OH and AH sounds. I couldn't help but notice that there was already a bulge appearing in his pants.

I had broken the ice, so he did not object when I told him that I needed to do a complete physical examination of his body. I slipped into the other room and quickly removed my panties from underneath my mini skirt while he disrobed. [I never wear a bra.] When I returned, he was sitting on the examination table with his hands self-consciously covering his privates. To ease his discomfort I started by examining other parts of his body. I noticed that his erection had subsided somewhat. Then, I had him lay, face up, on the examining table with his hands by his side.

Although I pretended to be examining him, and I was in truth caressing his torso and legs very sensually with my fingertips. Occasionally, I let my arm or hand come into causal contact with his penis or testicles. In just a few seconds he was completely aroused and his penis was rock hard. Just to let him know that this would be a mutually satisfactory encounter, I carassed and massaged it a little and then leaned over and took it in my mouth. His hand immediately went under my skirt. He found that I was just as aroused as he was the moment his fingers came into contact with the juice oozing from my pussy. With one hand I held his cock while I sucked it. With the other I continued the massaging of his testicles.

I was dismayed and took it as a personal insult when his cock began to soften. Then I remembered that was why his wife brought him to me in the first place. His hand, covered with my pussy juice fell away, and as he lie on the examination table he turned his face toward the wall, very embarrased. No amount of manual or oral coaxing on my part would bring him back up to speed.

I knew that he did want to have sex with me, but his body just wouldn't cooperate. Under these circumstances I felt I could overcome his problem under hypnosis but it wouldn't be a cure and would only be last for an hour or so. I hypnotized him again and told him that his body was as virile has it had ever been, and that he wanted to and would have sex with me now.

He was still in the hypnotic trance when I led him into the blue bedroom. He appeared to be quite normal but I had barely removed my skirt and blouse when he pushed me onto the bed and tried to enter me from behind. It's not that I dislike that position, but I know I need more skin contact than that in order to have a "melding of the minds," so I quickly rolled over and spread my legs.

I was a little alarmed by the way he leaped onto the bed and shoved his dick into me, almost animal like. It was indeed fortunate that I was already aroused and well lubricated. He began fucking me like he was driving pilings. His ass was ramming his cock into me with such force that I was afraid that I would be bruised. Despite my fears I began to enjoy it. He was going in and out like a trip hammer, with such speed that my clitoris was soon very sensitive. Without warning, he stopped, his body stiffened, and with a final push, I could feel his semen shoot into me and, through our union, I experienced his orgasm. This was what I needed to get into his mind but I was so horny that I told him, in his hypnotic state, that he wasn't quite finished and I would let him know when to stop.

He resumed his pounding of me (to hell with the bruises, full speed ahead) until, in just a few more minuets I went the same way he did. My climax was so great that I had difficulty remembering what we were there for. I also had the feeling that he had experienced my orgasm. In any event he came a second time.

He started to "dismount" but I wouldn't let him. I put my arms around him and told him to relax. I wrapped my legs around his buttocks and told him to stay where he was, that he would keep his cock in me and that he would remain hard. With this much skin contact I could easily feel what was going on in his mind. Right now it was almost blank with only a feeling of euphoria. I slowly prodded his thoughts backwards to find out why he was unable to perform sexually at times.

The thoughts that came to me from his mind where almost unbelievable. He was the sexual toy of all four women in the household!

It started only a few weeks after he was married. Alicia had gone to work early while he stayed in bed as was his usual habit. He had a very erotic dream and awoke to find Alicia's Aunt, Victoria, completely nude, in bed with him, sucking on his cock. As soon as he was completely awake, and completely hard, she mounted his penis and rode him as a rodeo star would ride a broco. She slid up-and-down and back-and-forth on his erect cock until he came. She then sat upright with his penis still buried deep inside of her and fingered herself to orgasm. Since that first time, this has happened almost every day after Alicia has gone to work.

Alicia had asked that he stay at home and not seek outside employment. She wanted him to take care of her invalid mother and teach her sister to play tennis.

Alicia's mother usually awoke about noon. One of Raul's duties was to take her breakfast tray up to her. One morning, as he deposited the tray on her bedside stand, she told him in Spanish "I know what is happening between you and Victoria."

When he tried to deny it, she said "don't worry, I am not going to tell Alicia, but, I want you to make love to me. I haven't had sex since my husband died and I miss it very much. I am not an invalid. I stay here in this room and in this bed simply because I don't feel like going out and doing the things they want me to do."

With that, she reached over, grabbed him by the belt and pulled him towards the bed. She undid his waist band, unzipped his fly, and pulled his tennis shorts down to reveal his cock and testicles. She caressed, massaged and played with them until he was ready. She quickly pulled her nightgown off over her head, and took a kneeling position on the edge of the bed with her ass stuck up in the air. He had no alternative but to insert his penis in the slot provided. From what he told me in his mind, this was where he learned his battering ram technique. The first time it only took a few strokes to bring her to orgasm. Each succeeding time was a little bit more until now it takes 15 to 20 minutes to get the old lady off. Like her sister, she needs attention four or five times a week.

Lydia's tennis lessons were something else. Three times a week they met on the tennis court behind the house at 2 P.M. After the lesson they adjourn to the athletic type shower in the cabana/game room area that separates the tennis court from the swimming pool. The first time, Lidia came up behind him while he was showering. Her soapy hands snaked around him from behind and her arms clasped around his waist. He could feel her nubile breasts with the hard little nipples boring into his back. When her hands dropped down to hold his manhood, he turned around to confront her. She answered by falling to her knees and taking his soft dick into her mouth.

He was lost! There was no way he could deny this young nymph the pleasure of his cock. She stood up, facing him, and raised one leg very high so he could enter her. He fucked her there like that there, with the shower cascading over them. Since then they have moved into the locker room where he fucked her on a bench, into the billiards room where he fucked her on a pool table, into the lounge where he fucked her on the bar and her favorite spot, out by the pool, where he fucked her on a chaise lounge and a few times in the pool.

Now, I can readily understand why he is unable to perform when Alicia gets home at night. She thinks she has had a hard day at the office, but it is nothing to compare with a hard day staying hard at home.

I felt that problem could be fixed in two or three different ways.

1. I could implant a post hypnotic suggestion that would allow him to service all of these women as they require. I ruled that out because I was afraid that his trip hammer method of intercourse would tax his physical endurance and his health would suffer.

2. Through another post hypnotic suggestion, I could deny his body and mind the ability to service any of the women other than Alicia. I ruled this one out because I was afraid that it would cause an extremely uncomfortable situation in the Mendoza household and it would be a crushing blow to his ego.

3. Through individual and confidential counseling with each of the women perhaps I could get them to lessen the demand for his attention. This was the method I finally chose in the end.

Over the next few days I met individually with Maria, Victoria and Lidia. I told each one that I was under the impression that they were the only one besides Alicia that was being bedded by Raul. Both Maria and Victoria, agreeing that they were the only subscriber to his sexual services other than Alicia, accepted my diagnoses and promised to reduce the demand for Raul's time to once or twice a week. I explained that I would plant a post hypnotic suggestion to remove his unusual aversion for eating pussy. They both were quite happy with this plan of action.

Lidia, on the other hand, was far more than I had bargained for. Her story will be the next entry in this log.

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