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The Maltese Fuckin'
Ch. III: The Dame in Red Velvet
by PeterR

It was a terrific party. On her twenty-first birthday Sheila was given a foil paper, wrapped large box tied in the middle with a single red bow. She received many other gifts, but this one was from her mother, whom she adored. She opened the box, and unwrapped the beautiful red velvet dress, her mom has been hinting at for ten plus months now. Her mother told her that it belonged to her grandmother before, and that she too received it on her twenty-first birthday. She also told Sheila, many times, that the dress seemed to possess magical powers, and that one-day she'll understand. On this night, Sheila also received an engagement ring from Randy, her childhood sweetheart. The ring meant the world to her, but Sheila just couldn't wait to try the dress on for size.

Prior to the party, Sheila and Randy kissed, petted some, and she gave him occasional handjobs, but more like a reward than a sexual act. During these times she'd let him feel her naked breasts, and fingering her now and then, but that is the furthest she allowed the two of them to go.

Sheila excused herself, went to her room to try on the dress in. It was incredible; the dress fit like it was made for her. Soon as she looked at herself in the mirror, she started to feel this warm glow in her pubic area, and felt her hand move towards her love-canal, but her religious upbringing stopped her movement. As the Dame in Red Velvet, she removed her panties, her bra, rearranged the dress, put on a matching pair of shoes, and joined the others in the family room. The music seemed to stop as the Dame in Red Velvet reentered the room, everyone looked and admired her, and Randy caught up to her, and whispered in her ear that she is gorgeous, and that he is the luckiest man alive.

Sheila asked Randy if he wanted to take a walk, and he couldn't say yes fast enough. It was during late Autumn, and the leaves were falling, as they walked to the entrance of the secret cave they frequented, where they often went to make out, their very special place. Once inside, Sheila kissed Randy hard on the lips, and said I didn't properly answer you did I? With that she reached between his legs, and caressed his almost erect penis. She grabbed his other hand and placed it on her knee, and encouraged him to move it up towards her swollen cunt. Sheila was on fire, but didn't know why. She unzipped him, and took him out and dropped to her knees and kissed the head of Randy's dick, and stuffed most of him into her mouth, something he has only dreamt about till now. She started a little ackward at first, too much teeth, which made him wince, then too little teeth, but soon she was bopping up and down, like she was born to give blowjobs. She was so good infact that he soon felt his knees buckle, and his balls contract. Randy couldn't even warn her, as he exploded in her mouth, she nearly gagged. Sheila did spit out most of his juices, but continued milking him until he felt dry. She then looked up at him, winked and said: "yes Randy I'll marry you!".

They kissed, their tongues exploring each other, he cupped both her breasts, and puzzled by the fact that she didn't wear a bra, but he let the moment pass. Randy inserted two fingers into her, and she felt so wet that it actually scared him at first. He didn't know it yet, but puzzling days will lay ahead for him. He then dropped to his knee and replaced his two fingers with his lips. He kissed her love-canal, another first for them, but he again was too excited to care. He then tongued the outside of her lips, gently nibbling the entire area, and she felt her knees tremble. His tongue entered her and soon found her clit, which was quite swollen. She was on the verge of an orgasm, something she could only achieve on her own before. He was sucking, nibbling and kissing her clit as it erupted, and Randy greedily swallowed most of her nectar.

They fixed their attire, to make themselves presentable and walked back to the party arm-in-arm. They announced their engagement, and long after the party was over, Randy, and Sheila were discussing their excursion earlier. Sheila has by now changed into a sweatsuit, and they were talking on the porch sitting on a moving swing. They kissed, and he tried to cup her breast, but Sheila told him that she was not in the mood, and Randy abruptly went home. Sheila couldn't believe that on the night of their engagement they could have such a fight.

They made up, and fought many times, and each time it was related to her promiscuous behavior followed by an almost frigid personality. One night after making up with Randy, she put on her red velvet dress. The Dame in Red Velvet wore no bra or panties, and asked Randy to take her to a movie. Neither of them remembered much of the plot. As soon as they were seated in their seats in the second floor balcony, they realized that they were all alone, so they kissed and touched each other. He cupped, and massaged her breasts, feeling her nipples react to his every touch. She unzipped Randy's fly, helped him lower his pants to his ankles. She had him erect in an instant. He moved his hand up her thighs, she moaned. When he reached her cunt, he felt her to be sopping wet, as it took three fingers at first try. He removed them, and sucked off her juices. Sheila then raised the hem of her dress, and lowered herself onto him. As he penetrated her it hurt at first, but soon started feeling better she thought. Another first, thought Randy, but he was close to a climax so he didn't seem to care. She rode him up and down and felt herself close to cumming, as she sped up her motion, she felt Randy explode into her, and soon after she too climaxed. They must have screwed each other two more times before, leaving the theater. They laughed and giggled all the way to Randy's car, and during the drive back to Sheila's house.

It took nearly three months for them to figure out that the red velvet dress was to thank for all their great sex, and that every other attire worn by Sheila was the culprit for her subsequent virtue. She felt that she needed help, so she asked her mom for advice, as to how she can exist, when not wearing the red velvet dress. Her mom's only advice to Sheila was that, she should go to a therapist. She needs to be hypnotized. Everything she would wear from here on, during the day would then feel like she was again the Dame in Red Velvet. Only four words will be able to release the spell, BREAKFAST, LUNCH, DINNER and SLEEP.

Thanks to the Dame in Red Velvet, real or pretend, life got to be great for our couple from here on!

To Be Continued...


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