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The Maltese Fuckin'
Ch. III: The Dame in Red Velvet
by Eve
"Ray you've got to believe me man. That shit ain't mine. I'm being set up!" Joe exclaimed, eyes wide as he looked at the evidence canvassed from his car.

"By who may I ask?" Ray asked in his best yea right voice.

"How the fuck should I know? All I know is that this broad comes walking into my office asking me to find her missing roommate, and now she's dead. I have no idea what went down at Pauline's. I only went there to find out about the casings that I found by Anita's body. When I left the place was still in tact. I swear to God." Joe protested.

"Jesus Joe! What did I tell you about hanging out with that scum bag Buddy? If you lie down with stray dogs you're going to wake up with fleas," Ray swore.

"You had no problem with Buddy the many times that he helped us catch a crook. Ray, I know you can't believe that I'm responsible for any of this." Appealing to his friend once more. Ray gripped the steering wheel so hard that his knuckles turned white. His jaw was clenched and he didn't say a word. "Please." Joe said barely above a whisper.

Not knowing if it was something that he had heard in his friend's voice Ray sighed, "I don't know what to think anymore Joe. You've changed. You're not the same guy you use to be. You spend your nights drinking in sleazy bars, fucking any dried up whore that comes your way, hanging out with shady characters like Buddy and Big Roscoe. What happened to you?"

"I'm still the same guy, Ray. I'm just a little down on my luck. Ever since Sally left---"

"There you go using that bullshit excuse again! Sally left but now it's time to get on with your fucking life. There was a time when you use to say that a person controls his own destiny. Everything you wanted you went out and got it. People admired and respected you. Even when you got kicked off the force did you bitch and moan? No, you opened your own business. I've always been in awe of you Joe, but now......"Ray broke off as if embarrassed at what he had planned to say.

"You might as well finish what you were going to say." Joe said tightly.

"Well, you're a loser Joe. You're always blaming the circumstances for what's wrong with you when you should really be pointing the finger at yourself. Maybe if you started to take some action in your life and I don't mean those half ass attempts at Gambler's Anonymous. I mean really talking control of your actions. Get off your ass and stop feeling sorry for yourself and maybe, just maybe things will start picking up for you." He scolded.

Joe sat in silence at Ray's tirade. He wanted to tell his friend to fuck off but deep down inside he knew that everything that Ray had told him was true. After a long silence Joe finally said, "Well what do you propose I do now? The fuzz is crawling all over the place. I can't go back to my place and I sure as hell can't go to my office."

"Well, I'm putting my ass on the line for you and letting you go for now but if you I hear your name brought up in any of this again; I will bust your ass myself. Understand?" Ray said.

"Yea sure." Joe nodded.

"Now get out of here before they come back." "What are you going to tell them about me?" Joe asked uncertainly. "Now that's for me to worry about." Ray hissed his impatience at Joe.

"One more thing," Joe said before getting out of the car. "The redhead. What happened to her?"

"What redhead?" Ray asked with a puzzled expression on his face.

"You know. The one that was sitting on my cock when your men picked me up."

"What the fuck are talking about?" Ray demanded. "I was screwing this chick before I was knocked out. The last thing I remember is this girl bouncing up and down on my dick and then the window of my car was shattered, and it knocked me out."

Ray looked thoughtful at what Joe had just told him. "And where did you pick up this paragon of virtue?" Ray sneered.

Don't be a wise ass. Buddy provided her for me. Say! You don't think that..." Joe broke off in thought.

"If what you're telling me is true, then something doesn't fit. Tell me, what did she look like." Ray said. Joe told him all that he could remember of the girl. To be honest Joe didn't remember a lot except how good it felt to have her ride his pole. She had been so hot and wet. "I will have to look into this, but for now you need to get out of here. Do you have any cash on you. Maybe you can get a cheap hotel."

"I'll survive. I'll be in touch." "Sure, and Joe?" Ray called to him as he was getting out of the car.


"If you skip out of town, I will track you down and then there will be hell to pay." Ray warned.

Joe got out without responding. He headed down through an alley so that he wouldn't be seen. For all he knew, patrol cars could be scouring the streets for him. He slumped against a wall as a bum that lay on a stack of newspapers eyed him suspiciously. How the hell did he get himself involved in this shit? He knew the answer. That cunt Anita. If he hadn't let his cock do the thinking for him, none of this mess would have happened. She had just looked so good in that mini skirt and he had had the urge to just fuck her senseless when she switched that ass of hers. Now she was dead and he was being framed for it, but that wasn't all.

How did Buddy, Anita and Mickey fit into all this? Where was Honey Pot if indeed there was any one of that name? There were so many questions that he couldn't answer. Damn. His head was starting to ache. He needed a place to lay down for a couple hours and get some sleep. He put his hand in his pocket and was surprised to feel that the money was still there. He pulled out a bill from his pocket and tossed it at the bum who was still looking at him with a rather suspicious gleam in his eyes. The bum grasped the bill greedily and looked it over before bestowing upon Joe a toothless grin. "Thanks Mister! If you ever need a favor, ole' Jeb here has got your back." The bum smiled looking at the crisp one hundred dollar bill once more.

That had been Joe's intention. What he had learned with his years on the force and as a gumshoe was that the people of the streets saw all and heard all and they could come in handy. "I need you to do me a favor." Joe said.

"Sure, Mister." The bum said eagerly hoping that there was more money where the first bill had come from.

"I need you to be my ears and eyes. Find out what's going on this side of town in regard to what happened at Pauline's, and if you could, I want you to discreetly ask around about a broad named Honey Pot." Joe instructed.

"No problem Boss. Ole' Jeb is on it. Umm, when will I see you again?" Jeb asked uncertainly.

"Well, let's just meet here tomorrow night at the same spot around midnight and I will make sure you're compensated for your time." Joe said.

"Sure!" Jeb enthused.

"Okay, I'll catch you later, and try not to blow the cash on booze." Joe advised walking away. Really he couldn't care less how Jeb spent that money but he needed the man alert while he was collecting information. Joe walked along the dark seedy streets until he came across a run down hotel. It was pretty dirty and unkempt, but it was cheap. It was the kind of place that you paid for by the hour since several of the patrons just used it to take their hookers to. Damn he was tired, but his cock was starting to stir a bit. He remember the redhead that he was screwing and he knew that he hadn't finished with her. What he needed right now was a little pussy and then he could get some sleep.

Outside the hotel stood four obvious women of the night. Two of them were white, one was black and the other one Asian. He looked them all over. The blonde had to weigh about three hundred pounds, and though he liked his women with a little meat on their bones that was just too much meat. The redhead looked old enough to be his mother, which left the black and the Asian girl. Looking them both over he couldn't decide which one he wanted. Neither one was anything to write home about but they were certainly more appealing than their other two companions. They both smiled at him which was the deciding factor. The black girl though normal in appearance on the outside was missing quite a few of her front teeth, the Asian girl appeared to have all of her teeth in place. He walked over to her while ignoring the rest of the disappointed bunch. "How much"? he asked without preamble.

"You a cop?" she asked suspiciously.

"Honey if I were a cop there's no way in hell that I would try to get pussy from a skank like you." The hooker gasped indignantly. She didn't know whether to spit in his face at the insult or to shrug it off. It's not the first time she had been insulted. It had been a slow night and she had a habit to support which was the deciding factor. She smiled coyly. "Ok, cowboy, what are we waiting for. Let's go. For thirty bucks I'll make it real good for you."

Joe got a room, and realized that it was true what they said. You get what you pay for. The room was insect ridden and smelled of sex and old cigars. The plaster on the walls was peeling and the bed sagged in the middle visibly. He didn't even want to look into the bathroom. God knows what he would find there. Before he could even take off his jacket, he hooker was unzipping his trousers. He was already semi-erect. When she pulled his pole free her eager mouth captured it. He ran his hand over her skinny black hair as she worked her mouth back and forth on his cock. He had had better blow jobs but he loved the way that she was getting his cock extra wet. The saliva dripped from her chin as she continued. If he closed his eyes, he could imagine that it was Sally kneeling before him instead of this whore.

He grasped her head and begin to move his schlong within her mouth. Her mouth felt so good. He picked up speed, grabbing her hair in his pushing his cock in and out of her mouth. He was so into this that he didn't feel her arm flailing or hear her gagging as he fucked her throat relentlessly. He could only feel the pleasure he was receiving. He pulled her off of him and then threw her on the bed when he began instantly rammed his cock into his tight hairless box. She wasn't very tight but Joe didn't care at this point. He was working his way in and out of the warm slit not caring that it wasn't even wet. His hands were digging into the her sides painfully but he continued to ram into her relentlessly. It was only when she raked her nails viciously down his chest did he snap back to reality. He pushed her away. "You fucking cunt! What did you do that for?" he demanded.

"You were hurting me! Just give me my damn money so I can get the fuck out of her you loser." She yelled back. Joe looked down at his now bloody chest. He wanted to punch her face in for daring to call him a loser. This whore was calling him a loser! He looked at her bright red face and her could see marks of his hands on her body. He sat down on the bed heavily. She was right. Ray had been right. He was a loser. Look at where his life was. He was in a run down hotel in the shadiest part of town. His business was about to go bust, his wife was gone, and he had practically raped some two dollar whore. What had he become?

He took a bill out of his pocket and gave it to the prostitute. She seemed a bit mollified when she realized that Ben Franklin was on the front, but she didn't say a word as she left. He got up only to lock the door behind her, and then he collapsed face down on the bed and fell into a dreamless sleep.

When he woke up, Joe felt a little better. His head no longer ached and he was feeling very rested. He looked at his watch to see that it was two-thirty in the afternoon. He hadn't slept like this in a long time. It was a much needed rest. He felt brave enough to test the shower. Run down as it was everything seemed to be in working order. Feeling better than he had in days he went hit the streets.

He needed to make sense of the past night's events and how everything fit. First of all, what had Anita been up to? Secondly, how had Pauline's come to be trashed. Third and foremost, how in the world did that gun get in his car and what happened to the redhead that he had been screwing.

He found an out of the way coffee shop to get him something to eat. Perhaps with a little food in his stomach he could piece some of the clues together. For a twenty he was able to cajole the tired looking waitress out of the pad that she took orders with so that he would have something to write things down on. He could piece things together better if he wrote down the things that he remembered. This technique he found, helped him to remember more details. By the time his meal had come he was writing things down frantically. He ate his meal thoughtfully trying to think of the thing that had been nagging him since last night.

In the back of his head there was a thought bursting to get free but for the life of him he couldn't remember what. Long after he had finished his meal he was still sitting there in his booth. The waitress, who bore a plastic name tag that read Sandy, looked a little pissed that he was taking up her time. She couldn't complain because he would kept reordering his coffee to be refilled. The sun was beginning to set before Sandy decided to assert herself. "Look here Mister. You either order another meal or get going." She stated in a haughty voice. Joe wanted to take her down a peg but decided that it wouldn't be worth arguing over anyway. Besides, there was somewhere that he was wanted to go tonight.

The taxi that he hailed dropped him just down the block from his destination. He walked down the street, heedless of the light until he was standing outside of the Maltese Club. He knew that he was a bit unkempt but the cash in his pocket would at least assure him entrance. The bodyguard at the door was dressed in a tuxedo but was built like a linebacker. He looked at Joe in disdain.

"No vagrants allowed." The bouncer said scornfully.

"I'm a paying customer." Joe said easily not intimidated a bit by the big gorilla.

"Yea sure." He said ready to dismiss Joe when he was presented with a couple hundreds.

"Hardly a vagrant don't you think?' The bouncer took the bills and allowed Joe inside. Joe was just surprised that the guy had come so cheap.

"Wait a minute. You need a tie to go in the dining area if you choose not to go to the game room. See the coat check girl and she may have some extras." The gorilla instructed which is what Joe did. As he walked through the elegant club he keep his head straight forward so that his eyes would not stray to the game tables. He turned to the dining room where the entertainment performed. Maybe Ivana would be on. Now she was definitely a hot number. The hostess gave him a look of disdain at his rumpled appearance and he gave her a look that dared her to comment. She retaliated by seating him in a table in the furthest from the stage in a corner where he could barely see. At the moment however he wasn't missing much, just a bunch of showgirls dancing around on the stage in next to nothing. That was nothing new.

He looked around the stage dinning room uninterested in his surrounding. Joe was already finished with his second Scotch when a group entering the dining room caught his eye. The group consisted of three men in tuxedos. One of the men was escorting two women, a busty blonde and a svelte brunette. Both women were knockouts. The older gentleman among them was walking beside a fragile looking redhead who looked young enough to be his granddaughter, but she clung to his arm in hardly a familial way. What money could buy, Joe thought. The third man in the group did not have a companion with him but Joe could tell that he was the leader by the way the rest of the group waited for him to be seated before they sat. As he observed them he would see how the others at the table would defer their conversation to the lone gentleman's approval. When he spoke it was as if they were all hanging on his every word. There wasn't anything spectacular about him that Joe could discern. Grudgingly Joe admitted to himself that women may find that dark Latin look sexy. Joe guessed the man to be of Italian origin and judging from the fact that the group was seated at the best table in the dinning room he was a VIP. It suddenly came to him. Joe would bet his left nut that this was Mickey Bellini. So this was the little shit that all the fuss was about. He was the only one at the table without a date, so where was this mysterious Honey Pot?

Joe was so intent on what that table was doing that he had missed the announcement a new act on the stage. His senses were suddenly besieged by a husky, sultry voice. His balls tightened as the voice sung as if it were singing directly to him. He looked to the stage to see the lady of the hour. Ivana. She was stood in the middle of the stage in a single spotlight. She was stunning. Her hair hung loosely around her shoulder framing her dark face. She was Black Venus herself, decked out in a long red velvet evening gown that was barely decent. The gown dipped so low in the front that he could see her navel. The dressed barely covered her nipples, revealing average sized but well shaped breasts. She needed no enhancements. She was a dream with a beautiful face a nice body, and that voice! It was no wonder she was so many guys' wet dream.

Joe would certainly be jerking off to thoughts of her in the future. She was quite a performer. The entire audience was captivated by her presence and her voice. With talent like hers, she should be cutting an album but yet she was singing in this club. Joe observed Mickey who stared at her with blatant adoration. Wait a minute. Something wasn't right. The way he was looking at Ivana and the fact that he didn't have some bimbo hanging on his arm showed his devotion to the sexy singer. Of course he could be reading too much into the situation, but the look in Mickey's eyes when he looked at Ivana was a familiar one to him. It was the way he use to look at Sally.

Joe's attention strayed back to Ivana. He wondering what it would be like sliding his long tool into her wet black pussy, though he had a feeling that Mickey was the possessive type. Ivana sung a few more songs and then exited the stage for a break. When she left the stage it was as if she took the magic with her. The audience let out a collective sigh. Mickey then turned to his table companions and said something before excusing himself. He headed in the direction of where Joe figured the dressing rooms. There was no doubt what he would be up to. Joe wondered if he was getting a blowjob from those delectably full lips, or if he was screwing her from behind while they both stood up. Just the thought of it was driving him crazy. He was so lost in his thoughts that he hadn't noticed that another gentleman had joined the table. Joe could only see the back of his head, but that head was certainly familiar. Joe got up from his table to take a closer look. Jesus! It was Buddy. What the fuck was he doing here sitting at Mickey's table no doubt? The only thing that he knew was that he would have to get out of here before Buddy caught sight of him. Joe cautiously left the club dropping off the borrowed tie before he left.

By the time he got a cab back on the dark side of town, it was a few minutes to midnight. Jeb was already there waiting in the alley that Joe had designated. "So what's the word? Joe asked taking a cigarette from his pocket and lighting it.

"You ain't gonna like this one bit Boss." Jeb warned. Joe shrugged.

"Yea, I'm already hating it, so tell me what have you found out."

"From what they're saying, is Pauline's was an inside job. That guy Buddy was no where to be found when the police came snooping but there was some character name Cowboy that fingered some schmuck named Joe." The bum said unaware that the schmuck that he spoke of was his unknown benefactor though Joe didn't give it away. He kept his poker face not revealing his thoughts.

"So where is this Cowboy person now?"

"He's still there I reckon. Everyone that the police arrested have been let out on bail and now they're looking for this Joe character for questioning."

"And Honey Pot. Did you find out anything about her?"

"Nope no one has ever heard the name."

"Are you sure your sources reliable?" Joe asked him.

"Look son, when you live the life that I do you tend to become invisible to everyone else. The people of the streets see all and hear all."

"Well, thank you Jeb. I may need your services later but as for now, you have never seen me." Joe emphasized the point by handing him a few more Benjamin's.

"Seen who?" Jeb asked.

"That's right. If I need to find you I will," he said before leaving him.

Goddamit! It just kept getting worse and worse. Joe needed to think about his next course of action so he head back to the hotel. The same hookers from the night before were there. The Asian one was glaring at him. He ignored them all and walked into the hotel. When he got to his room it was full of cigarette smoke, that was not his own. Someone was in the room! He heard the toilet flush. He reached for his gun and then remembered that he had left it in the glove compartment of his car. He picked up the closest blunt object on the table which happened to be the bible. He was waiting to strike when the intruder came out the bathroom and he would have stuck had he not had slower reflexes.

To his surprise and astonishment standing there in his room as cool as she pleased still wearing the red velvet dress, but with a jacket to cover her front, was none other than Ivana Hump. "Mr. Steele, I've been waiting." She said calmly. "How did you get in here?" he asked.

She shrugged. "These locks are really third rate. It wasn't hard to figure out which room was yours. The desk man was really helpful."

"Wait a second, how did you know who I am?" he asked.

"Why Mr. Steel, I have known who you were from the beginning. You know Anita wasn't very good at concealing her activities from Mickey. Especially with all his men around town. He tells me everything you know. I guess he thinks he's in love with me or something," she shrugged nonchalantly indicating that the feelings were not reciprocated.

"So what are you doing here? Why are you involving yourself in all this?" "I have my reasons."

"What do you know about Honey Pot?"

"There is no Honey Pot. Anita made the whole thing up but what she was trying to do was make trouble for Mickey because....Well the reason for that is not important."

"Like hell it isn't! You're telling me that Anita meant to send me on some wild goose chase and for what? How the hell is Buddy Fontaine involved in all of this and why the fuck am I being framed for Anita's murder?" By this time, Joe had a firm grip on Ivana's arm and was shaking her slightly.

"There are some things that even I can't get into. But I'm helping you because you shot the scum that gunned down my father." "That drug dealer?" Joe said. It had been the very reason he had got kicked off the force. "Well, it wasn't because he gunned down your dad I shot him. He was just a low life scum that kept eluding the system."

"Exactly, and that's why I was grateful. I never forgot you though. You helped me now even if it was unknowingly it's my turn to help you Mr. Steele. I haven't a lot of time and I have to get back to the club before Mickey goes nuts."

"And how do you propose to do that toots? My dicks getting hard if you want to help me that way."

She ignored his chauvinist comment. "I'm going to help you by giving you s little advice of course. There are things that you don't understand that in the works here. Big things. Things that would blow your mind. You are just a pawn in this game. Do you think Anita chose you randomly? There was a reason she came to you, so I'm letting you know right now. Get out of town Mr. Steele, and don't come back." With those last words she swept out of the room, leaving Joe stunned where he stood.

To Be Continued...


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Chapter IV - "The Family Jewels" by Endlessly
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