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The Maltese Fuckin'
Ch. III: The Dame in Red Velvet
by StraightRazor

The two walked down the foggy streets toward the hazy light of the Hotel. As Madeline battled with the idea that her life was in danger, Hugo Kirby did calculations in his head. How far to Las Vegas? How would he get there? How would he protect Madeline? Was it even his problem? Why was she going to Vegas anyway?

Hugo kept an unconsciously quick pace as he walked. Madeline, on the other hand was sore from her recent exploits, and her habitual "glamorous float" was slow compared to Hugo's pavement pounding.

Hugo looked back to see her lagging behind. He stood and watched her as she caught up. Despite her arrogance, her abrasive smugness, and her normally plastic facade, Madeline was a very beautiful creature. Her hair was a fiery halo, and her green eyes sparkled even in the muted light of the moon. Her long legs were well-toned and slender, and her ample cleavage swayed smoothly as she moved. Tonight, Hugo saw the prettiness that she possessed; without the make-up, without the entourage. He again saw what he had once been drawn to. Maybe being stripped of her pretentious attitude did her justice. It was a shame it had to be through such violence.

As Madeline pulled up to him, he threw his arms around her waist. "C'mon, Maddy, we have to keep moving".

The sudden show of affection surprised her, but it was graciously accepted and appreciated. Madeline leaned into him, and looped her arm in his. They walked in silence, just enjoy the feel of a warm body they provided each other.

Being together seemed to make the walk easy, and they were eventually standing in the brightly lit lobby of the Angel Crest Hotel. Kirby made arrangements to share a room with Madeline, and told the man at the desk to send up a bottle of wine and a map of the area. The wine was to help Madeline forget about the long night, and the map was to get him back on the path to Las Vegas.

After a long, hot shower, and feeling a little fuzzy from the Merlot she swallowed in four full swigs, Madeline slipped under the warm blankets of her bed, and let her body melt into the soft mattress. She looked over at Hugo, who was pouring over a stack of bus maps, schedules, and other "traveling" documents. She watched as he wrinkled his forehead and rubbed the back of his neck. The two tell-tale signs that he was feeling pressured. She remembered the times when she hated those gestures; those were the times she fell asleep neglected, her hand tired from providing a boring substitute to his company. That was part of the reason things didn't work out the first time. He was too busy saving the world, she was too busy trying to conquer it.

She made a decision. She slowly stood up and walked over to him. Her hands gently replaced his on his neck, and she began to massage the tension out. He began to say something but obviously decided to let it go. His breath escaped in a sigh of release and submission. He grabbed her hand and kissed her fingers gently.

"Maddy, I never stopped caring about you. I hope you know that."

She put her finger on his lips and shushed him.

Madeline leaned in and began to kiss him gently on the side of his mouth, and slowly worked her way close to his lips. Eventually parting them with her tongue. He pulled her down onto himself, her legs falling to his sides. As they kissed passionately, Madeline began to grind her satin-covered crotch onto his stiff penis.

He slipped his hands up the back of her night-gown and caressed her bare back. She wore no bra, and he slowly moved his hands to her sides, his thumbs caressing the sides of her breasts. The more he explored her body, the harder she pressed against him.

She pulled off his shirt, and began to rub his hard chest. She pressed her satin-covered body against his naked chest, making him shudder with excitement.

Hugo lifted Madeline and carried her to the large bed. He laid next to her, kissing her deeply as his hands run up and down her body under her thin clothing. He began to move his kisses to her neck, her shoulders, her arms, and worked his way down. He kissed her chest, and unbuttoned the front of her night shirt, kissing the flesh as it was exposed. Finally, he opened it to reveal her firm large breasts and milky smooth skin. Her tan nipples erect and waiting for his playful kissing and licks. He took her breast in his mouth as he covered her entire chest and torso with kisses, flicks of his tongue and gentle suckling. Her hard nipple warm in the cleft of his lips. He surrounded the areola with his mouth, playfully flicking at the tight nipple. He continued this, going from one breath to the other, with a trail of kisses between.

Despite the buzz she was feeling from the wine, every sensation sent waves of electricity throughout her body. His kisses created hot zones where his lips met her flesh. Madeline played her fingers through his dark brown hair, and ran her hands over the canyons and ravines of his muscular body. Although not a teenager anymore, he was in beautiful condition, and his body was solid and warm against her soft curves and surfaces.

Hugo continued to explore every warm inch of her with his hands and mouth. He began to kiss her belly right above her waist band. Lingering over her covered mound as he began to kiss her inner thighs and legs. He teased her with his hot breath and accordance contact with her anxious clitoris through the thin, soft material. A dark stain quickly spread as he massaged her firm ass cheeks and kissed her thighs. The anticipation, and constant attention had her on the brink of ecstasy.

Hugo kissed her directly on her clitoris through her panties, mercifully sending a wave of orgasmic explosions throughout her body. She could stand it no more and drove a greedy finger to her hole, rubbing it frantically. Another orgasm rocked her body as he kissed her hand.

He pulled himself up to her and stared into her sparkling green eyes, kissing her deeply. His hands continued to caress her flesh, and he then ventured into her panties. First playing around the area, and eventually sending his fingers deep into her hungry opening.

"You are so beautiful, Maddy." He whispered in her ear as he began to nibble playfully on her ear.

"I want you to fuck me." She told him, staring deeply into his eyes.

Hugo was reluctant, concerned that her pussy had seen enough action for one day.

But before he could voice his concern, Madeline pushed him over, and began to pull his clothes off. She stripped him of his pants quickly, and swallowed his penis in a single gulp.

Hugo couldn't help but lie there, paralyzed with lust. She worked her mouth in an alternating rhythm. Quickly thrusting her mouth around his member, and then taking longer, more deliberate strokes up the shaft when he was close to coming. Of all the things he missed about her, her blow-jobs ranked up there.

She pulled off her drenched panties and straddled him. His erect penis pinned to his stomach by her vaginal lips. He playfully rubbed her chest and sides, waiting for her to make the final move to making love. She leaned down kissed him deeply, at the same time lifting herself and freeing his cock. She pulled back and looked his straight in the eyes as she guided his dick into her pussy.

She made slow, gradual movements at first, slowly easing him into her. Then, when he was completely in her, she ground herself onto him, burring him deeply inside of her velvety cavern. Hugo closed his eyes as he felt his penis tense with pressure. When he thought the sensation had passed, She began to gradually pull up off of him and push back. After six very deep strokes, she quickened the pace and rocked back and forth. He pulled her down hard on himself as he exploded semen deep inside of her. Almost on cue, her vaginal walls constricted around his cock, milking it with her own orgasm. She collapsed on him exhausted. And the two fell asleep. In a warm embrace.

The next morning, Hugo opened his eyes. He could hear people talking in the hallway, and realized that the door was cracked. Fear struck him when he remembered how he had fallen asleep. He was relieved to feel a heavy blanket covering him. But a new fear gripped him when he realized that Madeline was nowhere to be found. He sat up and searched the room around him. Not even her clothes from the night before were there. He grabbed his pants and pulled them on. Then walked into the hallway. Nothing.

He got dressed, and made a startling discovery. His service .38 Special was missing. He'd tucked the gun into his briefcase the night before when Madeline was in the shower. He also noticed that the maps and schedules had been thrown piled neatly on the desk. He was sure they hadn't been the night before. He had to get some answers. He had to find Madeline. Finding her was first priority, finding the gun was a close second.

He grabbed the phone and called the concierge.

"No, Sir, I hadn't seen your Lady Friend. But the guy before me might have. In fact, I've only been here 2 hours. If anyone would have seen her, it would be him. He would actually be the only one to know. After a certain hour, we are the only people on staff."

"And who was that?"

"To be honest, Sir, I'm not sure his name. He is new, I think."

"How new?" Hugo's mind began to race.

"Last night was his first night."

Hugo knew it was time to panic.

Hugo packed his belongings quickly and ran down to the lobby searching for answers.

He asked everyone he ran into if they saw her, showing them an old magazine cut out he'd 'so happen to' have on him. He had a lot of "No, sir" 's from apathetic people, and several "WISH I HAD!" 's from a few obnoxious men. He fought the temptation to rearrange their greasy smiles, focusing on the crisis at hand.

Hugo walked out to the front of the Hotel, as he stepped off the Sidewalk, a white limo nearly mowed him down.

The back window, tinted to a pitch black rolled down slightly, and a female voice told him to "Get in, I know what you want".

Hugo wished he had his gun, but decided to hop in anyway. It was time to get desperate.

He threw open the door, and found a very beautiful woman lounged on the back seat. She wore a red velvet dress, and a matching red hat and veil. She had a cigarette filter that reminded Hugo of Madeline. She and Madeline had a very similar air about them. The same rich, arrogant, sexy attitude.

This woman in red somewhat resembled Madeline, only darker. She had long raven hair, and oil-pool eyes. Her skin was more tanned, and her lips were full and very sensual.

"Get in, I cannot linger here." She said with a slight Italian accent.

"What do you know?" He asked her impatiently.

"Just get in, I cannot explain. Get in, or move on" She snapped.

Hugo hopped into the limo, and it sped off as soon as his foot left the sidewalk.

"I know that Ms. Cross is in Las Vegas as we speak." The Lady in Red began. "I am willing to take you there in exchange for a favor?"

"And what is that?" Hugo asked suspiciously.

"Don't worry, it's nothing you can't bear to accommodate. Now relax, we have quite a ride." She uncrossed her legs and he could easily see her bare pussy under the dress. "Brandy?" She asked with a knowing smirk.

Hugo took it graciously and sipped it. His thoughts were on bigger things than sex at that point.

As he drank the brandy, he could feel his tongue dry up, his ears pound, and the car began to sway around him. He attempted to settle himself by grasping at the door handle, but after a few failed attempts to grab it, he slumped in the seat.

"Roger, Mr. Kirby won't be a problem. How long before we reach Vegas?" The lady asked, obviously talking to the driver.

Kirby forced himself to stay awake, but his limbs felt like wet leather.

"Don't fight it, Mr. Kirby. It's best if you relax." With that, she unzipped his zipper and began to greedily fellate him. He could feel an orgasm come on, and as he unloaded a wad of come in her mouth, his eyes fell closed.

He could remember only the sound of the engine, and the feel of her hands stroking his penis before everything became a blur.

What felt like weeks later, Hugo opened his heavy eyes and felt a deep sting as he looked at the Neon Lights of Las Vegas outside a dark hotel room window. He attempted to stand, but could only sit up. He realized that he was lying on a dirty mattress.

He was about to stand when he heard the door of the room opening. He held his breath and waited.

To Be Continued...


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