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The Maltese Fuckin'
Ch. V: The Plot Thickens
by Lilianna

"Ah, I see our visitor has awakened." Hugo heard a husky voice chime in from somewhere near by. The world seemed a swirling misty haze. Hugo shook his head to relieve some of the cobwebs he felt to be laying on his brain.

"Let me introduce myself and my colleagues to you Mr. Kirby. I am Ms. Amelia Smarts. The two gentlemen to your left are Joel Markanetti," said tilting her head in a gesture to a taller thin gentleman, 'And this is Charlie "The Tuna" Harper,' She continued once again tilting her head towards a shorter more, well shall we say heavier version, of the first gentleman.

Hugo weighed his options. The world seemed to be slowing its' heavy spin. And the cobwebs were fading rapidly. He decided that given the right opportunity that he could take them out. They didn't appear to be the brightest or the strongest adversaries Hugo had ever faced. And he had to find Maddy. He was extremely worried for her. He had that gut instinct that he has only when there is a major wrong going on.

Reading Hugo like a book; Charlie placed his hand inside his jacket, resting it on his piece. Hugo was a man who would defiantly understand this gesture. "Easy there Kirby. Let's keep this as friendly as possible, huh?"

"Where are my manors? To your right there, Mr. Kirby, is Morris Logan," Amelia stated, as she drew a long cigarette from her delicate golden case. Morris immediately drew out a lighter and fired it for her.

Hugo did a quick mental assessment of this new character brought to his attention. He was at least six foot six inches. Probably weighed about 265, all of which seemed to be muscle, from where Hugo was sitting. Hugo looked in his eyes and saw a sharpness that might be missed by the untrained eye. Yes, this one would defiantly be a problem to tangle with.

"Morris is here to do two things Mr. Kirby. Hugo, May I call you that?" she went on without waiting for his reply. "One is to assure all of our safety, and the second is to keep this meeting as peaceful as possible."

"What in the hell do you want from me?" Hugo growled. He couldn't decide if this dame was just bitchy by nature or if she had been through some major shit in her life. Either way he was growing a quick dislike for her.

"It's simple we must know what Kim might have told you before her death."

"I don't know any damn Kim." Hugo's' mind replayed the last couple of days. Kim? Nothing was coming to mind.

Hugo watched as the dame broke into a cruel ear shattering laughter. She seemed both amused and pained at the same time.

"You care to share the joke with me?"

"My dear Hugo. It seems our little Kimmy had added you to her list of wrapped men before her death." She chuckled again. "Whipped men do so annoy me."

Amelia impatiently tossed her cigarette on the floor standing and crushing it out.

"Ok, I do suppose Madeline would be a little more familiar to you."

"You bitch; what have you done with Maddy!" Hugo tried to lung for her. He would wring the truth from her pretty little neck. Before he could get two inches off the bed, the 6'6 he-man had quickly put him in check.

No need to get hostile Hugo. I wouldn't waste my time to touch her." She spit out. "Kim was my sister Hugo. And while there was no love loss, I really never wanted any harm to come her way. She and I, along with these goons," she nodded at Joel and Charlie, "were trying to recover some important items from a rival family. Kim and Joel were getting to close. The bullet her little porter friend took was meant for her."

Hugo couldn't believe what he was hearing. He had known Maddy since childhood almost. Hell, they were high school sweethearts. How could she have had this whole other life he had never known about. He felt betrayed.

Amelia sat on the edge of the bed and placed her small slender hand on Hugo's' shoulder. She gave him a light squeeze. And he thought he heard her say sorry. "I know this is a lot for you Hugo. But we must press on. Are you ready?"

"Go on. I'm listening." Hugo stated. He was re-evaluating his assumptions of her. He suspected that she had been a victim of Maddy herself.

"Ok then." Amelia almost felt sorry for him. He was just another of Kim's' victims. Kim always carried an air of sweetness and light about her. But all she ever left behind was pain and heartache. Even her own sister couldn't be spared her cruelty. She had seen how happy I was with Joel. So she pressed her way into his life and crushed me out in the process. No, Joel wasn't faultless in that endeavor. But I will deal with him in my own time.

"Ahem, Amelia?" Joel prodded as he placed a hand on her back.

Snapped from her memories of pain Amelia realized that, he the man who had played a major part in crushing her spirit, was touching her. She gave him a complete look of disgust and snatched her shoulder away. "Where were we?"

"Kim and the porter Ammy." Morris answered her handing her a lighted cigarette. There was a softness that spoke both love and lust in his eyes.

Hugo caught this softness and was instantly curious about the relationship between the two. Could they be lovers? This big huge ball of muscle and the small delicate little lily. The matching was so odd, that it fit so well just the same.

Hugo was brought back to reality as Amelia continued.

"Oh yes, thank you love. I'll make this short and sweet. So let's save the Q&A for after class ok?" Amelia sat on the edge of the chair across form Hugo. Hugo couldn't help but notice as she crossed her long shapely legs. Amelia caught this gesture, took a deep breath and continued.

"As you know the bullet missed. And blind luck threw you in. Kim used you to keep her safe until she could reach Joel. She left with him after your lengthy love making session that night. They were set to rendezvous with an insider from the rival family. He had information that was to help us reach our goal. Well they walked straight into a trap and Kim was killed. Joel was to suffer the same fate, but luckily for him Charlie arrived just in time to save the day."

Hugo could tell by the tone of her voice and the look on her pretty little face that she wasn't so happy about that fact either.

"Now our dilemma since the stakes have been raised is to find out how much you know Hugo." She stared at him harshly. "You understand we can let nothing compromise this mission further?"

"To a point you have my understanding Miss Smarts."

"Hugo, please call me Amelia."

"Ok then Amelia, But what is so important? That all of you would risk your lives."

"There is no need to fill you in on more than you already know."

"Well free your mind doll. I don't know anything. Maddy told me nothing."

Amelia had the gut instinct to believe him. So she did. Her gut had never let her down before. "Then Hugo you are free to go."

"If you don't mind, I would like to help. I have my own little reason for wanting revenge."

"Of course; Kim." Amelia grated obviously annoyed again. "You know you and Joel should get together and compare stories." Hugo fought the urge to slap her. He realized that Maddy must have hurt this dame pretty bad. And his reaction was a little out of being made a fool of too.

"Amelia, we could use the extra help now." Joel stated ignoring the jab.

Amelia looked at him with a venomous stare and simply said, "Charlie?"

"I would have to agree Amelia." Charlie almost whispered, as if agreeing with Joel were like smacking her face.

"Fine then let's get out of here. This place is giving me the creeps. You two can fill Hugo in on the details in the morning."

They drove in silence through the night. The tension in the car seemed to be thick enough that they all were afraid if they opened their mouths it would choke them.

They arrived at a very nice upscale mansion, equipped with six-foot high fences surrounding the border and men with guns at ever turn. Hugo half expected to be patted down at the door. To his surprise and delight he was greeted by a short plump, very kind faced woman. Her name was Ma Lee. She showed Hugo to his room for the night.

Hugo stood in a hot steamy shower for a long time. Trying to come to terms mentally with all he had dealt with in just a few short days. Damn Maddy could always spice up a mans life.

With his bath finished Hugo lay and tried to sleep. It was a failing attempt. His mind was too heavy. Suddenly sneaking down into Ma Lees' kitchen and having a snack sounded like a plan.

Hugo was creeping down the hall when he heard voices. Upon further inspection he found they were coming from a room down the hall. He crept to the door to find it open and peeked in. Only to find Amelia in the arms of Morris.

"Ammy, you shouldn't get yourself worked up like that darling." Morris spoke softly in her ear as her stroked her cinnamon locks.

"I know love. Just the thought of the pain that she has caused so many people, makes me sick." Amelia looked into his golden eyes and wanted nothing more in that moment to be held kissed and loved by this man she loved so. "Make love to me Morris. Make me forget like only you can."

That was all the invitation that Morris needed as he claimed her lips with his. "Oh my." He rasped and increased the pressure to bring her fully against him.

Arching her back against him, Amelia, was aware of his hard, muscular thighs and the arms of steel that molded her to him. Morris carefully removed all of Amelia's' clothing revealing her beautiful shapely body. Then he lifted her and gently placed her on the bed. His eyes never leaving her body as he stripped off his clothing to reveal the largest cock that to this day she had ever seen.

He came to her, one arm circling her near to his beautiful physique, while the other was free to roam over her body. She felt she would go crazy now if he didn't do more than just hold her. Her breast seemed to swell to fill the palm of his hand, straining to achieve a greater feeling of pleasure. All of her body ached with this very same need.

She was arching against him in a deliberate provocation. She was hot and wanted him now. Her teeth teased his earlobe, nipping in sexual play. She didn't try to hide any of her sexual desires from him. Letting him see all of the fires that were engulfing her. She reached down, took his cock in her hand and stroked him gently.

"Are you trying to get a rise out of me?" Morris teased, kissing her forehead.

"Now; you are getting the idea."

His mouth began moving to her. "You my lady know, I'll give you all you can handle and more," he taunted.

His mouth came down to crush hers in a hungry needing kiss. His hands moving skillfully over her body, while hers did the same. Both of them were trembling with ecstasy before they had had their fill.

Morris seemed to be taking his time to examine her at great lengths. His hands following his traveling gaze. Lightly tracing over her shoulders, then moving down to her ribs. He drew invisible lines along each one, making her quiver.

By the time he moved up to her breasts she was filled with tension. Even then he didn't touch them as she had hoped he might. At first he just caressed the sides with soft stroking motions, then he cupped the heavy curves beneath her nipples. His thumbs going close but never touching the hungry peaks.

When he finally did draw near to a nipple, it was with a single teasing fingertip, moving it in tantalizing circles around each of her tiny pink areola in turn. But still without touching either of the highly sensitive centers.

They had responded nevertheless during this excitingly erotic torture, standing erect, tall, and tautly swollen. Amelia's' head was spinning.

"Just do it, for gods sake," she groaned at last. Her head flopping back on the pillow, her eyes squeezed shut as she thrust her breast eagerly forward.

"Just do what?" he teased.

"I... I..." desire would not let her finish for it had taken possession of her body.

"Never mind, Amelia," he muttered. "I know what you want baby." And he bent to start tonguing each nipple in turn, taking her breath away as he made love to them.

When he changed from licking to sucking, everything in her body crunched down hard. It was so delicious, His mouth wet and hot upon her, drawing feelings from her breast and sending shock waves to her clit as her suckled on her.

"Don't stop," she pleaded when he suddenly left her breast.

He said nothing just poised himself over her. Their eyes locked as he placed two fingers inside her hot, wet pussy, with his thumb expertly maneuvering her clit. He wanted to watch her climax as he continued his assault on her.

Amelia turned her head as the pleasure was building inside her body threatening to take her over. When she glanced at the door way she saw a shadow move. Someone was watching. Someone was watching. Amelia immediately climaxed at the thought. Then turned her head once again to look her lover in the eye. Now more turned on than ever.

Amelia could only stare as heat was starting to flood through her body again. Morris was impressive, but slightly scary. A big strong male animal that could take her more delicate body at will. His cock stood proudly looking back at her.

"No," he rasped as she went to grasp him to pull him into her. She needed him inside her.

"Cum for me first luv." He continued to pump inside her furiously, as his thumb sped up on her clit.

As if her body was willed to his command a tingling heat exploded within her body.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Morris," she moaned.

Once again she tried to pull him to her. And once again he denied her. Grabbing her waist, he abruptly lifted her, and then turned her on the bed in a kneeling position. He spread her arms along the headboard and curved her fingers over the edge in a tight grip. The position pressed her naked breast against the hard, cool brass, making her fiercely aware of their heat and aroused state. Her head was facing the door, which only heightened her pleasure knowing their peeping tom would see every pleasure that racked her body spread over her face.

She could not move, could not say a word. She remained still and speechless, her muscles stiffly held, her eyes wide as she stared dry mouthed at the door.

"Beautiful," he murmured as he began caressing her bare ass and thighs. Amelia moved to push her legs apart and she began to shake. She had never experienced anything so intensely erotic as the last hour. Her breathing had grown ragged with passion and lust, as she panted her hardened nipples rubbed arousingly against the brass headboard. She had never felt so turned on, or so wickedly sexy in all her life. Is this what is was always like for Kim, she wondered. Her body burned. Her thigh trembled. Her bottom wiggled, pouted and invited.

"Morris, Please," she whispered.

She gasped when he molded his huge body around hers, his large arms covering hers, his mouth hot against her ear.

"Tell me what you want, Ammy," he rasped. "Say it."

"I want you to fuck me. Don't play nice nice with me tonight Morris. Give it to me strong and hard," she shouted.

"So you want this?" he replied savagely.

She cried out at the brutal abruptness of his penetration, and then groaned with sinful pleasure when he began to pump powerfully into her. Her eyes squeezed shut and she gripped the headboard. But soon her own body was rocking backwards and forwards in counterpart with his hard pulsating strokes. It was a savage rhythm, a widely erotic dance.

The top of her head almost came off her body when she climaxed. It was fiercer than she had ever known. Morris' followed almost immediately, and it was while they were violently in an earth shattering spasm together that he turned her face around and covered her mouth with his. He moaned into her mouth, and then shuddered as their tongues met.

Their bodies gradually grew calm and they slumped onto the bed, still fused. Both held the other tight as if the world was coming to an end. And sleep took their bodies before they could speak a word.

Hugo jumped as he heard a sound come from behind. He realized that he was standing there holding himself. He grew still listening to the house no other noise could be heard. Hugo decided that it was time to take care of his needs. He crept silently back to his room.

The following morning Hugo as Hugo approached the veranda he found Joel and Amelia standing there in a heated conversation. Was she double-crossing poor old Morris? Could this all be some kind of game that he wasn't aware of? Deciding he had to know he slipped closer to listen in.

"Amelia, we need to talk." Joel said matter-of-factly.

"You silly fool, it's a bit late for that isn't it? Shouldn't you and Charlie be briefing Hugo now?" "Amelia; I always loved you."

Amelia promptly smacked Joel across his face, leaving her mark behind. "Go to hell you bastard. You accepted my love and trashed it when it did not suit you. Did you think that with Kim gone you could just switch back to the other sister? Well Joel, I ask this of you, please hold your breath until that happens, ok?" With that Amelia strolled away leaving Joel to stew in his defeat.

"Ahem. Mornin Kirby," Charlie drawled from behind.

Hugo was slightly embarrassed at being caught. "I, ummm," his words faltered. He couldn't think of a quick explanation.

"You seem to enjoy watching Amelia, huh?" Charlie went on as if Hugo had never spoken. "Last night, just now becoming a habit isn't it? Well you had better behave where she's concerned my friend. I would hate to have to tell old Morris you've taken a liken to his lady."

"I simply did not want to interrupt their conversation just now. And last night, well I have to admit that intrigued me to the point where I couldn't move." Hugo stuttered.

"Yea well, whatever buddy. We all have our little fetishes. Just you mind your P&Q's with her. Cause Old Morris, he'll break your neck without a second thought over her." Charlie warned.

Hugo just nodded.

Charlie led Hugo onto the veranda where Joel was seated. And after small reintroductions, Joel and Charlie led Hugo into the study. He needed to be brought up to speed on what was going on and where they stood at this point.

To Be Continued...


Chapter VI - "A Night in the Slammer" by BJ

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