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The Maltese Fuckin'
Ch. VI A Night in the Slammer:
The Dragnet Tightens

by Dakota4646

The night was like most in Vegas, the chilly night air was a relief from the daytime heat. Sergeant Joe Friday and his side kick Sergeant Pete Gannon had been given the murder case of Joseph Masterson, Ph. D., they had all the juicy details and the only clue in sight was the lady in the red velvet dress that no one knew.

"How the hell does someone cut your cock cut, suck all your blood out, and not leave a mess?" Sergeant Gannon asked shaking his head.

"From what they say, that hot bitch in the red velvet dress could suck a tennis ball through a straw. According to the bandleader she was one Hot Lady with a body to die for and that poor Professor did!" Friday smirked. "What a way to go." He was shaking his head and thinking of the pain Masterson went through just before he kicked off.

They had gone over everything in room 33B and found nothing, not even a hair from the mysterious woman in red. It was going on 11pm when the radio call came in that another body wa found at the same motel. "Floor it Gannon." Friday said, hanging the microphone up.

"We better find something there or our ass is grass." Gannon said looking over at Friday as the car bolted down the neon filled main drag towards the Sands Casino.

With tires squealing they pulled into a parking space in front of the Sands. "You can't park there." yelled the doorman.

Sergeant Friday flashed his badge as they passed by him. "We can park anywhere we damn well please," he said with a grin.

When they entered the main casino they saw Frank Gabatino, the head of security, waiting for them. He was a big man with arms the size of most men's legs and he wasn't too happy with us being in his place right now.

"Frank, what..." Gannon barely got out of his mouth before they found themselves dragged down the side hall towards Frank's office.

"Shut the fuck up asshole. I'll do the talking. You just listen. Alright?" He opened the door and pushed them inside. "Look you flatfooted bastards. I got a dead guy upstairs, tied to a bed with no cock"

Friday and Gannon looked at each other in disbelief.

"What? Another one? Holy shit! What the hell is happening here Gannon?" Friday said shaking his head.

"What the fuck do you mean another one?" Frank yelled slamming his fist hard against the desk.

"Hold on now Frank. You do read the papers, don't you? It's all over Vegas how that professor got it the same way last week over at the Flamingo." Gannon was getting tired of this asshole's attitude.

"Now take us to the room right now or we will have your ass." Friday yelled back pointing to his badge.

"We'll go up the service elevator. I don't want the guest to know anything is wrong." Frank lead the way towards the elevator.

"I guess you showed him." Gannon said in a low voice hoping Frank didn't hear him.

"Yeah, right. Let's go." Friday said, pointing towards the waiting elevator.

Frank pushed the third floor's button then told them both "If this hotel is in the papers tomorrow you might not be able to read for a long time! You got that?"

"Yeah, I got it. Your threatening a cop right? Now lets get one thing straight Frank. We are the real cops, and we say what happens from here out."

Frank's face turned beat red with the veins in his neck popping out. "You just keep this quiet or else." Frank finally said before the door opened. "Follow me." Frank lead them down the hall stopping at room 33B.

The two Detectives just stood looking at one another.

"What the fuck are you waiting on? Get your asses in here before someone sees you!" Frank said between clinched teeth. Slamming the door closed Frank motioned for them to follow him into the bedroom.

"What a joint." Gannon said, as he walked into the room looking around at the luxurious surroundings.

"Bet this place will set you back a few hundred a night." Friday said admiring the fancy paintings, full wet bar and all leather furnishings. Standing in the bedroom doorway. Frank pointed to the dead man laying tied with leopard skin cuffs just like the professor.

"Oh, God! He's just like the other one. Sucked dry and all!" Friday said looking around the bed for a clue to go on. "Only a freak could do something like this." Friday said raising an eyebrow.

"Who is he?" Gannon asked pulling his pad out to take notes.

"Some big time collector that comes here all the time to gamble away his money. His name was Professor Grope." Frank said.

"Collector?" Friday asked.

"Yeah, from what I was told he collects rare tribal things from Africa. You know, like spears, trinkets, and junk like that," Frank explained.

"What's this Maltease Fuckin we heard about Frank? Do you know anything about it?" Friday asked.

"What the fuck you talking about Friday? Mother fucking what?" Frank shot back at Friday in that deep New York accent.

"Not mother fucking," Gannon explained, "it's Maltease, like the book and the movie. You know the movie Bogie made so famous?"

"I don't know no Maltease nothing," Frank said looking confused.

A sudden knock at the door startled them all, "I'll get" Frank said moving towards the door. He stuck his head out and spoke to someone for a minute before opening the door allowing one of the showgirls to enter. "This is Angel," Frank said leading her into the room. "She has some information she thinks could help you guys."

"I'm Sergeant Friday, this is Sergeant Gannon. What do you know about all this?"

"Well, that lady in red was playing Blackjack with him this evening. She was winning big time. You know what I mean."

Friday nodded his head admiring her body more than listening to what she had to say. "Damn what a doll" he said to himself.

"They were talking about something he had to sell. Maltease something or other." She explained to the two officers.

"Maltease Fuckin" Gannon said before he realized what he had said.

Angel blushed a scarlet red. Grinning, she said, "Yeah that's it. What's a Maltease Fuckin?"

"I'm not real sure yet but when I find out I'll let you know." Friday said eyeing her up and down as he spoke. "Do you know anything else? Can you identify this lady in red if you saw her again?" Friday asked.

"Yeah, I think I could. I'm not real sure. You want me to look at some mug shots?" she asked.

"We might," Gannon said nodding his head.

"I better get going. You know how hard it is to find a cab this time of night and I live on the west side of town?" Angel said turning to leave.

"Angel, hold on a minute." Friday pulled Gannon to the side. "Could you get a ride back to the office with the black and white when they get here?"

"Sure old buddy. You looking for some action from this doll?" Gannon grinned and prodded Friday in the ribs.

"Yeah, I am." Friday said, looking over at Angel.

"Joe, that's why I'm married. It's at home waiting for me right now. I don't have to go running all over town to get laid." Gannon said proudly.

"Yeah, yeah, I know all about it. You're a lucky man to have a fine woman like you got." Friday said with a smile.

"I have never cheated on her either." Gannon said.

"Well the day you do I want to be there." Friday smirked.

"Not going to happen. You can count on it Joe." Gannon added proudly.

"I'll give you a ride home Angel. It's on my way to the office and you helped us out so it's the least I can do. Besides, I may be able to find out some more information." Friday said leading her out the door.

"That's awful sweet of you Sergeant Thank you." she said placing her hand in his. Friday felt her lean against him as they waited for the elevator.

"I'll have to take in one of your shows sometime. What kind of show are you in?" Friday asked.

"I'm a stripper in the Follies," she said winking at Friday.

Joe smiled. "Really? Now that's a profession only someone as pretty as you could have." He looked Angel in the eyes. She had those big brown eyes that could melt butter in a matter of minutes and Joe's heart was close to skipping a beat when she leaned over and kissed his cheek lightly.

"Awwww, you're so sweet," she said tightening her grip on Joe's hand.

They headed down to the car and in a few minutes where parked outside Angel's apartment.

"Would you like a drink Sergeant?" she asked.

"Yeah. I would love one." Friday said thinking to himself, "This stripper could strip for me anytime she wants."

Friday walked around to open her door. His cock had started to grow just thinking about her stripping and he was having a hard time stopping it. As Joe took her hand, his eyes moved down to her skirt hoping she would allow it to ride up just another inch to expose her garter belt and maybe even a glimpse at her panties.

Angel let her skirt ride up her luscious thigh as she glided out of the seat. Angel knew what she was doing. It was her job to drive men crazy and she was the best stripper The Sands had. Angel was feeling a little frisky and Friday would do just fine to scratch the itch she had developed in her pussy while stripping earlier that night. Angel handed Joe the key to her apartment. "It's number 33." she said pointing at the door.

Friday shook his head thinking "Damn, that number has been coming up all day." He opened the door and followed her inside.

"What will it be Joe?" she asked, dropping her sweater on the couch.

"Gin and tonic." Friday said, removing his jacket.

"I got scotch or vodka Joe. Oh, and beer." She pointing at the small bar in the corner. "I don't drink much. It makes me do things," she said smiling.

"Vodka on the rocks then." He pointed at a large black object on her table. "What's that?" he asked.

"Oh that? Something a friend gave me last week. Isn't is awesome?" she asked picking it up and cradling it in her soft hands.

"Looks like some kind of sex toy or something." Friday said looking at the strange object closely.

"My friend said it was a phallic symbol. What ever that is," she said handing the smooth black object to Friday.

They both drank the first drinks down hurriedly. Friday made the second round and sat down beside Angel sipping his drink while admiring her shapely legs. He moved his arm around her shoulder and she slipped closer to him letting her hand rest on his upper thigh. Joe felt the tingle in his groin. His cock responded to her touch, moving as it grew harder. Angel saw the bulge growing in his pants and decided to have some fun.

"Joe? Is it ok to call you Joe?" she asked seductively and didn't wait for an answer. "I'm going to slip into something more comfy. Is that okay with you?"

"Sure. Take your time." Joe watched her walk towards the bedroom. Her shapely ass swinging from side to side as she walked. "God, what a body." he said under his breath.

"What? Did you say something Joe?" She asked turning to face him.

"No, I was just thinking out loud." His face turned red.

"Could you help me a minute?" she asked from the bedroom.

Joe jumped up and almost ran to her.

"Could you help me with this damn zipper? It always hangs up. I guess I should get it fixed." she said, turning her head to him.

Joe moved closer placing one hand on her waist and the other on the stuck zipper. He pulled it down slowly. It moved freely, with very little effort. He continued all the way down exposing her back and shoulder to his gaze. She wasn't wearing a bra and when the dress slipped farther off her shoulders she didn't make a move to stop it. Joe moved his hand up her side and pulled her back into him. She felt the bulge she had seen earlier. It felt so big, so hard and she moved her hips back into his crotch. Joe lightly kissed her neck and nibbled on her ear lobe making Angel moan in pleasure. She wasn't use to men being gentle with her. She always seemed to attract the rougher types of men for some reason. Joe's soft touch and gentle kisses were driving her crazy.

"God you smell great," Joe whispered into her ear as he licked and sucked on her lobe.

"You keep that up and you might get a free show tonight," Angel purred.

"I was thinking more on the lines of a great fuck Baby." Joe said huskily.

"Oh now, that can be arranged," she said turning to face Joe. Her lips parted and she softly kissed him. Joe held her close. His hands moving up towards her perfect breast. Firm breasts with large nipples that ached for his attention. He moved his tongue inside her mouth darting it around the tip of her tongue. She moaned and let her body fall against his. Her hands caressed his back as his hands found her right breast. Pinching her nipple between his thumb and forefinger caused Angel to moan louder.

Joe broke the kiss. Leaning back so her breast where in his view. "You have the most beautiful breast I have ever seen." Joe said, with a crack in is voice from the excitement he was experiencing.

His hands moved down her body pushing her dress free of her hips. She stepped out of the dress and moved away from Joe. Spinning around she gave him a view of her perfect ass before she laid down on the king size bed. She held her arm up and motioned for Joe to join her with a crook of her index finger. Joe leaned over her, kissing her flat belly and tracing her navel with his tongue while removing her bikini panties. Angels raised her hips to help him. Her fingers caressed his hair. He moved down her body smelling her intoxicating sent. He could tell she was hot! No doubt about it. He could see the moisture glistening on her pussy lips and they were swollen from her excitement. Joe knelt down in front of her, sliding a finger through her slit and opening her pussy lips. His tongue licked around her clit as he sucked it into his mouth. Angels held her breath as she felt his tongue enter her. A moan from deep inside her escaped as he sucked her clit. She wrapped her long legs around his head holding him tight to her pussy.

Angel normally controlled her sexual partners but Joe had her at his mercy. Her body responded to his tongue as he worked it deep into her wet pussy. She moaned and pulled his hair as she began to orgasm. "Oh God. Suck my pussy. Lick me dry Baby." Angel cried as her body jerked from the powerful orgasm that was rocking her soul. Joe moved from her pussy letting his tongue slip across her puckered asshole. Angel cried out. "Yes! Oh God yes!" He sank it deep in her ass while two fingers stroked her pussy. "I'm cumming!" She screamed as his thumb rubbed her clit and his tongue worked her asshole over. "Awwwwwwww God yes." Her hips bucked to meet his fingers. Her head flopped around as her body shook and jerked on it's own.

Angel pulled him up from her dripping pussy. His face was covered in her juices and he saw her face was in full blush after her last mind shattering orgasm.

"Come here. I want that cock of yours in me now."

Joe moved with her demanding hands for fear his hair would have been plucked out like feather on a chicken. She meant what she said, and he was going to make sure she got what she wanted.

Angel reached down and guided his cock to her soaking wet pussy. Joe made one hard thrust shoving his member deep into her. "Yes. Oh God yes." she moaned as his cock filled her wanting pussy to full.

Joe moaned loudly as his cock drove in hard. He pumped his hips into her mound from different angles and Angel squealed with delight as she bucked her hips to meet his. "I can't take it all. It's too big!" she pleaded, as Joe forced more and more of his cock inside her, stretching her to the limits. Joe had made sure she didn't get a good look at his monster cock ahead of time, knowing that most woman would be afraid to fuck him after seeing 10" of cock sticking out that was as thick as his wrist.

Joe slammed his mighty cock deeper, making Angel gasp from the pressure he was putting on her pussy. "Yes, Oh yes. I'm Cumming Baby. Fuck me hard. I want all of that cock." She screamed as Joe pounded away. He felt his orgasm building fast and he knew he would blow any second. "I want it all baby. FUCK ME!" she screamed over and over as Joe's cock started to shoot his cum deep inside her.

"I'll fuck you Baby. You want it all? Here it is!" Joe slammed the last two inches inside her pussy while she was climaxing.

"Yes. Yes. Ohhhhhhh God, yes!" she screamed as she had orgasm after orgasm.

Almost exhausted, Joe slowed his pace as Angel's orgasm subsided. With his cock softening, Joe lay down on Angel. The two lovers gasped for air as they tried to regain control of their bodies.

Angel cooed at Joe, "I thought I had been fucked before. How wrong I was. That was the best fuck I ever had Baby!"

Joe smiled, "Just wait till the second round Baby, if you think that was good."


Gannon had just about finished his work at the crime scene when the phone rang. "It's for you Sergeant Gannon. Frank said it's your Captain. "Thanks. Yeah Captain, what's the problem?"

"Get over to Charlie Tuna's right away. He has been linked to the Maltease what ever it is thing. I have a black and white waiting for you so get your ass in gear. Where the hell is Friday?"

"He went on another lead Captain," Gannon said before hearing the rest of the Captains instructions.


Gannon knocked sharply on Charlie Tuna's door.

"Who the hell is it?" he heard from inside. "It's Sergeant Gannon, Police. Open the door!"

Charlie opened the door wondering what the hell was going on. Gannon moved past Charlie into the house.

" What's the big idea banging on my door at 2am" Charlie yelled.

"We got word you have the Maltease Fuckin." Gannon said.

"What? What if I do? It's no concern of the cops."

Gannon said, "Let me put it this way Charlie. If you do and don't tell me, I'll have to throw your ass in jail for suspicion of murder."

"You're not doing any such thing! Even if I did have it I didn't kill anyone so get lost or get a warrant!"

Looking back at the door, Gannon motioned the uniform officers in. "Ok boys. He's all yours. Book him."

Charlie's protests fell on deaf ears as the officer handcuffed him and led him away.

"Nice place he has here. Wish I could afford a place like this." Gannon said aloud.

"Where is Charlie? A voice asked from behind a door.

"Going to jail." Gannon said looking for the person connected to the voice.

Sal walked out into the room dressed in a thin, silk nightshirt. "Who the hell are you?" she asked.

"Sergeant Gannon, Police." he said, showing his badge.

"Why did you arrest Charlie?" Sal questioned him.

"That's police business. You'll have to ask him," Gannon said.

"What's going on Sal?" Caitlin asked walking out in nothing but a long Tee shirt.

"Yeah, what's all the fuss out here?" Kim echoed as she made her appearance in a short teddy.

Gannon stood looking at the three beauties not knowing what to say and his cock began to grow just watching them. "Damn it's a good thing I'm married" he thought to himself.

Sal explained things to the other two and then they all turned their attention to Gannon. "Ok. Here is the deal Sergeant Gannon. You turn Charlie lose or we take matter into our own hands!"

"Now ladies settle down. Lets not get our panties in a wad," he said all the while thinking "I hope they have panties on under those clothes. Clothes? What clothes?"

"Just like a man. Always thinking we have panties on!" Caitlin said, pulling her tee shirt up exposing her neatly trimmed pussy. Gannon stared not saying a word. He didn't see Sal go behind him and retrieve a pair of handcuffs from a drawer in the desk. Caitlin moved closer to him pulling her tee shirt higher as she walked. Gannon was spell bound by the beauty while Sal came from behind him and cuffed his hands before he even knew what had happened.

"What the hell?" he screamed.

"Ok girls. He's all ours. Now lets have some fun! We can't get Charlie out until morning so let see what this cop has for us besides threats." Sal reached around Gannon and opened his belt. She unzipped his pants and pulled them down.

"Wait just a minute here ladies. I'm a married man!" he pleaded with them. But with Caitlin dancing around him completely nude now, he couldn't stop his cock from growing hard

Sal pulled his boxer shorts down leaving him standing there with an 8" cock sticking out from under his shirttail.

"Oh yeah! Look girls. He's a stud!" Kim said, pointing to his cock. Shw knelt down in front of him and looked up at him with a sexy smile before licking the head of his cock and then engulfing it in her hot mouth.

Sal watched in amazement as Kim sucked all but an inch of his cock down her throat.

"Wow! You go girl." Caitlin said before joining Kim on the floor. "I want some of that too girl. Don't you dare hog all that monster for yourself!" Caitlin giggled.

Sal held Gannon still while the two vixens sucked his cock like he had never dreamed it could be done. His wife was good but this was unbelievable!

"Ok girls. I give. Take the cuffs off, please?" Gannon begged as his body betrayed him. "You keep that up and your going to be sorry," he said feeling his orgasm starting to build.

"Why would we be sorry honey?" Sal asked.

"I'm fixing to blow your friends head off in just a second," he said between clinched teeth.

"Well hell honey, that's what she wants you to do." Sal said laughing. "You mean your wife doesn't swallow?" she asked.

" Nooooooooo. Oh God, suck my cock!" He screamed as his seed shot from his cock filling Kim's mouth to over flowing. Caitlin licked and sucked up all his cum that spilled from Kim's hungry mouth.

"Hey I want some," Sal complained.

Kim stood up and walked over to her. Without saying a word, she kissed Sal, sliding her tongue into her mouth so she could taste Gannon's cum.

"Mmmmm, he's good to the last drop Baby. Just like Maxwell House." Sal said after the kiss as she licked Kim's lips clean.

"Ok Sergeant. "Lay down and get ready for the time of your life! Have you ever been with anyone besides your wife?" Sal asked, helping him to the floor.

"Never. She's the only one." Gannon said before the girls pounced on him.

"Kim get bruiser for the Sergeant to enjoy." Sal ordered before sitting on his face...

To be continued....


*** Coming Soon ***
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