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The Maltese Fuckin'
Ch. VI: A Night in the Slammer
by BJ

The whole day did not go the way I had hoped it would. There I was down at the Police Station trying to explain to two block headed cops my connection to of the most recent victims of murder, who just happened to be connected to a case I was working on. I had lost track of time by now and I was feeling rather seedy at this point. I needed food, a shower, and a drink if I could get one. I also needed a good answer, one that these dunderheads would buy until I could get in touch with my client, who conveniently dropped off the face of the earth. This case could bring in big bucks if I solved it, I had no doubt that I could solve it. I was close to an answer. That's why I was here in interrogation.

It started about a week ago, I had it figured to be an open and shut case, from the moment my new clients walked into my office, but the case took on the air of an old Bogart Movie gone bad. People started to drop like flies. I was surprised it took the cops this long to get to me.

My new clients were shown in by my secretary Ms. Flemming. The man who entered first filled the doorway. This guy was big. "Mr. Beckett I presume." The giant stuck out his paw we shook hands. "My name is Boggs, sir, Philo Boggs " He introduced his partner as "my associate Mr. Wong" His smaller partner bowed. I thought it funny, the guy didn't look oriental or like Peter Lori. Mr. Bogs sat on the only seat that would hold him my couch. "We would like to hire you sir." Said Mr. Boggs. "We will pay you well for your time. Isn't that right Mr.Wong?"

Before I could tell Mr. Boggs what my rates were he said. "We are willing to pay you $50,000 for this little job." I laughed and said "Who do I have to kill for that kind of money?" Mr. Boggs replied that no one was to be killed. There was to be an additional $20,000 upon completion of the transaction. "We are in the market for a very special "package" Mr. Beckett, and we are willing to pay a substantial sum for it's delivery." Well, if they wanted to pay that kind of money I wouldn't turn it down. "Doesn't your friend speak?" I asked. Mr. Boggs replied "Only when he has something to say."

Now, it was down to business. Boggs told me that there was a "package" that would be needed and exchanged for the one that he was to receive. Before I could say that there might be some initial expense, Boggs put $4,000 down on my desk. I almost had a heart attack. I wrote out a receipt and gave it to Mr. Boggs, who in turn gave it to Mr. Wong. "You will receive instructions by the end of the day Mr. Beckett, just follow it to the letter if you would." I watched as Boggs rose from my couch and he and Wong left with out saying anything more.

As soon as the dynamic duo left my office, I went to find Ms. Flemming. A note on her desk told me that she had gone to lunch. I left her a note about the money and left myself to get some lunch.

When I returned from lunch Ms. Flemming handed me an envelope and in it was a check for $ 50,000 and instructions that I had to follow. I told my secretary to get the check into the bank quickly. I told Ms. Flemming that I was off on business, and should be back by 5 PM.

I left my office and went straight to the address given in the instructions. I knocked on the door as instructed and when the door opened, there stood one of the biggest women I had ever seen.

She had to be close to 7' tall. "You must be Mr. Beckett" Was her greeting. I told her that I was.

"Call me Red." I could see why. Flame Red Hair. "Ok, Red, What do I do next?" I said.

She told me to follow her and I did as I was told. I figured she could break me in two. Red led me to a sitting room and told me to wait. While I waited , I could see flashes of naked flesh in the hallway. I realized then where I was. I was in "Red's Famous Whore House & Emporium." I wondered what her charges were. Before I thought more on it, Red returned and she was not alone. Red had returned with a woman who had to be older than dirt. Red made no introduction,

she simply told me to follow the old woman. I thought this is a lot of effort for a "package".

With out saying anything more Red turned and left the room. I held the door, and the old woman preceded me out the back of the building. I draw a blank after that, because someone turned out my lights. I never saw them coming. Some one had set me up. When I woke up I found myself in an ally, and no sign of the old lady. Except for my wallet, my pockets were empty. I figured there is nothing like a good beating to help me reconsider this case. I felt like shit. The bastards even took my watch.

I was surprised to see the lights in my office were still on. I went up and sure enough Ms. Flemming was still there. "You look like shit Sam." She said. Just what I needed another critic of my appearance. "I'm trying a new fashion statement called busted lip." I replied. "You have another client in your office Sam." She stated. I looked at Ms. Flemming and gave her my best Bogart impression "Thanks sweetheart, your a doll." With my busted lip it almost worked.

I didn't see her at first, I headed for the sink to wash my face. "Excuse me Mr. Beckett?"

I heard someone ask. I turned and said that I was Sam Beckett. The site before my eyes made the day worth it. A young lady stood before me in a fashionable outfit, she was fairly tall about 5'7"

Blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. Her skirt was short enough to show two very shapely legs. Her breasts were firm looking, not large, just about right for me at any rate. "Please excuse my appearance, the Rodeo is in town I tried out for the Bullfighters job and lost."

The youngster told me her name is K.C. Jones and she need my help to find her father. I watched as she removed her jacket. Her blouse did nothing to hide her lovely breasts. I couldn't take my eyes off them. "Mr. Beckett, my father has been missing for several days now." I asked her all the routine questions about going to the Police etc. From what KC told me her father was something of an inventor and a fairly big business man in the state. He and her step-mother were nowhere to be found. "Do you know what your father might have been working on?" I asked.

No she told me, all she knew was that it was something big. "Ok, the first thing we do is you can call me Sam ok?" KC smiled and said that was fine by her.

I must have been daydreaming when I heard KC ask if I was ok. I told her that I was sorry for having lost track for a moment. " I would have no problem in paying your regular fee Sam." I had no doubts about that. I told her that I would take her case. KC gave me more information, and wanted to know if I could visit her fathers house. I told her that I would. She gave me the address and then I said to her. "I know this is kind of sudden, but would you like to have dinner with me tonight. I have not eaten since early morning". KC said that she would be glad to. She was young just out of High School, and she had hopes to be a lawyer or something.

I couldn't believe that we spent the rest of the night talking. I guess I just wanted to look at her, her smooth skin, her lovely lips. KC was quite a package. We said goodnight, and I promised to be at her house the day after tomorrow. I watched as her tight ass and shapely legs walked to her car and she drove off.

I had a rough time sleeping that night, I had KC on my mind all night. When I did finally get up, I found myself looking at a headline in the paper that I never expected to see. MURDER AT BIG RED'S !!!! Shit this can't be good I thought. I read on, it was Big Red herself. I was starting to feel I was way in over my head. First the old lady vanished, now Red is Dead. Someone was keeping close tabs on my movements. I needed an aspirin, a drink, and I needed to get laid. So far I was batting zero.

One thing did surprise me, and that was that the cops hadn't come for me yet. I expected them as soon as I read about Big Red heading for the "Big Sleep". Well I wasn't going to wait for them to show up. I had work to do. I needed fresh air, unfortunately the smog was in the way.

The next morning it was raining hard, that didn't bother me. I showered, had breakfast, and shaved real close. I even wore my good suit. It didn't take me long to find the Jones house. Nice two story house well kept lawn & flower beds. A well organized mind did this yard I thought. I was meet at the door by KC herself. She was stunning. She wore a white short sleeve blouse, black riding pants and black riding boots. "Hi, Sam come on in" She greeted me. " I was hoping to go riding today, but the rain stopped me." We sat in the kitchen and had a cup of coffee, and showed me around the house. I was right about the orderly mind. KC showed me a photo of her father. He was tall an older man about 60 was my guess. She was very close to me, I could smell her perfume It wasn't a heavy scent, it was faint, but just enough to get you to notice the woman wearing it.

KC told me that her dad did most of his work out in a small building in the back. I said that we should go and look around there could be something useful there. If she wanted, she could stay here while I went and checked it out. KC said she had no problem dodging the rain.

She was out the door and on the run for the small building that her father used. I had to push to try and catch up to her. We got soaked. The small building had a fireplace that KC lit and a well ordered work bench. We found a log book that her father kept, and some loose paper. Not much else. We tried to dry off, the fire was warm when KC stood near me, I could still smell just a hint of her perfume. I only turned my back for a second. When I turned around again KC had taken her blouse off. I stared at her lovely tits. I was dumfounded as she moved towards me.

KC came right up to me and kissed me long and hard. Her lips were soft and her tung darted into my mouth. She pushed me onto the couch. She sat on my lap facing me. "Don't say no Sam, take my bra off. I know you were dieing to the other day." I felt like a school boy fumbling with her bra. I let my hands roam over her supple body. I took her tit's and started nibbling and licking them. I could feel them harden on my tongue. KC moaned as my tongue played with her nipples. KC unbuttoned my shirt and tossed it aside. She ran her hands over my chest and down to my crotch. We stood up and helped each other out of our pants. I ran my hand over her crotch and felt how damp her panties were. She laid back as I slid my finger into her pussy. She spread her legs a little wider for me and that made it easier to move my finger in and out of her pussy.

I could feel her crotch was damp now and it wasn't from the rain. I let my tongue trace a trail over her nipples and down to her waiting pussy. I slid my tongue around the lips of her pussy and she shuddered as if an earthquake ran through her body. I could feel her hands guide my head to the right spot as I licked her pussy. KC ran her fingernails over my back and dug into my ass as each spasm shook her body. I could feel her hands grab at my shoulders and pull me towards her.

I followed her lead. I knew what she wanted when I felt her hand on my cock. KC started to guide it to her pussy. I felt her dampness on the head of my cock. I pushed my cock in and KC let out a loud groan as my cock entered her. I started to pump my cock in and out like a piston. "Come on Sam, fuck me harder!!!" She said out loud. Her finger nails dug into my ass as she helped me fuck her. She grabbed my ass and kept pulling me into her. Our bodies seemed to move as one. I fucked her as hard as I could, we climaxed at just about the same time. I shot my sperm into her as I did I shivered with each spurt of my cock. I never really experienced something like that before . I don't know how long we staid they way we were, I was about to move off her, but KC said "Don't get off yet Sam." She wanted to let my cock slowly slide out of her. The light from the fireplace made KC's nude body look even more inviting. I doubt that neither of us can say how long we stayed in the building, but we got to know each other a lot better. We got a taste of each other more than once that wet afternoon. I asked if she wanted to have dinner with me again tonight and mabey take in a movie. "We'll see." She said with a smile.

I could not take my eyes off of her even as she dressed again. I told her how beautiful she looked, and I thanked her for sharing herself with me. I read some of her father's diary, and I felt that the answer may be hidden in there someplace. I walked around looking at the lab table and decided to take a peak into the microscope. There was something blocking the view of the slide.

I turned the scope over and found a dot of microfilm attached to the lens. I asked KC if she had any idea of what it might involve. She didn't. I told her I knew someone who is very good at finding the secrets of microfilms and such. "I think my dear," I said to KC "this maybe a lead that will find your father." It was a light in the dark. I asked KC again if she might be interested in a dinner and a movie tonight. I wasn't sure what she would say or do. She jumped into my arms and gave me a long "French Kiss." "Pick me up at 7:30 tonight, I'll be ready."

We said our goodbyes for the moment and I headed my car towards my friend Pete Compton's place. I figured if anyone can get the information off the microfilm it would be Pete.

On the drive over, I could not get the thought of KC off my mind, the feel of her naked body the soft scent of her perfume was staying with me the whole way. When Pete and I finally got together, he looked at the chip and told me he would be able to tell me what was on it in a couple of hours. I said no problem and left him to his work.

I headed back to my office in good sprits. I did however have the feeling that the microfilm and the missing inventor and my "Package" were part of the same very nasty game. I made it to my office and told Ms. Flemming that I finally found the hot lead that I was looking for, and the two cases were really one and the same just coming from different angles. I made sure that the diary was put in a safe place, and headed back out the door, and right into the arms of the Police.

Just my luck.

Now you know how I came to spend the night in the slammer. My former partner Jim Gaffney was asking all the questions. The ass didn't believe a word I told him. "Your a suspect Sam" he told me. I told him he was an asshole. Jim's face turned red. "What happened at Red's ,Sam?" he asked for the hundredth time. "I told you just what happened." We were going round in circles it was a waste of breath. Then came the surprise. "What about the Jones microfilm?" he asked. Jim tipped his hand, he knew he went to far. I leaned close to him and said "I always knew you were dirty Jim. When I finish this case I am going to bring you down, that I promise." My former friend and partner turned and left the room. Jim's question proved that the two cases were really one and the same. I was also getting a good idea who was behind it all. I just had to get out and prove it.

"Where is Sam Beckett?" I heard a voice loud and clear even where I was. Jim returned and told me I could go. "We can't hold you Sam as much as I would like to." he said. I just smiled and walked out of the room. I entered the lobby of the Police Station and there to my surprise was KC Jones on the warpath. She calmed down as soon as I appeared. I told her all was well, and that we could leave now. She reached up and kissed me in public. I guess we were now an item. We did finally find a place to eat, but it was to late for any movie this night. "Take me home Sam." She said. I told her that she may want to stay as far away from me as possible, because now there was real trouble. KC insisted that where I went she would go. "Take me back

to your place Sam." I decided not to argue with her. "I'm not letting you go that easy Sam Beckett."

I knew what I had to do now, it was time to call out reinforcements. It was time to get the old gang back together again. I planed to tear down these bastards and I was going to need a lot of help. I was going to give them all a new asshole and then I would bury them. I knew exactly who I would call first.

To Be Continued...


Chapter VII - "The Killer - Unmasked!!" by mrhappy
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