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The Meal Pt. I
by Kip Carson

Cindy was an 18 year old red-haired, green eyed cutie. She stands 5'10" tall, and has long shapely legs. She is a natural redhead... everywhere. Her mother works for an organization that delivers hot meals to the elderly and the disabled. Her mom asked her if she would mind helping deliver a few meals today, because she was very short handed, and needed someone to deliver 6 meals. Cindy reluctantly agreed to help, and she began delivering the meals. This could be good for her, since she was going to become a nurse after college. She could see what it was like to help people. She had already delivered the first 5 meals, and she knocked on the door of the last home on her list. She heard a soft female voice say come in. Cindy opened the door and she spotted the 45 year old blonde lying on the couch with her leg in a huge cast.

"I feel so bad, having people deliver my meals to me" the woman told her, but ever since I broke my leg, and had my surgery, I have had a lot of trouble getting around."

"Don't be silly, Cindy told her.

"That's what a service like this is for". The lady introduced herself as Mona. She had long blonde hair, and bright blue eyes that sparkled when she smiled. The two ladies made eye contact and Cindy suddenly felt turned on, even attracted to her. Mona struggled to sit up, and as she did her house coat opened, Cindy caught a perfect glimpse of her huge breasts. She could see the big puffy pink nipples and the white milky flesh of her massive melons. Cindy set the meal on the coffee table and started to leave.

"Would you be a dear and help me to the bathroom?" Mona asked her.

"Sure," Cindy replied. She helped Mona to her feet and the two headed down the hall towards the bathroom. "What I wouldn't give for a hot bath" Mona said to Cindy.

"You don't realize how much you miss little things like that, until you can no longer do them on your own" she added.

"I could help you and wash your hair and give you a sponge bath" Cindy offered.

"That would be so sweet of you " Mona said. It would be good practice for her nursing, Cindy thought to herself. So, Cindy moved a chair by the kitchen sink and got everything ready for Mona. She then helped Mona disrobe. As she slid the housecoat off of Mona, she noticed that Mona was totally naked underneath. Mona's breasts were incredible they were milky white with big pink puffy nipples. They were very large and surprisingly firm for her age.

Cindy's eyes wandered down to the silky blonde bush between her legs. She had never seen a blonde pussy before, and it looked nice. The hair was golden blonde., and you could see the pinkness of her pretty pussy thru the curls. Cindy felt incredibly excited by this sight. She helped Mona to the chair and quickly washed and rinsed her hair. She lathered up a washcloth and began soaping up those huge breasts. She played with the hard nipples thru the wash cloth as she lathered Mona. Mona softly moaned as Cindy squeezed her big swollen nipples harder. She continued washing her way down to that blonde furry patch. She nudged Mona's legs apart and began soaping up her pussy area. She could feel the warmth of her pretty pussy thru the washcloth as she washed her.

Mona began squirming against Cindy's hand as she rubbed her swollen clit with the washcloth. Cindy quickly rinsed her off, and began drying her with a towel. She helped Mona to the bedroom with the intention of getting her dressed. As they entered the bedroom, Mona slipped and fell into Cindy's arms. Her big naked breasts were pushed firmly against her and the 2 ladies began kissing. Cindy accepted Mona's wet tongue into her mouth eagerly. They passionately french kissed, and Cindy's hand slid between Mona's legs. Her pussy was so wet it felt as if it were dripping. She rubbed the wet pink swollen clit and began pushing a finger inside of the hot pussy.

Mona fumbled with the buttons on Cindy's sweater and unbuttoned it. She slid Cindy's bra up over her tiny firm breasts and began sucking on her dime size pink nipples. Cindy moaned with pleasure. Mona slid Cindy's shorts and cotton pink panties off and to the floor. She gazed at the pretty red hair between her creamy young thighs. She suggested they get in bed . Once in bed Mona pulled Cindy on top of her, she positioned Cindy in a 69. The two began kissing each other's pussy. Cindy slid her wet tongue inside of Mona's hot pink pussy and began licking at the tight hole. Mona began sucking on her wet slick clit. Both women ate each other hungrily. Mona began finger-fucking Cindy as she sucked on her swollen hot clit.

Cindy came hard, and collapsed on top of Mona. Mona immediately came at the same time and both were lying with their faces buried in each other's snatches. After resting a few moments, they once again ate each other to climax. They then lay in bed and snuggled feeling each other's tits and pussies, while kissing and hugging. Mona finger-fucked Cindy to another glorious climax before it was time for her to leave. Cindy wished she could have just stayed there in bed with Mona. She could have made lesbian love to her all night long. Mona asked her if she would be delivering the meal tomorrow. "I will now" Cindy told her. Anxiously awaiting some more of that hot blonde pussy. Cindy dressed and kissed Mona one last time before leaving. As Cindy left, Mona picked up the phone, I will have a real nice surprise for you tomorrow she thought.

pt 2 to be continued

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