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The Mobile Internet Connection
by Leslie

I finished my morning workout, consisting of 3 miles on the treadmill and some light hand weight curls and stretching. I languished in the shower, letting the warm water soothe my muscles. The shampoo and conditioner smelled so nice as I worked them into my shoulder length reddish hair. Then, finally I applied some peppermint scented body wash on me from head to toe and enjoyed the tingling feeling it gave to my skin. Stepping out of the shower, I gazed out at the Santa Monica Mountains and wrapped a towel around me. I hand toweled my hair to almost dry and then used the hair dryer to complete the job. I slipped off the towel and grabbed a robe from the hook behind the bathroom door and headed for the study.

I flipped on the computer and logged onto the Internet. I had no mail and was about to log off, but instead I hit the Chat button as a whim. Then I clicked on Adult Chat and browsed the menu. I saw a room called California Adults and entered. Once inside, I introduced myself as Leslie from Santa Monica and got a response from a person with a screen name of Marina Del Rey Randy. I said hello and we had some small talk for a few minutes about how we were almost neighbors and he joked with me until I told him that I was near 5th and Montana Street. He said he was actually in Venice Beach and said Marina Del Rey because it sounded better.

The conversation on the screen went like this...

What kind of a view do you have? Are you in an apartment, house, condo or what?

I'm in a condo Randy. I'm on the second floor. My view is to the west toward the ocean and I can see it in the distance over the houses below. If I go out onto our deck, I can sit and read and smell the ocean that is 5 blocks away.

Is your deck private? And if so, do you ever sunbathe out there?

Well, it's almost private. I'm on the top floor and no other decks are in line with mine. I guess if anyone was directly across the next street over and looked up over the houses they could see me. But it's a small residential street with very little traffic.

So, do you ever sunbathe nude out there?

No, but topless a few times. I put on my headphones and lay back on the lounger. When I'm lying down, no one can see me unless they really try. Are you a voyeur or something?

No. But I always enjoy a nice view. LOL.

Me too! That's why I chose this condo. The French doors that lead to the deck off the study are so beautiful. It makes the view part of the I own it or something.

Are you near the French doors right now?


I know you are wearing just a robe with nothing under it. If anyone was looking up could they see you?

No. I'd have to stand up.

What kind of computer are you using?

A laptop.

Can you take it out on the deck with you?

Yes....It has a long cord.

Go ahead. It's a beautiful day. Get some fresh air.

OK, That sounds like a nice idea actually.(picking up the computer and walking through the doors to the deck. Sitting on a chair near the railing) There! I did it! It is very nice out here. Thanks for the idea.

So, what do you see?

Hmmmmm.....I see 3 streets of houses and the final street at Ocean Avenue with some apartment buildings. I can see the ocean in the distance between this pink building and some new construction going on. The houses there are only one story high.

Can anyone see you?

No. No one is down on 4th street right now. Most people are at work.....It's already 11 am.

Doesn't the sun feel great?

Yes...I love the warmth.

Why don't you just take off your robe and let the sun warm you up?

No....I couldn't do that. What if someone was watching?

But you said that no one was around.

That's true. Just a few cars parked on 4th street. No pedestrians or anything. But I'm not an exhibitionist!

So what's the harm then if no one is watching. Loosen up a bit Leslie. I loosened the sash on the robe and pulled the upper part open a bit to let the sun hit my upper chest. It felt so nice. So warm.

Did you take it off?

No, I just loosened it up a bit. The sun does feel wonderful.

Come on Leslie. Don't be so uptight. Take it off. At least the top part and let the warm California sun warm up those beautiful breasts of yours. No one can see you anyway.

I guess I'm feeling a little daring this morning and since no one is around....OK. ( I pull the robe open at the shoulders and slip one arm free and then the other, exposing my breasts to the sun) There...I did it! But I don't know why?

You are beautiful!

Thanks for the compliment. But you can't see me and can't really know for sure.

Let me take a guess at what you look like and what you're wearing.


You are wearing a white terry cloth robe. The kind you might see in the closet of a fancy hotel.

Good guess.

You are sitting on a lounger with the computer on your lap and your lovely breasts taking in the warmth of the sun.

Right, but I told you that!

Your hair is reddish brown and shoulder length. Your breasts have large nipples and you are facing to the northwest staring down at the keyboard.

How did you know my hair color? Wait a minute! Where are you? Can you really see me?

Now don't get angry Leslie. I can see you and you are absolutely beautiful. I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable.

Where are you? ( pulling the robe back in place and scanning the horizon for peeping tom eyes)

I'm in the white jeep Cherokee parked on 4th street.

Oh my god!

Please relax. I only wanted to see if you were telling the truth about who you were and where you lived. I will not intrude any further on your privacy.

I think you should leave.

I will. But before I go can I ask you a question?

Ok, but then leave.

Sure. I know you said you were not an exhibitionist, but didn't you get a little thrill when you found out I was able to see you and you didn't know where I was. The fact that I was looking at your breasts and enjoying the view. You are a lovely woman Leslie.

No....not at all. Well, to be perfectly truthful, it was a little exciting.

Please Leslie. I won't do anything but look from way down here. If you liked being looked at, let's have a little fun. Get a little crazy. Do something different, something exciting.

Like what?

Take the robe off your shoulders before.

Now that I know that you're there.....I can't.

Yes you can. You are a beautiful woman. Fantasize a little and give me some pleasure at the same time. Nothing will come of this....I promise.

I can't. Sorry.

Yes you can. Do something crazy for a change. Live a little.

(His words struck a chord with me...I have been so uptight and conservative) (Without another word, but not looking in his direction...I pulled the robe from my shoulders and took a deep breath as my breasts were once again exposed to the warm California sun)

There you go Leslie! Thank you. You are truly a beautiful woman.

I don't know why I'm doing this. But I have to admit that it's very exciting. Different.



Stand up for me.

No. Someone will see me.

Just me Leslie....just me. No one else can see. Make my day. Stand for me....please.

I slid the computer off my lap like I was in some kind of trance and placed it on the table next to the lounger. I slowly stood, but did not face 4th street directly and stayed back away from the railing.

Leslie.....turn and face me....come closer to the railing so I can see you more clearly. You are so beautiful.

(The robe slid down to my hips and was caught there by the sash)

( I glanced at the computer screen and read the request)

( I turned and took a step toward the railing)

Oh my god you are beautiful. Like a goddess. Your hair is flaming red in the sun and your breasts are large and lovely.

(reading the screen and blushing)

Leslie...take the robe off. Let me see you naked.

(shaking my head no)


(shaking my head no)

Be daring Leslie. Be daring. For once in your life. Take it off. Loosen the sash and let it fall.

(I let it drop and cast my eyes downward...afraid to look in his direction...blushing)

You are absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much. This has been a wonderful experience for me Leslie and I thank you for your boldness and beauty. But as I promised....I will not make you uncomfortable by making this any more than a nice and sensual treat. I'll go now.

(I turned to the computer keyboard and typed.......) Please don't go.


Please....get out of the car. Let me see what you look like.

(The car door opened and a handsome man in his mid 30's appeared. About 6' tall and trim with a full head of brown hair and a smile that seemed a bit tentative on his face.)

( I took a long look at him. He was handsome. I motioned him back into his car) ( I typed the following words without even thinking or processing the thoughts....) Please, Randy. Don't go. Come to the front security door. Press in *2375 and come up to # 207. I don't know what you've done to me, but I want you. I want to make love with you. I'll leave the door open......come up. Please. I'll be waiting.

(I scooped up the computer and placed it on the table and quickly logged off the Internet) Then I headed into the bathroom and combed my hair and checked out my face and teeth. Put on a little blush and a dab of perfume behind each ear.....then as an afterthought....another dab or two between my breasts.)

I waited for a few minutes...sitting on the living room sofa facing the front door. Nothing. I got up and went to the deck. The Jeep was gone. Puzzled...I waited another few minutes and then in frustration logged on to the Internet again. I searched the chat rooms for Marina Del Rey Randy.. Not logged on. Randy.....why didn't you come up? Why didn't you make love to me?

Every time I go out onto the deck, I look for him or his car. Whenever I log on I check for him. What happened to Randy? I wanted him so badly.


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