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The Mirror Pt. III
by Carl East

Janet and Stephen were looking for a nice mirror for their apartment; it was Janet that spotted it through the window of the antique store. Upon investigation they had stumbled into the mirror's trap, and found them selves in a small room. Had they not pronounced the very last word inscribed at the bottom of the mirror simultaneously, one of them would not be there. But they had, so they were. After trying to get out for two days they started to lose hope. They had found the spell books that would help them stay fed and entertained, and the letters that were left by those imprisoned before them.

"This letter is dated 12/11/99 which probably means he was the one we freed." Said Stephen.

"Yes, so what's your point?" Replied Janet.

"Only that he say's, "He was finally happy, and that he curses the day that someone will free him." He read.

"How can anybody, be happy being a prisoner?" Retorted Janet.

"Well, if you were a lonely man/woman, I could see this being a very nice way of spending life, it beats the nine to five routine we had." Replied Stephen.

"Only a man would say that." Commented Janet.

"Oh what, like you HATE sex?" Said Stephen.

"No, I like sex as much as the next guy/gal, but I don't have to be locked in a small room to enjoy it." She replied.

"Yes, but you've seen the spells, they conjure up a different partner every time, I mean, who wouldn't like to fuck someone new, every single time?" Said Stephen.

"So I'm not enough for you then?" Said Janet, with a hurt look on her face.

"Only a woman would say that. No, I'm talking about people that are lonely in life, look let me read this letter to you, because this was written by one such person." Stephen said, holding up the letter.

I am truly happy for the first time in my life; I would like this to be my home for all eternity. Having been here now for over ten years I cannot imagine my life anywhere else. But if someone is reading this letter then I am free, and you are a very lucky person. I curse the day that I am freed.

"Ok, I can see that it would appeal to some people, but I'm not one of them, so what are we going to do?" Said Janet.

"Well, I've been thinking."

"That's a first." Said Janet, quickly.

"Ha ha, very funny, no listen what if it's a simple matter of repeating the words that got us in here, but backwards." Suggested Stephen.

"As if the others wouldn't have thought of that," Retorted Janet, "but just in case, 'cessare aetas-atis perpetualis,' nothing." Said a dejected Janet.

"On the contrary my dear, you have freed me." Said a voice behind them.

Upon turning around they found a middle aged man, sporting a beard, and wearing a cloak.

"Who are you?" Asked Stephen.

"My name is Azamond, you are my saviours, how can I repay you?" He replied, in a deep voice.

"Can you get us out of here?" Said Janet.

"You could have freed yourself at any time." He replied.

"How?" Said Stephen.

"Simply by saying the words on the mirror backwards."

"But we did that, all that happened was you appeared." Retorted Stephen.

"No, you pronounced the words how they were printed, not truly backwards." Said Azamond.

"I'm not with you, what do you mean?" Jumped in Janet.

"Put it this way, what is dog backwards?" Replied Azamond.

"God, oh, I see what you mean, the actual words pronounced backwards."

"Yes, but don't say them just yet, I wish to learn what has happened since I last walked the earth?" Said Azamond.

Janet then proceeded to fill him in on all the more important events of history, leading up to the present day.

"So, science truly has taken over?" He said, bowing his head.

"Where did we rescue you from, exactly?" Asked Stephen.

"If you have time I would like to tell you my tale?" He replied.

Stephen looked at Janet in a 'I would like to hear this story,' kind of way, and she nodded.

Azamond's story.

Hundreds of years ago, sorcery was common amongst the people of this earth, but science started to gain ground, attempting to prove that magic was not needed. A few loyal friends and I tried to prove that magic had its place in this world. But we were few in numbers, where as the thinking man was numerous. In the last days of Atlantis, we hoped to prove that magic was still a valuable tool, for we could see into the future, and knew that disaster was about to strike. The thinking men, or men of science told the king that we were frauds, and convinced him to banish us. Even then we felt we had to stop this catastrophe, but we overlooked the stupidity of man. For when the earthquake came, that took Atlantis, the men of science blamed us, saying we had tampered with things we do not understand. By then it was too late, for the damage could not be reversed. So we wandered far and wide, finding the same sort of ignorance wherever we travelled. Finally a good friend was killed, I decided that I would leave this realm, and spend my days watching for when magic might be needed once more. I had created the mirror a few years before all this, and decided to make it my home for all eternity if need be, but before I could put myself in it, I was killed. However, a good sorcerer has always got a few tricks up his sleeve, mine was the mirror. You see, when you spoke the words, they were supposed to summon me five minutes before I died, that is how I know I died, or they would not have worked. I also had to allow others access to the mirror via the inscription, or nobody could have saved me.

"That was very clever, but why the sex spells?" Asked Janet.

"Well, would you be happy, trapped in a room with nothing to pass the time, and if you haven't tried them yet, you don't know what you're missing." Replied Azamond.

"If you don't mind I'd like to go now." Said a disgusted Janet.

"I'm afraid she's not your typical female, she believes in the old fashioned one partner for life type affair." Whispered Stephen.

"Would you both do me a service, before you go?" Asked Azamond.

"If we can." Replied Stephen.

"Would you take the mirror with you, so that I know it's in good hands?" He asked.

"I don't see why not." Replied Janet, surprising Stephen.

With that they spoke the words on the mirror backwards as instructed, and found themselves back in the store standing next to the mirror. They haggled with the storekeeper over the price, then phoned a friend who had a van. Once it was loaded they were off; pretty soon they were home and setting it up.

"Well, I hope he's alright in there?" Said Janet.

"Yes, he'll be fine, but why did you agree to his request, so readily?" Asked Stephen.

"Because I think he's had a tough time of it, and besides I do like that mirror." She replied.

Later that night when Stephen knew that Janet was asleep; he crept down the stairs to look in the mirror.

"Perpetualis aetas-atis cassare." He said, quietly.

Suddenly he was back in the mirror, standing in front of Azamond.

"I wasn't sure if I could get back in?" Said Stephen.

"Normally you couldn't, but I can have visitors if I allow it," Said Azamond, smiling, "what can I do for you?"

"I would like to sample some of that wonderful magic you possess." He replied, sheepishly.

"Very well, may I suggest a certain spell that is one of my favourites?"

"Yeah, sure." Was the short reply.

Azamond spoke a couple of words that Stephen didn't quite catch, and found he was in the presence of two very attractive naked females.

"When you have finished, just say my name and I will reappear." Said Azamond, then vanished.

Stephen nodded without taking his eyes off the beauties that stood in front of him. He spoke to them, but got no response, then he reached out and touched a breast. The women suddenly came alive, and started to undress him. Once his clothes were off they proceeded to take him where every man should go, heaven and back. They started by sharing his cock with one another, mouthing it in turn. He had had head before but never like this, he was lying on the bed that had appeared at the same time they had. Looking down he could see his cock being devoured by one then the other, making him want to cum far too quickly. But cum he did, with not even a pause taken by the two women now servicing his ejaculating cock. He came hard and long, never before experiencing such a forceful exit, yet they lapped it up keeping him hard so that he could fuck them both. One of them sat astride his manhood, while the other held his cock to guide it in. Once she was perched on his weapon, she pulled herself down taking it in as far as it would go. He gasped at how tight she was, then allowed the other to straddle his face. Her cunt totally devoid of pubic hair, his tongue, was parting the lips of her tender soft pussy, as she got into position. The servicing of his cock was magnificent, with the woman taking in his entire length with ease. He knew at that point, that he for one could quite easily spend the rest of his life in this mirror. The juices flowing from the woman over his tongue made him realise that she was coming, her moans were just a bonus that he was doing it right. His cock was ready to blow again, which he never tried to stop. She could feel it, for she slowed to make sure he was deep inside her. Once he had finished, she got off to allow access to the other. When she straddled his cock and started to fuck him, he could feel the other's tongue on his balls, licking and stimulating him back to life. They really knew their business, as his cock plunged into another pussy. He had rarely cum three times in one night, but knew that that was about to change. His moans of pleasure echoing through out the room, as this awesome display of professional sex continued. After another fifteen minutes he was coming once more, and loving every moment. All too soon it was over, he was dressed and summoning Azamond.

"Well, did you enjoy it?" Asked Azamond.

"That was awesome." Replied a delighted Stephen.

They talked for a while before Stephen left, knowing that he would come back another day.

To Be Continued...


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