The Best Erotic Stories.

The Mirror Pt. IX
by Carl East

Janet and Stephen struggled up the stairs, trying desperately not to scrape the wall with the Mirror they were carrying.

They had just purchased a new home, and were now moving in, of course they'd paid the movers to do all the hard work, but they wanted to move this particular item themselves.

"Put your end down Janet, it's getting too heavy." Said Stephen, taking a breather.

"You wouldn't think it would be this heavy, looking at it!" Commented Janet.

"I know what you mean." Replied Stephen, getting ready to pick it up again.

Soon afterwards they'd managed to get it in the bedroom, and were supervising the movers, telling them where to put all their belongings.

This move had come about, due to the mirror that now stood in their spare bedroom. They had discovered it during a bargain hunt, and upon reading the inscription had found them transported into a small room, a room full of sexual wonders. They had freed a sorcerer that rewarded them with treasures of gold and silver, and were now reaping the benefits.

Their new house was so big, that they now needed servants, so to that end, Janet had taken on three maids and a butler, the latter being Stephen's idea. They were due to start the next day, but for now they had to get the house looking just as they wanted it. The rest of that day, was spent getting things in the right places, then before they knew it, it was done.

Both Janet and Stephen decided to take one of those massages, that only the mirror could provide, then retired to bed.

The next day saw the arrival of their four new servants, the three maids were given the task of unpacking the boxes, that were all in the relevant rooms. While the butler, was shown around the house, to familiarise him with everything that he needed to know.

Later in the day Janet and Stephen had gone up town, to pick up a few things, leaving the three maids and butler to prepare the rooms. Camela was left to clean the rooms up on the first floor, and having packed most things away, she decided to clean and polish the mirror. She had admired it since entering the room, and was now looking at the inscription on the base.

"Perpetualis Aetas-atis cessare." She said, suddenly finding herself inside the mirror.

She cried out, frightened by what just happened, then after twenty minutes of trying to extricate her self from this prison, she reached up for one of the books she'd spotted earlier. Finding it full of spells, that she didn't think were real, she spoke one out loud.

"Dominari-multi." She said.

She suddenly found herself tied to a bed, with one naked man on either side of her.

"What's going on?" She cried, pulling on the binds around her wrists and ankles.

The two men ignored her, and started to touch her body, with one concentrating on her lower half, while the other was ripping her maids uniform down the centre.

"Let me go!" She shouted, not unexcited at what was happening here.

Her breasts were suddenly out in the open, while her panties were being torn to shreds. With her clothes in disarray, she noticed for the first time their erect cocks, as they started to probe her body with their hands. They had both gotten onto the bed, with one of them getting between her legs, and starting to lick her pussy. The other one had come up to the top, and was trying to force his cock into her mouth.

She struggled at first, not wanting to be made love to in this fashion, but the more her clitoris was being serviced, the less resistance she put up. She eventually took his cock into her mouth, and started to deep throat him, his thrusts making her feel the tip on the back of her throat.

Her first orgasm came shortly afterwards, with the attention her clit was receiving, just too intense to ignore. Then her mouth was suddenly filling with sperm, making her choke at first; she spat some out, then carried on until she had sucked him dry. Then she felt a cock entering her pussy; she gasped as his dick drove forward, then stopped sucking the one in her mouth in order that she could see this assault on her womanhood.

Looking down she witnessed the large cock, which was giving her the best orgasm of her life. His muscular upper torso making her wish, she could run her hands over his chest. Then her breasts, being serviced with the other man pinching and sucking her nipples raw. Her orgasms were such that she no longer cared what they did, and even started to shout out encouragement.

Then she felt him coming, her own juices mixing with his, as her inner thigh started to feel very wet. They then changed places, with yet another assault on her pussy about to take place. Her mind raced back, to the one and only time she had ever taken two men at once, only then she was in total control. This was far better, for she had no idea what was going to happen next.

The man fucking her now was a little thicker than the previous one, for she could feel her pussy being stretched to the limit. His, pounding a delight, as her multi orgasms took over her body, making her feel hot and lightheaded. Then he too started to cum, his throbbing cock emptying his load deep within her cunt.

It was over, and she suddenly found her self fully dressed, and holding the book. She turned to see Janet on the other side of the mirror, and then she was back in the spare bedroom. She wasn't sure what had happened, but knew that she would visit that mirror again.

Janet was now in the mirror, thinking that she would get a bath, before retiring for the night. The nice warm water almost as much pleasure to feel, as the man now bathing her was. She lay there thinking, that she had better warn her maids to leave the mirror alone. Then looked down, to witness her breasts being lathered up with soap, as her bath continued.

To Be Continued...


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