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The Maid of Honor
by TNT

The following is a true story as to how friendships can get really fucked up if the sexual lines are crossed. It started harmlessly enough, as they most always surely do, with four friends getting together. My wife Donna of 1 year (23), she, a sexy strawberry blonde, her best friend Janice (24), slim brunette and the maid of honor at our wedding, myself (22) and my best friend Carl (22).

Part I

We had been drinking all night and watching movies, I guess it was about 1 a.m. when Donna and Carl went outside for some air. For some reason, I cannot remember why, Janice ended up on my lap watching the movie.... We were close, but nothing had ever happened between any of us. Well, upon arrival of our pals outside, Donna gets all bent and asks if I'm comfortable. After shrugging my shoulders she says that she is going to bed and "See you in the morning".

Carl shortly thereafter leaves. After a few minutes we decide maybe we were wrong and head down the hall to apologize. Well you can guess our surprise as we enter the master bedroom and find both Donna and Carl cuddling in bed.

"Are we comfortable", I ask. I didn't get much of a response so I just grabbed Janice's hand and we hopped into bed, fully clothed. There we are, Donna, Carl, Me and Janice, in that order. It doesn't take long for me to figure that Carl has only a shirt and underwear on with his back to me. So I roll over, facing Janice, and attempt go to sleep. Then it happens. I feel the bed begin to slightly shake. Very indiscrete at first, but it is there. I open my eyes and Janice is wide eyed looking right at me. You know the look her eyes were giving, "Well it isn't me they were saying". Quickly I realize that my new wife is giving my best friend a hand job so I flip over and pull back the sheets to find her pants off and his hands in her pink panties as well. Hands quickly are removed, thinking I could not see. "How about a drink of water hun, I'm awfully thirsty". She grunts, he grunts and off she goes. Comes back, gives me the water, hops into bed and within minutes they start up again.

Well two can play at this game I think to myself. So with Janice lying beside me my hands start to wander over her thighs, across her hips and over her tummy. I'm quickly told NO and my hands are removed. This is where NO does not always mean NO fellas. I try a couple of more times and the next thing ya know her pants are undone and my figures are prying. The bed is still shaking by the way. Then she removes my hands again and says NO, Stop that. Well, one more try couldn't hurt, could it? I loop my thumbs into her jeans and down to the ankles, panties and all they go. Then, ever so slowly I bring them back up and just before I reach my goal she grabs my hands, looks into my eyes and tells me that I had better not because she might be a little bit too wild and I couldn't handle it. I smile and continue. Well, she was right. She was absolutely awash is her cream, the sheets were starting to soak and I had two figures stuffed up her and she is withering all over the bed. We begin to kiss and the next thing ya know she is ripping open my jeans and grasping my 8", really fella's I don't think this girl had ever touched anything of 5" before because she just about came on the spot. She starts pulling on it, and biting my lip as she orgasms right there. Well all this activity was now out playing what was happening next to us and Donna gets up and slams the door and goes to the spare room. After a brief moment, and some zipping of jeans, Janice announces she is going home and that I should go next door to fuck my wife. She probably needs it. Carl is left all on his own. That is exactly what I did do. After a steamy fuck and some tears from Donna and "I'm sorries" we make up and promised that this would never happen again.......

Part II.

The next weekend, another group of friends come over, including Carl, but no Janice. We are all parting, smoking up and by the end of the night Carl, Donna, me and a friend Sam are all hanging out. Everyone else has left or is in a room somewhere. I'm tired and announce that I'm going to bed. Looking at Donna to follow. She says she will be right along. After a few minutes I see Tim pass by to the spare room, another twenty goes by and I sneak down the hall. Well, guess what, there again in my bride with my best friend, tongue locked and rubbing each other through their jeans in front of the fire place. All hell breaks loose. I though him up against the door, Donna is screaming, Tim is pulling me off, people are slumbering out wanting to know what all the commotion is all about. Not a good scene.

Part III

Well, I know it was wrong, but I needed to talk to someone. So that Monday evening I went by Janice's place to chat, explain and apologize. She was engrossed in my details of the previous Saturday night and making coffee when she began to have a really sad look in her eyes. She turns away and I get up and walk up behind her. Well the horny bitch swings around, jumps up and wraps her legs around me and begins to suck the breath out of my mouth. I carry her into the living room where she is given a through tongue lashing and creams my face in. Wham.... The distinct sound of a car door slamming. Her parents are home. What a scramble. I tell her that there is more where that came from if she wants some next Sunday, as Donna is away at her parents.

Part IV

Not really thinking that she would show up, you can imagine my surprise when I'm working out back on Sunday and someone is tapping on my shoulder. You said Sunday right? She follows me into the house and we sit down on the couch. This is really awkward. Not sure what to do here. So I offer her a back rub. She lies across me and I start on her back, then her legs and finally her awesome ass. After a few minutes I roll her over and begin again on her legs. She grabs my hands and pulls them up to the crotch of her jeans. The next thing you know I'm carrying her to the bedroom where she proceeds to unzip me and give one of the best pieces of head I had ever had. After a while I mount her and with her holding my fullness she asks if I am sure I want to do this. I literally split her in two that day. Apparently she becomes another person during sex, grunting, screaming, biting, soaking the sheets WOW.... The girl was WILD. I had a surprise for her though. She quickly found out that I could control myself and go 30, 40 even an hour before I was ready. Time for the second surprise, she made me pull out, not on the pill and grabbed my hardon. She is lying beside me and WHAM, up up and away, over her head, onto the wall. Five streams of jism and I literally soaked her arm and hand. She said she had never in her life seen any guy cum so much. From that point on, she was on the pill and begged me to cum in her and I quote, "Make her feel like a woman", and I did.

Part V

As all good things must cum to an end, I ended up getting my wife pregnant and the affair had to end. I still laugh back though. Just before Janice was to marry, I invited her out for lunch and convinced her, one-week before marriage, that a blowjob to experience "my load" would be good for her. She agreed and went back to work with cum stains all over her blouse.


None of us see each other any more. My wife and I eventually split up, my current girl knows about Janice and wisely laid down the law there. Who knows where Carl ended up. But a weird thing did happen. She told her husband, and he keeps trying to get me over to dinner. Hum.

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