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The Millenium Party
by Chuck Wood

My wife and I have been married for seven years. We are both in our thirties and have no children. She is an accountant and I am an attorney. We both work for large firms and spend a lot of hours working. Beth is 5'5" with a cheerleader's athletic build. Her ass is nice and round and firm. She had breast augmentation surgery two years ago and her tits are too big for her frame which makes it obvious to everyone, especially the women, that hers are "store bought." She tells me that she has shown her new tits to a few of the guys at work, but I have never been present when she has done so.

I don't really object because it hardly makes sense to have the surgery if your not going to show them off. She has been very discreet, however, because it would mean big trouble at work if she were caught. She has, to my knowledge, always showed her tits to her co-workers when she was out of town on business trips. I always wondered how she could get away with showing her tits to these guys and not end up getting fucked, especially when they were all away from home, but she assured me that it never went beyond "show and tell."

Before we got married we both led active sex lives, but Beth definitely had many more partners than I did. She even admitted to a few threesomes and one foursome while in college. It all started when she was a sophomore and made the mistake of agreeing to go home with a couple of guys after a party. She wanted to fuck one of the guys and did not realize he wanted to share her with his friend. After the word got out that she would do more than one guy, she had plenty of offers and opportunities. However, after she did three guys from the basketball team one night she was afraid things would get out of hand and refused to participate in any other gang bangs. Several guys tempted her with their big schlongs but she managed to avoid being the party girl until she graduated and moved on to the big city.

After five years of marriage I was looking for something to add a little excitement to our love life. Don't get me wrong, Beth was great in bed and we had a lot of variety including fucking in some pretty public places on occasions. I began to fantasize about watching Beth take on some other guys while I watched. I shared my fantasy with Beth and she was interested but she was not ready to commit. She was afraid that if she really fucked somebody else, it would adversely affect our relationship and neither one of us wanted that to happen. I did some soul searching and I was confident that our relationship was strong enough to withstand whatever challenges might arise from a little extra-curricular sex.

We had a lot of invitations to Millennium New Year's bashes. Neither of us wanted to go to our firm's parties because we knew everybody there and we had to act our parts and stay in our places if we attended those parties. We chose instead to attend a party hosted by a client of my firm with which I had no connection. One of the guys that started with the firm the same year I did and with whom I had become good friends had the connection and invited Beth and I to go with he and his wife. The party was in another city and we would not know anyone.

It sounded like the perfect opportunity to let our hair down and relax. Beth had not mentioned fucking other guys for six months or more and I had pretty well dropped the subject. I probably still had some unresolved doubts in my mind and our marriage was going great. We were both extremely busy with our careers in the last half of 1999 and did not seem to have enough time for working on our fantasies. As the Millennium party approached group sex became a more and more prevalent topic in our foreplay conversations. Beth wanted me to fuck her in more than one position and fantasized out loud about having more than one guy bring her to orgasm.

We met Jim and his wife at our hotel before the party. Beth was hot. She wore a short black dress with tiny, white, lacy panties that gradually disappeared in the crack of her ass as she moved. Her tits definitely filled out the top of the dress and from the obvious outline of her nipples it was evident that she wore no bra. Watching her dress made me hornier than hell, but she talked me out of taking her on the hotel bed before we met Jim and his wife. She did not want to smell like she had been "just fucked" she said. When Jim saw Beth, his eyes made it clear that he was impressed. His wife was thin and mousey looking and her expression made it clear that she did not approve of Beth's exhibitionist fashion choice.

We went to a bar downtown near the hotel where the party was to take place. I caught Jim looking up Beth's dress as he helped her from the car when we parked. She carelessly let her legs part and gave him a bird's eye view of her sheer white panties. I know she did it on purpose. Beth paid a lot of attention to Jim. I am not sure if she wanted to flirt with Jim or just piss his wife off more than she already was. But as Jim's wife had a couple of drinks she loosened up and started having fun. By the time we left for the party everybody was in a good mood and ready to party.

When we got to the hotel where the party was to be held, we were directed to the penthouse suite. Jim said the president of the company bought it when it was foreclosed on by a bank and that he had helped with the paperwork. He said that they guy got a good deal on it. It was impressive. A big open stairway led to the second floor which had an open balcony. The view of the city from the large windows was spectacular. We were all handed masks and a drink as we entered. Beth and I soon lost track of Jim and his wife who were talking to the company big wigs and their wives. Beth and I made our way to the second floor.

I went for another drink and when I returned Beth was talking to a group of three guys, all of whom appeared to be in their mid-twenties and athletic. Beth introduced me as Doug, which was not my name and told the three that she had just met me downstairs. I was taken aback, but decided to play along. She seemed to be enjoying the anonymity. We were standing close to the railing of the balcony and when I looked down, I noticed a couple of guys were enjoying the view up Beth's dress. I smiled and wondered how far her panties had crept up between her ass cheeks in the last hour or so since we left our hotel room. I decided to go downstairs and check it out for myself and excused myself. Beth was completely engrossed in a conversation with five guys now and I am not even sure that she heard me excuse myself.

It took me a half hour to get into position because I got caught by Jim's wife who bent my ear about what a great place this was and what a great business opportunity this was for Jim. I was pleasant and agreed with everything she said and finally extricated myself from the one-sided conversation. By the time I did get in position, I could see some of the guys that Beth had been talking to but Beth was nowhere to be seen. I headed back upstairs. Beth was seated on a bar stool at the bar talking to an older man. Seated, as she was on the bar stool, made the outline of her lacy panties very obvious. They looked very small on her nice round ass. As I was admiring the view of my wife's ass, I overheard a guy behind me commenting about the hot babe at the bar. He claimed he was a student of body language and he was sure my wife was ready to fuck. I was no student of body language, but it dawned on me that the guy was probably right. I decided to check it out.

As I bellied up to the bar Beth swung around to talk to me. I wondered if the guys who were studying my wife got a view of her panties when she swung around. Beth whispered in my ear that several guys had propositioned her so far and she was getting very horny. She asked me if I wanted her to let them fuck her. I gulped and frankly did not know what to say. She grabbed me by the hand and led me down a hallway. She opened a door into a bedroom. The room had a great view of the city, a huge bed and it was empty. She told me to hide in the closet and wait. She reminded me that it was my fantasy and she was ready to fulfill it if I still wanted her to do it. I was weak in the knees but I closed the door to the closet. I assume she took that as a "yes."

It was not long before I heard the door open. Beth entered with three guys. They were kissing her and trying to fondle her. She protested and told them they had to behave. She said she just wanted to check out the view. I saw one of the guys lock the door. Beth moved to the window. One of the guys moved in close behind her and began kissing her on the back of the neck. I heard a low moan as he moved his hands to her breasts and began to massage them. When he tried to get his hands under her dress she pushed them away. He was insistent however and gradually she let him explore the area beneath her dress. She was breathing hard now. She begged him not to remove her panties. When it was obvious that he was going to do it anyway, she told him that if he made his friends leave she would give him a blow job. He told her that if she would blow all of them they would not fuck her. She agreed and the other two cheered.

The guy that had been trying to get into her panties started to lift her dress over her head. Beth protested and said she thought they had agreed not to fuck her. The guy said that he didn't want to shoot his load on her nice black dress and reminded her that is how Clinton got caught. They all laughed and her dress was off. There she was standing naked but for a pair of sheer white panties that left nothing to the imagination. Her tits looked enormous and everyone complimented her on her tits.

The guy who removed her dress unzipped his pants and pushed Beth to her knees. She gasped when he pulled out his cock. I heard her say "My God, it's huge!" The other guys laughed as I saw her mouth open to receive this monster. She began to lick it from one end to the other. The guy was patient and let her adjust to its size. Beth is a pro at cock sucking and she was soon swallowing this guy's rod. The other guys were admiring Beth's tits and ass. The big guy laid back on the bed and Beth followed.

Her ass was now on display up in the air and the other two could not resist. They soon were pulling her panties over her ass and down her thighs. She stopped and reminded them of their deal. She told them she was married and did not want to have to explain a cunt full of cum on New Year's morning. One of the guys told her that her husband should have thought of that before letting her come to a party dressed like she was. The guy had quite a way with words and explained to her that every guy at the party had been trying to figure out how to get in her panties. He told her she was the best looking woman at the party and he was lucky enough to be in her presence. He was too horny to let a pair of panties stop him from fucking her.

The explanation worked and off came the panties. Beth returned to sucking the big guy's cock as the two others discussed who was going to fuck her first. The talker was first and wasted no time with preliminaries. He was soon banging away. He must have been too horny because he lost his load before he really got started. The other guy laughed and took over. The talker pulled his pants up and straightened himself in the mirror. He soon left the room.

Pretty soon the two men switched ends and the guy with the big cock began to pummel Beth from behind. She was grunting with every thrust. Suddenly I heard more voices. The talker was back with more friends. The lights came up and several guys were now standing around waiting their turn. Beth was oblivious to what was going on around her because she was busy being fucked at both ends. The big guy turned to one of the guys and asked him if he wanted to take over. He eagerly took the big guy's place. The big guy then resumed fucking Beth's mouth.

When he came, Beth started swallowing but she could not keep up with volume of cum that was being pumped into her mouth. It spilled out and down her chin. As soon as he pulled out, another guy took his place. The guy that was fucking her from behind came all over her ass. Beth was into it now. She screamed in orgasm as a big black guy entered her. She had three more orgasms before he unloaded into her. I lost track of how many guys fucked Beth that night, but when the clock struck midnight I am sure she had been fucked by at least ten guys. Just before midnight, I heard one of the guys say that they needed to find their wives and girlfriends to welcome in the New Year or they all would be in big trouble.

Beth was oozing cum from every hole. A few guys had even done her in the ass. Somebody had made off with her panties and for a few minutes, I was not sure if we were going to find her dress. I wondered how we would explain that to Jim and his wife. As the clock struck twelve, Beth and I enjoyed a simultaneous orgasm. I helped Beth into the bathroom and she cleaned herself up. When we rejoined Jim and his wife, I could tell from the look on his wife's face that she knew Beth had been recently fucked.

I assumed she thought Beth and I had been fucking, but on the way back to the hotel she asked us if we had heard about the girl who pulled a train upstairs in one of the bedrooms. She said that it was the talk of the party and that someone was running around bragging and showing everybody a pair of sheer white panties to prove it. I think Jim and his wife had their suspicions, but I am sure they were too naive to believe that Beth had actually done something like that.


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