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The Midnight Sortie
by Prometheus

The airshow was like nothing that Trudy had ever imagined. The spectacle was awesome to say the least. All the gleaming jets and handsome young pilots resplendent in their flying gear were breathtaking. In all her assignments as a reporter, she could not ever remember a single instance when she was totally overawed by her surroundings. All that she had heard from her colleagues, who had covered earlier shows, could not yet prepare her mentally for what she had experienced first hand. When the fighters roared overhead and their sonic booms impacted into the crowd, it made her twitch from head to toe, as if stung by a high voltage current. This was going to make one hell of a story for the magazine. The more she thought, the more she fantasized about what it would mean to pilot one of these sleek machines across the skies, for that matter what kind of a man did it require to be a fighter pilot? She pushed the thought out of her mind, as it really wasn't part of her current assignment for the press. That investigation was, let's say, more of a freelance investigation that could be carried out later!

The flying demonstration now over, the jets were parked on the tarmac and the populace streamed towards them for a closer look. The base commander, a Group Captain, walked up to her and escorted her to the hangar. The public was not allowed to cross the security line and were drooling at the machines from a distance. Trudy was however, escorted into the hangar by the Group Captain, into the maximum-security area where she could touch the machines! Being a press reporter did have its subtle advantages!

"I am going to put you in the able hands of my deputy, one of my brightest boys, I hope you will not be disappointed with our hospitality," the Group Captain said as he led Trudy up to a motley crew of pilots standing around a Jaguar fighter bomber. The place was a hub of activity with the ground technicians going about their business, in one corner a tall strapping pilot in his flying overalls was supervising the polishing of his cockpit canopy. Trudy was led to him and the Group Captain called out to him, "Squadron Leader we have a guest that I would like you to meet." At this he turned to face them, smiled brightly and waved out cheerily. He then jumped off the wing of the aircraft and strode up, with a pronounced swagger. As Trudy observed him, she couldn't help notice that with or without the uniform; he was indeed a strapping male. The blue grey overall and the Ray Ban glasses on heightened the effect. He was about 6 feet tall, swarthy, with thick short cropped hair, and there was something decidedly athletic about the way he carried himself.

She was lost in her own reverie, when out of the haze she heard a deep voice; "It is indeed a rare pleasure to meet someone so pretty, at your service Madam!" The Group Captain had by then launched on to the formal introductions and as they shook hands, Trudy felt an involuntary shudder pass through her body as she found him looking deep into her eyes. For the next couple of hours, the Squadron Leader answered all her queries, spoke at length into her Dictaphone, took her all around the base. He also helped her into and out of the cockpits of half a dozen aircraft, taking extreme care to ensure that she did not lose her footing on the shiny wing surfaces or stepladders. Every time that he touched her, Trudy felt this by now familiar twinge in her innards. Once almost involuntarily, she had reached out and touched him too, in the pretext of asking a question, it was totally unnecessary and though she silently chided herself she could not get the tingling sensation out of her mind.

They shared lunch at the squadron officer's mess, and he proved himself to be an Officer and a Gentleman, his table manners were impeccable. During the course of this meal, many other officers wandered across to their table and cast appreciative glances at her. He took special care of introducing a Flight Lieutenant as his 'wingman.' He said, "We fly in pairs, he guards my rear as I lead. We undertake all sorties together, all kills are shared in victory." Trudy missed the mischievous wink that passed between the two pilots, as also she missed the gravity of the extremely loaded statement that had just been uttered.

"I hope you have informed her about the party this evening, Squadron Leader, it will be an honour to have her with us," the Group Captain had walked in and all officers stood crisply to attention. The Squadron Leader stood up and said, "I already have, Sir, she has accepted and will be there at 20:00 hrs." Trudy was surprised to hear him say this, as she had had no idea of this party. What surprised her even more that in her silence and smile, she had accepted the invitation and had let him speak for her. Strange things were happening. After lunch, he drove her in an open jeep to an accommodation that had been reserved for her, made sure that she was comfortable and put a batman at her disposal." You grab some rest and I'll come around at 19:45 hrs. to pick you up," so saying he drove off, leaving her in a heady state of excitement that she could not explain to herself. It was 8:30 p.m. and the party was on in full swing. The officers were there with their wives and many had been introduced to her. She had realised that the Squadron Leader was a bachelor, and an extremely eligible one at that! Much as she hated to admit to herself, this Squadron Leader had smitten her, with his arrogance and swagger blended with his smoothness. He had created a situation within her that he himself was probably not aware of. Trudy had met many good looking men in her lifetime but no one had caused these funny feelings inside her. She admired good-looking men, but only from a distance, she had not let anyone come close to her either physically or mentally. She had also realised that she had an innate fear of the 'Good looking, smooth' varieties, where then was this man different?

It seemed that he was busy chatting with his fellow pilots, and once in a while she caught him and the Flight Lieutenant engaged in deep conversation, all the while casting smouldering, scorching looks at her. They seemed to be slightly high, as there was a lot of back slapping, and high fives as they talked. She wondered what they were talking about. Suddenly he materialised holding a refill for her empty glass of orange juice. As she took the glass from his hand, their fingers touched, and again the tingly feeling passed through her. She caught him staring at her, specifically at her breasts, or was she imagining it. Her snug blue T - Shirt flattered her ample bustline and her tight Levis did nothing to disguise the lines of her body. She was used to attention from males and knew that she could handle it with ease. The orange juice was soothing; it had a certain something to it, was it because HE had got it for her? She dismissed the thought from her head and took another slug. It was hot, and in spite of all the fans in the hall, the heat was quite oppressive. Her glass was soon empty, as there he was, ever ready with a refill. Her head was feeling a little heavy; it must be the exhaustion of the entire day catching up, she thought as she took another sip from her glass. The ice in the drink was doing wonders. He was close to her now, as was the Flight Lieutenant. They engaged her in small conversation, telling her about their flamboyant lives and the memorable sorties that they had flown together. Once in a while, she caught them looking at her body appreciatively, their eyes seemed to be stripping her naked. She dismissed the thought. Her head was definitely light, and she was finding it a little difficult to focus on their actual conversation. The ambience was also cooler now that many people had left. It was almost 10 p.m.

He suggested that they call it a day, and took her arm as he led her out across the room. God, she was really finding it difficult to focus now, she couldn't be drunk on Orange Juice could she?! The Flight Lieutenant followed them out to the parked Jeep, and slid in at the back. He was holding on to her, almost realising the state that she was in, but she dared not tell him. He smelt nice with his cologne, mingling with the smell of his cigarettes and the whisky. As she held on to his hand, she felt euphoric, a certain something, that turned her on, everything was nice, even the buzz in her head. She remembered getting into the Jeep and hearing the engine gunned into life by the Squadron Leader as the Flight Lieutenant hopped into the back after giving him the 'Thumbs Up' signal. She looked at the bright lights turning into star flashes, as the cool wind hit her face, making her hair blow out behind her, God this felt good. She turned to look at him and found herself staring into two faces that looked back at her appreciatively. The Flight Lieutenant laid a comforting hand on her shoulder (so that she did not fall off the Jeep) and caressed her shoulder gently. It came to rest on her right breast, accidentally, she felt the warmth of his hand through the fabric of her shirt and her bra. The Squadron Leader in shifting gears was rubbing his hands (accidentally) all along her right thigh. They were gentlemen and couldn't be doing this intentionally, could they? She wished that she could tell them to stop, but couldn't bring herself to say so. By now it was getting difficult for her to keep her eyes open, and as her head bobbed from side to side, as she slipped into a stupor, she heard them laughing somewhere far away in the distance. The Jeep sped across the base.

The Squadron Leader looked down at his latest 'Kill', as she dozed in the seat next to him. Vodka always mixed well with Orange Juice and never failed to have the desired effect on the women. He reached out and felt her lush breasts with his left hand. He opened the buttons of her shirt and his hand gently moved into her black lacy bra. He felt her warm tits and squeezed gently, feeling the rough nipples begin to harden. He scooped them out of the bra and started to stroke her nipples. She looked innocent in her sleep, and that turned him on even more. The Flight Lieutenant was stroking her hair and kissing her earlobes, tonguing her ears. The Jeep stopped under a cluster of trees, there was total silence, except for he incessant chirping of crickets. The Squadron Leader pulled Trudy across the seat of the Jeep till she was lying down with her head on his lap. He cupped her face in his palms and kissed her soft lips, easing his tongue into her mouth, probing, sucking her tongue. He pulled up her T-shirt and unsnapped her bra to free her beautiful breasts that he caressed gently, causing her nipples to stiffen. He bent down to suck them into his hot mouth. The Flight Lieutenant came around and undid her belt, and then he opened her shoes, unzipped her jeans and peeled them off her lovely thighs. The sight of Trudy lying practically naked except for her lacy black panties with her heavy breasts pointing up with the nipples hard and erect, totally helpless and unaware, proved to be too much for the two of them. They could not control themselves any longer. While the Squadron Leader had taken out his stiffening dick and was rubbing it all over her breasts and face, his wingman had moved her panties out the way and was beginning to caress her helpless pussy with his tongue. Then he inserted one finger into her pussy and started to finger fuck her slowly. He felt her getting wet, as he kept sucking her clit and now inserted another finger into her hole. The Squadron Leader was busy with her lush breasts that he squeezed in earnest. Her pert nipples were hard and erect with the expert flicks of his tongue. His fingers left soft welts on her fair breasts as he continued to squeeze them like rubber balls.

As they stepped up their attentions Trudy began to respond. In her convoluted state of mind, she first felt cold, with all her clothes being off. Then she felt this warm glow in her pussy; she felt that she was dreaming and that there was something flicking across her clit, something hot, wet and slimy. Yet again she felt someone touching her nipples, exciting them, again she felt something hot, wet and heavy all over her breasts. The Squadron Leader and his wingman had changed places. And as he rubbed his now stiff organ up her wet sloppy pussy, he watched his deputy begin to suck her nipples to hard points. Trudy was now coming to and in the soft moonlight could barely make out the silhouette of a man straddling her chest. She realised that her clothes were not on, and she also realised that this man on top of her was naked. Something delicious was happening to her pussy, and her legs were spread wide apart. God, wasn't this a car, a Jeep to be precise, they were dropping me back, how did this happen to ME? Then she recognised the man on top of her as the Flight Lieutenant. His huge cock was nestling between her breasts that he was squeezing gently. His cock was oozing juice and she could smell it as it nestled between her breasts. She felt something hard and hot rubbing against her pussy lips, nudging them apart; she felt fingers churning her clit into a storm. Suddenly she knew that she was being raped. Forced into sex against her wishes by two Air Force officers, that was RAPE. As she struggled, the man on top of her held her down with both his hands on her wrists. She felt her thighs being spread wider apart in spite of her efforts to keep them shut and this thing begin its journey into her wet sloppy pussy. She realised that she was being fucked by an unknown man and also that there were two men involved. She tried to scream but the Flight Lt. Smothered her mouth with his own. As his tongue dived into her mouth, he squeezed her breasts hard and rubbed her already hard nipples to excitement. She struggled to throw him off her, but he was too strong. He grabbed her hands and held them behind her head, and pushed himself on top of her. The unknown cock was embedded deep inside her and she felt it throbbing, pulsating growing within. It was driving her into a frenzy that she could not control, much as she hated her own helplessness. In the misty moonlight, she could barely make out the Squadron Leader, though she almost could not recognise him without his clothes. That it was his cock deep inside her offered her some solace, but she still knew that what was happening to her, however pleasurable, was happening against her wishes, without her consent.

The strokes were increasing in tempo now and she could hear him grunt, she also stifled a moan that slipped out of her lips with all the attention that she was receiving. The Flight Lt. took his erect organ in his hands and started to rub it on her lips, before she knew it, he had forced her mouth open and was moving it in and out of her lips slowly. She felt it grow in her mouth, and would have choked on it, had she not played with it with her tongue. He realised that she was going to comply and stopped shoving it in. She fell into her own rhythm and began to suck his cock the way she knew all men liked. The Squadron Leader had increased the tempo of his strokes to an almost feverish pitch and she felt her body tremble within with every shafting. She felt a storm rising deep inside her and knew that she was going to come. As she stiffened her thighs and pussy, he realised it too and plunged his organ deeper and deeper inside her pussy. A swishy delicious sound could be heard along with her moans and his grunts that sounded deafeningly loud in the quiet of the night. She heard the crickets chirping. The flood broke deep inside her and she started to convulse uncontrollably, as he held her legs wide apart and kept pumping. She felt his organ grow harder within her and sensed his readiness to come. With an almighty roar, he discharged inside her, and to her surprise, she felt herself beginning to come again. The Flight Lt. was fucking her mouth in right earnest and she was struggling to take in all of his thick cock. He was giving her swollen breasts all the attention they deserved, as he squeezed them and sucked the nipples sore. As he felt his superior discharge, he withdrew his erect penis from her mouth and moved into position between her legs. The Squadron Leader came up to her and slammed his mouth down on hers as his tongue searched for hers. Trudy felt the second cock begin to enter her. Inspite of her wetness, it excited her again and she relished the feeling of having it grow bigger inside her pussy. This man did not believe in making love, it was FUCKING all the way. His strokes were violent and seemed to wrench her body apart. As his piston like strokes battered her pussy and clit, Trudy felt herself begin to come again, She erupted like a volcano, her whole body was on fire. The Squadron Leader was forcing her to suck his swollen cock, and she helplessly opened her mouth to accept him. As she sucked on his cock, she felt a hot wave sweep through her womb and then she knew that the Flight Lieutenant had discharged his load somewhere deep inside her. The erect organ began to grow limp within her drenched cunt, as the cock in her mouth began to twitch again. He withdrew his cock from her mouth and began to rub it all over her tits, neck and stomach. He then mounted her and grasped her breasts with both hands and plunged his cock into her well-defined cleavage. As he tit fucked her, he forced her to open her mouth by pulling hard on her hair. He then took his cock in his right hand and jacked it furiously till the sperms came jetting out in a stream and into her lips and cheeks. He then abruptly released her and stood up.

As the darkness gathered over her, somewhere far away she heard the unmistakable claps of high fives and a sentence floated back to her "We fly in pairs, he guards my rear as I lead. We undertake all sorties together, all kills are shared in victory."

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