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The Master's Touch
by Mister Illusion

As the full moon begins to set in the early morning hours before dawn, you can still feel the magical gift of erotic pain your Master bestowed upon you during the ritual of transformation. As you rest your naked restrained body against the rough sharp edges of the cave wall, your mind begins to drift and replays the rite of passage you underwent when the full moon was at its zenith in the night sky. The images seem to come in and out of focus as your mind oscillates between crystal clarity and obscurity, in rhythm with the pulsing pain you still feel between your soft abused thighs.

When the sun begins to peek its bright warm fingers of light above the morning horizon, two of the young priestesses suddenly appear in your chamber. They remove the restraints that have held you captive throughout the night and then lead you to a warmly lit sun-filled room with a table full of food and drink, and a firm bed where you can rest. You are told that the Master has commanded that you be fed and rested so that you will be ready for his evening pleasure. The two priestesses then shut and lock the door, leaving you alone to wonder what your Master has in store for you when once again night descends.

As the sun gives way to the blanket of the night, you are awakened by the sound of a key turning in the lock on the door to your room. You open your eyes in the dimly lit room to find the same two priestesses that led you to this room hours before standing at the foot of your bed. They tell you it is time for your appearance before the Master. Your hands are fastened behind your back and a studded collar is placed around your neck. A long golden leash is then fastened to the collar, and then you are led down the halls to the chamber where your Master awaits.

The two priestesses lead you into a huge room lit by dozens of candles sitting atop gold candelabras studded with deep red rubies. At one end of the room, in a small alcove, you see a round pool of bubbling warm water surrounded by several of the candelabras. You are led to the pool and told to step in where you are met by the warm soothing water. One of the priestesses then removes your hand restraints and tells you to lie down in the pool and relax. As you lay surrounded by the warm water, you are handed a goblet full of wine to sip, as the women disrobe, enter the pool, and begin bathing you.

You can feel the softness of their touch against your skin as they slowly clean your body. You become so relaxed from the influence of the wine on your mind and the soft tender caresses of the nude women, that you shut your eyes and feel as if you could float away to a far away place of total sensual contentment. Suddenly you feel your body become totally aroused as one of the women slides her hand between your legs and begins to rub your sex, and the other woman caresses your nipples bringing them to full erection. You moan softly under your breath, losing yourself in the moment when you feel a soft tender kiss across your lips. You then hear in a soft erotic whisper, "Come to me, my Mistress of the Dark". As you open your eyes, you see your Master staring at a spot in the back of your mind.

Your Master stands up and begins to walk across the room, and then motions to the two women to follow. They take you by your hands and lead you out of the pool, and then follow the Master to a bed covered with flowers. The two priestesses walk you to the bed and lay you down in the center where your body is covered in rose petals. Your Master stands before you at the foot of the bed and speaks these words..." You have a long journey ahead, my Mistress of The Dark. It will be full of many new things. You will know pain and humiliation. You will learn both the pain and the joy of my love.

You will come to know the true meaning of erotica, but to know these for what they are and what that can give you, you must also feel the tender side of your Master's love". The Master then looks at each of the priestesses in turn, and with his stare they are dismissed and leave the room. He then descends upon you, covering your body with his and begins to make passionate, tender love to you. He moves his face to yours, covers your lips with his, and breathes a dream into the essence of your being. The depths of your soul suddenly become alive with the knowledge that the hand of Eros has just touched you. You are truly loved and cherished by the Master of the Dark...


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