The Best Erotic Stories.

The Mirror Pt. V
by Carl East

Janet and Stephen sat holding each other; both were staring at the mirror. The mirror had been found in an old antique store, and held a secret that had not been discovered for hundreds of years - the secret being Azamond the sorcerer, the creator of the mirror, who had been rescued by activating an old spell he himself had left in the mirror. Janet and Stephen had seen the inscription on the bottom of the mirror, and when they had spoken the words, they had been imprisoned within the mirror its self. It was while there, that they discovered what the mirror was capable of, the sexual fulfillment of anyone, who found them selves imprisoned.

Janet walked over to the mirror, and began to look more closely at the engraving around the edges. The mirror's frame had had a lot of work put into it, for the design was very intricate.

"Do you want to go in?" Asked Stephen.

"Yes and no, on the one hand I would like to experience the joy of what happened to me earlier, but on the other, I am worried that it will change me in some way." She replied.

"You will only change if you want to change, and I will be there to make sure you are safe." Said Stephen, placing his arm around her for reassurance.

They both entered the mirror, having spoken the words at the base, and then Stephen picked up one of the spell books they had discovered on their first visit. He wanted to experience something new, so he carefully scanned the pages, looking for anything that might stand out. Having been written in Latin it took some time before he eventually found something that looked interesting.

"Does that word mean spoil?" He said, pointing it out to Janet.

"Yes, I think it does." She replied.

Stephen had no idea what was about to appear, but thought it warranted investigation. The word in question was spoliare, but as this could conjure up just about anything to do with eroticism, Stephen had been intrigued.

"Spoliare." Said Stephen.

There in front of him was a beautiful naked woman, with auburn hair, long legs, and breasts that held themselves proudly, with erect nipples, and in front of her was a bath half filled with warm water.

"Oh yes, this could be fun." He said, taking his clothes off.

Stepping into the water activated the start of the spell, for this gorgeous female came forward, and before he could sit down, she was pouring a scented soapy liquid over his back, then rubbing it into his skin. When she had covered most of his body, she stood in the bath with him, then continued with both hands to lather his chest up. He suddenly found another pair of hands doing his back, upon turning his head, he found it was Janet, who was also naked. With Janet rubbing the soap onto his butt, and the auburn haired beauty moving down to his cock, he had already got an erection.

His cock felt hard, as she started to swap one hand with the other then felt one of Janet's hands coming around to cub his balls. This felt good he thought, as they continued, then scooping some soap from his chest, he applied it to the woman's breasts and with both hands he started to wash and massage her bust. Janet was now pressing her own breasts onto his back, the soap making her slip and slide all over. Once or twice he nearly came, but each time he got close, the auburn beauty would stop rubbing his cock and concentrate on his chest. After a while this was driving him crazy, so he decided to turn his back on her and let Janet continue. Knowing what he wanted Janet started to rub his hardened cock with both hands, then he felt the auburn beauty reaching around to do the same. He now had two pairs of hands both rubbing his engorged cock. He couldn't take it anymore, his sperm shot out the end landing on Janet's leg, his knees feeling like they were going to give way as the second load hit the end. The two girls not stopping until he was completely spent, then the spell ended and the bath was gone.

"You have got to try that!" He said, leaning over to kiss her neck.

"I think I will." She replied, saying the word.

Another bath appeared, along with a bronzed six foot male, whose large cock could be seen dangling between his legs. Janet stood in the bath, again activating the start of the spell, he moved over to pour the soap onto her body. Stephen got into the bath and copied what Janet had done to him. The other guy was now running his hands up and over her nipples making them erect, then coming down to her pussy he pushed forward with his hand rubbing harder than before. Janet grabbed his cock, sliding it from one hand to the other, he became erect, his large cock standing proud, but he carried on bathing her. She started to moan as Stephen also placed his hand between her legs, but from the other side. Then leaving one hand to wash between her legs, Stephen placed the other onto her bust, the extra attention making her moan more loudly.

"Fuck me in the arse." Said Janet, suddenly, staring intently at the cock in her hands.

Stephen placed his now regenerated and erect cock up against her butt, then finding the hole with his finger he guided it in. Once he knew the end was starting to enter, he pushed, the soap helping to make the entrance easy. Janet cried out loud, telling him to fuck her hard. The spell was still activated at this point, so the soap filled hand was still rubbing against her pussy. Stephen picked up the pace making her cry out that she was on the verge and not to stop. Stephen had to bend his knees, in order to get a good penetration, the tightness making him want to cum again, for he had never fucked her arse before. She started to climax the combination of hand and cock making the moment a very pleasant one. Her pussy was so wet when Stephen placed one hand between her legs, his cock jerking as he too started to cum. Then the spell came to an end, with the man and bath disappearing; Stephen then pulled his now limp cock out.

"I see what you mean, I really enjoyed that." She said, getting dressed.

Soon they were sitting on the floor, with Janet showing Stephen what Azamond had given them as a reward. Stephen was understandably impressed, knowing that they had a fortune here. They discussed their plans, then decided to check the spell books out from cover to cover both finding some very interesting spells that would have to be tried out, sooner or later. But that would be another story.

To Be Continued...


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