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The Mirror Pt. VI
by Carl East

Janet had gone back into the mirror, her thoughts of lust being the driving force behind this visit, but she was shocked to find Azamond the sorcerer, who'd been shot. She rushed to his aid, but was assured by Azamond that everything would be all right. In fact, while she watched over him she could visibly see his wound healing itself.

"How do you do that?" She asked.

"It's a simple heal spell, one that most good sorcerers need to learn." He replied, as if this was an everyday event.

"How did this happen?" Said Janet.

Azamond went on to explain that he was checking out this new world, when he witnessed a gun battle on the streets of one of our large and impressive cities. He just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Janet suggested that he lie down, and rest, and she would make something to eat. Once she had vacated the mirror, she put some soup on the ring of her cooker and heated it up. She started to remember how the mirror came to be in their possession. Stephen and Janet had found it in an antique store, and discovered upon reading the writing at the base, (which was in Latin) that the person or persons reading it, were transported into the room that Azamond now lay in. At first they had assumed they were prisoners, but discovered that when read backwards, the words on the base of the mirror had freed Azamond, who in turn freed them.

Getting the bowl of soup back into the mirror, she found that Azamond was now completely recovered. But he ate the soup, thanking Janet for taking the time, and then he started to tell her how the mirror came about.

It all started when the king requested a place for complete and utter privacy, a place where only he had access. Feeling challenged I started work on a spell that could achieve his every desire, and before long I had come up with the perfect one. When I tested it out myself, I discovered how good it could be in here. So, whenever the king was indisposed within the mirror, I would work on the spell that would link me to it. The king wanted more and more ways to entertain himself within the mirror, so I had to come up with a varied amount of spells to quench his lust. This of course was not a bad thing, for I too learnt to enjoy the pleasures of the mirror.

Janet looked through one of the spell books, then turned to Azamond.

"Can you translate some of these words for us, we can only recognise about half of them." She said.

"You have fallen for this mirror, haven't you." Said Azamond.

Janet looked sheepishly at him before answering.

"Yes, it has given me experiences that I had never thought possible." She replied.

"Then may I suggest you try this spell." He said, pointing to a single word.

The word was, 'placere,' which Azamond told her meant pleasure.

"I will leave you for a while, so have fun." He said, disappearing.

Janet spoke the word out loud, and was suddenly surrounded with four naked men; her thoughts racing back to the experience she'd had with just two. She stood in the middle looking them up and down knowing that as soon as she touched one of them they would come to life and service her, in ways that are hard to describe. She reached out running her hand over the chest of just one of these Adonis like males. They came to life, all reaching for her clothes, and starting to strip her bare, their hands touching bare skin as the clothes were discarded. She let herself be laid down, then watched as the four bronzed men started to run their hands over all the right places. Her nipples hardened as they were visited time and time again, by probing fingers.

Her pussy tingled with anticipation, the juices flowing freely as the first of many fingers past between her lips. With them all kneeling over her, she could feel their hardened cocks pressing against her body. She looked down and reached for one, feeling how stiff it was to touch, and rubbing her hand over its length. Then she felt another brush her face, turning her eyes she confronted a large one near enough to reach with her mouth. Opening wide, she encircled his gorgeous shaft, he pushed forward brushing by her lips, she engulfed his member, wanting to feel the hardness around her mouth. Then she felt one at her pussy, and moaned with the pleasure it was giving her, his cock going deep upon entry, then rhythmically starting to move in and out.

She could feel the cock in her hand rocking back and forth, while the man sucking her nipple into his mouth was also stimulating her clitoris with a single finger, as she was being made love to. The emotions that were running through her body, bringing on the first of many orgasms. She was in a state of bliss, a moment in time that could or would never be repeated. Then she felt the cock that she was holding start to jerk, his cum shooting up and over her breasts, she pumped him dry, feeling the pounding in her pussy more intensely. She came again, sucking in the cock with a passion she had rarely known, her clitoris was on fire as both the finger, and the cock imbedded itself inside her. Her multi-orgasms making her feel light headed, then the rock hard cock in her mouth started to jerk, she could sense his sperm travelling up the shaft. Her tongue, was prepared, as his seed hit the end, shooting a mass of cream into her mouth, she swallowed lustfully.

Her nipples started to feel sore, as the one servicing them became over enthusiastic, pulling and biting the ends making them harder than they had ever been. The cock in her mouth started to deflate, making her want to get it back to full strength. Then, she felt the cum in her womb, as her lover started to explode deep inside, how would she ever live without these experiences. Her thoughts, suddenly going to Stephen her boyfriend, then coming back to the lover who was now being replaced by the one who used his finger. Her mouth had by now succeeded in reawakening the cock that was placed in it, his shaft once again moving back and forth slowly, almost fucking her mouth. The cock that had entered her pussy felt thicker than the one before, because he seemed to be stretching her more.

Her orgasms no longer had a beginning or end they seemed to be constant, her juices were making her feel damp on the soft bed. Then her new lover started to cum, mixing his cum with the other, her body felt used as they picked her up placing her on yet another hard cock, then feeling one more pushing into her anal passage. Her screams were louder than ever as they all started to cum in and over her body. Her mouth full and leaking great gobs of sperm, as she felt them let go and vanish. She collapsed onto the bed, her tears of joy after experiencing such an overwhelming moment of bliss, running down her face.

After ten more minutes of rest, she got off the bed, and redressed, then she called out Azamond's name, and he appeared before her.

"I have never known anything so wonderful." She said.

"I know, it's marvelous isn't it?" He replied.

They talked for a while, then Janet decided that she needed a rest, so saying her goodbye's she left. As she got into her own bed, she couldn't help but think of her experience, wondering what would happen next.

To Be Continued...


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