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The Mirror Pt. VII
by Carl East

Janet brought the coffee into the lounge, placing it on the small round coffee table in front of her guest. Asking if she wanted cream and sugar, and being told yes to both, she stirred them in and handed her ex-tutor the cup. Miss Appleby had been invited over by phone; they had become close friends when Janet was at college.

"So, what have you been up to, for the past three months?" Asked Miss Appleby.

"Oh, not much, we just found that mirror you've been admiring." She replied, pointing to the mirror in question.

"Yes, I noticed it straight away, it looks Gothic, but there's a hint of Italian in the design, where did you find it?" She asked, still looking.

"We found it in an antique store, but there is more to that mirror than meets the eye, if you read the inscription on the bottom, you will get a big surprise." Said Janet.

Miss Appleby rose from her chair and walked over to the mirror, but before she could say anything, Janet told her not to speak the words out loud just yet. Then when Janet stood next to her, she told her they should read the words together.

"Perpetualis aetas-atis cessare." They both said.

They both suddenly found themselves in a small room; Miss Appleby looked around, and was alarmed to see she was on the other side of the mirror.

"What happened?" She said, looking frightened.

"Calm down, we can get out whenever we want to, this is the surprise I was telling you about." Explained Janet.

Janet then went on to say, how she had wanted to share this secret with a friend, but didn't know how they would react. Then she explained the mirrors purpose, to which Miss Appleby was intrigued, and more than a little curious.

The mirror was a place of pleasures, where anything goes, Janet and Stephen had discovered its true purpose some time ago. They were also responsible for setting Azamond the sorcerer free, he was the creator who fashioned the mirror for the king he served. The mirror held spell books that were full of erotic magic, a single word or two from one of these books could change the way you viewed sex forever. Miss Appleby, leafed through one of the books, and was able to read every single word.

"Without saying the words, can you translate some of them for me?" Janet asked.

"Yes of course, which ones don't you recognise?" She replied.

Janet had brought a notebook with her, so that her tutor could write them down, which, if she was honest was the real reason she had invited Miss Appleby over.

"The main words I have been having trouble with are halfway through the book."

Janet located the pages she couldn't read, then handed the book back. After about half an hour, Miss Appleby had translated the spells Janet had asked for.

"Are you going to show me this so called magic?" She asked, skeptically.

"I'm not sure your ready for how intense these spells can be." Replied Janet.

"I'm a grown woman Janet, I think I can handle anything that might happen. She said.

"Ok, so tell me honestly, have you got any sexual fantasies?" Asked Janet.

Miss Appleby started to redden, her head bowing slightly.

"Well, I have got one, but it's embarrassing." She replied.

"What is it?" Janet said, wondering what it would be.

"I've always fantasised about being gang raped, not hurt you understand, just taken against my will." She confessed.

"Oh, I know exactly what you mean." Said Janet, smiling.

Janet looked at the book, and then spotted the words she was looking for.

"Say those words." She said, pointing to them.

"Multi-Rapere." Said Miss Appleby.

Four naked, fully erect men suddenly surrounded her. Until now she hadn't truly believed Janet's story of the spells, but now her emotions were those of horror and lust, as she stood looking these men up and down. Janet informed her that she could at any time stop them, by saying the words again, and to start them off she only had to touch one. Miss Appleby stared at their cocks, wanting to reach out and touch them, but an inner voice said no.

"If you have any doubts, just say the words, and end this." Said Janet, not totally convinced she knew what she really wanted.

Miss Appleby reached out a hand touching the biggest cock she'd ever seen, suddenly they all grabbed her, then her clothes were starting to tear as she was forced onto the bed. Their hands making short work of her clothing, her nakedness giving her a thrill she had never experienced before. She felt the cock she had held, pushing its way into her pussy, her moans drowned out by the cock forcing its way into her mouth. Her breasts were being man handled, which made her nipples rock hard. Janet sat on the only chair in the room, and pulling her panties down she started to rub her own pussy, the scene in front of her being better than any porno.

The man in Miss Appleby's mouth started to push deeper, making her gag, and she tried to take more down her throat, his rhythm matching the one fucking her. Her first orgasm came; an overwhelming feeling of pure lust took over as she relaxed further, which in turn allowed for more penetration of her throat. She then felt his seed hit deep within her mouth, and swallowed as quick as she could, it felt like he would never stop, as his cum spurted out the end. He was quickly replaced by another, then her pussy started to fill up with cum from her assailant, she was loving every part of this treatment, her own juices mixing with his.

Janet too was writhing with pleasure, her own juices making her thighs wet, as she watched this erotic seen of debauchery. Her ex-tutor now being turned over and entered from below, as another cock eased its way into her arse, then another in her mouth, all her orifices being entered, while the forth male continued to play with her breasts. Her screams of more, being lost in the moans that were coming from every one in the room. Janet's orgasms had now reached a point where she had to stop, just to get a breather. The bodies in front of Janet were almost covering Miss Appleby, their movement a blur as they serviced her.

"Aha.... YES...Ahhhhhh...YES." Said the voice buried beneath the mass of bodies.

Her sweat running down her face as the cock in her mouth started to cum, swallowing all of it, in a way that any onlooker might believe was professional. She had by now; lost count of the amount of times she had climaxed, and was just going with the flow. Janet placed her hand onto her own pussy again, feeling like she was going to cum once more. Then all the men withdrew their cocks, and started to cum over Appleby's body. She reached out in an attempt to get the cock back into her mouth, but his cum hit her face, making her lick the side of her mouth as it ran down. Then they were gone, and she was dressed once more, as if nothing had happened.

"WOW! That was incredible." She said, looking at Janet pulling her panties back up.

"I know, it's mind blowing isn't it?" Replied Janet.

They sat and talked for hours after that, with Janet telling her, what she had done in the mirror so far and how it was changing her views about sex. Miss Appleby couldn't believe that she felt no after effects such as soreness. But did say that she would like to try out something else, at a later date. Janet just said, sure, and left it at that, they then left the mirror, with Janet showing her out. She then went to bed, wondering if every day was going to be this much fun.

To Be Continued...


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