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The Moaning Wall
by Thomas Rickover

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
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Beth and Sarah had been friends and neighbors for two years. Their houses stood next to each other in a solid middle class suburb of the city on a street lined with oak and magnolia trees. The yards were filled with the early spring blooms of azalea shrubs. New mid-size economy cars and utility vehicles filled the driveways.

They and their husbands, Jeffrey and Michael, spent much of their recreational time together. The two couples blended well. Mid twenties, steady career paths and looking forward to a bright future. Weekends were often spent in shared activities.

Their back yards were separated by a six foot tall wooden slat fence which allowed for privacy but also had a gate so the couples could discreetly walk from one house to the other.

Jeffrey and Michael had spent several hot summer evenings and an entire weekend tearing down the old chain link eyesore and erecting the red cypress divider that they were all proud to share. Beth and Sarah had catered to them while they toiled, always ready with sandwiches, soft drinks and beer.

They ended the weekend with a barbecue, enjoying music, laughter and a comraderie which they all felt deeply. As night fell they sat in chaise loungers while Jeffrey and Michael took turns proclaiming their respective engineering acumen and playing up the small mistakes of the other.

Beth and Sarah laughed until tears rolled down their cheeks, their gleeful enthusiasm spurring the two young husbands on to increasingly exaggerated depictions of each other's incompetence.

Finally they tired, exhausted from their efforts and mellowed by an ice chest of beer which they had emptied. Soon after nightfall, Michael and Sarah walked hand in hand through the newly installed gate, staggering slightly and laughing at themselves.

Jeffrey and Beth looked on, identifying with this couple, their best friends and joining in their laughter.

"They're such an attractive couple," Beth said wistfully. "I doubt they'll do any coupling tonight though. Michael's exhausted and loaded. I don't think he'll erect anything else."

"You underestimate him...and me as well. In fact, I'm erecting something right now." As he spoke Jeffrey's eyes followed Beth's slender, tanned thighs up to the hem of her loose comfort shorts and still farther inward.

"A woodie?" Beth punned, giving the fence a quick glance.

Beth sat at an angle to him and following Jeffrey's eyes felt the exciting warmth of lust flow through her. She tingled in these moments and flushed slightly.

Watching watched Jeffrey she felt his urge and spread her legs slightly to increase the depth of his view.

"Take it out Jeff," Beth requested hoarsely.

He hesitated only a moment then realized, as Beth had, the near completeness of their privacy. The pale glow from the kitchen light allowed just enough illumination for an enticing view of each other.

Jeffrey's pulse quickened as he reached down and unbuttoned his jeans, raising his hips to slide jeans and underwear off together and discarding the garments on the ground in a heap. His tee-shirt was off a second later and when he leaned back in the lounger both his eyes and Beth's were fixed on his powerful, throbbing erection.

He ran the tips of his fingers along the underside of the shaft once and shuddered slightly. Despite their privacy the thought of his nakedness and the idea of taking Beth outdoors in their own back yard gave Jeffrey an exhibitionist thrill. He sensed correctly that Beth was feeling the same as he watched her remove her tank top and give it a quick toss, exposing her lovely breasts.

Beth's breasts were large for her slender body and stood firm, never needing the support of a bra. Her areolas were large dark brown cicrles from which rose full pink nipples, hard and erect now with excitement. Jeffrey could hardly speak, his erection growing even harder.

Beth hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her shorts and, following Jeffrey's example, stripped off shorts and panties in one motion. She stepped over to Jeffrey's lounger and stood over him, her pussy perfectly at eye level to him.

She had the most beautiful pussy. Her labia were large and had the distinct look of a flower in bloom. Her clitoral shaft was larger than most and in this excited state, the tip of her clitoris protruded slightly.

"You're beautiful, you know. I can almost cum just looking at you."

"I'm flattered, but just hold that thought," Beth spoke as she lowered herself into position and closed her lips over the head of Jeffrey's cock.

The warm, soft feel of Beth's lips on him transported Jeffrey into another dimension. His entire consciousness was centered on this feeling and the woman who created it. He didn't care if the whole neighborhood was filming them. He wouldn't have stopped now if they were.

Beth knew how to give head. Forming a tight circle with her lips she continued down Jeffrey's long hard shaft. She loved the feel and taste of his cock, loved the musky odor and the contour of swollen veins and flesh. She probed with her tongue, enjoying the throbbing beat of his pulse and took more and more of him in.

Finally taking it all, Beth felt his pubic hair tickling her lips as she listened to Jeffrey's continuos groans of ecstasy. She pulled back to the top and began a slow up and down movement swirling her tongue around the underside of Jeffrey's cock, her saliva running freely down its length. Beth knew he couldn't hold back for long and let go for a moment to prolong his release for a short while.

She drew her face close to his teasing, "Ready? You don't seem to be close yet. Am I doing something wrong?"

"You know me better than that. I'm past ready. Do me now Beth." Jeffrey pleaded.

Beth smiled and lowered her head again. This time she moved her lips rapidly over Jeffrey's cock. She worked her tongue in quick circular motions as her head bobbed and anticipation coursed through her body.

It didn't take long. Jeffrey released a cry and pumped his hips furiously. His entire body seemed to produce the orgasm and he felt his cum traveling up from deep inside, moving quickly and then gushing forth in hard spurts, one after another, amazing even him. He had never shot this much cum before in his life and wondered how Beth could possibly handle it all.

Beth was surprised too but rose to the challenge. She swallowed the first few spurts quickly, letting Jeffrey's thick cum flow down her throat. It actually thrilled her. She continued greedily until he was through then smiled as Jeffrey lay back in the lounger.

Beth lightly stroked Jeffrey's chest and watched him slowly recover. Then she sought his mouth with hers, slipped her tongue deep inside and rolled it passionately around his. Jeffrey felt her urgent desire and was aroused by her breath, filled with the odor of his cum and warm against his face.

They kissed for a long time. When they finally broke their embrace Beth whispered, "My turn."

"It certainly is. Is your pussy as wet as I think it is?"

Beth rose and lifted her right leg, placing her foot on the arm of Jeffrey's chaise lounge and turning her leg out wide. Jeffrey could see her pussy closely now.

Her pubic hair was soaked with her own juices. She reached down and ran her hand over her inner thigh and Jeffrey saw that even her thighs were soaked.

"I've never been so wet," Beth said as she brought her hand to Jeffrey's face. Jeffrey took her hand and pressed it against his lips.

The smell of her sex was overwhelming. The musky scent of her pussy affected Jeffrey at the most primordial level and he breathed deeply of this most natural of aromas. He licked Beth's hand clean, her taste as intoxicating as her scent.

When he looked up he saw Beth's head tilted back, her mouth open as she took in every sensation. The cool night air, the touch of his tongue against the palm of her hand and the chance of exposure all drove her to a level of arousal no one could turn back from.

Her left hand caressed her clitoris softly in small circular motions. The lips of her pussy flared open and her milky juice ran freely.

Jeffery was transfixed by the sight of Beth, his wife, in this state of sexual abandon. He watched her fingers circling her clit, a steady rhythm, and saw her jump slightly when she thrilled at the sudden touch of just the right spot.

Her erotic figure was portrayed against the backdrop of a dark sky filled with twinkling stars. It all seemed so natural.

Focusing on her dripping labia spread wide and inviting, the open gateway to her inner depth, Jeffery inserted two fingers deep inside her. Beth released a cry of pleasure then gasped for breath as Jeffrey worked his fingers in and out of her.

Beth raised both hands to her breasts and squeezed her nipples tightly while rocking her pelvis and pumping hard against the thrust of Jeffrey's fingers. "It feels so good Jeff. Give me me harder."

Saying this, she turned her uplifted leg out a bit more, inviting all that she could possibly take. A third finger joined the others and she eagerly took them all. Her eyes filled with furious determination.

Beth pumped slow and hard in sync to his thrusts as Jeffrey worked his fingers farther into her.

"Harder, faster...finger fuck my pussy...finger fuck... finger fuuuhhh....."

Jeffrey worked his fingers in Beth's cunt as hard as he could. "Take it baby, take it all!"

"Fuck...fuck me Jeff, fuck me now, mother fuck my cunt...hard, harder...nooowww!"

She was gone, the orgasm tearing through her, exploding from every nerve in her body. She arched her back and squeezed her nipples so tightly that they appeared to be smashed flat. She clung to them in an effort to balance herself against the pounding waves of her orgasm.

The howl Beth now released could be heard far away. Neither of them cared. Beth screamed wordlessly in animalistic lust. She rode Jeffrey's long fingers until every possible bit of pleasure was experienced.



This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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