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The Moaning Wall
by Thomas Rickover

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Then, coming down, she felt her legs start to weaken. She released her nipples as Jeffrey withdrew his fingers from her pussy, then collapsed on top of him, gasping for air and utterly limp from exhaustion.

Jeffrey held her, stroked her hair and after a while Beth's breathing slowed and she relaxed against him. She lay curled up in a ball, her head against Jeffrey's chest.

They were quiet for several minutes, a soft breeze in the cool night air producing a pleasant tingling sensation. Together they looked at the stars, watched the slow rise of the moon, and felt each other's hearts beat.

The combination of emotions and nocturnal surroundings they both found so stimulating worked to arouse their desire again. Beth felt Jeffrey begin to stir and smiled as she realized that her husband had not yet had enough of her. They both needed to stretch some though and Beth spoke first.

"How about a stroll through the yard?" Loosen up the muscles a bit.

"Sounds good. The web pattern of this chair must be ingrained in my ass by now!"

They laughed at the thought but when Jeffrey stood it was there, a crisscross weave starting at the back of his upper thighs, covering his ass and rising up over most of his back.

"What?" asked Jeffrey in response to Beth's hearty laughter.

Beth just pointed as Jeffrey realized the source of her amusement. He dumbly tried to look around to see his own backside then, realizing the futility of this act, said "A modest price to pay."

Still laughing, Beth took his hand. "Let's walk some lover. It's beautiful tonight and so are we."

Giving Jeffrey's hand a slight tug they walked together through their back yard taking in the wet feel of dewy grass against the soles of their feet and enjoying the erotic abandonment of their nakedness.

As they rounded the back yard the new fence loomed in the faint light and the couple stopped to admire it. "You and Michael really did a good job," Beth complimented.

Jeffrey placed one hand firmly against the fence and pushed against it, torquing his body and putting his shoulder into the effort.

"If nothing else it's built to last. Very sturdy."

Jeffrey looked at Beth, took in her beauty and smiled at the thought of her sense of adventure and complete lack of inhibition with him.

She looked back and Jeffrey could see in her expression that she was touched by his appreciation of her. Beth picked up on his thoughts easily and was moved by her husband's approval.

"You're so beautiful. I can't get enough of you."

He took Beth in his arms and drew her close. Her breasts pressed against his chest, warm and soft. Jeffrey ran his hands down her back and marveled at the soft, delicate feel of her flesh. When he grazed her skin lightly with his fingertips she pushed her body tighter against him, wanting to be enveloped by this man she loved dearly.

Her passion once again aroused in the slight chill of night, Jeffrey's fingers could detect the fine, minute hairs in the small of her back, electrified by desire.

His reaction was suprisingly quick. His penis stiffened against Beth's belly, stretching upward and forcing a path between their embrace.

Beth moved up and down slightly, pushing with the balls of her feet, producing a delicious friction against Jeffrey's cock. Placing a hand behind his head she pulled him to her hungry mouth, driving her tounge in deeply.

Jeffrey probed back,then easing away slightly, sucked her bottom lip tightly between his, biting gently. He kissed her cheek and nuzzled the side of her neck. Beth thrilled to his attentivness.

"Hop up," he instructed and, holding her at her sides, pulled her up as she jumped and encircled his waist with her legs. He leaned back against the fence for support and sought Beth's mouth again. The taste of her mouth and smell of her breath produced a deep lustful longing for her.

Beth reached down with one hand and guided Jeffrey's hard cock into her pussy. Wet and slippery again with her juices, he went in easily.

As Jeffrey's full length penetrated Beth she shuddered with pleasure and anticipation. Cupping the cheeks of her ass in his hands, he pulled her upward and into him. Beth pulled against him and they created a smooth, steady rhythm.

"Oh God, Jeffrey...this is so wonderful." She threw her head back and released a deep moan. "Ooohhh fuck me Jeff, fuck me, fuck me Jeff , fill me with your cock."

Her lustful moaning was gutteral now, issuing forth from deep within. Lost in the intensity of the moment, Beth cried out again and again completely unaware of her words.

Jeffrey's cock plunged into Beth as he continued to pull her in and release her, maintaining their rhythm and savoring every sensation. He doubted that any other woman could please him as she did. The feel of her sopping pussy sliding up and down his shaft sent sensations running through his entire body.

Without breaking their rhythm, Jeffrey moved his right hand inward toward the inside of the cheeks of Beth's ass. He probed with his index finger to the opening of Beth's pussy and felt his dick moving there.

After rubbing the area for a only a few seconds his fingertip was thoroughly lubricated. Jeffrey moved his finger to Beth's asshole and deftly slipped the tip into the tight, puckered orifice.

The unexpected move caused Beth to seize momentarily from suprise. Jeffrey's finger felt like a hot poker. New sensations exploded through her now and for a brief moment she felt faint.

Recovering quickly, she acted instinctively to obtain the greatest possible pleasure. Still riding Jeffrey's cock she ground her ass on his finger until she took its full length. The feeling increased with intensity as Jeffrey's finger worked up and down in her asshole in time with the motion of his cock in her pussy.

Beth visualized his long finger entering her, surrounded by the brown rim of her asshole squeezing tightly in response. She pictured the wetness there and what the inside of her ass looked like.

She imagined the dark, tender flesh convulsing against Jeffrey's finger in spasms. The eroticism of her thoughts drove her into a frenzied blur of thrusting and grinding. Beth wondered if she could ever get enough.

She had experienced anal sex before, only with Jeffrey, and always enjoyed it. She had taken the full length of his cock on those occassions and recalled how large he felt inside her and the hot, delicious sense of surrender she experienced upon penetration.

Beth had never even considered engaging in this act with any man she knew before Jeffrey. The total surrender of flesh and spirit necessary for anal sex was something she could give to him alone. Delighting in this moment, she responded vigorously.

Beth's reaction affected Jeffrey greatly, his pleasure soaring along with hers. As the many sensations intensified throughout his body he felt his orgasm begin to swell. He knew Beth was close also and wanted them to cum together.

"Ready?" he asked.

Beth heard his voice but it seemed to come from far away. Lost in revelry she had to make an effort to focus but finally managed to utter a response.

"Yes baby, I'm ready."

Hearing her approval, Jeffrey let himself go. His cock plunged in Beth's pussy and his finger probed her ass with an added circular motion that took Beth over the edge into an orgasmic experience that shook her body and soul.

"Fuck me Jeff...fuck, fuck...fuuccck me! Ram me with your cock! Finger my ass...hard...hard...more...harder...noooowwww!!!!"

Her body was overloaded with sensation. Every nerve demanded release.

Her orgasm flowed through her in cresting waves of sexual delight, one wave after another coursing through her. Beth realized that she was actually having multiple orgasms but gave it no further thought. All she wanted was to enjoy this experience completely.

Jeffrey's body shuddered as he came, his load pumping into Beth's pussy. He felt the back flow of his cum streaming down from the depths of Beth's pussy onto his cock, running over his balls, trailing in between the cheeks of her ass, then finally reaching her asshole where his finger still worked furiously.

He felt his hot cum on his finger and as he continued working Beth's asshole his cum went deep inside her ass. By the time Jeffrey's orgasm subsided, Beth was dripping from both orifices. He felt his legs weaken, the tremendous effort finally taking its toll.

Beth rode Jeffrey's cock until the last wave shook her body, her mouth opened in a silent scream offered up to the stars which looked down on them without judgement, only a silent observer bearing witness to this most natural event. Finally exhausted, Beth felt her body go limp in Jeffrey's strong but tired arms.

Both done now, Jeffrey used his remaining strength to lower his lover to the ground where he positioned himself beside her and held her gently. For a moment he thought Beth had passed out.

He quickly noticed her rapid breathing though and realized that he had overlooked it because of his own gasping. He also noticed the pounding of his heart and with curiosity placed his hand below Beth's left breast where he felt his wife's heart racing frantically.

Jeffrey stroked Beth's forehead and spoke to her softly. "I love you Beth. You were wonderful. This has been the...the most incredible experience."

Beth stirred then and looked up at Jeffrey. Her eyes were filled with such an enormous love that Jeffrey couldn't believe he was its sole recipient. Her love seemed large enough to swallow him and the dark sky above them. Then he heard Beth's familiar voice affirming her love for him in soft whispers that tugged at his heart.

Back to her usual self now Beth joked, "You're not a bad lay fella. Might consider you again sometime."

Laughing at her own joke she watched Jeffrey's amused reaction as he reached down and held his dick in one hand saying, "I don't think we broke it. I'll be happy to service you again 'mam. Just call and I'll cum...and cum..and cum."

Laughing together, they stopped simultaneously upon hearing a sound that didn't fit in with the their tranquil surroundings. A moan, a gasp, a carnal cry that they both recognized from their own experience, all emanating from the other side of their new fence.

"Michael and Sarah," they said in union. They listened reflexively until Beth became self-onscious. "Jeff, we should go in."

"I guess...but wait a minute. We weren't exactly a silent movie. What do you think brought them out here? I've got a feeling that there's more than a small element of voyeurism at play here."

Beth blushed at the thought but recovered quickly. "You're right, let's stay."

Jeffrey looked at his mischievous wife and laughed. "That didn't take much convincing."

"Be quiet Jeff, I can't hear." Beth giggled and poked his rib cage smiling at the thought of yet another adventure to be had that night.

They listened intently, recognizing almost every sound as a familiar version of their own sexual audio.

Beth asked, "Why didn't we think of that?"

Soon after Jeffrey commented, "We have to try that twist."

The sounds faded then and Beth said, "I think they're through. Should be if I'm any judge of that finale'."

"Lets find out," Jeffrey said, and to Beth's utter astonishment began to rise.

"Jeffrey!" she said alarmed. "We're naked! They're naked! What are you doing?"

"Chicken?" Jeffrey asked as he slowly began to walk toward the fence.

Just as he knew she would, Beth gave him a determined look and rose to the challenge. "You're not going without me Mr.!"

Laughing as she rose, Beth declared, "Not in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought..."

Then, "Let's hurry before they decide to go in."

Jeffrey laughed at his wife's readily dispensable sense of propriety. Then taking Beth's hand said, "Follow me."

As casually as they sometimes strolled the neighborhood hand in hand, the couple crossed the yard and, as Jeffrey quickly unlatched the fence, greeted Michael and Sarah with a friendly, "Hi!"

Their close friends and neighbors were not fully recovered from their fun. Senses still dulled, they looked at Jeffrey and Beth as though they were apparitions...or the police.

For several heartbeats none of them spoke. Finally Sarah offered, "Nice fence."

"We like it" replied Beth.

"We could tell" Michael quipped.

"It's built to last" Jeffrey said proudly.

"Good" they chorused, then broke into laughter together as each couple began to comment on those physical attributes never before seen by the other.

"You guys were noisy," Michael commented. "We were almost asleep when things really cranked up. After a while we knew we weren't going to sleep and soon after that we couldn't keep our hands off of one another."

"Noisy, but with long pauses filled with sensual moaning," Sarah mused.

"We heard quite a few moans from your side," Beth said.

Thinking a moment Beth pointed at the fence then proclaimed,

"The Moaning Wall!"

All four laughed and nodded with approval.

"May it stand long and proud," said Michael.

Jeffrey observed, "It's built to last."


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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