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Take My Wife...Please
by Will Bounder

I sat in my favorite easy chair, watching but not really seeing the program playing on the TV, the sound muted. The better to hear the sounds of lovemaking emanating from the upstairs bedroom. The bedsprings creaked more urgently, the barely audible moans becoming louder and in synch with the rhythm of the bed. A muffled "Oh God," a female voice, came through clearly, as the creaking hit a crescendo. Then all noises settled into silence. Moments later, footfalls across the bedroom floor, heading to the bathroom. Minutes after that, additional movement in the bedroom, followed by Cindy and her friend descending the stairs.

Rick didn't even look at me as he walked to the front door with Cindy, much less say goodbye or anything similar in the way of a parting salutation. A few murmurs and the door closed, as Cindy entered the living room and sat down on the couch across from me. She was likewise quiet. I pretended to watch the TV, even though the sound was still muted. This is the way it usually was. I felt uncomfortable and Cindy felt embarrassed.

I broke the silence. "Sounded like it was pretty good."

"Yeah," she said softly, "it was."

"Towards the end there, sounded like maybe you got off pretty good."

"Yeah, I suppose I did. Wasn't the first one, either. I'd like to do him again, if it's okay with you." Cindy's eyes were fixed on the coffee table, not rising to meet mine.

"Sure, if you'd like. Honey, you know how it excites me when you find someone who does it for you. Whenever you want Rick back, just say the word." Rick worked with me at the law offices. Not really a friend, but someone I got along with. I knew he was recently divorced and not dating on a regular basis, so he immediately came to mind when Cindy had asked me if I knew any guys that would be interested. Tall and good looking, ice blue eyes and sandy hair, I knew Cindy would be wet a minute after meeting Rick.

Rick had been more than a little taken aback when I first broached the subject about him fucking my wife. I delicately explained to him that I had a problem in that area, and wanted to give my wife what she sorely needed and I was incapable of providing. He had seen her pictures on my desk and had complimented me on having such an attractive wife. I described to him what the arrangement would be, with him coming to my house, meeting Cindy, and if they hit it off they would go to the bedroom and have sex. No strings, no real conditions, other than the basic one being that Cindy was my wife and he should never forget that I loved her.

When Rick arrived, he and Cindy were instantly attracted to one another, so it didn't take very long before she suggested aloud that maybe the two of them should go on upstairs and get better acquainted. She had been wearing a dark blue silk kimono, which came down to just above her knees, with the top revealing the space between her breasts. Her dark blonde hair was worn down, cascading across her shoulders. Her feet were bare, her toenails freshly polished a dark pink. Her blue eyes flashed as they always did when she was horny.

I watched them scale the stairs, Cindy leading Rick by the hand, and they disappeared from view. Ten minutes or so later I heard Cindy murmuring softly, like she did when she was being eaten. Not long after that, I heard the bedsprings creaking gently with the slow, deliberate humping associated with early vaginal penetration. It went on for a good ten or fifteen minutes before the tempo quickened. And faster and faster, until....

"The first time," she spoke as though she was continuing her earlier remarks, disregarding the five minutes that had elapsed since she had last talked, "was when he went down on me. Oh, God, that felt so good! I was so wet! He had me sitting on top of him for awhile, which I always enjoy, and that made me cum twice. Then I sucked on him. He was so hard. It wasn't all that big, but it curved up, you know, and he tasted really clean. I almost made him shoot in my mouth, so he moved me onto my back and gave it to me really good. That was probably my biggest cum, just before he came in me. God, I dripped his goo all along the carpet on the way to the bathroom. Sorry, I'll clean it up later."

During her narrative, as was our standard practice, Cindy was kneeling between my legs, massaging and sucking on me, pausing only to speak. I didn't get hard, but the sensation of her fingers and mouth on me was enough to produce an ejaculation. She took it in her mouth, swallowing silently.

And so it had gone for several months. Cindy being fucked by other men while I sat pathetically alone downstairs, listening to her receiving pleasure. Afterwards, she would nurse me along to my own form of pleasure, providing salacious details of her most recent experience. On occasion I had trouble reaching a climax, and she would sense this and bring up details of earlier experiences that she knew turned me on. She knew what to say and how to say it, to bring me off. It wasn't easy, we had to work at it, but it was part of the arrangement.

There had been eleven different men enjoying my wife's assets thus far. Rick was the first that she showed an interest in having an encore with. The man who we selected to be our initial guinea pig was someone Cindy knew from her own job. We had talked about the prospect of inviting another man to satisfy her needs, but it was more than six months before it came to fruition. 

The first, his name was Martin, was an older man, probably ten years Cindy's senior. But he was in good physical shape and had, according to Cindy, a certain sexy quality about him. On that occasion, Cindy felt that Martin would probably not agree to have me cognizant of the tryst, much less sitting downstairs while he was screwing her. So, instead, she invited him over to what he thought was going to be an empty house, with me away on business. In actuality, I hid in the kitchen until they were upstairs. Martin banged away at Cindy, but didn't last very long, excited as he was. He had tried to pull out of her before he came, but ended up squirting once inside of her and the balance on her belly. Cindy told me it was like fucking a teenager. All in all, he wasn't all that great. He left that afternoon, thinking he had fucked some guy's wife behind his back.

One of the more exciting ones, for me anyway, was Jerry. Jerry was an assistant manager at the Vons supermarket down the street where Cindy shopped. Cindy had lured Jerry home one evening after he got off work, and he too was expecting the house to be empty. When they walked in and he saw me, his jaw dropped. Cindy explained the situation to him, along with my own assurances that it would be all right, and he hesitantly agreed to go along with it. As hot as he was to do the nasty with Cindy, he probably would have agreed to most anything.

Jerry, as it turned out, had an exceptionally fat prick. Not really that long, but quite fat. When he put it in her, she came unglued. Sitting downstairs, I could easily make out Cindy's yelps and shrieks as he drove her out of her fucking gourd. Apparently, the added girth of his prick stimulated areas of her vagina that were not normally stimulated during intercourse. She must have cum twenty times in the span of a ten-minute fuck. Hearing her outcries nearly gave me an erection (not really, but it should have). 

After he got off in her, dressed and bid his adieus, Cindy saw that I was more sexually agitated than usual. She wasted no time in assuming the position at my feet, my limp dick in her mouth. She added color commentary to what I had heard going on upstairs, reinforcing that she had cum multiple times, as she put it, like "a horny fuckin' rabbit." When he unloaded, she said he came like a racehorse. She could feel the hot jizz streaming into her, spurt after spurt. When he pulled out, it ran out of her like a flood. 

The kicker, though, was that minutes later he was hard again. Cindy was sore down there so she sucked him off, which only took a few minutes. It took me a lot longer, but when I finally let loose I thought my balls would shoot out the end of my dick, it was so intense. Cindy often used this story when other experiences were insufficient to get me off.

Another one Cindy enjoyed, but I wasn't as thrilled by it, was a younger man. Actually, if he was his stated age of eighteen I'd be surprised, seeing how young he looked. Cindy liked him because he was so young and inexperienced, giving her the opportunity to take the lead for a change. The boy, Randy, mowed lawns in the neighborhood, ours included. He had caught Cindy nude sunbathing in our backyard one weekday afternoon. She claims she had forgotten it was his day to be there. I think she did it on purpose. In any event, Randy had seen her laying on her back on a chaise next to the spa.

Cindy admitted that even though she had not expected Randy, when he did enter the rear yard she laid perfectly still with her eyes closed, as though asleep. She could sense him standing there for quite awhile, obviously taking in the sights. Cindy peeked at him and couldn't believe what she saw. Randy had the zipper on his shorts down and his pecker out, jerking on his hard-on for all he was worth. That instantly lubricated her pussy. She rapidly formulated a plan that involved turning onto her side, still feigning sleep, with her back to Randy. She figured, correctly, that he would tiptoe over to where he could see her charms from the front.

She peeked again and saw him jerking even faster, trembling all over, now only a few feet away from her. She knew he was close to orgasm. She quickly sat up.

"Wait! Not yet!" she blurted.

"Huh?" He was understandably startled.

"Come here. Now!" she commanded.

He slowly walked towards her, his hard-on slightly less so, but still hanging out there. As he got within range, Cindy reached out and grasped it, pulling him closer. Sitting on the chaise, with Randy standing in front of her, she gave him head. He didn't last very long, owing to the circumstances. As he later told her, it was his first blow job.

When I heard about it I wasn't real happy, since our arrangement had nothing to do with her having sex without me being there. She apologized, but explained how it was just one of those sudden, unexpected things that simply happen. Anyway, she said, she had used the incident as a way of inviting him over, with me here, and for our usual setup to take place. He did, and they did, and I got my standard blow job. She enjoyed the hell out of it, but I still didn't like the way it came about.

You'd think I'd get bored with hearing the bedsprings, the moans, all the other features of our arrangement, but I don't. Each time is different, with different men, ordinarily, and the result is accordingly different. Each time I hear her getting fucked, or hear her having an orgasm, or even hear the guy getting his rocks off in her, I get excited as though it was the first time. The only thing that is lacking, however, is not being able to actually see her doing it. See the facial expressions, see the quivering muscles, hear the little grunts, or the things they say to one another while they're doing it. Even smell the sexuality that always fills a room when hot and heavy sex is going on. Oh, well, I suppose one day I'll have to do something about it. Until then...
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